Friday, June 14, 2024

Government Recruits 7,221 Teachers in 2023 Exercise, Responding to Overwhelming Demand


In a significant development for the Zambian education sector, Education Minister Hon. Douglas Syakalima announced the successful completion of the 2023 teacher recruitment exercise. During a press briefing at his office on Thursday, January 25, 2024, Minister Syakalima revealed that the names of the successful applicants, totaling 7,221 teachers, would be published on Friday, January 26, 2024, in both print newspapers and electronic media platforms.

The Minister disclosed that, contrary to the initially budgeted 4,500 teachers for 2023, the government had decided to increase the number by an additional 2,721. This decision was made to address the overwhelming response from 69,311 applicants in 2023.

Highlighting the rationale behind the additional recruitment, Minister Syakalima stated that the Ministry strategically replaced positions by mapping out retirees, resignations, secondments, and individuals on unpaid leave or dismissed from service. This meticulous approach aimed to ensure that the 2023 teacher recruitment would cater to the growing demand for quality education.

During the briefing, Minister Syakalima emphasized the critical role this announcement played in addressing the high teacher-pupil ratio, which stands at an average of 1:58 for primary and 1:38 for secondary schools. This ratio falls short of the acceptable standards of 1:45 and 1:35 for primary and secondary schools, respectively.

The recruitment process, overseen by the Teaching Service Commission, adhered to a stringent and transparent methodology. District commissioners played an oversight role, and security wings, including the office of the president – special division, drug enforcement commission, and anti-corruption commission, monitored the entire process. The Ministry prioritized the recruitment of secondary school teachers specializing in mathematics, sciences, business studies, ICT, and Zambian languages.

Minister Syakalima expressed gratitude to President Hakainde Hichilema for his commitment to ensuring every Zambian child receives quality education. The Teaching Service Commission Chairperson, Daphne Nawa-Chimuka, echoed the sentiments, stating that the Commission is pleased to have successfully concluded the 2023 Teacher Recruitment exercise, emphasizing its transparent and meticulous execution across all 116 districts.

The newly recruited teachers are expected to collect their appointment letters from the District Education Boards Secretary’s (DEBS) offices, where they were selected. This significant effort aims to strengthen the education sector and contribute to the government’s goal of achieving inclusive and equitable quality education for all.


  1. Recruiting more teachers without enough schools or infrastructure, meanwhile the economy is in tatters. All he is doing is spending and spending on recruitment which the govt clearly cannot sustain. Anyone who comments negative things on my comment, you are bringing the curse of death to you and your family.

  2. Recruitment was done when people were requested to apply for employment. Government is now employing. Understand the difference

  3. I really don’t understand this. Recently a Parliamentary committee discovered and reported that over 50% of the recent thousands of new teachers that were employed/recruited were not qualified, but somehow found themselves in the job. Now my questions are:

    (1) have these unqualified teachers been sacked?
    (2) are those members of the Teaching Service Commission that recommended that recruitment been disciplined?
    (3) we have already heard that there are issues relating to relocation/settling in allowance and payment of salaries. Have these been resolved?

    Also just the other day HH was complaining about the huge civil service wage bill so why then are you increasing a wage bill you can not afford to finance?


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