Monday, June 24, 2024

Allegation : ZNS Is Re-bagging GMO Mealie meal From South Africa


Dear Editor,

I’m working closely with this operation being run by the Zambia National Ssrvice and ZNS Commander,Lt Gen Maliti Solochi.

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has publicly disclosed that they do not have adequate stock of maize and their strategic reserves are less than 3 months supply.

The ZNS is printing on empty bags the Eagle mealie-meal brand here in Lusaka and then sending empty branded bags to South Africa, where they are rebagging and importing GMO milled maize.

The mealie-meal is then imported into Zambia under the pretext that it is onward export to DRC.

Please note that NO tax is being paid on the imports, but the product is being off-loaded onto the Zambian market.
There is a serious violation of tax laws here because no waiver has officially been granted by the Minister of Finance.

At the height of mealie-meal shortage in April 2023. Finance and National Planning Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane signed a statutory instrument to suspend duty on imported mealie-meal from South Africa.

There is no renewal since then.
Also, there is a violation of the Biosafety Act of 2007 as GMOs, or Living Modified Organisms (LMOs), are banned in Zambia.

Further, if the Zambia National Biosafety Authority has authorised the importation of GMO mealie-meal, they are supposed to inform the public.

The printing of the empty bags is taking place at a secluded place in Lusaka West by Shorthorn Printers Ltd. Media institutions can visit and verify this.

The government needs to provide answers. Which vault is ZNS using to cover for these imports? Secretary to Treasury Felix Nkulukusa must tell the nation.
How much is the monthly bill for these imports and how much profit or loss is ZNS making out of this commercial venture.

Can we see the balance sheet of ZNS or its subsidiary firms undertaking this huge national transaction.

In the past, the MMD administration granted tax waivers to private firms like Tambabashila to import mealie-meal commercially and above board.
Can ZRA tell us the tax losses from these irregular/ illegal tax waivers?
Is this the reason someone wanted roadblocks removed so no one checks on the convoy of teucks carrying mealie-meal imports ?


Source : Patriotic Front Facebook page


  1. It’s not an allegation it’s a fact. All one needs is to show us where the maize purportedly from ZNS is stored. … nowhere… it’s not a military secret that needs to be hidden from the public.

  2. The same government are the culprits of corruption…. its true these ba mwankole are selling us zambians vima GMOs using zns name nd thats where there hiding but theyshud not forget that one day their moons will turn red. Bkoz like che seriously ba zns where is the fields were there producing maize season down? This GRZ nibalazo last futi!! Mwanya time will come.

  3. The Access to information has been passed. Media it is your duty to verify all the claims above using the same law which has been passed.

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