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Ministers Affirm GMO-Free Status of ZNS Mealie Meal at Kazungula Border


The Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) has expressed satisfaction with the assurance that Eagles Mealie Meal, produced by the Zambia National Service (ZNS), is free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). MAZ President Andrew Chintala conveyed contentment with the measures implemented by the government to prevent the offloading of GMO mealie meal into the market.

Chintala, addressing the issue after a visit to the Kazungula one-stop border post in Southern Province, emphasized the active engagement of millers in monitoring the situation. He clarified that GMO mealie meal produced for export purposes is closely monitored by various institutions to prevent its introduction into the local market.

During the visit, Chintala was accompanied by Defence Minister Ambrose Lufuma, Information and Media Minister Cornelius Mweetwa, and Zambia National Service Commander Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi. Defence Minister Lufuma reassured the public of the government’s commitment to prioritizing the welfare of Zambians by ensuring that no GMO mealie meal is offloaded onto the local market.

Meanwhile, Minister Mweetwa and Defence Minister Lufuma conducted a verification exercise at Kazungula Border Post, focusing on the documentation process of imported GMO mealie meal bound for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Key highlights included multiple stakeholders closely monitoring the importation process by ZNS from South Africa, emphasizing legal adherence to protocols, and dismissing fears of GMO contamination in locally-offloaded mealie meal.

Minister Mweetwa underscored the absence of arrests for disseminating falsehoods about the matter, emphasizing the lack of political interference in police operations. Defence Minister Lufuma highlighted ZNS’s reputation for trustworthiness and discipline, addressing concerns about the increased demand for local mealie meal being smuggled into neighboring countries. He affirmed that locally-offloaded mealie meal is GMO-free, providing reassurance to the nation.


  1. Web of lies… first the ZNS had stocks, no the mealie meal was destined for DRC, now the maize is for ZNS. And how did he ascertain that the maize was not GMO? By looking at the label?

  2. Right. Because one can read the label that says GMO free and can therefore attest that the maize being brought into Zambia from SA is GMO free.
    And because it’s logical that Zambia is importing maize from SA just so that It can export to DRC (because DRC is somehow unable to import by itself).
    Lastly, why can’t they just be transparent and tell us there is GMO? For the longest, Zambians have been eating chickens that grow within four weeks.

  3. The allegations were detailed. The whistleblower even mentioned the place at which the sacks were being branded, loaded and sent to SA. He even challenged journalists to visit the place. He didn’t claim that he was an opposition politician, but how have you decided to involve those that didn’t make that statement? If you’re doing the correct thing you don’t have to spend all your efforts defend yourself. It’s clear that the allegations were true. If they weren’t then why are you panicking?

  4. Can someone tell this big headed numpty and all those empty suits and uniforms that over 85% of maize grown in SA is GMO and has been so since the 90’s. So stop telling people lies you criminals.

  5. When you import, you will get what you buy and can afford. Why is Zambia importing maize? This is due to Frederick Chipuba and Michael Satan, who in their hatred of Tonga people, did everything in their power to undermine and destroy agriculture in Southern Province, which was the breadbasket of Southern Africa. Chipuba deliberately let 2 million cows in Southern Province die, and refused to help, and this crushed ox-driven farming there. Then Chipuba and Satan sold all the agricultural land on the Southern Province side of the common border with Western Province to white game ranches. There are no game ranches on the Western province side, or in Northern, Luapula or Muchinga Provinces..They are protecting and preserving their own land for themselves

  6. I remember at SOB how night samplers would collect samples from an easier to reach production face. The truth would come from the geologist and assayers. The rock was sampled and confirmed that it came from a different area not the indicated face. So ba minister see a bag labled Eagle Mealie meal and the stuff becomes non GMO.

  7. Why should GMO maize pass through Zambia? Why can’t Congo buy these GMO straight from South Africa? Why should Zambia be a middleman in these transactions? There is no germ of truth in all these. I thought there is a law that applies to none importation of GMO in the nation. There should be sincerity in such issues that will affect our environment and people.

  8. So millers association chairman was taken on a free ride to the border, given lunch and shown all the mealie meal destined for Congo and from there decided that there is no GMO mealie meal being offloaded in Zambia. As MAZ they were supposed to take random samples from different outlets and take them to private labs for testing thereafter release the results to the general public. This PR exercise just brings more suspicion.

  9. The day Mweetwa will start telling the truth southern province will be awash with rain and development and not lies. Why should any one believe that you are telling the truth for once? When did you conduct a scientific research on the mealie meal in Zambia? Or Kazungula Or do you have any idea what it takes to declare a product GMO free?

  10. Just the part were Zambia import mealie meal for re-exporting to Congo does not make any sense at all even the empty headed praise singers. Congo can import mealie meal on their own. @I hate Kaizar Zulu, to hell the Tonga conspiracy. Tonga behave they ways black Americans behave. Black Americans are always looking for something the blame the white man so that they get sympathy. Today there is even a special tailored for Tongas. Tell me what kind of people have been arrested for hate speech? Zambian have been making of each others tribe for years and this has never been a problem until HH was voted in.

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