Friday, March 1, 2024

Opposition has lost it,they don’t have the capacity


The newly found bedroom of allegiance by opposition political parties to form a coalition with the former head of state Mr. Edgar Lungu has to me proven that these guys have no capacity to be leaders but followers. They cannot stand on their own.

How honestly can they follow blindly to be guided by someone who was not too long ago a rejected leader while in state house because of his machinations that is listless!

This now show the level of our politics that it is politics of the belly and not service to the people of Zambia. You can not surely front someone who Zambians without rigging and with all the state machinery was reject widely through the ballot because of his leadership and now you as old as you are want to be used to convince Zambians that he is the messiah! God forbid!

So what has become of your individual political parties? Just clubs to make noise and get kick backs or what? Let all well meaning Zambians be vigilante of this scheme being orchestrated by the former head of state who by now should have been a statesman.

This scheme stinks of a lot of things. For example, what is it that ECL want to do that he did not manage to do in 7 years and that only him is capable of doing it to make him want to come back and so viciously? Is it because there are assets/properties he wants to secure that he did not secure then? Or is it because there are some monies somewhere that he and his lieutenants want to lay their hands on?

In the backdrop of this scheme that Edgar Lungu has openly now voiced out that he has come back into politics and even organizing political meetings, what does the law say in regard to his immunity so that he can be met squarely by all political players.

Finally, I appeal to the New Dawn government through the leadership of our able Republican President Dr. Hakainde Hichilema
not to lose focus but continue delivering to the people of this great nation but with caution to make sure that this new found coalition is monitored to make sure they stand and mean well for the country.

Wisdom Muyunda


  1. So is it your problem if they don’t have the capacity? The fact that you are talking about it means you are worried. The only way they can lose out is if you abuse your Zambia Police to disrupt their organisation. But it’s the people who will choose whether to continue with HH or give him a red card.

  2. No coalition has yet worked in Africa
    it will eventually part ways once positions are being selected
    I dont see the problem here at all
    If they dont follow the law which I very much doubt they will knowing their leader they will be in for a nasty shock.

  3. This Wisdom Muyunda should tone down. He should not think, some of us, don’t know him. We know how he was fired from a certain institution owing to his criminal activities. Even before he scandalizes others, he should know that he has a background to protect.Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  4. I do not think its about who was fired where , here? Its about opposition forming an alliance instead of selling their own parties.

    Now looking at what is going UPND will have true a filed day in August 12th 2026 because they have implemented long term strategies on how to sort out meal mill challenges . For who will give UPND strong challenge , the answer is zero. Even if we vote today the results of the opposition combined cannot surpass Dundumwezi.

  5. ………

    True Democrat’s and patriots welcome this challenge to the UPND GRZ……….

    Let the best team win 2026………..

    Zambians will decide

    Forward 2031………..

  6. Its nonsense and arrogance for UPND commenting on other parties affairs when they have failed to exercise anything tangible or democratic in there party

  7. The current lot of so called oppposition politicians in Zambia are a rabble and a bunch of jokers. The only thing that unites them is their hatred for someone whose leadership qualities is superior to theirs

  8. According to this article, the same can be said about those who formed the UPND alliance and are now holding government positions.
    If it was okay for UPND alliance its still okay for others, leave them alone it’s part of their democratic benefit. We the voters will vote based on their manifestos.

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