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State House Communication Specialist Warns Against Divisive Politics of Fred M’membe


Clayson Hamasaka, the State House Communication Specialist, has issued a caution to Zambians regarding politicians like Socialist Party Leader Fred M’Membe, whose statements are perceived to sow division among citizens.

Mr. Hamasaka expressed concern over M’Membe’s stance, citing his repeated assertions that if elected as President, he would rule by decree rather than adhere to the provisions of the constitution. This, according to Hamasaka, poses a significant threat to Zambia’s constitutionalism.

Highlighting M’Membe’s intentions as communicated through his statements, Hamasaka emphasized that the opposition leader seeks to abolish the Zambian constitution and govern through decree, should he assume the presidency.

Furthermore, Hamasaka criticized M’Membe’s advocacy for the appointment of traditional leaders to roles not prescribed by the current constitution. He asserted that such actions undermine the significance of traditional leaders, reducing them to mere instruments of partisan politics.

Contrary to M’Membe’s approach, Hamasaka underscored the importance of traditional leaders as custodians of national culture, tradition, and custom. He reiterated the commitment of the United Party for National Development (UPND) government to prioritize the welfare and dignity of traditional leaders, emphasizing investments aimed at improving the conditions and benefits of these esteemed figures and their support staff.

Hamasaka condemned M’Membe’s divisive tactics, drawing parallels to his past conduct while operating his newspaper. He cautioned against falling prey to such divisive rhetoric, emphasizing the need for unity and cohesion in building a prosperous and harmonious nation.


  1. What divisive? Just continue wining and dining while you have the chance. I don’t like Mmembe but you are not different. You spend precious time spinning lies on how to convince the starving citizens. Never a single day have you ever said an iota of truth.

    • The reason why you are a hypocrite is that you do not state that the citizens are starving because doing of PF, a party that is as corrupt and tribalistic as Fred Mmembe and his party are. You hate UPND because of where they come from/ do not come from, rather than because of the work they are doing to try and tame the US $33 billion debt borrowed and looted by your relatives, such as Michael Satan and Edna Lungu. You have zero credibility because you defend any thief who comes from your area, as you did in the case of the thieves who looted that mine and died. You assume that you will win the next elections, but I am sure you will be disappointed because you are not as many as you think you are, and you will not have government money to contest the elections with

    • This Membe thinks that he can now have hereditary positions in the Government Republic of zambia.He must be reminded that Zambia is a republic where every Zambian must have equal chances of attaining the position of minister or District Commissioner.This buttyboy thinks he is doing a favor to chiefs for votes in2026 because he thinks he is also royalty.He is unaware of the numerous conflicts on boundaries, regionalism and mistrust that he could bring onto this beautiful country.Certain chiefdoms that do not have resources to stand on their own will be at the mercy of others.Chiefdoms are feudal in character,quite averse to the socialism he pretends to espouse There are reasons why KK kept chiefs at bay
      Please, patriotic Zambians, stop this tired old fagot from his dangerous plans

    • Fred has outsmarted UPND liars. He is hitting at soft spots to dismantle the house of lies made by the arrogant party.

    • @MuZambian: I would go so far as to end all government emoluments sent to chiefs. Let the Bemba support Chitimukulu; Let the Lunda fund Mwata Kazembe; let the Lozi pay Litunga; We Tonga can elect and pay for our governor since we do not really have chiefs traditionally. When he talks about elevating chiefs to official government representatives, it is because he wants the rest of us to pay for his chief. Why should I, a Tonga, pay for the chief of the Bemba? Most of these chiefs would go out of commission. We need to convert Zambia into a federation, and each province will the central government no more a constitutional minimal remittance.

    • What is a ” State House Communication Specialist”??? Koma mu Zambia muli tu ma egos! Does State House need a Communication Specialist? What happened to the title State House Press Aide as held by the Isaac Chipampes, Amos Chandas, Dickson Jeres, Richard Sakalas. Mr Hamasaka wants to portray the picture he is much better than them????

  2. When are you ‘selling’ the VX, GX you bought per the directive of Presido, when you razing forest 27? when are you selling the Gulf Stream…Need we go on?

  3. Now Meembe wants to turn traditional rulers into Ministers when instead of putting a timeframe for our traditional rulers because Zambian people will eventually stop practicing tradition. By then say 200 years from now, every Zambian should be speaking English and not LOZI and other vernacular languages. By then our Provinces will require to be under SENATORS who will be democratically elected to run for ten years. While Presidential terms should remain the same as our constitution stipulates.

  4. Fred Mmembe is a delusional politician with less than 10,000 supporters countrywide. Let him talk all he wants he can never ever State House

  5. Whatever we think of Fred he has the right to say what he wants ?
    Its called freedom of speech and as long as he doesnt over step the line no harm down
    MP’s and such stop using the word WARNING ..

  6. Mr Hamasaka kwena u are hypocrites your watchdog when u were in opposition published posts that could bring division true or false. Iwe u don’t own Zambia u only working for Zambians Fred Mmembe is doing exactly what u were doing in opposition you are a hypocrite Hamasaka


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