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President Hichilema Engages with IMF and IGC in Economic Growth Forum


President Hakainde Hichilema led discussions yesterday in an ‘Economic Growth Forum’ alongside Cooperating Partners from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Growth Centre (IGC). The forum provided a platform to exchange visions and ideas on maximizing Zambia’s natural resources for national development.

During the forum, President Hichilema articulated the government’s commitment to exploring critical economic sectors such as mining and agriculture, particularly amidst challenges posed by climate change, including the ongoing drought in some regions of Zambia. Strategies to enhance production efficiency in these sectors were emphasized, underlining the government’s determination to unlock Zambia’s economic potential and create job and business opportunities for all citizens.

“We are resolute in our efforts to optimize the utilization of Zambia’s abundant natural resources for the betterment of our nation,” President Hichilema affirmed.

The engagement with IMF and IGC representatives signifies a collaborative approach to addressing economic challenges and fostering sustainable development in Zambia. By leveraging international partnerships and expertise, the government aims to implement innovative solutions that promote inclusive growth and resilience in the face of global challenges.

President Hichilema concluded the forum with a reaffirmation of his administration’s dedication to advancing Zambia’s economic agenda, stating, “Together, we will work tirelessly to realize our vision of a prosperous and thriving Zambia for all.”


  1. Mr President sir stop being lazy and begging for handouts please….we have enough resources just don’t give it away and stop corruption….IMF is America’s brainchild and it was created for the sole purpose of being a predatory money lender….WE DON’T NEED IMF….IMF NEEDS US IN ORDER TO SURVIVE

    • Stop being lazy yourself and find out the facts before you comment.
      This is was NOT an IMF event, but an ‘Economic Growth Forum’ involving the best of the best of Zambians who can provide meaningful suggestions that will help Zambian GRZ explore critical economic sectors such as mining, agriculture, Energy and challenges with climate change. If you are disqualifying such open dialogues, then you are also disqualifying the best that Zambian has who participated.
      You are too fixed on fake information and your hate for IMF, that this has fogged your brains from providing meaningful comments. You blame HH, for NOT listening, but when provided with the forum, you dont see that.

    • @General Kanene
      I work for a Living my dear brother…am not a Politician….Politicians don’t work for a living they just tell lies and steal and loot our resources for a Living….If Politicians work for a Living then we wouldn’t be in a position we are right now…if Politicians work for a Living then the whole world would have been a better place….NO WARS. ..NO HUNGER…NO DISEASES

  2. Mr President sir…what happened to all the wisdom you had whilst in opposition…i thought you said you will develop Zambia with our own natural resources….so you were just bluffing….i know building our economy with our own natural resources will take time but its worth the wait instead of band aid economic recovery by engaging predator IMF……

    • Comrade, well said. IMF, the economic robbers and our flat head politicians and appointed civil servants are the cause of masses’ suffering.

  3. Where this man has missed it is that he’s attended and addressed countless of these forums with zero results. Why can’t he meet his own people? The Farmers Unions, Chambers of Commerce, Bankers Association, Truckers & Manufacturer’s Associations to hear what to say? I think what Archbishop Emeritus Telesphore Mpundu said is true. He only listens to his own demons

    • Had you taken some effort to research who was involved in this forum, you would have realized that representatives from those organs you have mentioned were actually part of this forum.
      Infact, this makes Archbishop Emeritus Telesphore Mpundu, look stupid, because the purpose of such forum is to get the subject matter experts who could provide meaningful suggestions, have a say. Those participants are NOT the “YES BWANA” as the Archbishop acknowledged he was. So the call that “HH doesnt listen” is just a myth.

    • So, one @general kanene has chosen to bellittle those that have stepped on his callous four fingers. He is chocking and panting like a tired old man seated under a tree, grumbling to his grandson for not calling him early for lunch. You are a heartless lost soul always defending the indefensible. Go to sleep.

  4. The bilateral debt was almost concluded with Zambia. Who sabotaged the deal by adding the private lenders to that resultung in the agreement? It was our president. Otherwise the finance minister would have been fired. No wonder they don’t discuss their sins, but quick to expose PF mistakes. Clueless. Always flying out, bringing back failure.

  5. Three years of Hamasaka writing his praise songs with nothing to show for. If you just see words like “President Hichilema articulated the government’s commitment”, Just know it is the choir master behind the writing. According to Hamasaka and Hichilema, the dept issue has already sorted. What was that celebration from KKIA to Community house for if HH is still begging around the world.

    • Another misguided critic, this forum was not about DEBTS.
      It was about getting suggestions for solutions to Zambian`s problems by Zambians in areas of mining, agriculture, Energy and climate change.

  6. Zambia defaulted in 2020. It is in public domain that we are heavily indebted. It is not for UPND to make it took like they have to clean the PF filth, if any, the entire term. For how long would we hear excuses at the expense of fixing and correcting. With the looming bad crop harvest, it will be extremely hard to please citizens. Give tangible hope. Tiye nayo.

  7. You won’t believe this, but guess which African leader is on record saying “the day you see imperialists praise me is the day I have betrayed you?”

    The African leader who is on record is none other than Zimbabwean former President Robert Mugabe.

    He made this statement in 2003 in response to criticism from Western countries over his controversial land reform program, which involved the seizure of white-owned farms without compensation and gave them to landless black Zimbabweans.

    Mugabe, who was in power for 37 years until he was ousted in a military coup in 2017, was known for his anti-Western rhetoric and his staunch defense of Zimbabwe’s sovereignty.

  8. Well, which African leaders today do you know who are getting kudos from the West? Would we be right to take Mugabe’s statement as a litmus test?

  9. @ General Kanene
    It looks like you’re the only one receiving brown envelopes from HH because both Tikki and Spaka have given up on HH …

    • ……

      There is no viable alternative to HH at this time……

      HH is 10 times better and capable than all the opposition leaders combined……..

      Forward 2031…….

  10. Don’t engage with these economical imperialists. You need to change style and start telling them instead. Let’s do a deal with Mr X to pay Mr Y and cut out Mr Z because he is too greedy.

  11. …………….

    The tribal supremacists don’t understand the importance of these gatherings………

    To them Turing up with 3 Mobil phones each instead of note pads like those sitting opposite…….

    Like how PF used to operate at meetings…….

    is all they know

    • You are so very observant, comrade @Kaps. But there is no need taking and divide attention. A video is available for them. Have you also checked the composition of the private sector among those delegates? Only Faith Mukutu, as Zambeef CEO is present. How inclusive is this economic indaba sitting apart from a foreign leaning agenda?

  12. As long as we feel meetings with the east or especially west will end our woes we are doomed. Let’s have Zambia solutions to Zambian problems.
    We’re only 20million

  13. Will King Charles attend Hage Geingob’s funeral because we saw a horde of African Presidents rushing to Birmingham Palace to bury the Queen

  14. @Anonymous and Ayatollah, spark, kci, FutureZed and others, seek refuge in any country of your choice. You have the right under the 1951 Geneva Convention to seek asylum owing to your well founded reasons that you can not live under any head of state who you consider unfit to rule fairly, owing to your reasons feel Zambian president is not delivering economically to your expectations or have such fears that makes you unsafe to live under their leadership. Take fugitive Kaizar Zulu with you.

  15. IMF Lungu IMF Lungu IMF Lungu This is the only song will get to be listening to not until its time up ba investor confidence wesu I thought the big man once claimed that other countries were asking him how he has managed to get things done….

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