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Inspector General of Police Reaffirms President’s Call for Introspection on Zambia Police Service Day


In commemoration of Zambia Police Service Day, Mr. Graphel Musamba, the Inspector General of Police, has expressed gratitude to President Hakainde Hichilema for his address emphasizing the importance of introspection within the police force. In a statement issued on behalf of the Zambia Police Service, Musamba reiterated the commitment of the force to upholding integrity and professionalism.

Musamba conveyed appreciation for President Hichilema’s recognition of the sacrifices made by police officers, both domestically and during international peacekeeping missions. He noted that the President’s words resonated deeply with the dedication and bravery exhibited by police personnel on a daily basis.

The Inspector General underscored the timeliness of the President’s call for introspection, emphasizing the force’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and addressing any challenges that may tarnish the noble image of the profession, particularly corruption. He affirmed the police service’s dedication to upholding the principles of law and ensuring that it remains a trusted institution for all citizens.

On Police Day, Musamba reaffirmed the Zambia Police Service’s dedication to serving the community with diligence and compassion. He emphasized unity with the President in efforts to foster a safer and more secure Zambia.


  1. Freedom of Speech and Assembly are a big TEST for the police. Times change and one day they’ll come a Pharaoh who didn’t know Joseph. It’s just a matter of time.

    For those that hold public office, if you’re told to do a wrong thing by your superiors, in most cases they don’t put it in writing but ask you to carry out the act. It will be you who will one day stand in the dock (your boss won’t be there). Think about your career, family and retirement. Avoid being busy with courts in your retirement and hopefully not go to jail.

    Why go and deregister one’s business to advance your personal interests?

    One day it will be your family member that may need help in future from the same people or family members of those that you abuse today.

    • The role of the police is to be implement what the Law says. If the law says obtain a permit before any meeting or protest march, do that. UPND , MMD used to do that during the pf reign. What has changed now?

  2. Important day, we should take this further by creating jobs and employment opportunities across Zambia and this will enhance better policing and professionalism by all the law enforcement agencies. Corruption must be dealt with fully and the police should uphold integrity

  3. “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; steadfast love and faithfulness go before you.” (Psalm 89:14). God is just. I

    God hates and punishes injustice (sin). Why deregister one’s business to advance selfish ambitions. And when God punishes the injustice (sin) we start asking questions as to why things are going wrong. People need to repent and do the right thing before God, and avoid possible punishment.

    2 Chronicles 7:14 is very clear. The challenge is that the so called men of God don’t advise our leaders correctly.

    Leaders, take position, stand before God on behalf of our country repent, ask for forgiveness and cry out to God. And sin no more.

  4. Mr Musamba is grateful to the president for the unexpected job he’s been given.
    Mr Musamba he’s paying back by ensuring the opposition have no space to breathe.
    Like someone has already said, there shall be a new pharaoh who did not know Joseph.
    Things change ba Boss. Be professional and impartial.


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