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President Hichilema Advocates Partnership between Zambia and Finland to Map Underground Water for Agriculture


Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema said there is a need to map underground water resources to support irrigation programmes to respond to the drought that has affected crop yields.

President Hichilema said the country needs to know which areas have ground water that can be used for irrigation.

Speaking when he met a delegation of Finnish Members of Parliament who paid a courtesy call on him at the State House , President Hichilema said Zambia will engage the expertise of Finland in geological mapping of groundwater.

During the discussions, both parties emphasized the critical importance of mapping underground water resources to support irrigation programs in Zambia, particularly in response to the drought affecting crop yields. President Hichilema stressed the urgent need to identify areas with groundwater suitable for irrigation, recognizing it as a vital solution to combatting the agricultural challenges posed by water scarcity.

In response to Zambia’s pressing need, President Hichilema expressed Zambia’s intention to engage Finland’s expertise in geological mapping of groundwater. This collaborative effort aims to address the country’s agricultural challenges by harnessing the potential of underground water resources for sustainable irrigation practices.

President Hakainde Hichilema urged for strengthened development cooperation between Zambia and Finland to drive economic growth and development in the country.

“In the global community of democrats, it is important that we retain this position. To us, it is a better system than any alternatives. This partnership will help us drive development and enforce opportunities and freedoms,” remarked President Hichilema, emphasizing the significance of cooperation in driving development and fostering economic opportunities.

President Hichilema acknowledged Finland’s expertise in various sectors of the Zambian economy, including mining, agriculture, water, and forestry. He stressed the importance of enhancing cooperation not only between governments but also between businesses, as investments and trade play a crucial role in driving economies forward.

Furthermore, President Hichilema called for expedited action on developing a common checklist for agreed-upon areas between Zambia and Finland, emphasizing the importance of efficient cooperation.

In response, Krista Mikkonen, the leader of the Finnish delegation, expressed the growing interest of the Finnish private sector in various fields in Zambia, particularly in sustainable and environmentally friendly mining, forestry, meteorology, and education sectors. She also acknowledged Zambia’s economic challenges, particularly the unresolved debt situation, expressing optimism that positive movement on debt restructuring would unlock Zambia’s economic potential.


  1. He’s always looking for outside help to find solutions to local problems. He doesn’t think that Zambians can do it. He’s a failure par excellent. He’s got an incurable inferiority complex. He’s beyond redemption. He’ll continue to listen to his own demons until we vote him out. Come quick 2026!

    • Let those Zambians and Zambian institutions who can do it come forward. Why haven’t they done so already? Why haven’t they advised previous governments on what should be done?

    • There’s a huge underground water body around Palabana in Chongwe, Levy Junction sits on an underground lake and all these were mapped by Zambians at the Department of Water Affairs. Mwomboshi and Kafulafuta Dam are examples of what he ignored. The list is long. There’s nothing new he’ll bring

    • Mr President fire your advisors! Is HH telling Zambia that we don’t know where we have a high level of underground water? HH should know this very well. This data is there at the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation. Sub-Saharan Governments have been getting this data for the past 25 years from multiple sources which include:

      1. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration):
      2. USGS (United States Geological Survey
      3. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
      4. IGRAC (International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre)
      5. European Space Agency (ESA):
      6. Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS)
      7. Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT).
      8. United Nations Water UN-Water:

  2. What are our universities doing you mean they cant do a research to find where is more underground water in the country for irrigation mmmm aba batata when is he going to start empowering his own people kanshi mwebantu.

  3. This is Long over due and there’s is also need to pit up huge water haversting facilities in areas which are still recovering heavy rains

  4. Bayamba kusabaila…and thats why Zambia is messed up because we have a leader who just believes in talking and photo op….he knows 100% deep down his heart that what he is saying is just blowing hot air but he will say it anyway just too fool his gullible praise singers…..and watch this space Tomorrow he will take pictures with Arabs proposing things that he knows that in a million years they will never happen in Zambia

  5. We failing to mend potholes and build roads and toilets in Markets and public places….we failing to have proper public transportation in within our cities and we’re day dreaming about going to the moon……

  6. Mr Photo op the Almighty Ayatollah the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema and tomorrow he will take pictures with Arabs saying that Zambia will use the same method they’re using in the desert….the biggest cause of “drought” in Zambia is massive corruption and theft….forget climate change…..wasting and stealing of our natural resources is the real drought we suppose to fight

    • It is cutting of trees for malasha that os causing water problems in zambia……..

      Where and how is waisting our natural resources connected to climste change………….?????

    • Anonymous #

      +++ Totally agree. The problem is corruption. If there was a “WILL” – this issue could have been resolved in the early 90’s. Zambia was given millions of dollars for water projects during the Chiluba Mwanawasa regime, but the funds have not been accounted for.

  7. @ Ayatollah
    He’s simply fooling his gullible praise singers…remember all those international trips he did and MOUs he signed nothing has materialized till today….and things are getting worse as we speak

  8. When it sinks in that we have just passed the nappy stage you may undestand wht we still need nurse maids for guidance

  9. And HH knows his gullible praise singers very well…he knows that just seeing him taking pictures with a bunch of bazungu his praise singers will start jumping up and down especially Spaka the chief Lumbani Madoda

    • …..

      It’s high time we developed other water resources instead of relying on rains……..

      Well done Mr president………

      Forwadee 2031……..

  10. Even the losers have gullible praise singers so works both ways
    when they come they bring their own funds and equipment and employ locals at their expense
    Our insitutions, draw GRZ funds over night allowances, fuel, vehicles etc etc costing millions
    so which is the better option considering our already over streched economy ?

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  12. ……..

    In a country with one of the highest water bodies in our region……..

    We should not be experiencing crop drought……….

    Dams and canals with integrated farming blocks is the way forward……

  13. @ Ayatollah, we get your opinion but complete it by suggesting who to vote for in 2026. Just a name and its sponsoring party. Failure to do so would be disappointing to Zambians

  14. The problem with hakainde is that he talks well about things he does not mean or understand. Most people think that Hakainde is a very good businessman, he is not. Most of his wealthy was obtained by chance, shroudness and outright corruption. Ten years down the line if he had the chance he would still repeat the same things he has been saying withought any concrete results. The development of Zambia will only come from the use of our local natural resources and local people. Unfortunately Hainde is still living in the 19th Century where he thinks that development will come from the west. Hakainde is more of a talkshow man than a pragmatic leader. He has managed to deceive the whole nation, but not sure for how long he will continue to succeed in his lies and deceit.

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