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President Hichilema Commemorates Labour Day in Solwezi, North Western Province


Solwezi labor day celebrations
President Hichilema arrives in solwezi for the labour day celebrations

President Hakainde Hichilema has arrived in Solwezi, North Western Province, to mark this year’s national Labour Day celebrations. The event, held under the theme “Building Resilience: Workers at the Heart of Zambia’s Economic Recovery,” highlights the critical role of workers in the nation’s journey towards economic revitalization.

Labour Day serves as a poignant reminder of the invaluable contributions made by workers across various sectors, driving Zambia’s economic engine forward.

“Happy Labour Day to you, all our hard-working workers,” remarked President Hichilema, acknowledging the tireless efforts of individuals shaping the socio-economic landscape of the nation.

In his address to the nation, President Hichilema highlighted the significance of workers as the cornerstone of Zambia’s economic prosperity. He reiterated his administration’s unwavering dedication to implementing policies and initiatives aimed at enhancing labour rights, promoting job creation, and fostering inclusive growth.

“Ba Solwezi mabanga! Bukiji! Bukiji!” exclaimed President Hichilema, rallying support and camaraderie among the residents of Solwezi as they join the nation in celebrating Labour Day.

The commemoration in Solwezi serves as a platform for reflection, celebration, and renewal, as Zambia charts a path towards an inclusive and resilient economy.

Part of the crowd during labour day celebrations in Solwezi
The Presidenrtial motorcade in Solwezi
Solwezi residents welcome President Hichilema
Solwezi residents welcome President Hichilema


    • How can you say he’s Africa’s best president…. the Kenyans will say Ruto is the best, Rwanda people will say Kagame. Besides he sold our maize and now we are likely to face the worst starvation ever.

    • @Deja, ine I changed my mind and am not shy. HH is #1 the guy is good, but slow.
      He fix Kambwili, he just dispatched a team to go collect Kaizer so he can be treated.

  1. I fully agree with @Nostradamus.
    Yet I see thumbs down.
    I would like to see any of you naming naming an African president who is better than HH.

    • Iwe just because he’s your kin doesn’t make him the best… maybe best for Upnd because the rest are robots.

    • These are mostly tribal supremacists who still think they should rule zambia………

      LT has about 9 of them resident……..

      The 2021 electoral defeat has had profound and permanent damage on them……..

      They still can’t belive their clique lost power, and a chance to loot snd pilferage zambias coffers………

  2. He is the best we have had so far
    up to now all he has been doing is cleaning the mess left by others

  3. ……..

    The one replace HH is still in school……..

    There is no viable alternative………

    Forwadee 2031……….

  4. You LT are UPND for sure, why can’t you post my opinions… shows the dictatorship in our beloved nation..Just create, encourage and assist entrepreneurship in the nation. Zambians are fighters & have been subjected to ukulwisha since the dawn of FTJ

  5. Ba LT Chief Editor nimwebo bangwele for sure. I can’t blame you though, you scared for your life OR you are from that province.. shame

  6. This man is trying bane! To be realistic, with this starvation, the people of Zambia could have been living terror by cadres who overtook the governance of this country. There could not be one who could be brave enough to redeem us because HH would have been rotting in either jail or the grave just has we were told publicly by the father of nation. This action which the former head of state was planning to do after his re-election, could have brought civil war, or possibly a very bad genocide in this peaceful country.

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