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Lungu Is Able To Walk Freely Due To The Rights And Freedoms Restored by UPND


Ndola District Commissioner Joseph Phiri says former President Edgar Lungu is managing to move freely in the streets of Lusaka because the New Dawn Government has restored tranquility in the country.

Mr. Lungu, the sixth Republican President, was on Thursday seen walking in the Lusaka Central Business District with some PF officials.

Speaking to Radio Icengelo News in Ndola, Mr. Phiri said President Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND have guaranteed human rights and freedoms as evidenced by Mr. Lungu’s stroll in Lusaka.

“I want to thank President Hakainde Hichilema. If you have observed from the time this (UPND) Government came into power there is peace in this country. Everywhere there is peace. Some politicians saying there is shrinking democratic space are just merely politicking. Look, the former President Edgar Lungu moves around freely without being attacked by anyone. This never used to happen during the reign of the last regime especially under the Patriotic Front. We had no freedom,” Mr. Phiri said.

“Now people can go to bus stations and markets with political attire without being attacked. Therefore, I want to appeal to the people of Ndola, to support this Government because it has restored peace and freedoms,” he said.

Mr. Phiri implored citizens to preserve peace and order.

“Let us value peace. Let us treasure peace. This Government has given people freedom to speak freely. People go to radio stations to say what they want but we just watch as the Government,” he concluded.

Former President Lungu walking in Lusaka


  1. That’s what the so called democracy looks like. In other regimes not so long ago, HH would have been in jail with everyone that would have accompanied him.

  2. DC don’t worry HH won’t fire you even if you talk about Lungu.
    By the way the people who gave us this freedom are long dead.
    Lungu is just showing you that banning opposition public meeting will not guarantee you winning the next election.
    Tell HH to stop stopping opposition from holding public rallies.

    • You are old-fashioned/If that’s the way you were operating in pf, then you are in Welensky days. The President does not give orders to hold meetings or arrest. The constitution is there to protect every Zambian.
      You need to give credit to UPND. There is a sense of peace and calmness in Zambia right now.

    • You are the one who is old fashioned…. very simple…. Mr Hichilema is behind all the disruptive happenings in the opposition camp. Of course you being****** you will turn a blind eye.

  3. Joseph Phiri must be a shallow kid who was born recently. Lungu is able to walk freely because of the peace brought by KK

    • People like this DC can’t be trusted. They the type that ditches as as they you are losing. They are the first to talk about how bad you were as president.

    • ZNBC can you play Lusaka Radio Band’s Kale bamwisa baletwikato bulofwa for this Phiri boy to listen kikikikikiki! He needs to be schooled about Situpa

    • Yes KK brought that freedom but can you tell us about the loss of this freedom during Lungu’s time? How many innocent Zambians were shot dead during Lungu’s reign of terror?
      Even in Zimbabwe, Mugabe brought freedom but he took it away and now his disciple, Mnangagwa has continued where he left off.
      The bottom line is don’t take freedom for granted.

    • Was HH under house arrest or was he not supposed to walk freely like any other Zambian, JCM?
      In case you have forgotten, exactly 4years ago Ms. Charity Katanga on the 12th May 2019 uttered these words:

      “HH risks being jailed if he continues attending church services without a police permit”,
      Nomba ba jcm, what are you saying? muli na amnesia?

    • #Katana HH misconducted himself in Mongu. HH would go to shanty compounds and share meals with those residents… nobody harassed him…. HH would go to areas where the president was campaigning… nobody arrested him until he took matters to a higher level in Mongu.

  4. Continuing arguing about who has done what and who hasn’t does not provide solutions to the many problems we are currently facing. Why can’t people engage in meaningful discussions? We have seen improvements in terms of peace yes but for how long with this misery? People engage in in unlawful activities when they are deprived of the daily necessities to survive. Soon crime will increase due to hardships. Let’s have solutions now instead of burying our heads in sand thinking all is fine.

  5. Muscled men gossiping and pointing fingers at each other. Africans – shame on us.

    Please share with the nation ideas that you came up with to move Zambia forward and such were implemented e.g. building or maintaining roads, empowering youngsters in the community …. the list goes.

    Pakamwa – please showcase your projects.

    • @WakeUp. The problem is with those in government. They don’t want ideas or suggestions that are not theirs.
      Example: at one municipal council on the copperbelt a resident offered more than 100 pine trees to the council for planting.
      He was told to come next day.
      He went there and was made to wait for almost an hour.
      The official in charge advised him to put it in writing. He never returned. Then someone from the council whispered to him that she overhead the councillors and senior staff saying: Balefwaya bu Mayor through the donation of those trees.

  6. That was or is a great idea. We know our some leaders in government fail us. That idea should not fall away and die. Here is an opportunity for all those who would like to see our Zambia forward to carry out this idea and implement it. This should be our conversations when we are at home, in churches or even when we hang out. Form partnership, draft a business plan, get contracts signed etc.

  7. I can see many would like to see Zambia flourish, and we can if we unlearn certain things such as patronising each each, always full of excuses, grossiping, insults, negativity, lack of wanting to work together, boasting, fear of seeing each other successful, blaming others for failure, wanting money that we did not work hard for, not paying debt, wanting free things – those trees can still be grown without government‘support. So many educated Zambians I see the comments – why not use our brains to form partnership and document everything for transparency?

    • Are you in Zambia? Rural land is no longer cheap and easily available. Maybe in some areas, but where I come from it’s almost impossible to get land. In the past yes it was very easy.

  8. Koma Nchito niku tukwanana – sad, and this keeps us Africans stagnated on this earth. God have mercy on us koma mwe.

  9. We need to break this thinking and start be trufthful to ourselves. Let’s start having uncomfortable talks amongst ourselves as Africans. Stop blaming others for failure. We even blame our aunties and uncles why I am going to bed hungry – shame on us.

  10. Mr lungu should avoid all this unesesary movements,he needs good adviser,let him just enjoy the retirement package and the immunity he has.wat goes around comes around.

  11. Deja Vu, there is plenty of rural land here in Zambia.
    Let’s say land is not affordable but a group of people have a shared idea such as growing Pine trees, what prevents such people to get together, buy land and commence a project?

  12. lusakatimes is becoming boring. HH was able to stage One man demonstration and freedom statue. No one prevented him, He was able work freely was freedom are they talking about

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