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Ministers, what are you doing to help our President?


We’ve no doubt President Hichilema means we’ll for our beloved nation; he’s always burning candles during the night in his quest to find ways and means of making good of what he had promised our people during the run up to the 2021 general elections. However, it seems there may be a few ministers who may not be firing on all the four cylinders to help the President actualise his promises. They’re either sleeping on duty or have lost the steam.

According to our humble understanding, the role of a minister is to help the President meet the aspirations of our people by helping him fulfill his campaign promises. One of the solemn promises the President made to the nation was to bring to an end all the unnecessary road blocks across the country. This was of course, received well by the general members of the public……the people loved it!

Once the UPND formed government, the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security informed the nation that moving forward, check-points have been outlawed unless otherwise the fixed ones, for security reasons. This was received with glee and ululation by the general public.

For a while, the ‘notorious’ men and women in the white caps disappeared from our roads. Everything seemed back to normal…….traffic moved seamlessly, there was little or no congestion on our roads, motorists were no longer being inconvenienced anyhow….Sanity had indeed been restored back on our roads. And then boom! Cops were back on the road in full throttle……doing what they know best; extracting bribes from the unsuspecting motorists.

One senior citizen, Kevin Soper couldn’t have put it better than the following, “Zambia Police is de-campaigning UPND by mounting snap check-points on the road, and collecting bribes…….driving anywhere is now demoralising; it’s a nightmare as you are made to wait on the road for long hours on end.’

He bemoans that the Police now have a tendency of jumping out from behind trees , bushes, and billboards at traffic lights, round abouts, humps to ambush the motorists. Soper further emphasises that the public has no issues with permanent security road blocks or speed traps, but ambushing motorists to extract bribes is total harrassment and criminal!

We now come to the issue of following Catholic priests, unnecessarily. It’s obviously common knowledge some Catholic priests have never taken a liking of UPND since inception for obvious reasons. They’d utilise every opportunity to decampaign the party whenever it suits them. In other words, the police are not doing the President a favour by ‘bursting’ the meetings that Lungu is having with these Catholic priests. Allow Lungu to continue having his consultative or strategic meetings with the priests; they are an exercise in futility. And God will judge them!

Those days whereby the clergy or traditional leaders would “dictate” to our people how they should cast their votes are long gone! Look at what transpired during the last elections……some pastors and priests literally turned the pulpits into campaign platforms and openly decampaigned the opposition UPND then, urging congregants to give their votes to the brutal PF regime. Did they have their way? The electorate, particularly the youth turned up in numbers and voted otherwise!

Some traditional leaders equally reduced themselves to cadres by absconding from their palaces to make forays into the villages and ‘order’ their subjects to vote for an extension of caderism, corruption, plunder and theft of national resources, tribalism and nepotism, gassing, unemployment! Did the electorate hearken them? Zero! They used their God given brains to do the right thing. In this age and era, there’s no priest, chief or celebrity who is going to teach our people how to vote as if they are children; they’d rather make the right decision using their God given brains!

Ba Jack Mwimbu, we’ve always had high confidence in you. Set your bearings right Sir!

In our next offering, we talk about the Minister of Agriculture. Hon. Mutolo Phiri, what does your job entail, to eat or ensure that our citizens are eating?

Anyway, until next time!

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


    • NO ONE among the ministers can advise HH. He doe not listen to anyone of them. They mean nothing to him.
      1. What can Musokotwane tell HH?
      2. Ba minister of Transport and Logistics……What can he tell HH?
      3. Can HH take any advice from the minister of JUSTICE? Really?
      4. Jack Mwiimbu standing and saying no to HH? Are you serious?
      5. Does Gary have enough……. to say no to HH? May be!
      6. Can that young minister of Energy Kapala say anything to HH? noooooooo! He shivers just by name HAKAINDE.
      In short HAKAINDE has no regard for any of his ministers. He only listens the IMF , Tony Blair, World bank , British High Commisioner(Wooley) , Jito and the Brenthood trust. Bonse abashala ni bangwele.

    • Ministers job is not to help the President. Their job description focuses on service to the people. A minister of health must ensure doctors and medicines are available at hospitals that are easily accessible for all citizens. A minister of local government must make sure city streets have no potholes and garbage is collected so that cholera doesnt strike. A minister of education must make sure all schoolgoing citizens get a good education that colleges and industry can exploit to develop various industries. Helping the president is what makes people bootlick the president’s family and friends. In a democracy the focus is never on the president but on the people.

  1. You think those ministers can “help” the president. Just get Stevie Wonder’s song…. he’s mister know it all so goes the song.
    In civilized countries these ministers would have resigned enmass in protest…. but here that would be the end of you…all investigative wings unleashed against you.

  2. ……..
    The prime mister is also asleep at the wheel……..

    Zambia needs an energetic prime minister who makes milestone demands and checks up on progress of these ministers……

    There needs to be milestones set for all GRZ employees in senior positions……..

    Otherwise most are there to just collect

  3. I agree that the Veep’s achievements are difficult to pinpoint. But it seems the whole establishment is not jellying well. I don’t know what it is but to me it seems there are some disconnects in the system. Perhaps it is because we have an inclusive system where we try to work even with enemies. Whatever the case, serious introspection is necessary to improve performance. All cylinders must be firing & pulling in the same direction.

  4. let us be carefully with catholic priests. This is how genocide was started in Rwanda. Why can’t Lungu go to Southern, western and Northern Western provinces to discuss national issue with catholic priests there. He has chosen to discuss issues with the so-called Easterners and Northerners. let us not allow this kind of politics to come back.

    • Iwe each time Lungu went to Southern Province he was jeered, heckled and booed. When a complaint was raised against some MPs who were behind this, Jack Mwiimbu responded that booing was not a crime and cannot be found in our legal frame work. Now that he’s not even president it may even be worse with stones thrown at him.
      By the way HH used to visit the then archbishop of Lusaka….why didn’t you accuse the Catholic church of what you’re claiming.

  5. How do they assist Mr. Know-it All? ZWA, kuyabebele, they MUST go now before they completely destroy the nation… ZWA!!!!!!!!

  6. This is the cabinet one president claimed was the best cabinet Zambia has ever had. The cabinet that has an agriculture minister superintendent the sale of maize from the reserves and the minister that has a home affairs minister who is in charge of one of the worst police services in the world. HH himself said you can’t blame the ministers but the appointing authority. You are trying very hard to blame others for his failure. The bucks stops at him. If the ministers are not performing, why hasn’t he replaced them??

    • @Habeenzu just try reading a story of a man who was raped by a nurse at ZO and you will see the ZP incompetence!

  7. If Kabuswe Minister of Mines is a good example of Ministers hard work, then we are in trouble. Look at the people he’s issued licensees to. How many are Zambian? How is able to suddenly buy so many properties everywhere in his brother’s and other relatives’ names? Look at the minister of energy: How many licenses has he given Zambians to ferry oil? Operate Petrol stations and why issue so many in a saturated market? ERB is under his ministry. Just a few examples….

  8. Sate was right when he called him “Under 5”. Next time youths of Zambia should vote for people with experience.

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