MMD Responds to “Zambian Opposition Parties are a disgrace!” article

Lengwe Bwalya MMD National Youth Treasurer
"I have ... noticed ... that ... most of the leaders of the Opposition Parties have been quiet and not providing proper checks and balances to the ruling Party. The majority of the Opposition parties have not been making comments or analyzing the economy...

Zambian Opposition Parties are a disgrace!

By Kalima Nkonde In all my previous articles, I have focused on analyzing the economy; criticizing the ruling PF and giving them solutions and I have just mentioned Opposition Parties in passing. I have , however, noticed to my great disappointment that even in the...

Principles of Electricity in a Zambian Language?

Abiudi Banda showing me a plastic container which can heat water by inserting electrodes in the container.
By Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology Since the British colonized the then Northern Rhodesia now independent Zambia in late 1800s, we have been made to believe that English is the only, best, and superior language to express thought. We have English as the...

Nationalization, Price Controls and Food Security

1. Introduction President Edgar Lungu’s warning that the government will be compelled to introduce statutory price controls, nationalize milling companies or close down the companies if they continue to hike mealie meal prices is a clear revelation of his intention to unilaterally re-introduce the socialist...

Why Zambia needs the IMF bail out to stabilize the economy

By Kalima Nkonde The increase in Zambia’s rate of inflation into double digits to 14.3% signifies in my view, that we have crossed the last economic red line and goes to prove that the country is in deep economic problems as all economic indicators are...

President Lungu’s pledge to fight corruption welcome but it should be broad based

President Lungu with King Mswati of Swaziland during Zambia's 51st Independence anniversary Celebrations at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on Saturday, October 24,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
By Kalima Nkonde In his independence message, President Lungu pledged to fight corruption vigorously and stated that there would be no sacred cows. This has been welcomed by many Zambians of good will as corruption is among the top problems that the country is facing...

Zambian Privatization: Some Truth, Not Myths

Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde and Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Yang Yaoming unveiling the ribbon of Medical Park at multi facility Economic Zone
We have been hearing for many years from a lot of pundits about how privatization supposedly destroyed the once vibrant Zambian economy. I contend that this is just a myth. Let us give some proper perspective by critically analyzing the big claims of the...

Mbita Chitala proposes Prudent Capital Controls to Save the Kwacha

Mbita Chitala
A SUGGESTION TO FORESTALL KWACHA COLLAPSE By. Dr. Mbita Chitala – Public Policy Analyst KWACHA DEPRECIATION Why is the Kwacha falling like a domino? The answer is not because of the eight months rule of President Lungu as some would like us believe or a creation of...

President Lungu is not cost conscious and worsening budget deficit!

Edgar Chagwa Lungu (second from right) being welcomed by his Special Assistant for Economy and Development Affairs Hibeene Mwiinga (second from left) at Palace Hotel in New York on Thursday,September 24,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2015
By Kalima Nkonde In most of my previous writings, I have always maintained that wasteful government expenditure, big government and excessive borrowing are the top economic challenges we face as a country and these do have negative multiplier effects on other areas of the economy...

Zambia: No Sleep for My Beloved Country!

The New Cabinet
1. Introduction Like many other Zambians who have the interest of our beloved country at heart, I am confounded by President Edgar Lungu’s decision to create five more government ministries. Since our beloved country’s political independence in October 1964, we have miserably and lamentably failed to...

President Lungu’s speech was aspirational but not inspirational

By Kalima Nkonde Politicians have commented on President Lungu’s speech and it is only fair that the public get an objective review of the speech from independent commentators too so as to have a balanced score card. This article attempts to highlight some positive aspects...

PF is still Zambia’s Party of Choice-Mumbi Phiri

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri addressingt the public of Mano Ward in Bangweulu Constituency in Samfya District at Kasoma Banweulu Primary School during campaign the rall
AFTER OUR FIRST FOUR (4) YEARS IN GOVERNMENT, PF STILL ZAMBIA’S PARTY OF CHOICE   Exactly four (4) years ago today, Zambia went to the polls to elect a Government of the People and for the People, the Patriotic Front (PF). On 20th September 2011, Zambians...

From Peter Tosh to Peter Sinkamba- “Legalize Marijuana”

If you smoke weed, by now you most probably are aware that come Saturday 12th September, brethren and sistren will be congregating at Mundawanga botanical gardens to memorialize the life of late reggae superstar Peter Tosh. You also must be aware that Zambian Green...

Has PF mismanaged Zambia’s economy or are External factors responsible?

Construction of the police divisional headquarters in Muchinga Province by Datong Construction company at a cost of K20.6 million has been completed. Works on this project commenced in 2013.
By Kalima Nkonde. President Lungu recently said that the current economic challenges cannot be attributed to any individual or form of mismanagement of the national economy because the difficulties are largely influenced by various factors across the globe. This statement follows the statements from Minister...

Understanding the Kariba Dam and Zambia’s power crisis

Fifty years ago the Kariba Dam was the centrepiece of collaboration of the Central African Federation. Built in just four years, it was opened by the Queen Mother in 1960 in front of a crowd of 3,000 onlookers, reported by British Pathé at the...