By Tovin Ngombe

The irrigation Schemes earmarked to be belt in Sinazongwe district have been a disappointment, have taken too long, and people are fed up bemoans Chief Sinazongwe.

The Chief told the Small Scale Irrigation Project (SSIP) steering committee that paid a courtesy call on him that they should not be surprised if his subjects abandon the project.
He said farmers have even started forming other cooperatives because they have waited for fours year without any tangible results on the ground.
“You should not be surprised if people abandon the project they have waited for too long and they are already fed up,” The Chief said.
The holes that were dug three years ago for the installation power at the irrigation Scheme to be belt near Chief Sinazongwe’s palace have been buried and the chief expressed worry that money would be spent to do the same work.
Chief Sinzongwe said the holes that ZESCO left have become a hazard to his subjects and animals because they could fall into them, and break their legs.
“Government projects takes too long but you should not forget that land is becoming so sweet at the moment and farmers may forget about the project,” Chief Sinzangwe said.
The Chief noted that he has just learnt that the SSIP project has a committee that site three to four times in a year yet their have been little done on the ground.
He urged the delegation team to assure him when the project would be instituted because he has been assuring his people that work would start soon and they have now lost confidence in his statements.
“As you know chiefs are not supposed to lie and you should tell me something that will assure my subjects about the project,” the Chief said.
SSIP Standing in Chairperson Mungule Chikoye said that the project had failed to move at the expected rate because of the delays to release funds by the African Development Bank (ADB) and the long procedures in awarding tenders.
Mr Chikoye assured the chief that the money has been sourced and hoped that the project would start this year because they have more activities on the ground.
He said the project would add value to the people’s welfare and put money into their pockets.
“We are happy to be here with the entire team so that we see things on the ground for ourselves,” Mr. Chikoye said.
The SSIP would build three irrigation Schemes in Sinazongwe district at Sinazongwe, Zenga, and at Simupande and have since completed the rehabilitation of Buleya Malima Irrigation Scheme.


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