Maamba Hospital crisis deepens


By Tovin Ngombe:-

Confusion at Maamba Hospital has continued deepen as the embattled Hospital Administration Manager has changed from threatening people to assaulting them.

Cosmas Michelo the acting Hospital Administration Manager who has since lost respect from the lowest personnel to the senior person at the Main hospital in the district has assaulted the security officer.

Michelo who was told to be home while his case was being considered at the provincial office tried to force his way into the hospital premise on Wednesday morning and when the security officer stopped him he hit him on the face with his cell phone.

Frayfold Mujala the assaulted guard has since reported the matter to Maamba Police where has been given a medical form to be attended at the Hospital before an arrest for Mr Michelo could be effected.

On Tuesday night Michelo forced his way into the Hospital premises and wanted to pick the files for Maamba Hospital employees but security personnel intercepted him.

When talked to the soft spoken, Mr. Michelo denied having assaulted the guard and displaying any strange conduct.

“My rights are being infringed on, how can they deny me from entering the hospital,” Michelo said.

On Monday Michelo was reported to Police for threatening to kill Sinazongwe District health Director Dr Kebby Musokwatwane.

Maamba Police recorded warned and cautioned him over his strange conduct.

At the meeting held on Monday it was decided that he remains at home because all the hospital employees have lost confidence in his leadership.

The Sinazongwe Health Director who took Michelo to Maamba police for threatening his life said he was not ready to work with him.

Dr Musokwatane told the meeting that Michelo called him on phone after he wrote a warning letter to him for failing to report for work for four days without any proper explanation that he was hurt and disappointed with the letter.

“Dr Musokwatane I am hurt with your warning letter, now it’s either your life or my life at stake here,” Michelo warned the doctor.

The doctor said in another incident Michelo warned him that he was not surprised because Tokaleyas are known to fight Tongas.

“I have a problem with the office of the Hospital Administration manager since I joined the hospital he has never allowed me to do my work and my colleague who is an environmental officer,” one Health Inspector told the meeting.

Another worker from the x-lay department said the hospital was divided because Michelo’s poor workmanship with other staff members.