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Levy salutes the UK’s assistance towards Zambia’s national development

Economy Levy salutes the UK's assistance towards Zambia's national development

 President Levy Mwanawasa has paid glowing tribute to the United Kingdom for its assistance towards Zambia’s national development.

Speaking at State House today when the Duke of Gloucester, Prince Richard, paid a
courtesy call on him, Mr. Mwanawasa said United Kingdom was the largest donor to

He said the United Kingdom, through its Department for International Development
(DFID), has largely contributed to the development of the country.

DFID is a UK agency through which a number of developmental projects are funded.

“We pray that this aid will continue. UK is the largest donor to this country. We
enjoy very cordial and warms relations,” he said.

President Mwanawasa further reiterated that a lot of mining companies on the Copperbelt province have been making gigantic improvement in their operations and
production as they were taking advantage of high metal prices.

He stated that the country would continue investing in developmental sectors saying,
“later, we will not be much of a bother”.

The President however, told the Duke that despite remarkable economic strides which
Zambia has made, there are still high levels of poverty, especially in rural areas.

“We still need a lot of assistance. Sometimes, as government we are misunderstood by
people who think that we are sitting on money and we don’t want to release it,” he

And the Duke of Gloucester said he hoped that the UK would continue to participate
in Zambia’s development process and support her in many sectors.

He thanked President Mwanawasa for praising the UK on its contribution in revamping
the Zambia’s economy.

The Duke, who arrived yesterday, is on a three day tour of UK sponsored projects in
Zambia. He will also visit South Africa and Malawi during his tour of Africa.



  1. Each time you get a visitor, is time for the Government to ask for more help. Why? This surely for the benefit of leaders only. God Help.

  2. “Thank you for thanking “’em!” For thanking ’em for saying, “Icalo cenu, lelo umukuba wesu!” (The country is yours but copper is ours). Thank you for thanking ’em for establishing London Metal Exchange in their country and making the buyer and not the seller determine the price of your goods. Thank you for thanking ’em for making a landmark decision and their involvement in “sentencing” of our former president. Thank you for thanking ’em for the ideals of democracy that they stand for, for not resisting KK and company by giving them independepe without fighting for it! Thank you UK very much!”

  3. LPM dont waste you time on UK …the damn Kingdom is broke if you want help talk to the USA and the scandanevian countries.

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