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Mpondela’s wife seeks divorce

Photo Gallery Mpondela’s wife seeks divorce

ZAMBIA Amateur Athletics Association (ZAAA) president, Elias Mpondela’s wife, Judith, has petitioned for divorce in the Lusaka High Court, alleging the adulterous behaviour of her husband.

Ms Mpondela, who is seeking a divorce pursuant to section 1(2) (a) of Matrimonial Cause Act of 1973, submitted that the couple got married at Saint Ignatius Parish Church on October 24, 1987 and have four children together.

This is in a divorce case in which Ms Mpondela has sued her husband and another Lusaka woman Leah Banda-Mwale who is alleged to be having an affair with Mr Mpondela.

She submitted that there have been previous proceedings in the Zambian courts concerning the couple’s separation last year and a criminal matter in which she was allegedly assaulted by Mr Mpondela.

Ms Mpondela had stated that her marriage had broken down irretrievably in that her husband had allegedly committed adultery with Ms Banda-Mwale and that she found it intolerable to live with him.

She alleged that Mr Mpondela had on numerous occasions been arrogant and violent towards her and that he had assaulted her physically and mentally.

Ms Mpondela alleged that her husband’s affair with Ms Banda-Mwale was now a matter of public knowledge in that she (Ms Banda-Mwale) and her late husband’s marriage was dissolved by the High Court on proof of adultery.

She submitted that in May 2005, her husband (Mr Mpondela) was fined K1.5 million by the Chilenje Local Court over his affair with Ms Banda-Mwale and that she was present during all the deliberations and heard for herself the episode of events.

She claimed that as a result of Mr Mpondela’s adulterous and unreasonable behaviour, they are even now on separation.

Ms Mpondela wants the court to dissolve the marriage and that she continues to have custody of the children but that her husband should only have reasonable access to them.


  1. Good on you lady.Make a stand on these men who think the can have girlfriends and treat thier wife anyhow.WAKE UP LADIES let this be a lesson.OH I FORGOT ITS A MANS WORLD!HA!!!!

  2. Girlfriend , this is not about making a stand on men it is purely on doing the right thing.

  3. Lady tell the all this chap did,he i a very bad boy.
    Ni kabwalala chebe nga kafupi.He the following girls
    Chitalu,Chungu,Banda,Waku the one umulu working ZRA alashile infuti in the legs ku Kabwa 10 times last
    year.This gils was one time working at ZAAA and even gave her of 7,000,000 to go to UK.

  4. We are behind you Judy,We should not be in abusive relationships. You are better out than committing murder like the Mwala Woman. Shame shame to Leya the known prostitute who had denied about the relationship,how health status is query?? Children are better with one parent,dont risk having strains of AIDS. Shame Mpondela,shame leya,shame to all the adulterous Men and Women.Pretending to be choirs singing the words of God.

  5. A sleazy, unfaithful, wife-abuser, and child neglector Duncan Kakulekelo Mushala is Divorcing his wife of over three decades and abandoning his children.

    Duncan Mushala who works for TEVETA has been cheating and committing adultery with many women and has been abusing his own family.

    His wife of three years is deeply depressed. The whole family is in shambles. But Duncan Mushala adds insult to injury by making sure that his wife and children suffers because he is the only bread winner. He holds a degree from UNZA and currently pursuing a distance education MBA. An educated sleaze bag!

    He wants to divorce her so that he can have his concubine move in with him while she goes destitu

  6. Duncan Mushala is a sorry excuse of a man. He is Lozi and a cheat, a horny toad. What I don’t get is; why is the other woman entertaining him. Am sure she is one of the women that are widowed and will clutch at anything with money. Shame on you Duncan Mushala!

    You want to divorce your wife, that’s fine. Just be a man, leave your house and go to someone who is willing to make another woman’s life miserable. The fact that you have your wife into depression, God will give you what’s coming to you. Remember FTJ, Tembo is chilling but he is either in hospital and both he and his new wife will soon end up in Chimbokaila. Shame on you Duncan and shame on TAVETA for employing an unethical person.

  7. I hear this woman works with him at TEVETA. Duncan Mushala was married to another woman from the airport and left her for this new woman from Chilenje. She is a widow with kids and Duncan supports her kids and not his own. He is mean to his own blood and won’t even drive them to church.

    Zambia has to catch up legally with this century of women will fall pray to the like of Duncan Mushala. 30 years of marriage, wow Duncan, what did Christine feed you…kolyokolyo

  8. Can Duncan Mushala s wife sue him in a regular high court. He deserves nothing this guy. Trust me, the Lord will handle him. Shame on you Duncan. I wonder what your employers at TEVETA think of you.

  9. I know Christine, she lives in chilenje and the woman is a gold digger. Duncan Mushala is a fool, a typical self-fish man.

  10. I wonder how old you are Leah Mpondela?You are a girl,till you have a bad experience,you will never know the slightest idea your stupid father,who i will insult again,has done to your Mom.Grow up!Am sorry your father is a jerk!The truth hurts,but so what.

  11. why insult some one for standin up for her father?regardless wat he has done,we must respect her for none of u would want your fathers insulted,especially by people who u dont know n too afraid to put their names

  12. With all the AIDS ravaging Zambian, one is left wondering why supposedly educated people like Mpondela can be so careless so as to indulge in illicit s’e’x’u’a’l escapades especially with mukamfwilwa. The stupidity is deeply vexing, you bet he was stealing NHA money to santa Klause his double barreled w’h’ole. Ubunangwa muno calo bwafulisha saana.  

  13. You people who are criticizing my father are all just people who have nothing to do with their lives, you read about other peoples problems from the press and then you think you have the right to insult my father or family like that. passing rude comments the saying my sister and I should shut up, we wont. we have a right to defend our father weather you like it or not. NOBODY is perfect. NOBODY so if you. think you can come here and insult people you know nothing about. YOU . my friends are out of your minds. Never forget: it takes one to know one. so whatever insults you are throwing at my father well. haha back at you, most of you are not even half as good/perfect as you are trying to look here. so before you start pointing your fingers make sure your hands are clean.

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