Absence of Lusaka MMD officials at Bauleni Clean Campaign irks Levy


lpm_hu_zam.jpgPresident Levy Mwanawasa has expressed disappointment at the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Lusaka Province leadership’s failure to attend the function in Bauleni compound.

ZANIS reports that President Mwanawasa who was visibly annoyed said it is no wonder that the ruling party had been doing so badly in the province saying the leaders in the province have not taken party matters seriously.

He said from December last year he had been asking the Provincial leadership to
prepare a programme to enable him visit the compounds to see for himself how people
live and the challenges they were facing but until now no programme had been drawn
for him.

President Mwanawasa was speaking in Bauleni Compound where he had gone to commission
the keep Lusaka Clean and Health Campaign.

President Mwanawasa has since directed Lusaka Province Minister Charles Shawa to
coordinate a programme with MMD National Secretary Katele Kalumba for him to visit
compounds and see for himself the way people live in Lusaka.

However, the President was elated to see MMD Lusaka Central Chairperson Elias
Mpondela who turned up to welcome him.


  1. This is really bad, the head of state deserve support from his part. but i am sure this is just the tip of the ice berg of the issues sourrounding the MMD and its leader

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