Govt to recruit 5 000 nurses


Government will this year recruit over five thousand nurses following the treasury authority which has been given to the Ministry of Health for the exercise.

And Government has officially handed over nurses uniforms worth K2 billion to
University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

Health Minister Brian Chituwo bemoaned the low numbers of nurses in the country
adding that at present the country has 9,300 nurses of the required 23,000.

To address this shortfall, Dr. Chituwo said Government was currently doing it
through  training, recruitment and retention strategies and that Government will
soon reopen nursing schools across the country.   

Dr Chituwo said the schools to be reopened include Roan Antelope in Luanshya,
Nchanga North in Chingola, Chitambo in Northern Province and Kaleni in North Western

He further said Chipata school of Midwifery will soon be made operational to quicken
the production of midwives.

The Health Minister said midwives are cardinal in ensuring safe motherhood and the
delivery of babies.

And officially handing over the uniforms to UTH, Mr Chituwo said one of
Government’s priorities was to motivate health workers in the country.

The Minister observed that the uniforms will improve the nurses’ welfare because
nursing is a noble profession expected to deliver clinical competence and care to
the patients.

In addition, Mr Chituwo disclosed that Government through this year’s budget will
purchase buses for nurses’ transport at UTH, Ndola and Kitwe central hospitals at a
cost of K1.4 billion.

Mr Chituwo said Government is commttted to delivering quality health care services
closer to the people.

And receiving the uniforms, Zambia Nurses Association (ZNA) representative,
Josephine Chimpinde, commended Government for the gesture.

Mrs. Chimpinde said the uniforms will help motivate the nurses and help enhance
their work.


  1. thats good news.But where are they going to find those 5000 nurses at once.The last time the nurses recieved uniforms from govt was when sata was minister of health.the nurses need money in their pockets to feed thier children and take them to school.The need better housing.Just go and have a look at those hostels at UTH and you would wonder wheather there homes for human beings.The are finished and too small to acommodate the nurses and their families.

  2. You see, some of our leaders don’t think when they make political statements. Surely how can someone recruit 5000 nurses at a go. These are not Kaponyas whom you can find just on the street. Our leaders don’t just make blank statements, lets think before saying them.

  3. The article does not say government will recruit 5,000 nurses at once. I do not know where the bloggers are getting this information of recruiting 5,000 nurses at once. Please read the article before posting your comments.

  4. 5,000 nurses in one year seems a tall order to me.How many nurses schools do we have and what is their average delivery numbers? Quite okay, we may have a backlog but this number seems too impressive not to be rhetorical.

  5. Good luck. If you don’t look after those nurses you are going to train the developed world will be very happy to oblige. So try and do something sensible for a change and do the right thing!

  6. Chituwo is playing to the gallery.Where can they get 5000 nurses in a year?Why do our politicians say things which deep in their hearts they know are IMPOSSIBILITES.This is not a cartoon where ALL is possible.Can someone say something that makes sense from the MOH otherwise we will be inclined to think this is just another statement meant to hoodwink peoples’ attention from the real issues at hand.Can the Minister tell us why we have so few nurses?What is being done to retain them.Even if they recruit 20000 this year,19000 will be some where else come december next year.What is the MOH doing about internal brain drain?This l believe is what l want to hear the minister articulate…..NOT PIES IN THE SKY!!!

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