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Happy Independence Day

Headlines Happy Independence Day

Happy independence Day to all Zambians! To some of you that statement is meaningless, after all, you feel like economic refugees in the countries you are now abiding. Your Zambian passport affords you stringent airport security checks, lots of hassles getting visas to visit certain countires and not forgeting the numerous medical tests you have to be subjected to like HIV/Aid tests, Tb tests etc.

On the bright side Zambia  is the country you call home. Its the place with fond childhood memories. Its that peaceful country we were blessed to be born in. Yes if you were born in some place like Sudan or Liberia, war would have been a prominent word in your vocabulary.

So on this Independence Day we salute our forefathers for freeing us from colonial powers 43 years ago. Even as we enjoy and get prosperous in the diaspora lets not forget our motherland.Support whatever good cause  your heavy wallets can afford, like schools and hospitals.

Shall we rise and sing the Zambian National Anthem!

1.Stand and sing of Zambia, proud and free

Land of work and joy in unity

Victors in the struggle for their right

We have won freedom’s fight

All one, strong and free

2.Africa is our own motherland

Fashioned and blessed by God’s good hand

Let us all her people join as one

Brothers under the sun

All one, strong and free

3.One Land and one nation is our cry

Dignity and peace beneath Zambia’s sky

Like our noble eagle in its flight

Zambia, praise to thee

All one strong and free


Praise be to God

Praise be, praise be, praise be

Bless our great nation

Zambia, Zambia, Zambia

Free men we stand

Under the flag of our land

Zambia, praise to thee

All one strong and free

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  1. Gone are the days of Stand and Sing of Zambia. What is there to celebrate? No pencils, no books and medicine no nothing. 43 years of poverty stricken nation. YES, let the RICH continue to reap the POOR. Let the RICH continue to steal from the poor, claiming and clinging to stolen government property e.g. Chiluba and Regina, what they acquired does not belong to them but to the entire country, how do they account for all that they took whilst in State House? Happy Stealing to the THIEVES.

  2. Few pipo look forward to independence, bec only selected few go attend the independence at state house,those who belong to family tree.The majority of us zedians,it is poverty as usual even on independence day.Gone are the good old days when we used to celebrate and enjoy independence at Independence Stadium and other stadiums around the country,with milk & biscuits.KK u are the man.Now independence is just for Chuchu $ his minions,bekafye,ebale botomana ififumo nga chula mbototo ku state house.

  3. What independence? Go to shangombo and celebrate the poverty. 43 years and still having Lumpa church members still living as refugees in Congo. No wonder there is a rumor going round that Xavier Chungu is trying to recruit from those people. Don’t take people for granted.

  4. I got surprised when I met Lumpa church members from zed living as refugees in Congo. Why they can’t get back? They still believe the govt will be after them. Anyway happy independence to you all.

    Looking back from where we are coming from, we had good days. Where is the govt that used make sure that garbage was collected from every bin around my town? The govt that used to make sure that all gravel roads were graded? Where is our economic growth? All I see is poverty.

  6. excuse my ignorance on this issue but who are Lumpa church members.Is it a cult? If so why would we want them in Zambia? Isn’t the curse of poverty enough?

  7. oh my! are these lumpa church members economic refugees or political? If these people are Zedians bring them home. What are they still doing in Congo. Don’t potray other’s beliefs as cult.#12 you are like the chinese who potrays the FALAUN GONG practitioners as cultists just because they pray differently.

  8. Inonge, you can be ignorant but you are also intelligent.ask questions.These lumpa chaps should not be allowed back, period. They ran away because they are criminals who were fighting against Zambian independence.

  9. There waz me thinking its a free Country. One can go come. a Refugee is a Refugee – mostly its economical. Its possibly the only way out for some. Cults all sorts are brought about by hunger poverty and disease etc.,

  10. Refugees or not. these are people(lumpa) who brought confusions in the early days of our independence. They are always up to no good.

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