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Mayuka nominated for two 2007 Faz Awards as Zesco dominates

Sports Mayuka nominated for two 2007 Faz Awards as Zesco dominates

Kabwe Warriors and Zambia junior international striker Emmanuel Mayuka has been nominated in two categories for this years Football Association of Zambia (Faz) end of season awards.

The awards will also see newly crowned league champions Zesco United dominate this years Faz award nominations with four, followed by Dynamos with three while Warriors have two and Buffaloes one.

17-year-old Mayuka has been nominated for Faz’s Footballer of the Year together with 2005 award winner and international midfielder Rainford Kalaba of Zesco United.

Kalaba’s Zesco team mate and striker Enoch Sakala, with whom he is locked at the summit of the top scorers charts on 23 goals in all competition this season, is also in the running for Faz Player of the Year award.

Mayuka, who has scored 15 competitive goals this season, will also vie for Young Player of the Year honors with fellow junior internationals Tom Bakala and William Njobvu-both are midfielders from Lusaka Dynamos.

The shortlist for the Coach of the Year award will see Green Buffaloes trainer George Lwandamina and his Under-20 assistant Oswald Mutapa Jnr of Lusaka Dynamos vie for honors.

Zesco and Zambia Under-17 coach Wedson Nyirenda who guided the Ndola club to its first-ever league title this season is also in line for the Coach of the Year award.

The other categories up for grabs are Most Disciplined Player and Best Referee.

The three nominees for Most Disciplined Player are Zesco and Zambia defender William Chinyama, ex-international and veteran Zanaco captain Mumamba Numba and Buffaloes goalkeeper Robert Chisenga.

And nominees for Referee of the Year are Jan Sikazwe, Kenneth Chinchenga and Wilson Mpanisi.

The awards will be handed out on December 8 at a ceremony to be held in Lusaka at the Cresta Golf View Hotel.


  1. The sky is the limit for this boy if he remains disciplined. Many Zambian rising stars have faded in their prime due to excessive beer drinking and growing big-headed. Remember Emmanuel Zulu, where is he now?Its painful to see young talent wasted. Our boys need proper career guidance.

  2. #1 You are right. Kombe also comes to mind. Great talent wasted. I hope this kid has enough examples to learn from

  3. #1 & 2.I totally agree with you this boy is extremely talented.He needs a good Manager someone who can sell the boy to clubs in Europe and Shepherd him as he grows.He has the potential to make it big time.Hes work rate,shooting and positioning are good.These are the marks of a good striker.I hope P.P will include him in the team to Ghana. We might not have C.Katongo for the first game against Sudan due to suspension.I would throw this boy into the game if i was the coach.

  4. #1,2,3 I agree with you, what spoils this kids are beer women and pride. Hope this boy Mayuka is better than Kalaba in terms of discipline. Once these three things catch up with them then they are wasted talent.

    Inclusion of these lads in the senior national team good idea but PP COACH has no plan for them, he held trials a couple of weeks ago and Mayuka is not in his plan. Gents we need expatriate coach if we are to make it to world cup.

  5. I am very impressed by the passion being shown by Zambians on the last few blogs. That is the kind of attitude people in a soccer giant of a nation need to have. I am really impressed.

  6. All due respect to this youngman. I have watched him perform at the youth championship!its nice to see everyone giving him praise. lets be consistent in our praise guys! lets not turn our backs on the people that carry the flag of our proud african nation when they are not doing so well. Just look at England, all the great players to work with, all the money at their disposal and yet they failed to make it to the European Cup! Zambia’s made it to the africa cup,lets be proud!!!!!

  7. yes they may have talent, but they are still young so it is a test of time, it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon. These young africans and even europeans, they are seduced by all this western culture and it’s ills, as if they didn’t have an identity of their own in the first place. keep it real young men, don’t destroy yourself.

  8. I see Mayuka going in his career if he disciplines himeself. I watched him when Zambia clobbered Mozambique 3-0 in COSAFA. The boy is talented. I can say that we have the talent in Zambia. They just need to be nurtured well.

  9. I see Mayuka going far in his career if he disciplines himeself. I watched him when Zambia clobbered Mozambique 3-0 in COSAFA. The boy is talented. I can say that we have the talent in Zambia. They just need to be nurtured well.

  10. Well I think some of the people logging in are very dissapointing. It is either they are young kids or very disturbed people. U dont just log in to insult others.

  11. i totally agree with 11. cho . i have seen some really disturbing comments on this blog. we are zambians guys. We are proud,but we also have humility. we are the most adaptable, likeable and peace-loving, law-abiding africans. Correct me if i’m wrong.We should be able to express opposing views without using too much of the foul lingo thats floating around on this site!Lets talk football

  12. The administrator of this site should not allow Anonymous bloggers, “invincibility” tends to give some cowards power. It’s like a neighbor that comes to rob your house wearing a mask. Remove their mask and see how shameful and sorrowful they will be. Finally, just suspend those who come to the site to insult and throw mud in other people’s faces for 3 to 4 months. Trust me, it is as simple as that, there will be sanity on this blog. Otherwise let’s talk soccer and be matured fans as we argue.

  13. To comment on talent development, I think we need to groom players like Mayuka, Kalaba, Clifford Mulenga, Sebastian Mwansa, William Njovu, Fwayo Tembo, Richard Phiri, Jacob Banda and the Sunzu brothers. These boys have immense talent that if we can invest in their development, we can reap the benefits in 2010. That is why we need a coach with a vision and plan on how to get us there. Stop ghost chasing and get focused on one mission. Develop a team First and then Fix the weaknesses, golden rule.

  14. BuzzEd #15.Talking about grooming players i wonder how many boys from the U-23 and U-20 will make the team to Ghana.These boys need to given opportunities at Senior level thats how they will grow.Look at the L.Mesiss, W.Rooneys the started playing for the Senior teams at about 17/18yr.By the time the are 21 the will be untouchable.Boys like William Njovu,E.Mayuka,Sebastian Mwansa,Francis Kasonde who gave the Senior Mozambique team problems should honestly be included in the Ghana team and

  15. of course players like the Sunzu bros,and Rodgers Kolala should make the team.Though all this lies with the coach P.Phiri.We as fans are patiently waiting and watching….
    As the saying goes, ‘football belongs to the fans’

  16. Sibs.RSA you might have a soft spot for Phiri. But I can’t wait to see this guy get the boot! He has been given a machine gun with live ammunition yet we are firing blanks and losing the fight because of one chap who can’t load the bullets. I totally agree with you, we have enough talent available that Phiri should have called to camp instead of ghost hunting for “other” players to take to Ghana. His retrogressive attitude is a huge liability, let’s get rid of him and start serious preparations

  17. Here is my honest opinion on Phiri. I think he would make for a good U17 coach. His experiments and talent hunting skills would work best for him at that level. He is what I would call a harvester for lack of a better term. That way he can experiment all he wants and identify talent which other coaches can pick up and develop at U20,U23 and eventually senior team. By the time a player comes to the senior team, they should have proved themselves at those levels. He’ll be successful at that level

  18. Thank you guys for restoring sanity to this blog and lets continue like this.

    Zambian football has always been buzzing with talent but this talent has lacked exposure to what makes a world class footballer.That is why most young guys fail at tender ages after showing so much potential and promise.

  19. The young guys came in the last afcon, got their experience, now they are our seniors. still youthful and with the experience under them. this time round they should be looking to compete well avoiding those unnecessary hiccups. we should be scoring more goals by taking our chances.

  20. BuzzEd i hear you.When it comes to the Africa Cup in Ghana it would be too late to fire Phiri now and get another coach.We don’t have the time.Whiles i agree with you that Phiri is full of Talent hunting and experiments. Maybe he needs to go the U-23s where he can nature young talent.But if he still remains the coach after the Africa Cup he definitely needs an Expatriate coach to work with.By now we supposed to know at least 90% of the team going to Ghana but we still waiting cos we still

  21. #I just hope Mayuka carreer will progress in leaps and bounds.It woulds be a great shame for him to fizzle out before his prime like Emmanuel Zulu, Perry Mutapa, Dabwitso Nkoma and Bernad Makufi.

    Such yound talent needs to be managed proper. Another youth who is at the make or break stage of soccer career is Rainford Kalaba. If he continues being ungovernable then all that talent will end up no where.

  22. Do you remember the 1999 under 20 team which lost 4-1 to Brazil led by Ronaldinho? Almost the entire players of that team are no longer active. This is due to lack of proper player management and indiscipline on part of the players. FAZ should come up with some strategy to ensure that such talent is not wasted.

  23. I’m enjoying being back on this site now that the filth has been disposed of.guys I feel that our chances as a nation to improve our soccer lies in football at academy level.exposure is an important thing.most of our players that achieved any measure of fame,didn’t know how to handle it,and lost the plot.physical strength is another problem. But we are getting better.

  24. #26 RN Pretoria

    I agree with you there are only a handful of that team and the names that come to mind are Andrew Sinkala(Very disciplined and humble young man), Ian Bakala (Very focused)and Chintu Kampamba (Very determined and ambitious).These are the only ones who are around and the rest like Ronald Mbambara, Hosea Siame, Kenny Zimba, Aaron Simutowe, Emmanuel Zulu, Calvin Chisha, Benrad Makufi (forced to retire after sustaining an injury during a friendly match against Kenya enroute to the

  25. #29 Sibs

    Sichone was over age at the time (1999) remember, he is 30 years old and at the time he was 22 but he played in the final of the All-Africa games in SA in the same year.

  26. Head coach: Patrick Phiri
    No. Pos. Player DoB/Age Caps Club
    1 GK
    Stanley Mumba
    22 November 1979
    Power Dynamos

    2 DF
    Misheck Lungu
    2 June 1980
    Lusaka City Council

    3 Aaron Simutowe
    2 February 1980

    4 Kenny Zimba
    27 September 1980
    Kalulushi Stars

    5 MF
    Ian Bakala
    1 November 1980
    Germinal Ekeren

    6 Gift Kampamba
    1 January 1979
    Nkana Red Devils

    7 Japhet Makayi
    15 November 1979
    Power Dynamos

    8 Ronald Mbambara
    12 March 1979
    Nchanga Rangers

  27. #33 Above is a list of the players who played at 1999 Youth World Cup. Indicated are their clubs and dates of birth.

  28. DF
    Francis Kasonde
    28 December 1979
    Konkola Blades FC

    Chaswe Nsofwa
    22 October 1980
    Zanaco FC

    Evans Mwaba
    10 October 1979
    Nchanga Rangers

    Kampamba Chintu
    28 December 1980
    Kabwe Warriors

    Festus Mangamu
    15 November 1981
    Railway Express

    Perry Mutapa
    18 November 1979
    S.C. Farense

    Emmanuel Zulu
    3 January 1981
    Zanaco FC

    Stephen Kabwe
    22 February 1979
    Nchanga Rangers

    Andrew Sinkala
    18 June 1979
    Nchanga Rangers

    Bernard Makufi

  29. Young Mayuka keep it up.You deserve the prizes namely,youngest player of the year and footballer of the year.We are looking foward to seeing you perform in Ghana 2008.As for Kabwe Warriors, we are behind you and i know next season the league will be ours.

    Die hard warrious supporter,
    Teddy hq Simwanza.

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