Government to spend K16 bn on floods in Lusaka


Vice President, Rupiah Banda, has disclosed that government has estimated to spend at least K16 billion to mitigate effects of floods in Lusaka city.

Mr. Banda said the problem of floods was bigger than earlier estimated, hence government’s decision to look for contigent funds from the Ministry of Finance and National Planning.

The K16 billion is not part of the money allocated to be spent by the new Task Force set to address problems of floods in the country.

He said President Levy Mwanawasa left specific instructions that the Ministry of Finance should provide contigent funds to respond to the problem of floods in the country.

Mr. Banda was speaking at Chibolya Basic School today after touring New Kanyama Basic School, Kanyama Clinic and Chibolya today.

Mr. Banda also called on all Zambians to put aside political issues and concentrate on how best the problem of floods could be addressed in the country.

He was accompanied by Lusaka Province Minister, Lameck Mangani, and Lusaka City Council Town clerk, Timoth Hakuyu.


  1. Again lets have accountability here. How much, where, what, when and who questions need to be answered.
    What is the Vice Presidents suggesting by referring to addressing the problem of floods! How does he propose to address the problem. I am interested in the proposed action. What is the plan? How is this money going to be disbursed?
    Can anyone tell me who constitutes the Task Force on flood management? I missed the names.

  2. I’m for you Mukokoliko can anyone tell us who constitutes the task Force on flood management? hey the names and their titles are mising?

  3. names are immaterial,not even there titles,zambians should rise above rhetoric and allow the govt mitigate the effects of the election or no by election all affected people should be assisted.

  4. The question is how will the government mitigate the effects of the flood? Names are important because ideas can be passed on to them. If they are ineffective we will know who they are! #3 we all agree that all affected should be assisted we just want questions to who, what, where and when. The plan and that is important!

  5. If i may ask ? what exercise is going to cost 16 billion kwacha? do they plan to demolish the existing infracture, then build new houses? 16 billion kwacha for what? allocating bags of mealie meal?

  6. the problem in zambia is that our leaders lack strategic focus in the way the handle issues. long before these floods we knew that we were to expect above normal rainfall but alas the so called new deal govt had no new ideas. they forget that its better to plan ahead. we can not continue to alwys mitigate we should act before disaster

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