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Mauled Zambia Seek Long Shot at Deliverance

Sports Mauled Zambia Seek Long Shot at Deliverance

Battered, bruised, embarrassed and humiliated, Zambia head into their final Group C match against defending Africa Cup champions Egypt tomorrow in Kumasi looking for a respectable result ahead of another prospective early round exit.

It is very hard to imagine Zambia’s leaky defence recovering after that comical performance against Cameroon to hold up against a rampaging and efficient Egyptian team on Wednesday.

Egypt, who lead Group C on maximum six points from their two games, already has an eye on the quarterfinal and ultimately onwards to that February 10 final date after convincing wins over Cameroon and Sudan.

There has been a lot of spin from Kumasi about wound-licking Zambia’s chances against Egypt following that soft defeat at the hands of Cameroon last Saturday.

But Zambia have not defeated Egypt since 1996 and judging by the void in class between the two teams at this years final, it would be a miracle to end that 12-year-old record.

Furthermore, Coach Patrick Phiri has tried to sound upbeat about Wednesday’s game.

Phiri has promised changes to Zambia’s unsettled defence that was probed by inexperienced Sudan and dissected by seasoned Cameroon.

Defenders Clive Hachilensa and Joseph Musonda will need to dip a little more into the fountain of youth for a laxative to try and spark some brave inspiration against Egypt’s attack.

And will Phiri kiss and forgive Kennedy Nkethani or will Lusaka Dynamos’ Hichani Himoonde be thrust yet again into the deep end of another potential baptism of fire?

Meanwhile, the lack of a truly authoritative defensive midfield will continue to hurt Zambia going into their final game against Egypt baring more pressure on an already fragile defence that we all hope will not curve-in and snap again for a second successive game.

Isaac Chansa and Phiri’s laboring old protégé Ian Bakala are in for another busy night to remember in midfield in a game Zambia will attempt to shame the naysayer’s and appease their brave believers.

We also await another electrifying performance by the in-form midfielder Felix Katongo who was man of the match in the game against Cameroon.

Upfront, Jacob Mulenga, Felix Sunzu and Christopher Katongo should start to say the least.

And in the other Group C match to be played simultaneously in Tamale, Cameroon hope to complete their rally in the pool with a win over bottom placed Sudan.

A win for second placed Cameroon, who are on three points together with third positioned Zambia, would be enough to see the four-time Africa Cup champions through even if Phiri’s team beat Egypt on Wednesday thanks to a better goal difference.


  1. I am not watching the game, I will be in church. I will see results on Thursday, I want to sleep soundly. Anyway anything can happen remember England blew it against Croatia at Wembley, Sudan may draw or beat Cameroun. Phiri must just fix the defence and play Chintu as the defensive midfielder.

  2. Ba Shidada,do you see Chintu sitting in front of the back 3/4 and dictating the game??do we have the luxury of a defensive midfielder when we need a result at the end of 90mins??At Man Utd Fergie plays Carrick/Hargreaves in that role when playing defensively and Scholes in a fast attack minded set up.Fighton was a good defender in his day, has he failed to impart his past skills to these “new” boys at the back??

  3. I like this guy’s analysis! we need to be harsh sometimes like the UK media, it helps remind our sportsmen & women that they have a responsibility to the nations they represent and so they put in that extra effort in their games. Watching Zambia in comparison to teams like Benin, Zambians (players & coaches)don’t seem to have that sense of hunger and urgency, even when they are loosing, they appear to be calm and as if they have the whole time in world. Everyone involved in the Zambian game should be hit hard with constructive criticism like this, maybe they will realise that they owe it all to the nation.

  4. No chance shidada! We blew it when we conceded 5 goals. I really thought this was the year we would go to the second round but hey, there is still afcon 2010!



  7. Either way, don’t come here with your abusive undertones. You can obvjectively discuss and even criticize, but watch your language.

  8. You are entitled to your opinion. I would be more disappointed if they hadn’t qualified. Take a different point of view, European nations believe that Africa and Asian waste spots at the world cup. If Africa and Asia were still restricted to 2 spots each at the World Cup, neither continents would gain experience and exposure required to improve.

  9. Our team plays with pride, Your team EGYPT play and get head injuries when they are loosing and also when they are winning. That’s why nobody likes them. HA HA HA!



  12. the zambian side should have been checked for doping during the march they played against sudan! MARIJUANA YEAH

  13. Dear Zambians, why should we even respond to people who are always excited when they talk about death. If you ignore some of these people who were born for war and are prepared to die for nothing, you will serve time and energy. let’s talk about the way forward. Phiri needs another refresher course. Todays Football requires PHDs. Lets educate phiri as much as possible.

  14. Brothers watch out here comes the mighty Pharaohs!
    Essam El-Hadary, Mahmoud Fathalla (Ahmed Hassan, 56), Ahmed Fathi, Hani Said, Hosni Abd Rabou, Mohamed Zidan (Mohamed Aboutreika, 56), Mohammed Ibrahim, Mohamed Shawky, Wael Gomaa, Sayed Moawad, Emad Motaeb.

  15. I’m not so concerned whether Zambia qualifies for the knockout round. I think its more important to fix the defensive problems for the WC qualifiers and come out with a morale boosting win against Egypt. I’m also concerned about the players ability to concentrate for extended periods. It could be to do with a lack of fitness and conditioning.

  16. We are here to win again – so the pressure on us, as defending champions, is greater than other teams,” he said.

    Meanwhile Pharaoh’s captain Hassan Ahmed has complained that playing in the town of Kumasi has hampered his side’s performances.

  17. Kumasi locals routinely burn rubbish when the sun sets in the hope that the smoke will ward off mosquitoes but Ahmed says the toxic fumes have been blown into the stadium.

    “In our last match against Sudan I felt a sore throat and all of our team struggled to breath,” he said.

    “We were all suffering because of the pollution and becoming tired, it was unhealthy for all of us.


  19. Australia. It is difficult for me to watch the matches because I have to wake up at 4am. But I do so because I love to watch Zambia play.


  21. You didn’t say where you live. Anyway give me an explanation of why they have wasted a spot and what good 16 years in the wilderness will do?

  22. Teams that are away from international competition actually fall way behind. Look at Sudan. They are a good team, but they need more exposure at finals to improve.

  23. new math equation

    ZAMBIA/CHIPOLOPOLO = TOTAL IDIOCY. you are embarrassin us again today, jus bow out, ba kolwe

  24. The Zambia soccer team is as confused as my country Somalia. We have more Somalians living in diaspora than those living in Somalia. Our greatest qualification is taxi driving and our women are only great at being house flies or I mean housewives.

  25. Somalians are peace loving people and you will never hear about fighting in Somalia. Somalia is not like the chipolopolo country.

  26. Its a pity what has become of Somalia, but I wouldn’t say that Zambia football has become anarchy. There is lots to improve, but its better having a team with potential than one without.

  27. I don’t know what planet you’re living on but Somalia is total anarchy…the leaders are called “War Lords”.

  28. I am travelling to Zambia in May, looking forward to it. But here is what the Australia travel advisory says about Somalia:

    “We strongly advise you not to travel to Somalia because of widespread armed conflict, very high threat of terrorist attack against western interests and dangerous levels of violent crime. Due to the extremely dangerous security situation and breakdown in law and order, you should consider leaving Somalia if it is safe to do so.”

  29. Hi Zambians, my name is Abdulaziz Walid. I come from war torn Somalia. I am a poor man seeking refuge in Zambia. I am a fool and uneducated. I kiss my a.s.s every time I go to the toliet.

  30. I will definately not watch the game between zambia and Egypt. The Copper Bullets will be defeated by a cricket scoreline.
    Atleast Angola have proved that they are the southern region powerhouse by humiliating senegal(3to1).As for Zambia, South Africa and Namibia, their perfomance is pathetic and are just wasting resources by participating in the tonourment without competing favourably in their respective groups.

  31. I know it is a tough game against the pharaohs, but we will give support to them especially that the defence will be changed. Check, we all thought nigeria will be kicked out of the tourn but there they are.

  32. hey guys, don’t lose too much hope, u saw nigeria prayed and ivory coast did them a favour. it might happen with us too, lets be behind our boys, they are sori for the mistakes. i just hope they won’t comment make mistakes. TODAY GOD IS A ZAMBIAN. lets go zambia lets go! mwanamayo 4 life.

  33. Abdul is a sick, pathetic loser who doesn’t respect women or indeed himself. If you don’t have anything to say just quit and get a life. Please Zambians IGNORE the baboon, that is the best medicine for fools..

  34. #67 u are right, so wat do u think is the way forward incase we come back home? i hope not. i think we keep the same team, jst fusin in few under 20 and 23 players.zed 4 life.

  35. Bien Ba Lula, thats the way, 2day God shud b Zambian. 3-0 is achievabo. Tho I feel we have a problem on the bench with Phiri.
    I feel like Goalie: Mweene. Defence: Billy, Chintu, Clive, Chinyama. Mid: Isaac, Ian, Felix, Christopher. Attack: Chamanga, Sunzu.

    With chamanga substituted 4 kalaba later on and christopher movin upfront. Jacob has proved 2blunt and Himoonde is too yang. I wud oso observe Sunzu very much jus incase i nid 2try sum1 else mayb even clifford

  36. Ba Lula, I feel Phiri shud exit. Teddy Mulonga shud stay, I think he reasons beta than Kalu, despite the blunder on Tana. Teddy shud jus be made to exert no influence on the coaching staff,otherwise his intentions were in good faith,he loves zed. we need a coach wu wud not dance to FAZ tune. I think even Clive Barker can do a good Job. A south african wud b much beta we r in close interaction

  37. I feel south african coaches understand our boys vis-a-vis Jomo understud Chris, The Kaizer coach understud mbesuma. I wud get a south african coz he wudnt b that expensive. Clive Barker is the Man.wat do u think balula?

  38. It is a pity guys on this blog have played in the hands of this comical ali called Abdu something. Just leave him alone. He is simply playing with you emotions and is not even Arabic but a disgruntled zambian who is seeking attention through annoying people and its a pity we given him the platform.

    Lets show that we are more mature than him by ignoring his rantings.

    Chipolopolo for life (whether lose or win)

  39. #72 hahaha, that is fun, zeds finest! i love it that u have faith just me. but i have to disagree with on FAZ prez, my brother what has been Teddy achivements?zero,Tana issue been on the top of the list.I want to ask zambians this question. HOW COME ONLY ZAMBIANS SEE FLAULTS IN KALU, WHEN HE IS ON THE FIFA, CAF, AND SOUTH AFRICA COMMITIEES? AND ONLY ZAMBIANS CAN SEE THAT HE IS NOT FIT TO BE A FAZ PREZ WHY?we can not hire a south african coach come on guys!we are better than those south africans, we need good coaches, ask KALU he will find one frm holland. UEFA CERTIFIED COACH. CILVE HAS FAILED AT AMAZULU.

  40. Ba Lula, I second your views, Kalu built a good team, pity he left so early. The problem was that he was both coach and FAZ VP. Abedi said he warned Kalu not to be both. With Kalu we even got the Nike deal. Mulonga is here for the second time, what has he done? We need people like micheal Mwape, Winston Gumboh, Simata Simata. With Kalu, there will be no figting over money etc.

  41. Hope must never die. Viva Chipolopolo! Now, what’s this about emplotying a South African coach? if thats the case then we better stick to our own local coaches. One important rule is that, “NEVER EMPLOY A COACH WHO HAS FAILED OR WHO HAS BEEN FIRED.” I hope they won’t bring Clive.

  42. Zambia is most likely going to cause a stunner and beat Egypt but I don`t know whether that`s going to be enough to qualify to the next round.It`s typical of our national team to perform beyond expectation when you least expect them.Remember Zambia Vs South Africa.

  43. Ok I reason wit u guys there. uve a good point, ba lula and abantu baya. ive no problem with kalu, i like his independence but u cant work alone i jus feel he has 2 consult sumtyms. now which local coach do u think can do a good job, i oso dont blive in 2nd chances

  44. local coaches sim 2luck independence and easily bend 2th likes of teddy. teddy is ok, he tries and his passionate.he is only limited by his mind. simata, maybe but i oso feel he too is jus like teddy, they have the passion and luv 4the game but their brains can only tek them thus far they realy nid support

  45. y i suggest a south african is bcoz thats jus an extension of the KCM league.in other ways its still local in sum way.most of our elite boys play there, the guy can watch them even when he is on holiday.meaning wen he is here he wil c zambia and even wen he is home in SA he will stil c Zambia. camon guys SA and Us are one lets extend the talent search like they done 4 independence sake too much influence on zambian coaches baba delela

  46. ok clive was a sugestion mayb not the best coz proably too old and lost touch. bt lets think of sum1 else. i dont feel europe or brazil is right.hasnt pereira failed? bsides were luking @ the price 2. europeans dont understand us and the best way is not 2 change us but make the best use of us. we shud aways play our game chipolopolo. so i still feel we search in SA. weve interacted with them 4 long. if we fail then, beta even 2nd chance kalu. i doubt if he will the achieve much but its beta than spend millions on another ziese or any bastad 4that mata. l

  47. its high tym africa trusted in its own. so i stil bet on african coach. am not sure of west africa, abedi, keshi, and the like, thez no zambian futbo there. chipolopolo is played in zambia and SA. so we will luk 4a coach frm there.i dont want 2c any pig on the zambian bennch reeping milions 4 sumthin that we oredi know

  48. my bro zed finest, wat is the difference btwn a south african coach and a zambian, or maybe u want a “white south african” look at south big tyms , chiefs and pirates they have foreign coaches, unless tht da gama chap is south african now. we need sumone who can read the game and improve the guys skills, i think our players lose it even playing in the south african league. we keep phiri as a assistant coach and a europen( with a CV) to coach give him a 5 yrs contract. and Kalu faz prez.

  49. Bachanda (#82), We gonna thump Egypt today. They will receive the worst beating ever!

    Lets go Zed!!!

    Iyeeeee! Chipolopolo! Iyeeee…

  50. #88,85,75 i like u guys, u are true zambians,we believe that today we win. wear the white and green shorts today. zambia 3 egypt 0. ask itay, south africa.

  51. Ba Zambia Nga twalusa bola
    Twilasakama bwangalo bwachalo

    Nalelo Tulewina Bola
    Iyaa eeee!!
    Twilasakama bwangalo bwachalo

    Ikata uzu
    aaaaaa!!! aaaaa!!! eee

    Ikata uzu
    aaaaaa!!! aaaaa!!! eee

    Long Live Zambia

  52. Good thought u have there ba lula, now am thinkin Kalu FAZ Prez that i second, i oso second we nid a coach wu can read the game and teach our boys skills, now the question is who? coz we shud target sum1. i remeber even Jose reached a stage were he cud nt rid the game, wenger can nature boys, but wu can read the game and nature boys. i think there very few coaches wu can do that and they must be very top.

  53. #86 shidada am not a mojo, u cant job real analysis & screw @ the same time u exit. am a landlord. but u know i mojokered 4th yr last sem and got 1point!

  54. ok, they only coach i want is that french guy who coach ASEC Mimosa, in ivory coast, how discover almost all the chaps in ivory coast. he is now in madagascar. he is so good at naturing talent. he is wenger’s mate. he speaks english too. i can’t spell his name but he is good.we can still get someone from holland. the reason why i want a dutch is cuz they can understand our football better.

  55. ba shidada my grades in 4th yr last sem were the worst i ever recorded: C, C, C+, C+. 5-1 i lost to senate. my defence was porous, the moma kept makin back passes to the vet, handling in the penalty area and failing to clear loose balls.

  56. Line up for todays crunch match:

    1. Kennedy Mweene
    2. Clive Hachilensa
    3. Joseph Musonda
    4. Billy Mwanza
    5. Hichani Himoonde
    6. Ian Bakala
    7. Jacob Mulenga
    8. Isaac Chansa
    9. James Chamanga
    10. Christopher Katongo
    11. Felix Katongo

  57. I agree with you Walid this team is a shame. We should have given Malawi a spot at CAN 2008. They would have won to Sudan 1-0 drawn with Cameroun 1-1 and beaten by Egypt 3-1. So tonight we are losing 3 or 4 to 0. Shame.

    Guys, Ivory Coast, Ghana, SA, and many more have expertriate coach, what is Zambia to insist that Phiri should take us to world Cup? What a dream which will never come true. Surely we fail to beat wouded finished lion which will not even pass to the quater final, what a dissapointment!

  58. huum, my bro shidada, have hope, let tell u sumsome, zambia will win. but iam not sure if we go thru. but we will win

  59. ba lula and shidada naiwe billy, tel me wat u think bout adams hanif. that “foreigner” has done alot 4 zed i min look @ Lusaka Dynamos, that guy has sponsored single handedly 4 decades doesnt he deserve a seat in FAZ

  60. Zeds Finest, I also think that Teddy’s heart was in the right place, the decision he made for Kalaba player of the year was a good one. I can see what he was thinking when he struck Tana off but i’m afraid that was a big mistake! One which we really could not afford, how could he do that when Tana has been our best and most devoted player, the cornerstone of not only the defense but the team. A costly reaction to something so trivial, it wiped out so much many years experience we could have added.

  61. WE are winning today shidada but I think we are out on goal difference, but whatever happens Zambia is on the move. We will get back to where we should. Lets ust get rid of the cynicism. That is our biggest problem. We have heard so may suggestions here but lets ask our selves a question what made the David Phiri led Faz successful when they took over in 1987? History is a lesson we can learn from. I DARE TO BELIEVE WE WILL COME BACK. GOD BLESS GREAT ZAMBIA!!!

  62. We could have had, should have had. Tana is not a superstar just a hardworking player we could depend on, like i say, the best player for along long time!

    Let the one who wants to be president stand and make his case, there are things that need doing and there are things need changing. Who has the best ideas, who has the devotion, who can deliver?

  63. In terms of a coach! To me we need someone young with energy, because we need him get involved with players. That is why Sengal went to the quater finals of the WC. Coach & players would meet frequently and there was a bond formed there long before. I think we have to go outside Africa(to close) and to Europe, an English man, a Dutch, a German, Scandinavian, not a French. We need someone who has enough character to inspire our boys further. Someone fresh and not one of these has beens wondering around africa.

  64. #108 Maybe we should try a coach from Angola, they are doing finewith a local coach, and so is Egypt, an indication that they is something wrong with PP. Maybe Ibange too much

  65. I agree with #73. One has to be Chipolopolo for life because once a Zedian always Zedian. We need people like Simata Simata but, with one understanding. Simata Simata, you could do the work but, give up your being short tempered.

  66. 26. Pacifist,Rostov_on_Don says: Jan 30th, 2008 at 7:52 pm
    #21 Mind your self.You can’t be insulting God like that.You be surprised that at the day of judgement the same God you are worshing is Allah.All along you’ve been contributig sensible ideas but now you’re becoming a fundamentalist.You have a nice name and your postings should reflect that.

  67. #21you see how good abdulaziz’s coments.He has never insulted the chrstian God.This means that he has respects for other people’s Gods.His comments are directed to football

  68. Folks with all due respect, i am just unable to share the optimism that some you have regarding both the present and the immediate future of our national team. To even suggest that we can mend our defence and challenge for a slot in 2010 is a nice thought but a classic pie in the sky in our current circumstances. AS Zambia “bow out of ACN” in a few minutes yet again ( this will likely be one of the headlines in zed tomorrow)I see a dejavu of our continued rudderless strategy, indecesion about soccer administration (FAZ) and technical management (coach) and an erratic preparation that always sees us field a new team at every succeeding competition we take part in.

  69. 1815: The game in Tamale is as open as you’ll see all tournament but in Kumasi only one side looks like scoring and it’s not Zambia.

    (live commentry from kumasi)

  70. What was the rationale of bringing on Adubelo Phiri as opposed to Sunzu or Mayuka? Why wait so late to bring on Kalaba when he was impressive in the first game? At least the coach stood up today. I suppose that would be consolation.l

  71. 1-1 kuyabebele, and please dont call this a “better or good result” and dont even think of urging us to “forget about this tournament and focus on the WC qualification” because focus does not exist in our current footballing DNA. Any possible players for scouts to talk to though? should be a fat chance after such a showing.

  72. Well Kulibonesha, I think we have some very good players. I think the Katongo brothers, Hachilensa, and Kalaba are standouts. Jacob Mulenga could be useful if he could work on his finishing. Chamanga has a great work rate. The results were completely disheartening. Zambia’s problems are nothing that a technically good coach cannot fix.

  73. 1-1 atleast it was not a cricket score. Chris again. We need to use CHINTU, HIMONDE AND KALABA in future games, he has vision and a good touch. He should have played that defence. We need to build from here. I am just glad all those who were condemning Zambia will not have the last laugh. NKETANI, Hachilensa and Musonda to be eased out to make way for under 20 and 23. Keep is good. Hight issue is non-starter. It was defence that let him down and caused him nervousness, otherwise he is assured.

  74. mwanya ba zambia, we’ll smack the hell out of u at the airport next week for wasting tax payers money. who is with me?

  75. Thank You boys for the effort. lets start working now for the next named tournament. The game against Egypt portrayed the real Zambia.

  76. Looking at the selection of the team for Africa cup of Nations, everyone will say that Zambia National Team needs a foreign Coach. Once again we have been failed by by our on coach who could not make a decision that would benefit the tax payers but one and only teddy Mulonga. If it was a foreign coach, I am sure he was going to make a decision on his own than being influenced by the chief executive. We have just been embarrassed once more. Mr Phiri always want to count on players who have never ever commited themselves to the country that expossed them to the world and live out players like Tana who has always been their. Thank you Mr Phiri and Mr Mulonga for failing us once more.

  77. Matthews I second you bro, Patrick has no vision and technically useless.I wonder what training he was doing in Germany recently.He had all his time in the world to select players in good time but yet at the last minute he decided to conduct trials.As far as I know, a few months before AFCON any reasonable coach would focus on consolidation of team cordination, cohension, tactics and build confidence in players by arranging friendly games so as to also blend locals and Pros. Patrick had the best preparation we have had in the last 12 yrs.We played Tunisia, Morroco and we camped in spain. what more? I strongly feel there has been some kind of “NCHENKELEKO” business going on!! I’m stiil

  78. failing to understand why Adubelo, Hachilesa, Musonda and Bakala had so much been given too much chance. The two central defenders who replaced Billy & Nketana were composed and calm.Hats off to these guys gents despite played for the first time at that high level.Let us not waste time by exposing incompetent coaches & players otherwise we are doomed.We can not be playing soccer like a team of Ethopia or lesotho’s standards. Mulonga is equally useless.Viva Chipolopolo boys wish you good lucky in future,a better coach and better FAZ!We love you boys, you can do better and we will continue supporting you!

  79. ” Our preparations were good but when we came here everything changed I don’t know” Christopher Katongo said after the game against Egypt.What does these mean?

  80. I guess whenever our team plays we have a lot of expectations. I live in a foreign country and realise that I only have one home-Zambia. Thanks to the Chipolopolo although they are out the put up a galant fight. I hope we have a new FAZ in March and government builds stadia and employ good coach. Viva mother Zambia.

  81. Matafwali, your observation may very well be correct. What is a worry is that Phiri might be fired, the new coach will come and look for his own players, come the next major assignment we have a new team struggling to gel all over again.

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