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AG‘s report reveals that ECZ has not been submitting annual reports

Headlines AG‘s report reveals that ECZ has not been submitting annual reports

The Auditor Generals (AG) report has revealed that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has not been submitting its annual reports since 2002.

The report indicated that as at November 2007, the Commission had not prepared the financial statement for the year ending December 31, 2006 for submission to the Republican President.

Auditor General, Anna Chifungula stated that the act is contrary to the provisions of the ECZ act no 24 of 1996 which requires the Commission to prepare annual reports for submission to the President not later than 90 days after the end of the financial year.

She further said the commission did not maintain a register of accountable documents which was contrary to the financial regulations no 103.

Mrs. Chifungula also revealed that election materials amounting to over K925 million meant for the 2006 tripartite elections were not ulitlised and are still in the warehouses of the ECZ.

The AG said election materials meant for the tripartite elections accounting to over K1 billion were not accounted for.

She said there was no evidence that the commission carried out a needs assessment prior to the procurement of various election materials for the tripartite elections in September 2006.

The materials are Canvas bags amounting to K503 million, Lanterns over K325 million, Cameras over K263 million, PA systems K403 million and mega phones amounting to K348 million.

Mrs. Chifungula however stated that as of May 2007 that materials including 49 lanterns, 576 lantern batteries and 19 canvas bags were stolen from the warehouses although the matter had not been reported to the police.

According to the report, ECZ was in 2005 and 2006 given K146 , 144, 217, 840 and K235 , 040 , 704 , 538 for various operations, in additional over K1 billion was realised from the sale of maps, registers and nominations pertaining to presidential , parliamentary and local government elections.

According to the report , the Commission had paid a local company US$77,904 equivalent to K252, 954 000 for the supply of various HP computer consumables out of which K87, 941, 648 has not been delivered.

The report says as of July 2007 only materials costing K165, 012, 352 had been delivered, contrary to the contract agreement that the materials should be delivered by August 2006.

During the same period, the Commission spent about K256 million on fares and allowances for officers’ trips abroad without obtaining authority from Cabinet Office for the officer’s trips.

The Report stated that the act is contrary to the Cabinet Office Circular no 12 of 1998.

The report also stated that the Commission has a lot of accounting irregularities on funds disbursed to the councils for the training of assistant registration officers and other operations.

The operations included ZANIS inspections of Voters Roll, Briefing and temporal shelter budget, Conflict Management, training of assistant publican officers, Voter education and return of materials from districts.

About K183 million issued to various officers in 11 councils had not been retired as of October 2007 and that K705 million was not accounted for as there were no documents to support expenditure.


  1. Iyo lwalinya lwatila napahaaa!!!! The ministry of finance keeps disbursing funds to this bottomless pit and yet they have internal auditors and auditors from the AG’s office every year to look at the funds issues. Now what does this tell us about the credibility of election results……….. SHAME ON YOU THIEVES
    Stop persuing kafupi because you are no different from him. Bemba’s say bakolwe basekana ifipato (Monkeys laugh at each other’s red stuff at their behinds). I hope they jail the concerned guys cz this is too much a crime.

  2. #1 JBC; I agree with you “Lwalinya Mu Zambia” I just can’t believe this. I wonder what kind of education these directors have? how can they spend so much money buying materials without conducting a need assesment? Imagine if Kalale was running a profit oriented organisation. These people should be arrested. But knowing Zambia, the issue will just be swept under the carpet… Shame! The AG is doing a great job, I hope they don’t fire her for exposing the evil doings of the elite who has have strong connections to the corridors of power.

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