Mulyata Pressed for Release of Bus on Presidential Directive – Witness


A witness yesterday told the Livingstone Magistrate’s Court that Former Southern Province Minister Joseph Mulyata instructed him to release an impounded bus belonging to businessman Geoffrey Mwamba Bwalya because it was a presidential directive.

Edward Ntinda Senior Road Inspector in the Road Development Agency (RDA) said this when giving evidence in the former minister’s abuse of authority of office case.

He told the court that Mulyata directed him to release the impounded bus because the owner, Bwalya was an MMD party official who had made huge financial contributions to the ruling party.

However, Ntinda explained that he had told Mulyata it was not within his authority to do so since the bus had by-passed the weigh bridge and attracted a penalty fee of 2,000 United States dollars in the process which had to be paid in full before the bus could be released.

The Senior Road Inspector told the court that Mulyata did not accept this explanation even after being told that there was no provision in the RDA statutory instrument were an impounded vehicle could be released regardless of the circumstances if the penalty fee was not paid.

Instead, he said Mulyata allegedly continued to insist that the bus be released as the penalty fee would be paid at a later date.

He further accused the former provincial minister of continuing to put pressure on him until Ntinda’s Supervisor Mubuyaeta Kapinga, the Regional Engineer returned from Lusaka where he had gone for official duties.

Ntinda said it was at this point that Mulyata allegedly arranged to meet him and Kapinga at the Livingstone Weighbridge where the impounded bus was and insisted that it be released in his presence to ensure his directive was complied with by the RDA officers.

He said the bus was then reluctantly released by Kapinga who handed over the keys to the bus driver of Germins Motorways and Mulyata commended them for a job well done before driving off after the released bus.

Two weighbridge operators and a Police Constable have so far given evidence in the case and the matter has been adjourned to tomorrow for continued trial.

Mulyata is on bail for a sum of K6 million after his police bond was revoked yesterday because he had missed a court session.



  2. Mulyata does not just deserve the sack, he deserves the chucks too.Its plain to see that he was doing it for his fellow crimes-mates and used the presidential bait to threaten the RDA staff with insurbodination.He is soo cheapy this Mulyata.

  3. Is a case about a bus bypassing a weigh bridge NEWS worthy? Come on Lusaka times you can find worthwhile stories to report on.Alot of people would like to hear about stories with substance and not substandard.

  4. Alot of bloggers especially those of us out of Zambia would like news that is worthy and would like to contribute our views on worthy events. Lusaka Times should find more discussion stimulating stories than what the are currently doing.How can you contribute your views on a bus that skipped the weighbridge?

  5. Corruption is the worst cancer we have in Zed.pliz Mulyata clear your name on this,if its LPM who sent u then let us know.GBM is damn stinky corrupt we all know.

  6. cacine niba pompwe nensoni tamwakwata na GBM wine afwile ukumwikata. pantu balyumfwa ati ba ndalama tapali uwinga bekata .ala na mu sebana ba mulyata na GBM mwe fipompwe mwe amano ya cikolwe kolwe fye mukaleka lisa?

  7. Keep that spirit Ntinda. That was the correct thing to do. Tell your juniors at the weigh bridge to do the same. Where on earth have you ever heard of “paying later” after transgressing the law, in the mean time have the bus release?The so called “rich” are destroying our country. We need men and women like Ntinda everywhere in Zambia

  8. Yeah, in Zed we need more professional pipo like Ntinda who dont just give in to hopeless politicians like Mulyata.
    #1 i like your command of the local

  9. According to Frederick Jacob Titus Kafupi Chiluba, all this plunder trial is just one big conspiracy, apparently. But every time he enters the courts of law when he is not feigning illness, he looks like a guy who’s been surrounded by yes men for decades, someone so removed from reality he figured he could come to a court of law he once urinated on, talk loud, and everyone would nod “kateka ka chalo sosaaa” and leave him alone.

    I nearly dropped dead with laugher the other month to hear him accuse Mathani of money laundering, strong words indeed from a guy who while looting ZAMTROP used part of the loot to pay for his dull kids at expensive universities in the UK and saw nothing wrong with

  10. Imilandu yonse walepanga, balekwelela, nomba uyu waleta ala kwena balekulonga Mulyata. Koma Chi Mulyata nichizende, banzako baikako RDA to contral our road systeem, iwe ukuti nipamene apa po ononga. Manje mvela Mulyata ona boyi, pamene ukalibe kugwila mulimo, uyenela kuzipekanya. Waona manje wachucha chi mudala chi Mulyata.

    AMulyata ndimwe a nkhungu, andele, mulijenkhalo, mulikula waka nthumbo mumutu mulije maghanoghano. AMulyata kuti ndimwe wowa nthe ndimwe chikolakola. Mulije nasoni paundele winu. Banabinu bakuti bana awisewo kasi wisewo chikawalala. Ndiwe chi mwalya mwekha adada. tiye uko munkwele iwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Nonhlanhla, you are being inconsiderate. Some stories may not interest you, but that does not mean everyone is of the same view. This GBM/Mulyata saga has raised a lot of questions and many would like to have insight and would like to see the end of it.

    If you find a topic you don’t like, look for a different one. Am sure you’ve seen that others have responded, hence shows that they find it reasonable. Lusaka times was not just meant for you ‘outsiders’, was it? Wikabwekeshapo!

  12. #5 and #6, I feel LT is right in publishing this story b’cause its not about a bus bypassing a weigh bridge but coruption by a very senior government official (Mulyata, provincial minister) who is on recorded of having said Mwanawasa told him to tell the bridge operators to release the bus. Check what happened in court y’day(times of zed).Unless corruption is by chuchu & co. is so common pratice that its not news worthy, then u are right

  13. It is sad to learn of this case in it’s present. I’ve always known that corruption can’t be fought by people who have not renewed their minds. Morals in a Zambian boss(leader)is leading doesn’t need character and in the name of leading just do things like children no regard for law. Gentlemen study the law you, yourselves make instead of showing us that indeed you are just self seeking and preservation.I believe a lot will come out one day.(Walls have eyes) Please lead don’t boss the nation. Remember where you are coming from! Some people took Mmembe,Nawakwi and Patel for calling them thieves.Now who is in court? The same is coming to you, just don’t be foolish and hide yr heads in sand.

  14. CORRUPT Chuchu days are numbered whether you like or not and the same people you send to do things for you will be witnesses.One former minister sold his friends to save his skin but all didn’t end there he will also pay some day. God has set up principles.And one such principle is when a thief is caught, he’ll restitute seven times in spiritually.The accuser of the brethren(devil) will accuse him and surely steal from him using the spiritual principle.(health,businss,name it) Voilla!

  15. This is rubish!!!
    Do you honestly say that th job of a president or minister is to release busess in Zambia once they are impounded?
    Give me the job and I will do it!

  16. nothing 2 hide, mulyata is a product of of all things get appointed 2 be ceo of Sprovince, one of the elite county of our country..just b4 lusaka & CB

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