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Kapiri Glass Products re-opens next year

Economy Kapiri Glass Products re-opens next year

THE Kapiri Glass Products (KGP) will be in operation next year, Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Dora Siliya said in a Parliament yesterday.

Ms Siliya said this in response to Roan member of Parliament (MP) Chishimba Kambwili (PF) who wanted to know why the new owner of the company, Chimsoro Milling, was not opening the company.

She said after a German company that bought it earlier failed to open it, the company was sold to Chimsoro Milling who commissioned a feasibility study to determine the viability of the firm.

She said US$13 million was required to restart the company and that the owner of the company had identified technical partners while Zambian companies had shown willingness to assist with funds.

“There are no plans to revoke the sale because Chimsoro Milling has assured Government that by next year it will open the glass manufacturing company,” she said.

Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Felix Mutati said Chimsoro Milling, a Zambian company, should be given credit for its efforts to re-open the company when German investors failed.

Mines Deputy Minister Maxwell Mwale told Parliament that Government would earn an estimated K2.4 trillion from Chibuluma Mine, Nchanga Open Pit and Mindolo Shaft by the time copper deposits would be finished.

Mr Mwale said the three mines shared 64.7 million tonnes of copper with Chibuluma having an eight-year life-span, Nchanga 14 years and Mindolo 17 years.

Foreign Affairs Minister Kabinga Pande said the Government would this year open a mission in Malaysia in an effort to enhance economic interaction, especially that the same country was also planning to establish a Multi-Facility Zone in Zambia.

Mr Pande said his ministry was also planning to open up a national secretariat for the New Economic Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) for it to oversee the implementation of programmes.

Pemba MP David Matongo (UPND) advised that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should explain to critics that the new mining tax regime would not affect Zambia’s international relations.

And Defence Deputy Minister Mwendoi Akakandelwa told the House that 22 Zambian soldiers died on duty while on peacekeeping missions from 2002 to 2007 and US$50,000 was paid by the United Nations as compensation to their families.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Sounds good for Kapiri Glass and Zed as a nation and sad to our Zed soldiers who died on line of duty to peacekeeping missions. No amount of compensation cannot compensate the pain families go through!!

    • Either journalists are for tsrarpanency or they’re not. What you and I (non-journalists) say is irrelevant since we’re not journalists. Also, if Jacobs brags about diversity and then gets rid of the women and Native Americans in his newsroom, his hypocrisy has nothing to do with whether our houses are glass or not.That one of his brown-nosers suddenly stops being a the public has a right to know kinda guy and instead becomes a no comment kinda guy well, that hypocrisy has nothing to do with the material making up our houses, either

  2. That’s what we call development LPm!!very good and pliz keep it up!forget about FTJ kafupi the thief and plunderer!People of Kapiri will have a living…

  3. Has the government ensured that the former workrs of KGP have ben paid thier dues?pry so.its a welcome development i hope it wont be left undeveloped for some more years to come.we hope Chilala will do his best to to revive the economy of Kapiri.

  4. Zambian breweries is importing bottlers from Zimbabwe.

    I only hope Kapri Glass can rise to the occassion.


  5. Did you go thru your bank’s online blpliay or did you go thru BoA site to pay? Usually your bank’s online blpliay will tell you how many days it takes for the payee to get payment. On mine, some are only one day, while others are mailed actual paper checks and can take a week.If you went thru BoA’s site, the transaction will probably process by the next day.

  6. So did Kapiri Glass Products open again? I was one of the British team of supervisors/trainers there when it first opened in 1973. We were there for 3 years, a time of good & bad. Met some very nice people, Ben Chiwama, Wili Piri, Peter Simunchenje etc. Kapiri Inn run by Peggy & Jeff was our “local” plus “1 mile bar” & “3 mile bar”. Kapiri store run by Rita & Danny, nice people. When we left we heard the factory closed within a couple of years? Then it was opened & closed again. Anyone any pix of the Kapri Area as it is now? Regards, David Jones. Kapiri resident, 1973-1976.

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