Church Admits Graft in its Ranks


The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) says there is corruption among some churches.

General Secretary, Suzanne Matale said CCZ is disturbed to hear reports of graft in some churches.

Rev. Matale said corruption is a negative vice which must be uprooted from the church because it is injurious to the integrity of the Christian faith.

She told ZNBC news that CCZ will not relent in its efforts to curb corruption in churches and public institutions as the church has the moral obligation to preach uprightness.

Meanwhile Rev. Matale also said Christians must use the Easter period to reflect on the death of Jesus Christ and his redemption for mankind.


  1. The same character talking about corruption then pleads with people to observe Easter/Eostre/Ishtar which is pagan as a rememberance of the son of man. These people have lost their purpose we all have a personal relationship with the son of man that doesn’t require an earthly institution.

  2. Kabungo,

    Refer to Govt Invites Indian Firms to set up a Tax-Free zone thread.

    I’m back we can pick-up from where we left yesterday on the way forward for ingenious Zambians and expert knowledge vs. foreign investors in a free market economy.

  3. Senior citizen:

    You are all talk about indigenous Zambian. What does it mean. The person in the village using the bush for the toilet and drinking contaminated water in the 21st Century. Go and live in the village that is where there are no foreign investors and you will see what it mreans first hand.YUou probaly die within a year.

  4. Cheese,

    Sorry you seem too confused that you have missed the issue these guys are zeroing on. They are not talking about indigenousness here but ingenuity among us.

    Ingenious in the context of the resourceful, practical, realistic, inventive, nifty, enthused or creative Zambians in a global village.

  5. It’s NOT even NEWS any more that Church Orgnisation(s) get(s) linked to such vices as graft.

    We all know it to the point of not wanting to be reminded about it anyway, and anyhow. Ba reporter besu nabo …teti mwatupelako ilyashi limbi!!!

    Today’s church organs are like football teams, or political parties. Bashimapepo abengi ni ba kelenka …umutulo ni leka leka. Impi, Petersen naba Twice balisosa!!!

    Mwelesa tweleleni … mwe Yesu, sendeni imembu shabu pompwe mu ma churches pa Easter apapene bale bwata bwata. Ukwiba kwacila; all in the name of Zambia, so called Christian Nation!

  6. Mpelembe:

    You are the one that is confused. Please go and invest in Zambia. We want power stations, houses, schools etc. Rescue your relatives from the drugery of vilage life-disease, hunger, poor sanitation etc. Your talk of indigenous whatever will never deliver anthing. Zambia got independence in 1964 it is still classified as among the 20 least developed countries in the world. We need people who understand what development is about. It could not pay its debts it is OK now because it was forgiven. It means it was actually bankrupt. WE need investors to help us.

  7. Whatever happened to the heavyweight bloggers like Easy, Kuku, Ba Jose, Pragmatist, Nkhata Boy, Original Pundit and the likes? This blog is a lot duller without them.

  8. I know iam out of topic but i just want to find out from those post news paper subscribes if they are able to read the post on the net.i cant open it so i just want to know if everyone is affected.Please dont insult me i had nowhere else to turn to.Thank you.

  9. Bwana Cheese
    You are so hopeless and i can guess you work for an indian firm. try visiting me in South Africa and I’ll introduce you to many black youths like myself who’ve fled this mental slavery that you seem to be suffering from. The problem with most of you blacks is that you’ve taken Christianity so seriously that you still believe that you where just cursed to work as slaves to the lighter in skin complexion.

  10. # 9 , I am also trying to acess the post but in vain…meanwhile they charge us every month……hope the will deduct the days they were offline so that they dont exploit us by paying for the entire 31 days.

  11. #11
    Leave cheese alone. I have to agree with Typical Zed. He is on the right track and i wish Zambians thought like him. He has shed some light on a lot of things. Cheese will just keep on waiting for foreign investors to come invest in a failing economy. Copper prices rise and fall and if you want Zambia’s economy to rise and fall then keep on hoping. After all, with the kind of media coverage africa gets in terms of War, political unrest, poverty and illiteracy i dont think any foreign investor would be willing to invest in Zambia or Africa.

  12. Machindano #14
    Thats how exploitation begins, the post must take responsibility by apologising tothe subscribers for being off line for a number of days. I do not agree with you that ‘its just a few days’ thats how we start loosening things untill it will be weeks and months.

    We must learn to check each other. The other time they were off line i wrote an email to the webmaster, there was no response, they have a crazy system where the webmaster is not in Zambia!!.

  13. My surrogate home, which is quite developed, we have occasional power cuts, robots out of order, Thomas cook is offline, but we don’t start crying saying we pay tax, we subscribe…and any other chililelile noise. Information systems are not flawless, they tend to be probabilistic. It is a fallacy to imagine 100% uptime. I manage very serious online financial systems but I don’t guarantee 100% uptime even in the face of noisy shareholders

  14. yes the post have our emails but cant let us know how many days they will be offline. I have paid for one full year coz i live out of the country. Pliz post tellus whats going on?

  15. 17. Machidano. Point taken, however they at least owe the public a reason as to why they are offline. They can’t keep subsribers in the dark

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