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Govt. refutes reports of stalled works at the Independence staduim

Sports Govt. refutes reports of stalled works at the Independence staduim

Government has refuted media reports that rehabilitation works at the Independence Staduim have stalled.

ZANIS sports reports Sports , Youth and Child Development Deputy Minister Richard Taima saying contrary to media reports, the rehabilitation works at the country’s biggest stadium have continued.

Taima said it was because some contractors at the site had slackened in their works that made the media to conclude that the rehabilitation works had stalled.

He said works aty the staduim had continued the pulling down of the old grand stand.

The minister explained that after the grand stand is brkought down, the next phase would be to engage another contracter to do the general rehabilitation at the stadium.

He said the rehabilitation works are made possible by Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) in-conjunction with the government.

Taima said any slowing down was due to the little problems that the ministry faced with the Ministry of works and Supply as they had to put in place a few measures to make the works easy.

He said he hopes that most of the rehabilitation works would have been completed by the year 2010 just in good time for the world’s soccer show piece to be hosted by South Africa.


  1. We know the government it rarely accepts the truth unless caught red handed. Even then you should be a good lawyer to win them. Remember the VJ issue in Congo DR. I expected the govt to should have benefited from constructive criticisms of its citizens on a number of issues in the past. Don’t you hear of people saying ndakamwambila pele mwakacita muunzyavwide (meaning you ignored my advice).

  2. Its good we are improving the stadium. Sports offer an alternative and brings joy to people’s miserable lives

  3. # 3 thanks for remimding me I very much forgot about it. It has now been 5 years and a no show talk. This gov of chi Mwanawasa stinks.

  4. The minister is a liar, work has stalled at the stadium nothing is going on even after bringing down the grandstand. They dont know what to do with the African games coming up, they should quickly withdraw before its too late. We will be embarassed i tell you.

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