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Albidon mine sets April 28 for testing machines

Economy Albidon mine sets April 28 for testing machines

Albidon Mine Zambia limited in Mazabuka says it has mined 40,000 metric tonnes of Nickle ore in readiness for testing the Mill, Crusher and Concentrator which has been set for April 28.

General Manager for Corporate affairs, Sixtus Mulenga however told ZANIS in Mazabuka today that the April 28, event does not mark the official production day but will provide an avenue on which the testing of the production process will be done in readiness for the official launch mid this year.

Dr Mulenga said the 40,000 metric tonnes have already been mined and stock pilled on the surface within the mine premises.

He said the remarkable progress at Munali mine is as a result of the commitment by all staff.

Dr Mulenga also disclosed that the life span of the mine is likely to increase from the projected 10 years following the positive explorations results.

Currently the initial Nickle production stands at 900,000 metric tonnes per annum although the mine has projected a further increase of 1.2 Metric tonnes per annum.

And Mines Minister Kalombo Mwansa who toured the mine last Friday to familiase himself with the progress recorded since the ground breaking ceremony which was launched by President Mwanawasa last year expressed happiness at the remarkable progress recorded so far.

”It is unbelievable that you can complete ahead of schedule even with the shortage of Cement that has hit the country, I cannot even remember where we stood during ground breaking ceremony because it was all bush” said Dr Mwansa.

Dr Mwansa also commended the staff at Albidon mine for their commitment and dedication to work.


  1. How many shares you floating for the Zambian public? How many Zambians own shares? Whats in it for me and the guys next to me? We need to make it law that anyone from outside wishing to invest in my country should partner with Zambians!!!

  2. Mmmm ba Palata (#1), tekanyeni! Why do you want to reap where you did not sow? Just there’s a big cake does not mean every mouth will be fed. Investors and Shareholders have all the right to enjoy their returns.

  3. #1Ba Palata chachine tekanyeni….Well that law is very much welcome i support you on that one as well,we need the locals to be empowered quite all right.Question is though,do we the locals have capacity to be partners with multinational companies?I mean do we have access to 40% of the estimated maybe $20 million to be partners?Well can some one educate me on how these partnerships have worked well in Botswana as well as the requirements needed to form partnerships.

  4. imwe guys, if these companies can list on the LUSE they wil definately empower locals. partinering with foreign investors does not mean you contribute $20 million, you buy shares in the company. at the moment there is no mining company on the stock exchange, while these mines are making huge cash.#1 is very correct.

  5. #1 you are a typical zambian! Dont act like the cat, dog and pig in the little red hen story. Like #2 said let the shareholders enjoy there returns first and then maybe later they may offer you something.

  6. I no idea sixtus mulenga had already left KCM .You are really a man of vision . I applaud you , keep it up.
    Remember to pay up employees well.

  7. I no idea sixtus mulenga had already left KCM .You are really a man of vision . I applaud you , keep it up.
    Remember to pay up employees well,though.

  8. All i need is to know is if shares will be off loaded on the market and when this will be done mostly observed investors are not willing to off load their shares on the market too selfish heyyyyyyyyyyy

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