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Invest in ICTs, Govt. urges postal service providers

General News Invest in ICTs, Govt. urges postal service providers

Government has called on postal administrators in the Southern African region to invest in Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in order for them to provide value added products and services to the public.

Communications Deputy Minister, Mubika Mubika, urged postal administrations to reform from being traditional operations-led organisations to customer and service-led organisations.

Mr. Mubika was speaking in Siavonga today at the official opening of the Southern African Postal Operators Association (SAPOA) Annual General Meeting.

He said investing in ICTs would help postal administrations in the region to compete favourably with other countries on the continent and protect their revenue base.

He noted that the postal services sector was, together with other economic sectors, transforming itself on the basis of economic and market integration.

And speaking earlier, ZAMPOST Board Chairperson, Jazzman Chikwakwa, prodded government to use postal services to deliver salaries to civil servants in rural areas where financial institutions do not exist.

Mr. Chikwakwa said ZAMPOST was found in many areas of the country, making it easier for early delivery of salaries to civil servants who, in most cases, travel long distances to provincial centers to get their money.


  1. use postal services to send salaries?this guys a joke!maybe wen these old men who grew up in the village retire Zambia will really start to progress.it looks like they dont even think of what they say.

  2. Iwe Don king uli fontini and Zambia is a poor country is simply because it’s filled with dumb people like you. Here in South africa, I get my wages through PostBank and not only that, I also pay my lights, water and TV license at the post office.

  3. Big up Mr Chikwakwa, we need people who use brains like you do. Please don’t stop there, keep looking for new ideas.

  4. We really need people who think. You can’t just seat on your bums and expect people to post letters. There are so many ways a post office can make money.

  5. Yah, i support Zulu 83, just as here in Japan, i get monies thru the post office and pay my bills at the post office or any convient store rather than the zed style where u have to pay at a zesco or water utility counter.
    What Jazzman said is nothing new and there is nothing foolish, the postal services like bomas are wide spread in zed and can be used for such. I used to hold a savings account at post office a long time ago and when ever my parents sent me money, they used the post office.

  6. Sorry for digressing- a glimpse at the GRZ Finacial Sector Development Plan (FSDP 2004-2009)shows that in its present frame, has no real capacity to influence the current kwacha rate so as to achieve a desirable level, this despite the obvious negative impact it is having on the over-all economy. The core principles of parity are not addressed! While the Plan admits to a number of inadquacies, it has left unchecked the basic fundamentals for spurring economic growth. It is crucial that such policy documents are critiqued by all stake holders, both government and private for meaningful progress.

  7. No.6 Cont’d just to Qoute from it under chapter 7 (Finacial Markets) item ” Consistent with the liberation policies adopted in 1992, market conditions determine the value of the Kwacha in relation to other currencies. In discharging the function of exchange rate management, the BoZ intervenes in the foreign exchange. However, the BoZ only does so to specifically smooth exchange rate fluctuations. These actions are therefore aimed at achieving stabillity in the exchange rate in order to gain international competitiveness. The foreign exchange rate policy is therefore a supplimentary instrument in effective monetary policy conduct in that the exchange rate sends signals reflecting und

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