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Maamba/Batooka road to cost K26 billion for rehabilitation

Economy Maamba/Batooka road to cost K26 billion for rehabilitation

The Road Development Agency (RDA) has awarded a K26 billion contract to Reubex Construction Company to do the periodic maintenance of the Maamba/Batooka road.

RDA Public Relations Officer Royce Saili told ZANIS in Sinazongwe that the contractor would work on the 88 Km road.

Ms. Saili said the scope of the work would include edge repairing, surface dressing, Asphat overlay on limited sections of the road, and road making.

She said the contractor was expected to complete the work in eight months and has already started mobilising materials and equipment to be used on the site.

The Public Relations Officer said RDA would ensure that all the temporal bridges that were put up during the last season’s floods would be worked on.

In February RDA Acting Director Erasmus Chilundika disclosed that Maamba/Batooka road was advertised for reconstruction because it had outlived its usefulness.

He said despite the floods that had washed away culverts and cut of the entire district from the rest of the country, the road had reached a rehabilitation stage.

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  1. Thats good news but please monitor those contractors.They must do a good job so that the road serves its purpose.Constant repairs to correct shody workmanship becomes too expensive in the end.

  2. Could it be cheaper to maintain and run the railway for coal to Masuku –work out economics of such haulage.

  3. Take these funds and give them to NCZ after putting in place a good management team and not the current guys whose sole aim is to divert funds from rehabilitation of NCZ to their private bank account or salaries for top personnel.

  4. #2,

    It appears that we got rid of all our coal powered train engines as soon as we got diesel powered ones.

    In addition, SRZ is really a joke on rail transport. The thugs responsible for handing over ZR to these crooks deserve to fired after their church service!

  5. You should also tar Choma-Niko road and the Namwala-Niko road needs patching as well. Lupando Mwape told a lie at Macha Hospital when he was officiating during the centennial celebrations.

  6. I’d say work on every major road. There are so many options these days; tar, concrete roads, etc.

  7. Good development.#2 Maamba is in a valley, how do put the rail-line over those hills? Have u been to Maamba ? I grew up there and its impossible unless bomb those hills down. There is a rope-way, very complicated and ahead of time, buckets are loaded with coal and travel on ropes to Masuku terminal.But with all the re-cap problems the mines has had I would think its was stopped as maintenance is very costly, hence trucks to batoka.

  8. Just go ahead and do it for goodness sake! That is a road which is only 88Ks. As long as they do a good job I do not give it a damn.

  9. Where are Phoenix Contractors and Cogefar? I think they were/are the best as far as road construction is concerned.

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