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Mugabe Warns Neighbours thinking of Invading ZIM

Headlines Mugabe Warns Neighbours thinking of Invading ZIM

President Robert Mugabe has warned countries that wanted to court war with Zimbabwe saying the country was ready for such a challenge. ‘We do not want war with any of our neighbours, ‘he said. ‘But if there are some who are itching for a fight, let them try it. They will taste the salt of the fight,’ he said.

He stressed Zimbabwe has and will never be aggressive with anyone adding the country was instead ready to support other countries that were under attack as in the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that saw Zimbabwean soldiers go and help the country defend itself against invaders.

New Ziana reports that President Mugabe was speaking when he addressed thousands of Zanu-PF supporters who thronged the Harare International Airport to welcome him on his arrivals from the just ended African Union Summit in Egypt.

President Mugabe has also set new conditions for engaging in talks with the Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) .

The conditions are that the opposition and its western allies accept the outcome of the June 27 presidential run-off, which the ruling party won and the removal of illegal sanctions slapped on Zimbabwe..

President Mugabe said the issue of the land was also a key factor to the talks as the reforms were not reversible.

He said it was only the people of Zimbabwe who cast their vote last Friday and not Britain or America that had the power to tell him how to run the country.

‘I am the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe,’ Mugabe said,
If we agree on that and accept the June 27 vote then we can enter into dialogue and move forward together to rebuild our beloved country,’ President Mugabe.

‘This is a reality that everyone has to accept first before anyone can begin a dialogue with us. We are open to dialogue,’ he added.

Mugabe’s comments comes after Britain and America urged the international community to recognise the March 29 elections and not the June 27 run-off results, which Zanu-PF won.

‘We stand by our people, and we listen to our people,’ President Mugabe said.

He said the June 27 will never and never be rejected by anyone adding that it is only Zimbabweans and not Britain or America who can decide who shall lead Zimbabwe.

‘If it calls on us to defend our country again,’ he said, ‘we are prepared to suffer and to die for it again,’ he said.

He said the votes had total meaning on who should rule Zimbabwe and also a rejection of western influence.

President Mugabe said the western world can go ahead and tighten its sanctions on the country but Zimbabwe had vast resources to feed its people.

He said the government was also committed to assisting its people to address the socio-economic challenges facing the country.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe has urged British Prime Minister Godwin Brown to withdraw from Zimbabwe all British companies as the country could do without them.

‘Please Mr Brown withdraw all your companies from Zimbabwe,’ President Mugabe said.

‘The sooner you do that the better,’ he added.

He said the government had since identified such companies for a takeover, since they were working with western forces to destabilise the country and force its people to turn against the government.

The companies, President Mugabe said, were increasing prices without justification, threatening the peace that is prevailing in the country.
‘We have identified these companies. We shall be sitting down with them and reading the riot act,’ he said.

In the meantime, President Mugabe said the government would continue with people’s shop programme to ensure its citizen had access to cheap and affordable food.

More buses would also be given to the people to address transport woes while assistance to small to medium enterprises would continue.

‘We are now working at ensuring that we deliver all the promises we made during our campaigns,’ he said.

President Mugabe also paid tribute to Zimbabweans for voting peacefully during the just ended run-off.

He said areas such as Harare had come back home after discovering that the MDC had nothing much to offer.

‘We also thank South Africa President Thabo Mbeki for the role he has played towards the development of Zimbabwe,’ Mugabe said.

He said Mbeki’s role had brought a number of positive developments to Zimbabwe such as the talks between Zanu-PF and MDC.

President Mugabe said those who were calling for Mbeki to be replaced as the negotiating leader in the country were misguided as the South Africa leader had done much for Zimbabwe.

President Mugabe also briefed supporters on what transpired at the AU Summit, saying the meeting was successfully held.

Senior government officials, the diplomatic community and services chiefs welcomed Mugabe on his arrival.

The first lady Grace Mugabe and Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa were among the delegates that accompanied the President to the Summit.



  1. Bombeki is just a coward he should not take Zambia for granted, due to the last News of our beloved LPM.We say no to him that is rubbish

  2. What is this nonsense Mugabe? Who would like to be worst time with you? Leave all progressive neighbors alone. Why jealous?

  3. If you remember well bloggers when infor went on that Zambia has lost its’ President, i said in Livingstone we have to beat all Zimbabweans ,baka nyela kashenu.This was not a jock,let Bob be wise enough we in Livingstone we will sort this guys out, wait and see.Especially these guys selling on the streets in Livingstone town which Masebo the honorable let them trade for free in Zambbias without council approval, do you all hear?


  5. I think Bombeki is sickin the head die as gay man, any one with a mission to suicide mission, i’m ready to die for mother Zambia, he thinks LPM is late.shame on Robert, F*ck your *ss.

  6. Nowadays LPM has this papa, this gay man has a mission he will never accomplish it, guys lets hold hands together.This guy is sick in his head, he means Zambia or maybe meant former Northern Rhodesia?

  7. Mbeki piss off dude as well!He has land in Zim as well they got from white farmers, he’s so interested in Zim mission, shame.

  8. Iwe mugabe supid, stop running after your shadow, who would want to evade a country on its death bed, just deal with you 100,000,000,000% inflation rates and feed your people, it is your country so feel free to let your citizens the proud zimbos of the 80’s be beggars, its okey, after all the more you destroy the outflow from there will make labour cheap for the neighbouring countries who will become donors to your country because even toilet paper in your state house will become diamond, foolish old man.

  9. this man is mad, he always has drama to play. he seems so threatened and insecure. may God help Zimbabwe is this tough it’s period. 🙁

  10. One is really short of sensible comments when it comes to Mugabe. After all has been said and done, ain’t nothing changed and ZANU PF still holds the region in perpetual check. Why is he quick to mention war? Maybe that’s exactly what he deserves.

  11. Which neighbour had threatened Zimbabwe? This old man is refering to Zambia’s stance on his undemocratic regime. Let us be careful with this fool. He can easily wage war as he has nothing to lose. He is so frustrated.But he should never attempt because if he does so, it is to his detriment. What happened to Idi Amin when he tried to fight Tanzania. They ended up removing him by force. This can happen to this big headed dictator. He should live our President alone.

  12. I think from now on we need to be very diplomatic in our relations with Zimbabwe. Let the Zimbabweans sort out their problems. There are many countries out there who can continue making their strong stands. we have our own problems to sort out. We don’t need war. After all the Zimbabweans will forget whatever help we have offered in the past and right now. Look at South Africa, the Xenophobia is a good example. Zambians lets unite and sort our own problems ,in terms of other countries problems let’s be diplomatic about them.

  13. Hold Up! Hold Up! He thinks we are a dead regime. We helped Zimbabwe be were it is and now because LPM is right in his critics, he thinks we not watching as Zedians? I hope Bob saw this site and felt the real anger that Magolegole are going through. Bo Bob just swallow your [email protected]@@@ pride and step aside. You are a lotting carcass.
    Remind him of Zuze and he will shrink. We are the seeds of the grieved Zuze. That was not just a song it was real.

  14. It’s really regrettable for a man like Mugabe to speak like a child. I for one believe that Mugabe likes attention. He has really embarrassed us Africans especially some of us in the western world. He speaks like a fool. He thinks Zimbabwe with all its poverty can go for war. He thinks Smart Zambia, Botswana and other countries can waste their resources on a stupid war. Even America won’t sent troops to poverty stricken Zimbabwe. It will be a waste of time and money. The Zimbabweans whom he has brainwashed and convinced to vote for him will have a taste of their own medicine.I don’t why all of a sudden Zimbabweans are hostile to the west.I don’t know why Zimbos are so stupid that they think

  15. I don’t think the country being cited by President Robert Mugabe is our Zambia, it could be Botswana… I’ve heard they’ve deployed the army at their border with Zim. I think that could be what triggered the “war talks”

  16. Mugabe’s moustache is similar to Aldolf Hitler’s. I think the chap adores Hitler and there is semblance in his paranoia with Hitler’s. Levy should hand over the SADC chairmanship to Mbeki. We (Zambians) are tired of fighting other peoples’ battles and all we get in return is Xenophobia or is it now Zambiaphobia

  17. When a person ages starts thinking like a baby and so is Mugabe. He is being cheated by the veterans. I was in the bush in 1979 until Zim became independent in 1980 fighting the Zim rebels. Mugabe you are playing with us. We can also teach him a lesson. He is kicking a bucket very soon. Those kicks of a dying horse, but keep away from the hoolves. His reasoning capacity has dwindled.

  18. Zimbabwean illegal immigrants have bee a big problem for Botswana. The Tswana’s could have deployed the army because the scourge it to much fopr the police and immigration. I was in Botswana in 2005 All jails in Botswana were/are full of zimbabwean illegal immigrants and criminals. I cant blame the Tswanas for deploying their army along the border (if #15 Zulu is correct).

  19. Mugabe doesn’t know what he is talking about.
    Tanzania announced last week that they have got standby troups who can be sent to maintain order in Zimbo, its obvious he is referring to Tanzania on a larger extent as well as Zambia on the other hand. Let him know the Tanzania reduced the Conquerer of the British empire (Idi Amin Dada) to nothing and he ended up dieing in exile without anything to boast of. Mugabe is a boy who tries to scale Giants by mentioning war which he can’t even handle.

  20. What ever Bob says that is not final. The countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia are well connected beyond its leaders. The Tongas, the Gobas(shonas) are both in existance in large numbers in both countries.

  21. Gentlemen and ladies, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to agree with comment #12 we have to be more clever when trying to help Zim. We’ve got our own problems to worry about but again, I can assure you once again that the country being cited by president mugabe is not our beloved Zambia.

  22. Zambians have always said no to war. Even the bloggers are just saying this in frustration. Every true Zambian loves peace and for peace we shall stand. God is Lord over Zambia. The only fight we agreed to engage ourselves in was to Liberate Zambia and Zimbabwe and other neighbouring states and we we successful. NO MORE WAR

  23. #3..u are right.am also beginning 2 think very hard that xenophobia is not a bad idea afterall…especially against zimbabwe refugees here in zed.

  24. Botswana has always had its borders manned by soldiers in season and out of season. We are not going for war with a toothless Zimbabwe.It is just that at the moment there is a lot of tension, jealousy, malice and sabotage in southern africa and security is a major concern.Botswana is hosts the world’s largest diamond cutting and sorting center and her economy is doing very well therefore if the country’s defence force is on alert is mainly for internal security concerns and not war. There is nothing we can envy and fight zimbabwe for. We built our own infrastructure, we did not have a single city at independence. We didn’t inherit anything from the British.

  25. That’s why we don’t accuse the West of our own failures. We can’t allow Zimbabwe to turn us into mockery. Stupid Zimbabweans who voted for their “messih” Mugabe will put up with him

  26. #25 I think you are not a true Zambian because you stink. You do not carry the spirit of Zambia. Watch your comments.

  27. #3 & #25 Please do not talk about xenophobia as being good. Mind you, all those Zimbabweans in Stone have nothing to do with Mugabe’s madness.This is how it begines everywhere, it begins with one person proposing it.

    What happened is SA was barbaric and must never be entatained in our beloved country. Who knows what will happen to us tomorrow?

  28. If Mugabe was my grandfather I would not take him serious for only one reason. He is too old to say he can fight any war. He has dementia friends. Let him sabaila as much as he can.

  29. This man is really out of touch. How can he say Zimbabwe has enough resources to feed it’s people given the situation? Why are all those people going to sa and neighboring countries, risking their lives in the crocodile infested limpopo? This man is mad, crazy. This did not make good reading for me at all…..send him back to Zambia, this time not to chalimbana teachers training college but to chainama……

  30. Mugabe is a mad man. His people a suffering because of one stupid ass hole. Why doesn’t anybody assassinate???, how difficult is ti to kill this silly man.

    If Mugabe is assassinated many lives will be saved. If his going to be left alone his going to cause a lot of people to day.

    Zimbabweans please take care of this mad cow you call your president.I think the rumpen smokes dagger. Kill him so that we can go on with peaceful life.

  31. Mugabe is a mad man. His people are suffering because of one stupid ass hole. Why doesn’t anybody assassinate him???, how difficult is to kill this silly man.

    If Mugabe is assassinated many lives will be saved. If his going to be left alone, he is going to cause a lot of people to die.

    Zimbabweans please take care of this mad cow you call your president.I think the rumpen smokes dagger. Kill him so that we can go on with peaceful life.

  32. We have to be very cautious when dealing with our neighbors from now on and lets not forget that “White” media is buzzy trying to find negative stuff to report so that we(Africans) can turn against each other… Already the BBC have reported that the zambian Gov’t has blasted “SA Media” over Mwanawasa’s death reports… But after reading from our own Post and the rest of our zambian electronic media, I couldn’t find any statement from any of our gov’t officials that directly mentioned south Africa or south african media.

  33. Previously i have mentioned on this blog that as much as we cherish peace we should be able to be vigilant. This includes being combat ready.Lets not be caught napping. We don’t know what is going thru’ bob’s head. Always be good to neighbours, smile, interact,help but if push comes to shove be ready for anything. They will respect you for that. Amen.

  34. It is sad to see Africans rising against one another and looking down on one another. Who gains in such scenarios? Why rejoice in the pain of your neighbours? Inciting peace loving Zambians to start chasing Zimbabweans trying to make a living in Livingstone is to say the least evil. Stop being emotional and understand the whole situation not from your head but heart. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

  35. Usually countries that are prospering never want to go to war because they are focussing on how citizens’ life can be made better. However, countries that have nothing to lose like Zimbabwe, will want to start warmongering. This is what the Bembas say ukufilila munsenga.Idi Amin’s last days were spent warmongering. Starting a fight with Tanzania finished him. I can see this happening in Zimbabwe. Actually a war with Zimbabwe wouldn’t last three days in its current state.


  37. Mugabe, Mugabe, Mugabe…please shut up or you will find yourself crawling out of a hole in the ground like your friend Saddam

  38. He has failed to lead Zimbabwe and is now hiding behind the veil of colonialism and slavery as many other blacks do when they fail and are challenged by whites

  39. It is no longer a secret that the Botswanan half cast ***** called Khamah is making war movements driven by his useless ego and dangerous miscalculation. I tell you, this Botswanan Khama chap is a certified ***** to ignorant and overrating himself.Botswana has no army but security guards. He cannot afford to put his people on the knife edge out of complicity of pleasing his pay master.

  40. ‘Botswana deploys troops to border with Zim’

    BARELY a week after Botswana was reported to have threatened unspecified action on Zimbabwe, reports coming from that country say troops have been deployed to the Botswana–Zimbabwe border to repel any military attack that might erupt due to the political unrest and tension prevailing in Zimbabwe.

  41. A report published by Botswana’s Sunday Standard said that Tswana troops had been deployed to the border area ‘with heavy artillery’.Botswana’s minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Brigadier Dikgakgamatso Seretse, was quoted as saying, “This is a very sensitive matter, therefore, I can neither confirm nor deny any deployment of soldiers along the Zimbabwe-Botswana border.”Botswana last week was reported to have issued ‘threatening’ statements saying they would take unspecified action if the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) and the African Union do not condemn President Robert Mugabe’s government.

  42. Bloomberg, in a report published on its website last week, alleged that President Lt Gen Ian Khama was planning to act unilaterally against the Zimbabwean government if the AU and Sadc do not produce ‘satisfactory’ outcomes.The Office of the Botswana President on Thursday issued a press statement rebutting “the content contained in an article published by Bloomberg news service under the provocative headline: Botswana Threatens to take action in Zimbabwe Political crisis.”

  43. This Khama ***** must remove his security guards from the Zim border; now, if it is true he has deployed them. His is not an army anyway, but a band of security guards, if seen against the Zim own battle-hardened troops. We know that he has a bloated ego – right – and over-rates himself and deludes himself that he can play funny war games & regional balance of power gigs with the ZNA. He must know that the core of the Zim troops fought an 11-year-old liberation war (against better equipped Rhodesian army and chased it away), successfully campaigned in Mozambique, Angola and DRC.

  44. Khama is just a Tswana soldier and it ends there. He does not have half the toughness of an ordinary private in the ZNA.
    But I do not think Chiwenga and his men and women are losing any sleep over that, – That’s possibly why he deploys his soldiers to control queues, yes control queues comrades, at border posts in peace time. This isn’t a duty for soldiers, real soldiers, but work for security guards and police in serious countries like ours.
    Be warned Khama!

  45. This is a very and unfortunate mistake the tswanas have made, can we say the tswanas or just a confused halfcast who is living and ruling them on behalf of Britain.we call upon our brothers in Botswana to see vision b4 they are led into illegal gimicks by this president who is confused as to whether he is black or white, but it looks like he wants to impress his white cousins here in uk

  46. Something is not right here. Tsvangirai seeks refuge in Botswana after the March elections, The Botswana President is very vocal against Zim, They host the US military base potentially to be used for intervention in southern Africa and now Botswana deploys troops on the Zim-Botswana border. While Botswana itself has no war history and to imagine its a nation of 1.8 million people one can imagine how small the army is.They may have advance weaponry but they are no Israel in terms of development.

  47. I doubt they would dream of invading Zim if on their own but I feel their president’s genes are aligning with his European brethren hence he gets elected in an undemocratic election and pops up to challenge another country’s democratic credentials. Political naivety is what this is all about for this upstart to consider a first Southern Africa cross border war when he should be focussing on fighting poverty in his country were wealth is very poorly distributed.Has anyone ever heard of a Botswana general election. It’s a de facto one party state whose leadership is more by inheritance than by popular vote.

  48. Does this make their presidents the right people to advise on election when they are in office through the back door. The much smaller parties in Botswana are suppressed in this nation that practices public flogging as a form of discipline. Quite strange how a platypus can laugh at how funny zebra looks.

  49. Dangerous scenarios i foresee would be a worse one that the Congo DR 7 nation war.I urge Khama to learn the true balance of power in the region before brazing up hell.

  50. I think if it is true that Botswana wants to take unspecified action and have deployed their troops that is serious. It needs to be condemned,that unspecified action needs to be disclosed so that we don’t end up speculating, we don’t want an unstable region. People this is serious, i guess Botswana is not thinking of any consequences, do they want to be like Angola rich but unstable? We do not want our region to become like Somalia,Sudan etc. Neither do we want an Iraq situation where when war breaks out then the west will also deploy their troops. The answer is diplomacy. God save us, this is serious. Yes we know there are economic problems in Zimbabwe but war is not the answer diplomacy is

  51. Mugabe should just shut up and deal with the numerous problems his people have.Zimbabweans are now everywhere in southern Africa because they are refugees even in their own country.Even so most zimbabweans dont like you Mugabe.They are just afraid to tell you.If you want a fight we can ask boy scouts and school cadets to finish you off.Sort out the roblems in your own country.All SADCC countries are too clever to start fighting yopu.We have more important issues than fighting Zimbabwe which is already dead.Mugabe ok at yourself before opening your mouth.Am sorry felow bloggers this chap simply annoys me.He is a wizard

  52. There is no need to insult anyone! Mbeki is a wise man and who understands Zimbabwe’s situation as he suffered from the whites during apathedi. So I do not blame Mugabe for behaving the way he is. He suffered under Ian Smith and co. So allow him to enjoy himself not be a traitor for the west. As the west as just up getting what minerals the country has and leave so dry. We thank God for having Mugabe who believes in his country. Let him rule as he was democratically elected. Morgan T was a cowan who disappointed his people by not participating in the re-ran on 27th June. Congrats Mugabe for being brave!

  53. In Africa we need peace and not war like in any country.Botswana has no clue what it`s getting itself into. Zimbabwe can inflict serious damage to that country without spilling any blood. Expect to get hurt when you attack or threaten our Land.

  54. Zambbians chill out – the crazy old Zimbo is referring to Botswana. The Motswana president was the only one that made a stand against Zimbabwe at the just ended AU summit.

  55. I think we all respect Muigabe’s stand against the West because i have not head anyone condenming him on this front.The issue many of us are not happy with him is what he is doing to his own people.Killings must end.Remember the suffering of the masses in Zimbabwe has an effect on the whole region.Remember how bakaboke brought turmoil into Zambia after problems in thair own country.Mugabe can not afford to fight.If he is clever he shopuld look after every penny and not spending it on war resources.Do you recall the arms badge he had imported from China which was diverted to Angola?

  56. Pragmatist

    Weren’t you the one who was praising Botswana’s democratic system just some days ago. Now today you shed your skin and condemn it. What has Robert Mugabe promised you. A piece of land which was illegally taken from whites in a racially motivated genocidal move.

    Anywayz, i fully support Botswana. An army marches on its stomach. What is Mugabe going to feed his soldiers when he cannot even feed his own people. And BTW, Mbeki would have left office next year, who is going to support Sekulu Mugabe then.

    The funny thing is he doesn’t realize that he is getting more and more isolated.

  57. 59. Gibby

    You so far one of the people that have said something sensible on this blogg. Bring it on bro!!!!

  58. cont…

    And very soon, his rhetoric will get him nowhere. If Nelson Mandela can condemn Zimbabwe, who is Mugabe.

    After all, birds of the same feather flock together. Your PF president Michael Sata was urging people “NOT TO DEMONIZE MUGABE” and that is the kind of person Urban Lusaka and CB want in power.

    I pray that venomous snake never makes it to state house.

  59. #56. Rhoda, Lagos
    #59. Gibby

    Are you guys on crack. I do not respect Mugabe’s stand on land reforms because there was a referendum where people where required to vote yes or no to land reforms without compensation. People voted “NO” but Mugabe carried out the land reforms anyway. He went against his own people’s wishes and carried out a racist genocidal land reform against innocent whites. And most of the white farmers in Zimbabwe cannot be linked to the former colonialists.

    Besides, if someone was born in Africa, raised in Africa, got married in Africa and all they know is Africa, doesn’t that make them as African as you and me. You guys do not realize it but you are as bad as the

  60. The discussions are very good, let’s remove insults and as we discuss the various leaders let us do it with respect.Let’s discuss issues and not personalities.

  61. Mwaiche Crazy_Zambian # 60,

    You are truly crazy and lazy in critical thinking. Khama is not the absolute fabric OR icon of the Botswana democratic system. He just ascended to real executive power yesterday on ridding on the back of his father’s legacy and his British lineage. He spent years heading a very disorganized battle untested security Guards outfit.He is not the value of Botswana.Look at the History of that Country over consecutive leadership and see democracy and Pan-Africanism entrenchment in the founding fathers against which has signed up to destroy with his aberrational mindset.

  62. This is it “And you shall hear of wars and rumours of war:see that you are not trooubled;for all these things must come to pass,but the end is not yet
    For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom:and there shall be famines and pestilence,and earthequakes in divers places.”
    All these things are happening in our time and ege.This is not politics it is the bible being fulfilled.
    Pray for your leaders.Mugabe included.

  63. You cannot call yourselves the proudly independent and free when you have no ownership to the national value.The same is true, a figure head cannot be a leader if his Governed are inherently condemned to deprivation and forfeiture of their national values to outsiders.

  64. #70 Pragmatist

    Can you provide proof that the “WEST” is ruling Africa.

    I am curious to see it.

    In my view, this is nothing but a conspiracy theory. Africa is destroying itself by allowing the same Mugabe’s to be in power. If Africa really wanted to forge ahead instead of heading back to the stone age like it is doing (refer to DRC, Sierra Leon, Liberia, Somalia) then Corrupt power hungry leaders need to go.

  65. Pragmatist thinks he knows everithing…….you are getting yourself muddled up in the language you are using… your writtin seems very rosy yet it lets substance. i like the positive thinking of Crazy_Zambian in a very laymans terms. keep it up.

    Africa will Neva neva neva rise with rulers who think they can run a country for life.

  66. #63 may be you misundestood me.I agree with all that you have said, so no disagreement jere.All i have said is Mugabe’s killing of his own people is wrong.His own people here refers to all the people of Zimbabwe white or black.So i agree with you. I dont mind him being against England or America because that is at their own level

  67. Pragmatist…you are a shame and a waste of sperm, grossly retarded rat squeaking in a bush near lusaka making noise about war rumours and meddling with things above you. How can you stand up and write a whole chunk of s###t about a country you don’t know anything about. I have been sympathysing with Zambians over the ill health of their president and you have this bull crap to say about Botswana. Why do you get so worked up when Botswana deploys soldiers along its border. Why do you have so much vendetta and hatred towards Botswana. Why do you talk about race every time you mention KHAMA.

  68. Why do you think that Botswana does not have an army but instead have security guards.For you information Zimbabe can’t affort to stand in the battle field for half a day. It costs about 500 000 US dollars a day to keep a MODERN military force in the battlefield. Zimbabwe can’t even afford toilet paper for the majority of her citizens. Botswana has one of the smallest yet highly resourced and equipped army in the world. Zimbabwe has boy scouts calling themselves war veterans when the real war veterans died long time ago from starvation and hivaids.

  69. Pragmatist… I have realised that you like “juicy” news. If you are a gal, you are simply a confused and retarded lesbian. If you are a guy you are a mentally challenged gay. Botswana deployed troops along her border with Namibia during the time when there was a dispute over a beautifull and scenic island at the confluence of the Chobe river and the Zambezi basin. No one made a loud and stupid noise about the capability of her military. Botswana a peace loving country sought resolution through the international court of justice nd won the case. Deploying the military along the border does not mean war it means being on alert should anything happen

  70. ” Has anyone ever heard of a Botswana general election. It’s a de facto one party state whose leadership is more by inheritance than by popular vote”

    Above is a post from stupid blogger pragmatist. The first Botswana general elections back in 1965 were democratic and peacefully contested by several political parties that were in existence at the time. It has been the case ever since. In Botswana democracy is not a practice for convinience…it is a principle embedded in our culture. Our forefather practiced democracy before the europeans introduced it to Africa.

  71. Infact I doubt if pragmatist is Zambian. I think this pragmatist bull crap is a starving zimbabwean bitter and full of hatred towards economicaly succesful and properous Botswana. You voted for a racist retard called Mugabe, just live with it and leave Botswana and her popular president Ian Khama alone.

  72. “Why do you think that Botswana does not have an army but instead have security guards”.

    By virtue that i was the man friend to your mother for over Years,you are my son not worth tearing or cursing despite your confusion.Talking of gay, lesbian, sperm and whatever comes up in your challenged head is enough that you lack intellectual ability, debate skills and fire power power based on logic. If i was a gay your mother would have been my lamb for years.

  73. Take me on issues of serious discourse, i consolidate the deduction that that you are a pinhead. My nationalist, ask your mother.My economic and social class, ask your mother.

    Has Botswana got an army? so Khama and you in your dreams of confusion thinks.The truth is that, Botswana has security guards instead. Are they a factor in the regional balance of power theory? no maybe to Lesotho and Swaziland.

  74. Then what is behind their madness in reckless verbal warnings to internal politics of Zimbabwe followed by sentry mass deployment along the border with Zimbabwe?

    -They are victims of psychological “Interpersonal struggles for social dominance and the “inferiority complex haunting Khama”

  75. -Those of the few Tswanas subsivient to the Khama opportunism do understand that he is a victim of social ambiguity now producing the confusion which leads to rejection of selfhood of others. Under Khama Botswana is being misled dangerously. Khama lacks personal integrity, moral awareness, and his wholeness has become compromised by confusion and a tendency.Eventually his illusions to be a mercenary of regional destabilization might be realized too late by many that follow the misguided lumpen.

  76. I have got quite a number of internationaly recognised degrees under my belt from renowned institutions of higher learning. Iam not bragging, Iam just stooping to the level of a fool that you are because you have failed to make sense. You seeam to be full of malice and hatred towards Botswana. I wonder if all Zimbabweans are like you. If you engage me on higher order intellectul debate I will beat you hands down retard. At the moment Iam trying to elevate you to a postion of civilisation of which you were denied a chance by your egocentric retard president Mugabe.You need psychatric help and a good dose of civilissation before you can claim to engage me on some sensible debate

  77. Zulu,

    FYI, i know that I’m talking about Botswana a fact which students from any serious war college with strong military political science are nodding their heads. Botswana is gambling in the balance of power field. She has only companies of security guards instead of platoons of a battle readied outfits.

  78. Zulu,

    I will not waste my time flaunting my academic values online in the face of a confused pinhead laden with rubbish in the head when challenged with facts.I see your torturous English as enough evidence to restrain and spare you in discourse you have no ability in. All here in your vitriolic lingo is self revealing that you are a subnormal primate i should forever ignore and drive the bash on Ian Khama’s gambled conspiracies.FYI like many here I’m blessed with strong education. Khama’s instinctual moves for aggression are based on delusions.

  79. Zulu,

    I think you are just too frustrated with God’s Grace. After overzealously running announcements of the hoax death of President Mwanawasa here around your clock since Wednesday, you have mutated in frustration to insulting me under the Zulu Id. You are better off doing what you are good at peddling hoaxes.Insults don’t move me by any inch. Naturally I have a strong character of independent judgment and expression. If you expect some subservience in me, you have a kilimanjaro to overcome my boy.

  80. Pragmatist!

    If your English is anything to go by. You are a sub A drop out by Botswana standards and if indeed you are educated I find it hard to say that the standard of education in Zimbabwean has nosedived since the days of Ian Smith. I for one do not think that you are Zambian. You are a typical retard shona from zimbabwe trying to tarnish the GREAT NAME OF BOTSWANA in order to alleviate your woes from povery and self imposed misery.

  81. Pragmatist!


  82. Mr.Prag,
    Drive the debate and ignore that Hottentot retard calling himself “Zulu”, Its nothing but your straight talk which he is no match that has severely injured him. Evidently, you’re a Pan-Africanist while he is clueless Bushman which means practically “jabberer”; the great majority of those Khoikhoi and the Bushmen are uncivilised, and servile imitators of their conquerors.His strife to flaunt chains of Matero issued papers as international degrees is fallacy of a retard struggling for a place and identity in society.Mwalasa on his frustration and mutation from vocation of running hollow death announcement of Levy to rage over your straight talk on misguided Khama.

  83. Sanctions against Zimbabwe

    IT is interesting to note that countries that consistently opposed sanctions against the racist white minority regime in Rhodesia are the ones today in the forefront of calling for sanctions against Zimbabwe.t is also the same countries that used to consistently oppose sanctions against apartheid South Africa.Their common argument those days used to be that sanctions are counterproductive and will end up just hurting the same people they are intended to serve.

  84. nd these are the same countries that opposed almost every progressive United Nations resolution on Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa. They opposed every attempt at the United Nations to isolate these racist regimes.Why are they now calling for sanctions? Why are they today initiating all sorts of resolutions to isolate Zimbabwe? Is it because they have a new awakening, a new realisation, or a higher sense of justice has entered their hearts? Or is it simply a question of racism and double standards?

  85. s it because ZANU-PF, the party in power, is one of blacks while the opposition MDC which they are openly supporting and financing is a party where white people have more influence and are found in large numbers and can be said to be a party of the white Rhodesians whom they supported and defended before independence? Or is it just an issue of double standards that they have always practised?Anyway, they always have puppets they can use. During the Smith regime, they used Abel Muzorewa in an alliance with the white minority regime. Today they have new Muzorewas to defend racist and imperialist interest in Zimbabwe.

  86. It is also interesting to note that while they are asking the Zimbabwean government to allow Non-Governmental-Organisations to distribute relief food and other things, they are calling on their trans-national corporations to cease operations in that country or to stop doing business with Zimbabwe.If the trans-national corporations were to pull out, this will certainly create additional hardships on the workers and the people of Zimbabwe in general.sn’t this a contradiction? In one breadth they want to save life and in another, they are taking measures that appear to be aimed at endangering or destroying it!

  87. We do appreciate the fact that the leading European countries and the United States have for the last 10 years or so been demanding and pushing for a regime change in Zimbabwe. And they have done everything possible to see to it that this happens at any cost.
    It is true that a lot of pressure has been put on African leaders to do for them what they would like done in Zimbabwe. And Africa has never been short of mercenaries, of leaders who can hire themselves out in the Muzorewa way, Kamuzu way, Mobutu way, Savimbi way and even in the Buthelezi way.

  88. Let us not forget that during the liberation struggles in our region, leaders of this nature were the friends of these people, they courted them and praised them day and night as being progressive in their thinking and outlook. They never denounced their crimes.And our leaders of that time were very intelligent individuals who never allowed imperialism to divide them. Nyerere, Kaunda, Masire and others never went around denouncing Kamuzu, Mobutu when they had every justifiable reason to do so. They had their own way of dealing with these issues and triumphed in their cause.

  89. Today we have, among our leaders, individuals that feel so elated by western politicians and their media, praising them for hiring themselves out to imperialism and its schemes.Before the last African Union Summit in Egypt, the United States, Britain and other European countries put immense pressure on African countries to denounce, isolate and expel Zimbabwe from the AU.This failed. Instead of suspending or expelling Zimbabwe, the AU called for a government of national unity in that country. This is a commendable resolution because every political formation should be aimed at producing maximum unity in the country.

  90. Zimbabwe needs unity to be able to tackle the many challenges its people are facing today . But imperialism has never been a promoter of unity. It thrives on the old tactic of divide and rule.Imperialism has divided the Arabs and today they are not able to do much with their billions of dollars earned from oil because of fragmentation and lack of unity. They are made to spend immense financial resources and energies on fighting each other.Imperialism is fermenting divisions everywhere – in Serbia and Kosovo, the Russian Federation, in China, in Bolivia, and so on and so forth.

  91. Some of the people being used by imperialism have no shame. Anyway, imperialism can only use shameless elements because people with shame, integrity, dignity and pride can never hire themselves from imperialism.For instance, how can Raila Odinga talk about expelling Zimbabwe from the AU when his own very hands are dripping with blood? The number of people who died in Kenya under the protest led by his political party after that country’s contravesial elections is far more than those that have died in Zimbabwe in political violence since independence in 1980. Probably this is the way for Odinga to cleanse himself of the crimes of his party and supporters.

  92. The South Africans have shown us how to deal with political violence in the way they dealt with Kwazulu Natal and other parts of that country that had embraced a culture of violence. And probably this is what makes South African President Thabo Mbeki such a competent and able negotiator in the Zimbabwean political crisis.The unity of our peoples and our countries is absolutely necessary. The problems being faced by Zimbabwe are in some way – albeit to a much lesser degree – common to most of our countries, regardless of political concepts, systems of government, philosophical convictions and religious beliefs. And we should all learn from it because the bells tolling on Zimbabwe may tomorrow


    Can you please shut your mouth, pack your bags, buy a bus ticket and take your racist rhetoric to Harare.

    We in Zambia are not interested. We are tired of African leaders not taking responsibility for their actions and always using the west as a scape goat. African leaders need to own up to there mistakes.

    We have heard it all before. The west this, the west that, everything the west and the big bad white man. We are not interested.

    Take that crap with you to Harare and use it to farm on the land Mugabe has promised you. We are not interested.

  94. #103 Iam Zambian but I respect Zedian bloggers but this retard going by the name pragmatist / zambian is a Zimbabwean embecile full of hatred towards Botswana and her president as well as the West. Sort the mess in zimbabawe first then come and blogg cos at the moment you are not fit to argure sensiby and stop venting your frustrations on us. FOR YOUR INFORMATION HAVE RESPECT FOR SOVREIGN STATES AND STOP PERPETUATING MALICIOUS PROPAGANDAS ABOUT BOTSWANA AND HER NEW PRESIDENT IAN -A- SERETSE KHAMA. WE CONDEMN PEOPLES’S BEHAVIOUR’S AND NOT THEIR PERSONALITIES.

  95. Well Put Crazy Zambian #103. Whilst some point out that those that West was againist sanctions on Racist rhodesia; it also is interesting/true to note that that those that strongly advocated for sanctions againist rascist rhodesia are now warning aginist sanctions on a tin pot dictator Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. A reversal of roles. WHY? That is the irony surrounding a fallen “angel”. Blood may be thicker than water but evil is downright evil. Mugabe now stands at the evil podium similar to the one on which Ian smith once stood. We just have to face the facts squarely and swallow the bitter pill.Certainly sanction are a better evil than war.

  96. #103 Iam NOT Zambian but I respect Zedian bloggers but this retard going by the name pragmatist / zambian is a Zimbabwean embecile full of hatred towards Botswana and her president as well as the West. Sort the mess in zimbabawe first then come and blogg cos at the moment you are not fit to argure sensiby and stop venting your frustrations on us. FOR YOUR INFORMATION HAVE RESPECT FOR SOVREIGN STATES AND STOP PERPETUATING MALICIOUS PROPAGANDAS ABOUT BOTSWANA AND HER NEW PRESIDENT IAN -A- SERETSE KHAMA. WE CONDEMN PEOPLES’S BEHAVIOUR’S AND NOT THEIR PERSONALITIES. FOR YOUR INFORMATION 99% OF THE PEOPLE OF BOTSWANA ARE FROM TSWANA SPEAKING TRIBES AND ONLY 1% ARE BUSHMEN.


  98. It is just this week that Mandela`s name was removed from the terrorist list as gift for his 90th birth day.
    Do not trust the west,they have an agenda to finish us and to bring about the NEW WORLD ORDER.Thats why they talk about regime change.You shold listen to Tonny blair`s speech just after 911.
    I know for sure that they are winning because a lot of people are still sleeping,if you think that terrorist knocked down the twin towers then you are asleep and dreaming.Bush said that “it either you are with us or the terrorist”.Pray for your leaders.

  99. It is just this week that Mandela`s name was removed from the terrorist list as gift for his 90th birth day.
    Do not trust the west,they have an agenda to finish us and to bring about the NEW WORLD ORDER.Thats why they talk about regime change.You shold listen to Tonny blair`s speech just after 911.
    I know for sure that they are winning because a lot of people are still sleeping,if you think that terrorist knocked down the twin towers then you are asleep and dreaming.Bush said that “it either you are with us or the terrorist”.Pray for your leaders.

  100. #109 Kabwe. Evil is evil whether it is done by a white racist I an smith or an Aparthied bred boer. It is still evil if it done by some yellow Cambodian in the killing fields. It is evill for black south Africans to kill fellow blacks (Xenophobia) It remains evil whether it black hutu extremist choping head off moderate hutus and Titsis. It still remains evil whether it is Idi amin or Kamuzu Banda throwing people/political opponents in Lake victoria and Shire river to be fed to crocodiles. I maintain it is still evil for this tin pot dictator to unleash a reign of terror/torture and rule by the barrell of the gun againist the wish of the people and turn his entire population into destitutes

  101. Mugabe has run nuts,i believe the best defence is to attack.Let us just allow the US and Britain to set up a base here so that they can oust the Mad monkey Out!!!

    Or else he will have ample time to attack us.



  104. Please guys lets not use the blog as a battle ground against one another.Lets post arguments about Mugabe’s claim about being attacked by any country.Thats the debate.I dont know how other countries come in.
    My point is Mugabe can not have resources to use in a war situation.Its better the little he has if at all is used to solve as many problems his country has as possible.His people dont need to go to war only to protect him and him alone.They need internal peace so much as they need food,so for an international war……I cant imagine

  105. From what I know, you can never be abused without allowing it. IF someone thinks that these bazungus are controlling MDC, then MDC hjas allowed it. What Mugabe has done is to play in their hands, Mugabe with about 8 degrees some of which are in law, one would have thought he would be more strategic. About Ian Khama and his positioning of troops, firsly here is a low down on Botswana imigration policy, when you enter botswana as an asylum seeker, you are first detained before your case can be determined, unlike in our country where we give you prema facie refugee status. I would understand if Khama has troops on the Zimbabwe/Botswana border because of this protectionist approach. What is…

  106. contd 116…
    … is worse is that before being vice president Ian Khama was commander of the army, so he knows his strengths, about whether they can withstand the Zimbabwe army that is highly unlikely, because there are three armies you do not want to mess with in the region, RSA, Angola and Zimbabwe, these are battle tested armies. So depending on how Mugabe, as eccentric as he is now, that action by Botswana might just be viewed as provocation and might just erupt into a war. About the issue of dressing down each other on the blog, I thought we are way past that now, after 1.14 million hits I thought the contributors now know some basic etiquette on LT. I rest my case, I am only form 5

  107. #90-100 please just provide the link to the post instead of reproducing their editorial here, it is more economic and please acknowledge the source of your submission lest you be charged with plagiarism.

  108. The tearing of one another on the public domain is not so encouraging. We are brothers despite the boundaries and the language we use here goes a long way to reinforce bitter stereotypes against one another. May we please refrain from lifting swords against one another vis-à-vis nation against nation.

  109. Today I stand disheartened by the reality of the Africa I live in and the mediocrity of its leaders. More especially being a young politician on the rise, I feel discomforted by the fact that the once noble role of politics has been tarnished by selfish and dishonest politicians.

    I am talking about the likes of Robert Mugabe who force their rule on people in the pretext of democracy and fighting the colonial master. Thabo Mkeki who condones political intimidation, violence and outright profanity of all SADC Election principles in the name of diplomacy….. the situation is normal???

  110. All well meaning and progressive Africans should continue to condemn the legality of the ‘One Man’ elections in Zimbabwe and crusade for fair and free elections for the good of the African continent and its future. Least the ordinary African (like the Zimbabweans on the streets) will remain helpless victims to the savagery of selfish African leaders.

    Secondly I condemn all calls for war and xenophobic violence. I contend that these sentiments are very unAfrican and more especially unZambian, its not part of our culture. In Zambia we believe in appreciating and embracing differences. Violence and brutality should never be the perpetuated as the panacea for resolving any impasse.

  111. But brutal honesty, TOUGH diplomacy and persuasion should be promoted as methods of settling conflicts.


  113. It is still possible to rule a country without killing anyone.All we call for is peace in Zimbabwe and the state instruments in that country should protect its people.About Botswana, idf they chose to deploy the army at their borders, its their choice.Who said they shouldnt?They have a right to do so.Its within their country so put up with it.
    As much as i agree that Zimbabwe has a good army, i dont think any country can be intimidated by it.Besides they have no reason to fight any one in the region unless Mugabe has completely drained any trace of brain from his head

  114. Kenya Prime Minister, Raila Odinga called for military intervention in Zimbabwe. This call was faintly supported by Botswana. To make it worse, Dr (Rev) (Archbishop) Tutu also supported a coup in Zambabwe as an option to redress the political situation.

    Mr Mugabe’s fears are founded on this rhetoric. He is not mad at Zambia because there was no similar call from Zimbia. The proposition to call off the election by SADC chairman was the last stance Zambia ever put up.

    Kenya, Botswana and Tut (South Africa) tried to solicit military intervention. At this stage, Mugabe is weak and the military is dissillusioned except for the well-fed Generals. Mugabe’s army can be defeated so easily if…

  115. ..if Gaddafi and South Africa do not intenvene to help Mugabe militarily, Kenya and Botswana can defeat the ill-equipped and hungry army of Zimbabwe. Mugabe will nost sustain a healthy front of troops. His men will defeat him in 2 days. His problem is that the entire European Union, USA, and Great Britain will support any two african countries that takes on Mugabe. In fact, they would be happy to have a reason to kick him out. They will supply GPS information on the location of army generals and kill them first, then hit the army targets in Harare by air purportedly coming from Kenya when it will be USA troops firing from the shores of Mombasa. Nyerere kicked out Idi Amin. Enough was enough!

  116. How many people remember the terror that was caused by Idi Amin in Uganda and the entire East Africa. Ugandas fred into Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and congo, even upto Zambia. Nyerere was sick of it. He knew that USA, UK , Israel and Russia would not support Idi Amin. He asked the Western powers and the Frontline States if he should wage war against Idi Amin. The answer was YES. He massed an army of 50 000 troops and they entered Uganda. Within 24 hours, Entebbe airport was captured, Idi Amin fled within 36 hours and Uganda was free!!! Of course it ook a while to have a good democratice govt. How to defeat Mugabe: Attack Army generals first. Use USA/Israel GPS system. Send the first signal!

  117. …Once the Generals are wiped out in 24 hours, that will ignite a panic button in the army. Attach military installations in Harare! Do this from Mombasa. Kenya. The US can help eagerly. Attack and wipe out the airport from air attacks. Then send the troops in three fronts heading to Harare. In the meantime make sure air-space is controlled, any plane on Zim airspace should be attacked by GPS. The infantry will move in quickly and surround Harare! Ask Mugabe to give up power or he will be captured! Game over!!! No civilians casualties, clean and simple!!

  118. Now listen up all, this Zimbabwe Chimpanzee is not worth wasting our precious time on. Can’t you all see that his behaviour is typically that of a coward. He’s actually very lucky to be president of a Southern African country. In West Africa or North Africa, someone would have already walked straight up to him and shoved a rocket launcher up his black ass, believe me.

  119. # Confused I enjoyed reading ur contribution, not that I advocate for war. I just like the way u thot bout it and put it. From NOW ON YOUR NAME IS NOT CONFUSED YOU ARE “MAJOR GENERAL SMART”.

  120. Confused#129, you really confused with your millitary expertise,if you think so low about the US,i will tell you what the US will never put any life of their soldiers on any other country unless the Us governement has an interest in that particular country and i mean,what are they getting after doing it,what has ZIM have to motivate them,no oil and uranium,right now if you did not know,the US are content to squash those people with their economic sanctions.do you remember rwanda?do you know darfur? they dont put their military in places where they dont have interests – the US has no friends, only interests.find me 1 example where they pursued military action for humanitarian reasons.just 1?

  121. for those of you doubting botswana’s military…. i’m not saying they can or will or even want to go & fight zim, BUT i can say that their military is more than just some security guards as many of you are stating. for the last year and some months there are several high and low ranking botswana military receiving special training here in kansas at leavenworth. i’ve spoken to them on several occasions and it would appear to me that botswana is quite serious about the training and strengthening of its military… for whatever reason we may not know. (though in some ways it reinforces my earlier point that the US wont put it OWN soldiers on the ground in africa-but they can use others by proxy

  122. I see the freedom we gained out of pain and mass losses being offered in surrender by a legion of mentally enslaved Micronauts who think they could be free under loose hired guns.What an illusion ignorance reveals.


    Twenty-nine years ago, the forces of Rhodesia under the rebel prime minister Ian Douglas Smith bombed Chongwe Bridge. Out of 21 troops deployed to protect the bridge, only three survived the attack. And today, only one lives to tell the story.NOVEMBER 19, 1979 began like any other day for Joane Ngubulu, a young corporal in the Zambia National Service (ZNS).

  124. Ngubulu was conscripted into the Service in 1973, under a mandatory programme by the government. Later that year, he was taken for military training at Katete in Eastern Province and then for a two-year course in agriculture in Kasama. But Ngubulu’s desire was to be in the military, and after undergoing training at Kohima Barracks in Kabwe, he graduated as an armor man.His first posting as an armor man was to a small camp in Chongwe, about 35 kilometres east of Lusaka.The camp in Chongwe is situated on the rolling hills near the Chongwe River, which cuts on its northern side, forming its boundary. And Chongwe Bridge lies a few metres from the camp.

  125. The bridge at Chongwe formed a vital link with the Eastern Province and across the border with Malawi and Mozambique.In November that year, the camp, which was under the command of Probe Siwila and his assistant, a Mr Sichone, received intelligence that the rebel forces from Rhodesia were planning to bomb some bridges in the country.During the period 1975 to 1979, Rhodesia had descended into a violent civil war between the white minority government led by Smith and two black nationalist armies. The war however spilled over into neighbouring countries like Mozambique, Angola and Zambia, which had formed an alliance to help liberate Rhodesia.

  126. Earlier that year in April, the country had come under considerable attacks from the Rhodesian army, which killed hundreds of innocent lives.The newspapers of April 1979 look like editions from the Second World War era, awash with unnerving headlines about bombings and bloody killings in various parts of the country, including a daring raid on the house of Joshua Nkomo, one of the leaders of an opposition group called the Patriotic Front. The rebel commandos driving a jeep disguised as a Zambia Army vehicle raided his house right in the heart of Lusaka. He escaped unhurt.

  127. And yet, there had been bigger and bloodier attacks on civilians.
    On April 11, at a meeting with a visiting chairman of the Christian Democratic Party of Germany, president Kaunda disclosed that 136 refugees had been killed two days before when rebel jets dropped napalm bombs on a camp in Solwezi. But president Kaunda stayed resolute.On April 17, during a dinner hosted for his Romanian counterpart, Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, president Kaunda said:”No amount of destruction of life and property will detract us from our cause because a principle is a principle. For us, our own commitment to the liberalisation struggle in southern Africa is total.”

  128. “Forces of progress in Zambia, Angola and Mozambique may appear weak while forces of oppression appear strong, but this is a temporary setback. This is because the cause of man the world over cannot fail. It is not possible,” he said.These were difficult times, and a picture on the front page of the Times of Zambia of April 23 reveals just how worried the president, who was to turn 55 four days later, was about the situation in the region. The picture shows a weepy Dr Kaunda with the caption: “President Kaunda breaks down during his address as he broods over the sad southern Africa situation”.

  129. Yet on the same page, Kaunda made a defiant announcement that Zambia had acquired fighter jets from a friendly country to defend itself and that “our boys were being trained how to use them.””If our boys are going to meet Vorster’s Mirage Jets, then we are going to use Migs from a friendly nation or any progressive country that supplies them to us,” declared Kaunda.
    (Balthazar Johannes Vorster was the sixth president of South Africa from 1978 to 1979 and a strong ally of Ian Smith, supplying his army with sophisticated weapons)
    “This training programme will take some time,” president Kaunda said, “but our boys will still be trained,” declared Kaunda.

  130. Some people believe this was mere propaganda by the president to keep the enemy at bay. Whether this propaganda did actually work is debatable, but two days later, the Rhodesian rebels struck again at a farm in Chongwe, killing four British nationals. One of the victims reportedly had his eyes removed before being killed.
    Ngubulu and his colleagues had heard and read about these attacks, but nothing to prepare them for what they were to face on that day.

  131. Acting on the intelligence received from headquarters, the command at the camp formed three platoons to ward off any attacks on the bridge.
    Thursday, November 15. The three platoons were put in place, setting up camp along Chongwe River, a few metres from the bridge. A number of young school-leavers who had just been enlisted into ZNS that year were also drafted into the platoons as reinforcement.

  132. #132, Ref. Kansas: What was the reason for invading Vietnam! There was no US interest in vietnam, was there? The aim was simply to root out the communists. Mugabe is a communist. There, I gave you one Example!

    You want another example? Why did the US bombard the Serbians? Was there any specific economic interest other than to liberate Kosovo? There, I gave you another example!

  133. The next three days were uneventful but anxious ones for the troops facing an eminent attack.Monday, November 19. The day began as usual with the routine military drilling and breakfast and then the troops, led by a Staff Mwemba, took positions to keep watch over the bridge.About 12:00 hours, the first warning about the ominous danger for Corporal Ngubulu and his platoon came in form of a red Fiat car which approached the bridge at great speed.
    The driver of the Fiat reported seeing military helicopters with foreign troops at Chinyunyu, about 15 kilometres from Chongwe Bridge. But that report was given a wait-and-see response by the platoon.

  134. Moments later, around 13:00 hours, a UBZ bus approached the bridge from Chipata and its terrified driver and passengers confirmed the alarming report.“We just saw a UBZ bus coming, but we could only see the driver and no passengers. So when he had stopped the vehicle, we asked him what had happened to the passengers, then he showed us inside. All the passengers were lying on the floor,” he says.The bus driver and his terrified passengers reported seeing “white men” in military helicopters at Chinyunyu.

  135. Alarmed by the second report, the platoon sent Mwemba to report the matter to the officer commanding at the camp, so that he could call headquarters for reinforcement, but the commanders ordered him back to his position, calling him coward.14:15 hours.The platoon heard the sound of an approaching aircraft high in the sky and as the drone grew louder, the troops spotted an aircraft, which they identified as a Zambia Airways plane, flying slowly above them.
    “It was not even moving fast it was just at the same place until 15:00 hours when it moved away,” Ngubulu says.

  136. Mwemba believes the rebels had sent the plane to distract and deceive the Zambian troops on the ground and to mask the sound of the approaching choppers.
    As the plane moved away, seven helicopters had begun their journey from Chinyunyu to their target, flying very low behind the hills and then swooping down along the meandering Chongwe River to avoid detection on the Radar at the Lusaka International Airport, about 15 kilometres away.

  137. One of the choppers dropped off some troops at a police post near the ZNS camp to disable the communication system there.The Zambian troops, who had taken cover in the bushes around the bridge, were ordered not to shoot until they were attacked.But armed only with M59s, a Yugoslavian-made automatic riffle with only 10 rounds in its magazine, and only effective within 100 metres, the young soldiers where outgunned.“Only one man, Sergeant Kantini, had an SMG (submachine gun), which is a heavy machine gun, but still no match for the enemy gun ships,” Ngubulu says.

  138. 15:30 hours. The enemy gunship hovering above the bridge fired the first round of shots, and Ngubulu and his colleagues retaliated, but they ran out of ammo in their weapons within few minutes of the attack, with no impression on the enemy. The rebel gun ships with their bulletproof bellies were impregnable to the Zambian troops firing M59s on the ground.Even rounds from the SMG made no impression on the choppers.

  139. “Those helicopters were magnetic and the rounds Sergeant Kantini was firing with the SMG were even landing and sticking to its base. And when the rebels in one of the helicopters noticed that there was someone firing a heavy machine gun, they flew down low where he was hiding and the magnet on that helicopter just pulled the SMG from Sergeant Kantini’s hands,” narrates Ngubulu, seemingly impressed by the enemy weapons.Unarmed and defenceless, Sergeant Kantini took cover in a ditch nearby, but he was given away by a policeman scampering for safety who also jumped into the ditch. Acting on a tip from a man in the chopper above, a ground trooper threw a grenade into the ditch, killing both men.

  140. Ngubulu, who had taken cover in a brick kiln that was still cooling down – its fire having been removed three days earlier – watched helplessly as the enemy made an onslaught.He heard screams as the young, inexperienced troops tried to escape the attack, but those screams soon died down. A number of the youths were shot dead by troops advancing on them on the ground.The attack lasted about 30 minutes with a final deafening blast that completely destroyed the bridge, but Ngubulu says the period seemed much longer than that.

  141. After the blast, a dead and ominous silence followed. It was now about 17:00 hours.The enemy had left, and Ngubulu emerged from his hiding place, shuffling his feet as he walked in case the enemy had planted landmines on the field before leaving. It is a precautionary measure he learned during military training at Kohima Barracks.When he reached the tarmac, his empty riffle slung over his shoulder, his eyes fell on the sickening sight of bullet-ridden bodies of the young Zambian troops lying motionless on the ground.

  142. He then ran towards the camp to seek help, but when he reached the gate, he was only greeted by a two-band radio playing loudly to no one, its listener having taken to flight in panic moments earlier. Frustrated and upset by the turn of events, he vented his anger on the radio, kicking it to silence.The only person left in the camp was a bugler.“The camp was deserted.

  143. Our people were no more.About 19:00 hours, a Zambia Air Force helicopter came to the camp and after a brief check on the camp, they left, leaving the two survivors behind.

  144. “There were only the two of us in the camp that night,” he recalls.Tuesday, April 20, the ZAF helicopter arrived on the battle scene to pick the bodies of the slain Zambian troops, marking the end of a bloody episode.
    And on April 18, the following year, Rhodesia became independent.
    In 1983, the government erected a statue a few metres from the bridge. The life-size figure represents every youth who shed his blood for the country on that fateful day.

  145. But after a quarter of a century, the nameless soldier stands alone in overgrown grass at the end of the camp, looking alert with his riffle pointed in the direction of the bridge he once stood to defend.Ngubulu retired in 1996, but still keeps a green ammo box – the only souvenir from the military. He now uses the box as a safe for his treasured items, among which is a medal he received from President Mwanawasa on October 24, 2003.

  146. The british interests in Zimbabwe are strong through it’s citizens. US companies have invested heavily in Anglo American (plc) which has active mining interests in Zimbabwe. The investments are in millions. Isn’t this a good reason to bombard Mugabe.

    Like I said, at 2 a.m. tomorrow, wipe out the homes of all Army Generals in Zimbabwe. If the U.S can’t help, the UK has the technology and a surrogate country to do it: Kenya or Botswans. To avoid an open conflagration of war with the next neighbor, better attack Zim from the shores of Kenya. Mugabe can’t fire back at Kenya, his planes (degenerated MiGs) will be shot down by GPS. Mugabe will panic when he loses 18 top Chamurenga Generals.

  147. #pragmatist, stay on the topic and debate meaningfully. I am trying to engage you but you are prolifically quoting from KK memoirs, this is disturbing. Read my comments above. I gave you examples and I have followed up with #158. Show some original thought, bashimwana. I know Kansas won’t rub off some intelligencw into you, it’s a small state with small minds.

  148. Our determinism and principles were greater than the solicited ifyanso mobilized by traitors.Principles we should die with them.

    This historic article is for our selfless patriots and not traitors dreaming that hired guns are the panacea for sustainable peace. How much peace has hired guns fostered in Somalia over the 20 years, Iraq over the 4 years, Iran since the overthrow of the Shiah?

  149. Confused,

    Keep exposing your ignorance in warfare tactics.A properly trained person from a proper war college in warfare and military political science doesn’t exhibit your level of stunning hollow zeal.You are so passionate blogging your ignorance online where skilled officer are just laughing how much infantile you are. I post and debate values and principles of visionary nation-states not your ignorance.Which war college did you go to that fed you that rubbish now discombobulating your head.

  150. Pragmatist: So are you saying that those young men that died did so for Mugabe to become a meglomaniac, rule by the barrel of the gun turn his people into destitutes, ruin the economy make his people into objects of xenophobic attacks, their women selling their bodies in prostitution in neighbouring countries

  151. I got you! you said the US can’t engage its troops or place them in harm’s way if US interests are not threatened. Which is true. But, the US have been involved militarily before purely on humanitarian gounds. The case for Kosovo, Somalia, Sudan, Serbia to mention a few scenarios. I have also made it clear that destabilisation of southern africa will affect US investments. Mugabe has been pointing fingers at all of us bullying us like kids. It’s time we delivered our “us” from “us”

  152. Confused “Zulu”,

    FYI, the long article i have posted is by one of our fellow heroes and not our Beloved and visionary KK who like me believed in our will power against all odds of traitors like you.

    By the way, consider another ID than abusing the revered Zulu name synonymous with heroes in the Zambian perspective.

  153. #143 Pragmatist: Dont bury your head in historical sand. Yes history is important but the present is more important and the future is even more CRITICAL. People, organisations & nations that are unable to learn from the past, utilise the present and let go of the irrelevant “dear past” to clutch/capture opportunities offered by the slippery /cloudy future are always losers. We have to reinvent ourselves by recognising what is good for us and our children (our future).

  154. Freedom was won from the white colonialist was NOT meant to subject us to tin pot tyrants like Idi or Mugabe or Mobutu. Africa’s Hugging of such megalomaniacs to it bosom is sheer waste of time and treacherous. THEY WIND THE AFRICAN RENNAISSANCE CLOCK BACKWARDS!

  155. Not withstanding Kansas contributions, I add that General Khama and Odinga should move on an orchestrate an invasion of Zimbabwe using the GPS system from the UK or USA or Israel.

    KK, Nyerere and Nkrumah worked hard to liberate africans. And they have a place in our history. Now, we need new history makers: Those who will lead the way to liberate Africans from fellow african despots wherever they maybe and whoever they are. Someone must set a precedent that Africans can work together to eliminate injustice. Who will start? Khama, please earn yourself a place in History like Nyerere, kick out Mugabe by force. Lets shame the bogus SOUTH AFRICAN “ROGUE” DEMOCRACY

  156. Mbeki precides over a “rogue” democracy. Those are the words from US congress. South Africa is a rogue democracy and therefore they care less about injustices, they have plenty of that around. Botswana must rise up and lead the way. I can assure you that if we kick out Mugabe by force, *****ic leaders in other parts of southern african will think twice. Go, go botswana go.

  157. Confused “Zulu”,

    To disturb your ignorance flow with whoever you are kidding with today, who told you the US went into Kosovo,the Sudan and Serbia on humanitarian grounds? Such ignorance is stunning.What classes if i may ask have ever done in International politics of Public policy studies that you pulled that smock from? And which school is that? It needs to be deregistered immediately.Where has the Caspian Sea oil pipeline been built through?

  158. #166. You hit the nail right on the spot! Bulls eye! Africans must learn to re-invent and adapt to circumstances. These stupid, *****ic leaders consider themselves to be demigods, they must be made to eat sand when they misbehave. These old tyrrants begin to kill their own people when they are voted out of power. Mugabe has set a precedent, leaders should intimidate citizens with war, with blood, with genocide when they feel threatened. Kaunda saw “blood” and war in Zambia if he was removed, it is a well known cliche. But, Mugabe went too far! We must kick him out! Already Zuma’s supporters are saying if Zuma is not elected they will shoot and kill!! This is a Mugabe spirit, it is here!!

  159. Confused “Zulu”,

    And who told you that the identity crisis driven Odinga with his hands dripping fresh blood of the >2500 tribemen he burned in churches is ranting the Government of Kenya position? Kibaki the executive authority on such has his hands full with the Somalia border challenge, Eritrea/ Ethiopia border roaming crisis part 3 and the maneuvers of Libya’s Gaddaffi.

  160. #170, The US bombarded Serbia, they never went in with troops on the ground. Serbia does not present any military or oil interests to the USA. Stop stupid intimidations. Tell me any single thing that the US craves from Serbia and be direct NOT indirect.

    You a knuck of spilling conversations over without elaborating. The USA went into Somalia, after the president was deposed and Somalia dived into anarchy. I remember, Georeg Bush Snr was quizzed about american interests then. The same stupid mistake you are making, “pragmatist”. What about Vietnam? The protracted war took million lives of americans, what was the interest? It was simple, just kill the communists.
    Mugabe is a communist!

  161. Odinga never killed anybody. When you push ppl to the corner for too long, they’ll boil over. The kikuyu’s of Kenya, like the Hutu’s of Rwanda have controlled jobs and business for decades. The Luo and Tutsis have shown us that injustice can not go on forever. Stop this stupid Mugabe threat on Odinga. He has no blood on his hands. The kikuyus have.

    Mugabe killed +20 000 Ndebele’s in Bulawayo. He will be tried, believe you me. Odinga has no case to answer, ask Mr Kibaki. But ask the MDC, oh no, they want him tried. I want him tried too. Imagine 30 000 people killed in one week? Imagine that? The US congress discussed this matter and want him tried! Like Charles Taylor, he is quilty!!

  162. Ah, so this “zulu” thing you are calling me has a history. I just looked at your previous posts. You had a fight with “zulu” and you assume that I’ve assumed another identity other than “zulu”.

    Uli chipuba ca mwana. Can’t you see that I write and sound differently. Read the emails from the Zulu guy and compare the thought pattern, I am definitely different. Don’t be paranoid. I will debate you and I am not scared. Just keep coming, Mugabe surrogate!

  163. Theoretician,

    Truly you are just a Theoretician without sense of critical analysis. In the real existentialistic world Theoreticians like you are empirically philosophers without a philosophy.You have no clue that we are in an anarchical society where preponderant powers are instinctual aggressors motivated by economic irredentism. Nationalist is no substitute in resisted.

  164. Confused “Zulu”,

    Continue ranting your ignorance with your fellow kids.I’m back to issues of Nation-state building and traitors.

  165. Tsvangirai is a Chameleon on plaid

    POLITICAL flip flopping is one of the many deadly sins in politics and political lexicon, says critics from NPR. Managing a flip-flop is a telling enterprise. The presidential race in Zimbabwe brought some of the most astounding reversals, especially in the Movement for Democratic Change’s camp.Few political leaders have managed flip flops very well.“Just as one man’s consistency is another man’s rigidity; one man’s flip flopping is another man’s opportunity to grow,” said a political analyst.

  166. Did Morgan Tsvangirai buckle to some outside pressure before the election?After the MDC split Morgan never bothered to mend the MDC differences; yet after realizing that chances of winning an election as a divided MDC were slim, he tried, in vain, to patch up differences. This did not work.After gaining a majority in parliament, not enough to threaten Zanu PF, and facing a chorus of outrage for not uniting before the elections, he then realized the utility of a united MDC. Unity with Mutambara was dramatically stitched up in less than 24 hours.

  167. Yet it was no real unity, we all gathered. One MDC was from Mars, the other from Venus. It was ‘unity’ on the Presidency; we were told, and that’s why MDC (Mutambara) still fielded parliamentary candidates where Tsvangirai had his own.Wait a minute! Didn’t they say they were uniting to have a parliamentary majority over Zanu PF?

  168. The self-described democrat made an even bigger turnaround at the run-off — a political faux pas. First he was in, then he was out. Even Bennett who had vehemently defended the ‘in-position’ was flabbergasted. He hasn’t spoken since. Biti feebly defended the position; and later said: the June 27 election “totally and completely exterminated any prospects of a negotiated settlement.”Maybe not, if they had participated.

  169. Tsvangirai should not be oblivious to public reaction from these flip flops, especially to the withdrawal from the run-off; otherwise too many issues will circle around him.He found little echo to his call to have President Mbeki ejected from his mediation role and was snubbed when he tried to bring Zimbabwe to the Security Council… well that was after that feeble attempt in Zambia to have Zimbabwe embarrassed.And he’s been in damage-control mode ever since.

  170. Now he’s complicit in calling for sanctions (by default at least) — sanctions that will bite those who voted for him on March 29, and for him (in absentia) on June 27. Cutting off electricity by SA will bite harder those in the metropolis, the urbanites, the MDC supporters, than the rural Zanu PF supporter.Step aside for a minute… commercial break!Sidestepping liabilities is one of Tsvangirai’s greatest skills. What caused the MDC split? Who fired Matibenga? And what is it with the MDC leader and nepotism? I guess we will never get the answers?

  171. After the split in the MDC in 2005, he chose Hebson Makuvise (his close uncle from Buhera) to be his UK chief representative. He also made sure that Jaison Matewu (who is rumoured to be married to Mrs Susan Tsvangirai’s young sister) was made MDC-UK’s Organising Secretary. He also made sure that Matthew Nyashanu was made the MDC-UK’s Information and Publicity Secretary. Does he not come from Buhera, Tsvangirai’s home?

  172. Hey, even Moeletsi Mbeki said South African affairs do not belong to the Mbeki family. He doesn’t even discuss politics with his brother. We believe him. They are incongruous in their statements.What a contradistinction with the Tsvangirai family and extended family? I guess Tsvangirai could benefit from the flip flops—given the dexterity of his opponent.Anyway a flip-flop can easily transmogrify and become a public flap. It could become a political career killer?Anyway back to flip flopping…

  173. Pragmatist

    You have yet to provide proof that the “west” are imperialist in Africa. Stop using them as a scape goat. Mugabe is a power hungry tyrant who deserves nothing but a bullet to his head.

    African leaders need to take responsibility for there actions. Whenever Mbeki receives criticism from the white South Africans, he always blames it on Apartheid and racism. Is it racism that the ANC promised people houses and have not delivered, tell me. Is it racism that ESKOM has failed to power the nation and yet the CEO’s are receiving bonuses.

    Stop using the west as a scape goat. You are based in the UK enjoying the white man’s Pounds and Euro’s and so you have no idea what you are

  174. He could be lucky because of a favorable public mood (especially from unflinching base supporters), the moment in history and whether the charges are synchronized or not, with existing doubts about him.But he has to be careful. Like Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932 he could easily be described as a “chameleon on plaid”? a man without principles, well known for a series of policy shifts.

  175. cont…

    talking about. You can comfortably criticize the “west” in your comfortable London apartment enjoying the ever powerful Pound whilst the people in Zimbabwe are suffering with nothing but Mugabe’s dollars. A currency which if taken at 07:00 loses value by 09:00 the same day.

    People are suffering and it is all Mugabe’s fault.

    Tell you what, why dont you go live at least a weak in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and lets see if you’ll like it.

  176. I still find fault with the western (USA&UK)and their media.They made me to belive that Saddam Hussein had weapon of mass destruction(which he could deploy within 45 minutes) and that he was linked to Osama Bin Laden.The thing turned up to be a lie.
    Now i dont belive every thing they say until go there and see for myself.

  177. confused zambian: seems to me your foreign policy knowledge comes from BBC newscasts and action/war movies. real life is not quite as simply as hollywood has led you to believe. now onto your examples. i belive you began with vietnam as your example. i would suggest you go back to your history and understand the so-called “Cold” War – the fight in vietnam had very little (in fact, nothing) to do with vietnam. it was a proxy war of the larger fight between the soviets & the US. the only contemporary equivalent to this would be the so-called “war on terror” in which the US is now engaged itself into several proxy wars. but until or when mugabe is found hosting osma bin laden i doubt very much

  178. the US’s interest will rise the level of sending in the troops. you should be joking yourself on that one my friend. as for your other examples of so-called “humanitarian” interventions i again suggest you go back and read widely so that you understand the “humanitarian” slogan is a convenient cover for other reasons (much as the “WMD” arguemtn was also a cover to convince people to support intervention in iraq). these are games governments play to garner the support of their electorate but they are rarely the actually reasons for launching wars. in the case serbia/kosovo/etc that was not humanitarian but geopolitical. the US has a vested interest in not seeing the balkanization of eastern

  179. europe and/or the expansion of russian influence. on now to somalia. they came under the pretense of the distribution of humanitarian aid that is true. but again i ask you to look beyond the pretense and examine what actually transpired and the geopolitical position somalia occupies visa via “terrorism”. even today the US has geopolitical interests in the horn of africa as an extension of their “war on terror” — hello? why do you think there is a push for AFRICOM? you buy that democracy promote crap they are selling? cuz if it was about promotion of democracy it wouldnt need to be a MILITARY command. anyway, that is off point.

  180. #174 confused — now let me question some you arguements. if the west is so interested and motivation by concern for human rights/etc… (that seems to be your premise) then why when mugabe slaughtered 20,000+ ndebele’s was the world quiet????

  181. confused – i am indeed confused by your understanding of how the world works. you seem to think these guys (us/etc) care about human rights. i just don’t see it. how about tibet? mynmar? darfur? DRC? uganda? sierra leone? ivory coast? east timor? haiti? have you seen troops on the ground there? not so much. you mentioned somewhere about economic interests – and i would suggest to you that THAT is where the real motivations are (if there are no security interests). those two things (security and/or economic interests) are the true motivators of US action anywhere – even in those examples you cited.

  182. confused – i also want to clarify what i mean by “US action” because that may be where you & me disagree the most. often times US “action” comes in the form of sanctions or backdoor manipulations (toppling democratically elected governments or using surrogates or directly funding opposition/rebel movements, etc – ie: angola, haiti, uganda, nicaragua, the list is pretty much endless). my point is that the US will not directly intervene (especially with its own troops on the ground or even its bombs) in the interest of human rights.

  183. My God, I have nothing more to say, the contributions are becoming like theses here, or do you guys just copy and paste some google articles, let us be original and discuss this issue with as few points as possible, by the time you finish 16 contributions by the same blogger one after the other it just kills my eyes. I quite honestly I think we are being very theoretical here. The issue is simple, Mugabe has lost it, no amount of history will change that.

  184. one last thing confused. you wrote (#144) that “There was no US interest in vietnam, was there? The aim was simply to root out the communists. Mugabe is a communist. There, I gave you one Example”. you should know that the Cold War is over, my friend. The US is no longer in the business of killing communists. they’ve moved on to the “newest” thing – “Terrorists”. So let Mugabe invite Bin Laden for dinner and then perhaps your precious US will come to the rescue (though I’m pretty sure they will just bomb the sh!t out of harare & leave zimbos to suffer with the aftermath). but if mugabe is at the dinner table at the time perhaps he’ll be blown & you can be happy?????

  185. #197, maybe you can refer Confused to the book by John Perkin “confessions of an economic hitman” that should give one an incite into the way the US works.

  186. Kansas i agree with you 100%.I was fooled in beliving their lies.Now am awake and i dont want to be deceived any more.History is my guide.

  187. kabwe: good morning my brother – it is indeed good that we africans open our eyes. we should know that the things they talk about (democracy, human rights, aid, etc) are often not the whole story – and often times blatant lies… what we need to wake up, know our own history…. AFRICA UNITE

    also: if you want to know how the US does their things WITHOUT putting troops on the ground, read john stockwell’s (former Chief of the Angola Task Force) book In Search of Enemies…

  188. Mugabe was not talking about Zambia but Botswana who have lined their border with Zim saying they want to send in troops.

  189. Quick question, has anyone wondered why they have not signed protocols such as kyoto, and convention for the rights of the child, guys US is up to good.

  190. Confused 158, you are really confused! Whose interest are you serving when you instigate that foreign powers should attack your people (Zimbabweans are, foolish Africans do not realise this) from Kenya? War is not a movie and mind you once you plant seeds of war in a nation you do not uproot it easily. See all nations around the globe who had allowed people to die in war. They are never the same. The war story above should teach you a lesson to know that someone’s father, uncle or brother died not just a soldier. Africans including our leaders never read between lines. Few people see the big picture here. Kansas!

  191. Kansas # 196,

    You are on the money.I find the unbridled ignorance of the two kids Confused “Zulu” and so called Theoretician,beyond belief. They just lift every line straight from the BBC and any Right Wing blog without applying their common sense. It is self demeaning to burn your time with them. Refer to my remarks i repost below:

  192. Confused “Zulu”,

    To disturb your ignorance flow with whoever you are kidding with today, who told you the US went into Kosovo, the Sudan and Serbia on humanitarian grounds? Such ignorance is stunning. What classes if I may ask have you ever done in International politics or Public policy studies that you pull that smock from? And which school is that? It needs to be deregistered immediately. Where has the Caspian Sea oil pipeline been built through?

  193. Theoretician,

    Truly you are just a Theoretician without sense of critical analysis. In the real existentialistic world Theoreticians like you are empirically philosophers without a philosophy. You have no clue that we are in an anarchical society where preponderant powers are instinctual aggressors motivated by economic irredentists. Nationalism is no substitute in resistance.

  194. Pragmatist, you are indeed pathetic. You say ” I am back on the issues of Nation-State building and traitors”. You make it sound like you’re bequeathed with some “rights” to build God knows what. Take it from me, you are worse of than “theoretician” because you using classroom thoughts and text book references to analyze very simple texts and problems (re: Zimbabwe). The debate is simple: Botswana and Kenya are not surrogate countries for the West and obviously not traitors. Traitors to who? To you? To Zimbabwe? Oh, shame! Zimbabwean leader is a traitor to his own ppl. Look at the number of Zimbabweans who have turned into destitutes by their “veterinary dictator”. +200 of them are hounded..

  195. over 20 000 Zimbabweans are sleeping in streets with no food and water. Don’t you have any shame to peddle philosophical statements on this blog justifying Mugabe as a vindictim of the West. Oh, God, no! Mugabe has shown clear display of leadership failure. This is not the time to hoodwink Africans into accepting junk leadership. No matter how you quote from Mugabe is not going to turn in Angel. For a minute, think about the thousands of ppl including children who can go to school, have no food. Imagine being a husband who is incapable of providing for his own family? There are millions of such fathers who have been rendered powerless financially. If you think about those ppl first, you’ll..

  196. ..tone down your “literature survey exercise”. When I read your contributions, I can’t help but conclude that you’re perfroming a strong literature survey on “National building and Revisism” and then you jazz up a few words substituting MDC and Mugabe here and there to make it sound and authentic. But anybody with an ounce of imagination will tell who is writing with his heart and who is writing with class room notes in front of them. Pragmatist, you’re not impressing me. Definitely, you are a copycat and I give you ZERO! Be original. Mugabe is nauseating, an embarassment to Arch Tutu, to Nigerians, to Zambians, to all compassionate people. You are a surrogate of Mugabe. You are the traitor!

  197. The problem with Mugabe is that he is not onnly intimidating his own political opponents and his people, he is throwing the same threats tro neighboring countries. That is tragic. Obviously, other leaders have ignored him but others are acting out! It is really a shame for a man like Mugabe to sink so low. He shouldn’t have married a younger girl because he’s exaggerating his youthfulness to look cool to Joyce. Mugabe is a very old man. He is very, very old and he’s a drunk with perpetual sly speech. He knows how to intimidate opponents and Morgan should be given credit for shedding light on this. The West can not be intimidated. They will fix him!

  198. but nadabwa lelo…all the people i hold in high esteem have reduced themselves to shallow wells!!! Debating meaningless things away from the topic.

  199. #207: Pragmatist wrote: “They just lift every line straight from the BBC and any Right Wing blog without applying their common sense.”
    Total nonsense. We have shown a lot of originality, at I did. I called for the toppling of Mugabe and I said this should be done through air attacks from Mombasa. I called for the capturing of the Harare airport. You vehemently got offended and you smurked off like a Mugabe supporter. You have dished out a lot of information here that points clearly to the fact that you planted here by Mugabe himself. You talk of MDC operations in UK in his home village, stuff that is strange to us. You speak of Khama in racial terms and demean Botswana’s democracy, when…

  200. ..a guy called “Zulu” whom you choose to equate to me, clearly for the purpose of divide and rule, Zanu-PF style. I don’t care! I will keep being me! Botswana is not my bread and butter but I know that they have multi-party democracy and all elections are heavily contested, at least from what I see on BTV channel (forgive me). For some reasons, you get so heated up on Botswana and I am pretty sure you’re a Mugabe surrogate (sorry to sound like you here).

    For those who say I am wrong to call for military action in Zimbo. Read about Nyerere’s invasion of Uganda! There, I said it, iwe pumbwe wa mbushi, umushona wa kwa mugabe!

  201. Kwena bane, pragmatist is a waste of breath. Look at what he wrote below:

    “In the real existentialistic world Theoreticians like you are empirically philosophers without a philosophy. You have no clue that we are in an anarchical society where preponderant powers are instinctual aggressors motivated by economic irredentists. Nationalism is no substitute in resistance…..”

    What’s this? Is this meant to impress your ego? This is mere rhetoric and misplaced. Zimbabwe is a country in an “Anarchy State” and IT HAS BEEN an “anarchical society” since 2000 when Mugabe’s land grab policies were set in motion. Here, pragmatist, your literature survey is misplaced. You misspoke!

  202. The European Union called on Friday for Zimbabwe to hold a new election as soon as possible. – Reuters

  203. Botswana noted that Mugabe had ignored appeals from SADC and the United Nations Security Council to call off the election.

    “As a country that practises democracy and the rule of law, Botswana does not… recognise the outcome of the presidential run-off election and would expect other SADC member states to do the same,” Botswana’s foreign minister Phandu Skelemani said.

  204. Some of you are hypocrites like Kansas. In the topic “Levy’s Condition Stable in Percy, French Hospital” post # 72, Kansas was trying to justify a challenge that was brought up by somebody who questioned what right one Lozi chief imwiko had to be talking about a region that does not exist and trying to act like some spokesperson of a region filled by other tribes. This Kansas blogger was justifying such tribal nonsense and yet here in this topic, the same blogger tries to come out with lines like ‘Africa Unite’. Atase Bane fi hypocrisy muleke. In one topic you are promoting some tribal agenda and in another you try to come out with such lines as above.

  205. You are just as bad as the useless political advert Imwiko was trying to plant in a get well message to LPM.

  206. Imwe bantu what and with who can Bob fight a war with in his current economic status? His stocks of ammunition at present is not enough to last an hour after his armo-replenishment was turned away.

  207. Pragmatist is not pragmatic. Your comments lack substance, are irritatingly long and irrational. Why the racial slur against Khama and the hatred of the Twanas?? You embarass the nation. I wish that bloggers could be more mature on LT……but then, that’s like asking for the impossible.

  208. #221: it’s nice that you follow and keep track of all my postings…but i think if you rememeber CORRECTLY i was not making anything remotely close to a tribal arugement – in fact, i was only reminding people that Western Province is not only for the Lozi’s, but all of the people who live there – go back & re-read & you’ll see a whole list of people mentioned. i was in fact recognizing the strength of ALL the people of western province together.. you know UNITED… there is strength in that unity. if only africa had it… but with so many “anonymous” africans out there quick to insult their brothers, i doubt it will happen soon.

  209. It is disheartening to hear what is happening in Zimbabwe, innocent men, women and children being attacked, beaten, raped, molested and more. Let us not target Zimbabweans refugees in our country as they are simply running away from persecution and starvation. I only wish our leaders could work together to quickly halt these atrocities. It is always the innocent that suffer most. Zambians, Zimbabweans, Botswanas etc, we are all the same. We are all Africans.

  210. #227, you are right,its only the innocent that always suffer,it will never be Mugabe or a Morgan,still to that (confused blogger)i still disagree with your idea of Gadaff and who ever may be in Kenya to send troops into Zim, have you forgotten that Gaddafi was on the terror list of the US until he came he to kiss a$$,now US has let him to continue abuse humanrights in his country,they dont care as long he does not bother them,lets not talk of double standards,if you believe so much in the US,ask them to send the millitary to the countries i metioned to you earlier on that abuse human rights,US does not care of zimboz,zambians,its you and me who should care

  211. Pragmatist,Kansas, Mwiinga: I stand by my word Mugabe’s rule is EVIL and retrogressive to AFRICA. I am no Fan of Levy but even LPM recognises the evil in Mugabe and that has given him the most severe stroke. I wish him well. This talk about the West is of no no revelevance to me because as as African WE KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR US. Yes the west are hypocites just the same way mugabe and his supporters are hypocrites. He never raised the land issue until his hour for exit had come and he used as a tramp card. When the consequesences of his action messed his country her blamed the west. I wont buy that crap

  212. pragmatist..
    of course my real name is zulu from Botswana. As “confused” has told u we are 2 different bloggers. I won’t respond to all the trash you say unless if I feel that it is misleading and said out of malice to demean and tarnish the great name of Botswana.

  213. That SA President Mbeki is a shareholder in the diamond mines that Mugabe looted/ammassed in the DRC campaign. As a shareholder in Mugabe’s DRC diamond/gold enterprise he has a duty to keep mugabe in office.All the while SADC and mother AFRICA is abused by this little crooks and tyrants while they ammass personal wealth. THEY BLAME THE west for they misery they inflict on their population and send the likes of communist Bulgaria educated/brainwashed Pragmatist to peddle their lies. I WONT BUY THE WEST BLAME GAME. IT IS CRAP. AFRICA BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS AND TO YOUR PEOPLE

  214. Zambia and Botswana can’t fight Zimbabwe, this country has until recently been training fighter pilots of RSA. The army of Zimbabwe is very displined, you can;t compare its commanders to its Zambian counterparts who are always plotting to topple an elected governments. To my fellow Zambians agitating war, please shut up you know nothing on urban warfare. If Kabinga Pande has nothing to say it is better if he shuts up as well. Increasingly we are seeing a government that wants to pick fights with neighbours. Lusaka is 60% shanty compounds, after war it could be 90% shanty.Pande shut up!

  215. Botswana has a flourishing multiparty constitutional democracy. Each of the elections since independence has been freely and fairly contested and has been held on schedule. The country’s minority groups participate freely in the political process. There are three main parties and a number of smaller parties. In national elections in 2004, the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) won 44 of 57 contested National Assembly seats, the Botswana National Front (BNF) won 12, and the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) won 1 seat. Individuals elected by the National Assembly hold an additional 4 seats; the ruling BDP currently holds all 4. The opposition out-polled the ruling BDP in most urban areas. The openne

  216. #228 you are missing it. American love themselves. Even Gadaffi loves himself and fellow arabs such that he is ready to kiss the Dollar or eat pork (forbidden meat for moslems) to push his Arab agenda ahead. But we Africans hate ourselves. We like to see our own people suffer. Indians do all the dirty jobs in the world, their caste system to this day condemns hundreds of millions of their own to instititionalised servitude/slavery. But when India come to Africa they are semi-gods and some Africans want it that way and blame the west for this self hatred

  217. The roots of Botswana’s democracy lie in Setswana traditions, exemplified by the Kgotla, or village council, in which the powers of traditional leaders are limited by custom and law. Botswana’s High Court has general civil and criminal jurisdiction. Judges are appointed by the president and may be removed only for cause and after a hearing. The constitution has a code of fundamental human rights enforced by the courts, and Botswana has a good human rights record.
    The BDF is a capable and well-disciplined military force. Following positive political changes in South Africa and the region, the BDF’s missions have increasingly focused on border control and anti-poaching activities.

  218. The United States has been the largest single contributor to the development of the BDF, and a large segment of its officer corps has received U.S. training. It is considered an apolitical and professional institutionThe Batswana, a term also used to denote all citizens of Botswana, refers to the country’s major ethnic group (the “Tswana” in South Africa), which came into the area from South Africa during the Zulu wars of the early 1800s. Prior to European contact, the Batswana lived as herders and farmers under tribal rule.

  219. With due respect Zulu you are deluded on Botswana. Firstly Ian Khama is ruling on borrowed tenure from Mogae. This half cast think he is white(just all macolored in africa) and wants to the bidding for the west.

    Botswana’s major export are diamonds which are produced by Debswana. This company accounts for 33% of the country’s GDP but this company is largely owned by foreign capital. The day botswana picks a fight with whites, that economy will contract within days!

  220. Pragmatist: You argue like Mbeki, a man with his head in the clouds. His feet are not on the ground. For him Hiv/Aids doesnt exist, there is no crisis in zimbabwe, there is no xenophobia in SA. Little wonder he lost miserably to ZUMA. Politics and meeting peoples need iis not rocket science or brain surgery like pragmatist wants to make it with his empty verbosity. It is about having your feet on the ground and your fingers on the pulse of the patient.EXIT MBEKI ENTER ZUMA. And it will will anew ball game altogether.

  221. “botswana picks a fight with whites”
    Be advised that Botswana has a long tradition of healthy, cordial and mutualy benefing relationship with all its trading partners especialy the EU market.

  222. I repeat:That SA President Mbeki is a shareholder in the diamond mines that Mugabe looted/ammassed in the DRC campaign. As a shareholder in Mugabe’s DRC diamond/gold enterprise he has a duty to keep mugabe in office.These guys guys loves their pockects and their egos. On the other hand Bush loves America while Gaddafi loves the arab world. Its not about double standards, its about loving your own. In Africa we hate our own. Someone has to put an end to this crap in Africa.

  223. It is sad that Africans always seem to enjoy fighting other Africans. That is why Africa cannot develop and is being left behind. No matter what differences we may have, war is NEVER the solution, if anything, it only makes things worse! Imagine inflicting pain on your own brothers and sisters. How can leaders talk so casually about war? What sort of example are they setting for our youth today? We need to progress and not regress. We need to come together.
    #232 I am surprised that you can make fun of people’s misfortunes. Yes there are may people living below the poverty line in Lusaka but you show no sympathy for them.

  224. “Firstly Ian Khama is ruling on borrowed tenure from Mogae.”

    The reason why Ian Khama has taken over from Mogae is because according to the constitution of Botswana, a president can only serve a maximum of 2 terms which is equivalent to 10 years. Mogae has already completed his tenure and constitutionaly a vice president must take over and rule the country until the next democratic elections. The next Botswana general elections are scheduled for mid/late 2009.

  225. “This half cast think he is white(just all macolored in africa) and wants to the bidding for the west.”

    I find it hard or rather obscene to refer to MULTI-RACIAL / MIXED RACE people as half cast. Africans associate themselves with a number of mixed race American born celebrities such as Halle Berry, Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, Will Smith and many more. Therefore I find it disturbing and inappropriate to utter racial slurs to Ian Khama whose father and mother lived and died in Bots and has very little or no european influence. The only time Khama was in the UK was when he was studying in a military college.HAVE RESPECT FOR BOTH OF HIS PARENTS WHO TOILED AND FOUGHT RACISM AND SGREGATION

  226. I gather that it is out of fear of the unknown that our neighbours do not seem too keen to accept a mixed race president of Botswana.

    “Botswana’s major export are diamonds which are produced by Debswana. This company accounts for 33% of the country’s GDP but this company is largely owned by foreign capital.”

    Corrections: Botswana’s diamonds are not produced by Bebswana. They are produced by the Botswana government in conjunction with Debeers. Diamond mining is a very complex industry, you need to pull out human resources and expertise from across the global spectrum. It is not a one man’s game. You can only be a player in the game to succeed.

  227. Aunty C: Positive contribution. War is not an option for me and for a lot of bloggers on this site except one or two.They most likely dont fathom the ravages of war. Needless to caution them that the care free movement/activity/availabilty of goods eg pleasures of manda hill/Arcades and simple drive from lusaka to chisamba maybecome harzardous or dowright immpossible. I shudder to talk about death and destruction.I would’nt want Zambia to be involved. LPM should just say he is the chair of SADC. And Since SADC is the mediator through Mbeki zambia has to be neutral

  228. Unlike in the past the majority of these diamonds are polished, sorted and valued locally through the newly launched Diamond Trading Company Botswana. Most if not all of the SENIOR positions at Debswana have been localised to enable our citizens to play a lead role in what is rightly theirs.

  229. contd: However, how can you come together with hard nut lunatics like mugabe and his generals. Howe do you make progress with hallucinatory mediators like Mbeki.Again Mbeki is shareholder in mugabes diamond/gold mines in DRC that he aquired during the zim campaign aginist Rwanda in DRC. Apart from being hallucinatory MBEKI CANNOT BE NEUTRAL AS A SHAREHOLDER IN MUGABE’S DRC LOOT.

  230. Who wants to be a billionaire? This is a very silly question in Zimbabwe, coz everybody there is a stinking billionaire. Mugabe is a very stuborn dictator who is not ready to relingush power anytime soon. All the suffering Zimbabweans need to do is to just buckle up and try to enjoy the bumpy ride piloted by this Chimpanzee. I really feel sorry for them, and it really breaks my heart to see them day in and day out peddling sweets and sex. God will deliver them one day just like he did the children of Israel from the hands of Pharoah. Mugabe beware because you have God’s wrath coming your way for persecuting His people.

  231. People of Southern Africa, let us not even think of war in southern africa, it will damage the image of Africa and we will all lose as Africans. Most of the countries are doing well in Southern Africa and Zimbabwe can join that within months too if people work with Mugabe. He has said, he is ready for dialogue and people should support and encourage that. Mr. Mugabe is 84 years old, soon rather than later, he will have to step down. If the opposition take this opportunity to dialogue with mugabe now, the can have a say in who becomes the next leader when mugabe steps down. That way, the country can get back on its feet and move on. War will take us no where, we will all lose.

  232. Since elections are next year in botswana, we need to sponsor the opposition to take over. How about that – Zulu?

  233. #209 Pragmatist: Let me explain why I go by the name theoretician. Theory is defined as;
    a set of facts, propositions, or principles analysed in their relation to one another and used, especially in science, to explain phenomena OR
    the body of rules, ideas, principles, and techniques that applies to a subject, especially when seen as distinct from actual practice.

    Before embarking on any endeavour one needs to ask the questions why, what when, how, who, which etc

    An understanding of theory has been proven to form the basis of outstanding performance. Yes the world has been shaped by doers but more so by those doers that understood what they were doing. I have a lot of respect for the

  234. CONTD;I have a lot of respect for theory/knowledge (Not empty political verbosity/jargon which seems to be your specialisation)

  235. I agree with all of you who say NO TO WAR. History teaches us that war has and will never be a solution. The afternath of war is increased hostility and broken trust. We know that God has an answer to every tear shed by the beautiful people of Zimbabwe. It is just a matter of time, sooner or later Zimbabwe will be free from the grip of this traitor called Mugabe. I will urge christians across our borders to bear one another burden and help one another through these trying times. I know for sure that soldiers don’t like war, stupid politicians drive our innocent kids to the battlefield and ask them to shed innocent blood. Let’s solve this through dialogue.

  236. #253 Zulu. Thanks for saying NO TO WAR. Dialogue spearheaded by aloof/shareholder Mbeki alone won’t work. Sanctions will do

  237. #250 It’s up to you to do what you want as long as it is within the confines of the law / (constitution of Botswana)

  238. Akaka basa. Atuleke kubwentelana. Cilanda kugwasha kuti twabandika makani aali a blog-news kwinda kunoonongana nobakwesu.

    Be blessed his day as you refocuss your minds to progressive blogging.

  239. #229
    If you have been following my articles i have never supported Mugabe in anyway or the west.What i have been critical about is the way you Africans want the Western powers to interven in African problems without knowing the price it comes with.i have been saying if all African countries “UNITE” IN ONE VOICE ,we could solve our problems without paying the price attached with it in form of reconstruction.

  240. #257 Kasas OK. Your point is noted. Please alsao note only one or two warmongers suggested. The rest including Aunty C#227 called for an African solution. I dont support western military intervention &I dont buy the perpertual blame on colonialism/the West.Needless to say troublesome Savimbi was blown out of existance using Western/Israeli intelligence. Satelite phone call and cammeras from space zeroed in on his poistion. He tried to split he convey to create diversion but such is futile with space technology. It wasnt long before the cameras picked him up in the smaller party. Angolan govt forces were given his GPS coordinates. They nailed him when he went the nearby river to have bath

  241. #257 Kansas OK. Your point is noted. Please alsO note only one or two warmongers suggested western intervention. Most & #227 called for an African solution. I dont support western military intervention &I dont buy the perpertual blame on colonialism/the West.Needless to say troublesome Savimbi was blown out of existance using Western/Israeli intelligence. Satelite phone call and cammeras from space zeroed in on his poistion. He tried to split he convey to create diversion but such is futile with space technology. It wasnt long before the cameras picked him up in the smaller party. Angolan govt forces were given his GPS coordinates. They nailed him when he went the nearby river to have bath

  242. #228. It is typical of Zambians and most africans to call “bi-racial” children as “half-casts”. This is discrimination at it’s worst. Please, we don’t have a caste system in Zambia. Who is a “full caste”? A Bemba with bemba parents? A Bemba with Lozi parents? A Bemba with one foreign parent? Guys, be fair! Show some elements of intelligence. This is the year 2008! The uneducated people of 1940s thought that when you have a parent from two different ethnic groups then you were “impure”. This has bee the basis of wars in Africa. Look at the Sierra Leon, why did they sink into a civil war? The presidential contender had one of his parents coming from a neighboring country…why did Chiluba…

  243. Politics driven by race or ethnic groupings lead to WAR!! Chiluba tried it and just look where he is now. Botswana does not have the history of Zambia where ethnic tribes and groupings examine each other in terms of “ethinic purity” or “caste” system. Please don’t misunderstand me. I know in Zambia we don’t have a “an indina style caste system” but the way we bahave towards “bi-racial children” is not far from that indirectly.

    Leave civilized Botswana alone with their President. They have no problems with it, imwe ba pompwe, bamintala misoka! Don’t impose your obsession with enthnicity on Botswana. Mulekwata insoni! Jealousy panse!

  244. #260, it seems you are less confused on this issue than other topics you have posted about previously. you are absolutely right about the issue of ethnicity & the way some people look down upon (or up to) others based on ethnicity instead of character. HOWEVER, i think your comments on sierra leone are misguided-that conflict was NOT about ethnicity. Politicians used ethnicity arguements to incite people but at the end of the day such arguements were only covering up the real motivations of such wars.

  245. Solving african problems using african solutions means ” the incumbent presidents loses elections, he creates anarchy and mayhem on his people and then cause for negotiations supported by the AU, and a govt of national unity is formed in which the winner becomes a deputy”. He he he! What a carmouflage!

    There is nothing like “african solutions”, this a generic terms which advocates for mediocrity and comprise of the rule of law”. To justify the call for african solutions, africans dwell unwittingly on previous colonial decisions and neocolonial market decisions of the west. Obviously, europeans get intimidated by these references. Truth? Well, african leaders want to stay in power!

  246. Solving african problems using african solutions means ” the incumbent presidents loses elections, he creates anarchy and mayhem on his people and then “calls” for negotiations under the AU to support a govt. of national unity in which the winner becomes a “deputy”. He he he! What a carmouflage!

    There is nothing like “african solutions”, this a generic term which advocates for mediocrity and compromise of the rule of law. To justify the call for african solutions, leaders dwell unwittingly on previous colonialist’s decisions and neocolonial market decisions to counter eurocentric attacks. Obviously, europeans get intimidated by these references. Truth? Well, african leaders want power!!

  247. #259. I agree with you. Savimbi was eliminated using GPS information submitted to the Angolan govt by the US. They tried to preserve some “peace” in Angola over oil. Here it was a clear case of “oil” interest.

    Today, we have come to know the truth that Mugabe actually wanted to stand down after March 29 elections. It was the Army Generals that convinced him to go for a run-off argueing that they will not accept Tsvangirai’s rule. Well, it seems like the Army generals are scared of what they did in Matebeleland wiping out 30 000 zimbos in 7 days! You must understand why I clearly advocated that they must be wiped out by air attacks, Savimbi way!

  248. Stop this extraordinary lie about “african solutions”. There’s nothing like that. Just make decisions based on the rule of law and respect for human rights with a global view to compete favorably. This means, we can copy some decisions if it means staying on top. I hate it when I hear this “african solution nonsense”, it is disgusting. If you know what it means look at it this way: It is selective. Gaddafi came to power in 1969 and has never allowed a single election in his country. Sudan is a dictatorship and Al bashir. So: we must be selective ann allow each country to choose its own democratice path. The popular path now in the new MULTIPARTY AFRICA is GNU, winner is becomes a deputy.

  249. I am a little drowse with some wine. I mistyped “democratic path”. “and” not “ann”. “Sudan is a dictatorship under Al Bashir”. GNU = Government of National Unity, a recent term used to keep the incumbent on top”. Ba Kenneth Kaunda missed on this one. I am sure he regrets it. He should have stayed in a govenment of national unity with the MMD. Afurika ubushilu bwa induka!

  250. cheap talk, showing off wrong English, bragging about how much info we have about neighbouring countries’ armies, racism, etc…all out of topic and a waste of space. Read the headline and the news item, please.

  251. Mugabe does not quite get it.Zim problems is a problem to SADC’S aim to global competitiveness. We Batswana have always believed in regional prosperity, Guys we should not even be debating war strategies as SADC nations but rather sound economic policies for our region.
    A stable SADC is a real competitor to EU & US markets,it has the potential as a new economic frontier.Think about it.Uncle Bob is dragging us down.

  252. 258/267: just a little tip-off to you who think the west owns GPS. not so much – it’s called GLOBAL positioning system for a reason. granted it was developed by US military way back but it has long since been outside their domain. you can track someone’s position via gps easily and cheaply. there’s no magic in it – the science is simple, the technology cheap. so nobody needs the west to let them use “their” gps systems. they don’t own the system. and it’s too bad you don’t know that they don’t own you either.

  253. This man needs to be treated like IDi Amini was treated by Tanzania. I am sure the west will support every effort to remove him.

  254. #273 Even though I refered to this as GPS. GPS is just a component of the space military system. IT intergrates ICT & spy satellite technolgy that can see even though the night & Zero in to the nearest milimetre.Now who owns the spy satellites?
    #267 I agree that we should not demean/discriminate on race on tribe BUT I SAY NO TO WAR AND WESTERN INTERVENTION. African solutions though usually mediocre do not breed the sort of complexity, drag & imperilalist overtones that come with western intervention. Our own Zambian move to multi party politics was an african/zambian solution so were other african countries solutions including Ivory coast,Liberia today enjoy peace from Africa’s own efforts

  255. Hello, history lesson to all that are confused,Tanzania did not invade Uganda,it was Idi amin who started millitary attacts on Tanzanian border towns,that forced Tanzania to retaliate. To all those who seam to love war,mark my words the US will never never never engage in any millitary strikes on Zimbabwe,US doesnt give a sh!t about zim,Morgan and his country have nothing to pay the US

  256. #274 Bro it seams you believe so much in the west,remember the west will always love people like you who want to cause distruction on your continent,you seam to be a cleaver fool,any african should know that the west are not to be trusted, wake up

  257. Mugabe..you have been fighting unarmed civilians for too long. You try and come across the border and you will meet a different enemy!!!

  258. Uncle BOB as usual distracts his people instaed of dealing with the problem. Before elections, he promised to do something about the economy, on arrival fires a salvo to neighbors.And these zimbos have taken in alot of crap from this dictator, and yes its their problem, but they are dragging SADC down the drain. And Bravo to bostwana, they have just carried the touch of morality and good governance, where LPM left. At leat there is hope in SADC, we still have leaders who stand up to crap. Forget Mbeki, his a loner even in his own homeland.

  259. MBeki failed to bring peace to cote d iviore.The all warring parties complained that his efforts were sporadic/uncoordinated and not addressing/relating to concerns on the ground. He lives with his head up above the clouds. It wasnt long after he was booted out as mediator when the ivorians sat among themselves and hammered out a peace. Today there is peace in cote d iviore. I dont why we are still wasting time with Mbeki

  260. #272&279 GuYS were arre on the same page.Someboby needs to stand up against Bob and say old man this is the 21st century its not about liberation struggle its about Economic Empowerment for ordinary SADC citizens.Bob needs to go,he is slowing us down ,how can we facilitate free movement within Sadc while Bob is arming civilians and turning them in to miliatia.This is a real problem to SADC:Post-Mugabe admin needs to deal with disarming malitia and as we all know it proves to be a very difficult exercise as we have sen in the case of South Africa.

  261. #281. We are not on the same page, at least am not. I want a military intenvention.
    UN 2005 report presents a frame work of international authority to allow neighboring states and regional blocks to intervene militarily and stop war crimes and persecution of civilians. Obviously, this requires overhwelming support from SADC. I guess that Tanzania, Zambiam Botswana and Kenya are prepared to rescue the Zimbabweans from Mugabe and his “interhamwe militia”, and stop ZANU-PF from “infesting” the region. Military intervention will protect weak democracies in the region and prevent such from happening. It will improve SADC’s image contrary to what you believe.

  262. #282, the current preception is that the Zimbabwean crisis will infect SADC. Seriously so for South Africa, which has a monumental task of redistributing land.

    LPM must get well soon to help with this matter! He’s a straight forward person and he knows this is pure “criminality” in Zimbabwe it is not right! It is a sham government. Must be removed militarily!

  263. ichikwanka bachimwena kumampalanya! Mugabe has displayed all the traits of a man who is scared for his life and he’ll not go down silently. He rose through the sword (eliminating opponents before and after Zim’s 1st elections) and he knows that only by the sword will he go down. He can’t dribble the region endlessly. It is time to kick his ass!

    Did you see how he got agitated and insulted a reporter in Egypt? “you stupid *****, go and tell your mother about democracy, we are not a colony of Britain, he yelled”. He has no public restraint to attack, he must go!

  264. ANGOLA: Election crisis — opposition parties under beaten up and persecution.

    The truth of the matter is that there is no standardized functional democracy. Each nation has its own democracy. The US’s 2000 Florida Democracy was of its own kind, Zambia has had of its one since 1996, Uganda had its own with Besiege under terrorist charge campaigning from Prison until after elections, Kenya has had its own that scarified 2600 voters with 600,000 more Internally displaced Refuges, Zimbabwe has had its own and now its Angola after Mozambique had another one which took 28 days to release results. Its all democracy.

  265. The Gambia, Zimbabwe Run-off Valid.

    At the recently concluded Emergency Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh Gambia took a position that few powers are taking. The Government of President Jammeh feels that the recently conducted Presidential Runoff was a valid election.

  266. Mugabe has been outplayed by his invisible enemies he calls Britain and America to the extent that he murders his own people. Believing that he is wise he proves that he is a fool. He shoots himself in the leg and shouts Brown or Bush to douse the pain. Each time he murders his own people, he is shooting himself and that surely is painful but he shouts Bush/Brown. When an Elderly guy goes to the toilet he attempts to hide what he is doing by running water from the tap. That is what Mugabe is doing. Who does not know that he has brought trouble to his country all by himself. The best he can do is own up.

  267. Mbeki on the other hand is completely shocking in his handling of affairs. I personally once highly regarded him. what has brought him down is his over dependence on fortune tellers this I am only seeing now. He believes Mugabe to be very high on the ladder of Wizards to the extent that he is to be feared more than God. Surely this is the height of Madness.Who will spare him from further embarrasing himself. No crisis but quick to acknowledge the purpoted deaths of those that he perceives to be Mugabe’s enemies. We must show respect to all people especially to those that are your waste enemies. Not this way of Mbeki!

  268. One does NOT need to be a political engineer to be able to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Mugabe’s story should be concluded by getting rid of him in any way possible, and in the shortest possible time. He has taken everyone for ride, thinking he’s untouchable. I don’t need to memorize history (worse still to know where to extract long passages about historical accounts of countries) to be convinced that Mugabe has outlived his stay. The man is tired and should be hitching for the personalized wooden box which rests six feet downstairs. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s someone somewhere doing something about it in some bush. This may not even take the West.

  269. We, congolese people, will never forget what MUGABE and zim army has done for us…He help us to stop the invaders coming from Rwanda-Ouganda-Burundi, invaders sent by Washington and London…So, if Botswana, helped by Washington, London, Kigali, Kampala, want to attack MUGABE and zim people, congolese army and his people will come to help Comrad BOB…Excuse my english, but I think you’ve understood..

  270. We, congolese people, will never forget what MUGABE and zim army has done for us…He helped us to stop the invaders coming from Rwanda-Ouganda-Burundi, invaders sent by Washington and London…So, if Botswana, helped by Washington, London, Kigali, Kampala, want to attack MUGABE and zim people, congolese army and his people will come to help Comrad BOB…Excuse my english, but I think you’ve understood..

  271. Wow, wow wow…! This is a really heated debate but there still remains some vast volumes of uninformed statements or stances in some of the comments made by some, especially Mr Pragmatist. I suggest we all show a sense of logic and do more research into these issues before writing or making such comments on such sensetive issues. ooh, by the way Mr Pragmatist, if the constitution of Botswana supports the way its presidents have been moviing to create room for new president, then there is no problem. A problem would be if any of such is done against the law of the country. Besides is the current situation in Zim what we desire as fellow africans…NO, then somethin is wrong!

  272. Honestly, the concept or should i say ideology behind ‘President’ Mugabe’s actions would be seconded by most african countries that have felt the left wing of colonialism, having fought for independence for example. The problem that i see is the actual execution of the idea which came i feel without proper consultation and planning by ‘His Excellency’. No wonder why sometimes other writers despite of their origins consider the leadership in africa miopic. If the consequences of suchh actions were well thought of, with proper planning and consultation, at least as a region, we wouldnt be facing this Zim situation. Ahsante

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