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Nakonde girl develops male genitals

Rural News Nakonde girl develops male genitals

A Grade Nine pupil at a named school in Nakonde district in Northern province yesterday woke up to a rude shock, when she discovered her private parts had changed into male genitals.

Both MMD Mulalo Ward Councilor, Luka Simusamba, and the girl confirmed the development in an interview with ZANIS in Nakonde today.

Mr Simusamba said the girl of Ntantumbila village in Mulalo Ward discovered yesterday morning during bathing that her genitals had changed into male organs.

Mr Simusamba explained that the girl was then rushed to a traditional healer for possible treatment after her parents and the village headman were informed about the development.

He said people of Ntantumbila and surrounding areas have received the news with great shock and suspect the development to be an act of evil spirits.

Some elderly people talked to in the area said such occurrences were common especially among people who indulge in sexual relations with married people.

By press time, the condition of the girl, who denied any involvement in sexual activities with married men, had remained the same.


  1. Is it the girl in the picture above? LT is not serious, the picture with the story is implying she is the one.

  2. its all nonsense,did the reporter really see the damn male genitsalia on the girl.hope its not the girl on the picture coz it would be a big loss to the guys in nakonde.

  3. Yaba! ….. Is it witchcraft or its a natural anomaly like turning gay so…..?? Very sorry for the girl….. hope the reverse process in possible and would be as simple as this one…..

  4. i dont think the picture is in anyway related to the story. LT, that is not a picture of someone in shock, with make up? get real!

  5. That is witchraft at play and witchraft is real. Girls don’t play around with married men in these places.

  6. Umwaice musumasana uyu. She must have Rejected the proposal to a man. Ama Guys kuna Nakonde balifulwa they get majic from Tanzania

  7. well she can start to enjoy the fruit men have been enjoying too, just use it iwe chi gelo, go out too screw them girls with your lady features even easy to bed them girl

  8. Just because your neighbor’s daughter or relative’s daughter is doing well at school and excelling doesn’t mean that you should go out and turn her into a man because you also fear, she will be well educated and akopwa bwino nokwikala bwino. What nonsense and foolishness is this?

    That is why I don’t have to announce my visit to Zambia at large. A lot of people ba ma jealous. Kuti bakulowa ati tufilile munsenga…….

  9. #1 Anonymous, this Luka Simusamba did not look into the girls pants!am sure he was just told by the girl herself. He was merely reporting on what he told.

    This is something shocking.

  10. and of course there is no way the girl in the picture can live in Nankone. No offense, bane Ku Nakonde and elsewhere! Unless she was passing through Nankone or came in from abroad visiting relatives. NOTE TO THE EDITOR, use the pictures of actual persons if you have them, if not, don’t use other people’s pictures, BECAUSE YOU CAN BE SUED. Do you even know the girl in the picture for you to be at liberty to publicise it for such a story?

    IF THERE IS NO PICTURE, LEAVE IT BLANK…by the way, which school did you go to?

    Napwa nine muntu wenu.

  11. What a ton of rubbish! Utter nonsense, where on earth? Such stories belong to ambuya’s bed time folk tales.

  12. ninshi ba #22 ku abroad ekwaba abasuma fye, mumwenu mu zed babifye? tamwaenda kanshi. in yo entire family takwaba uumoneka so?

  13. I am sure the girl was born with a stick. In Africa there are many girls who are inter-sexuality. Check out what kind of reason they had at school, she just have been enlighten that there is no point to be shy. The parents know it all. The girl just need to go to out of the country and start using it, when she 20years old of course.

  14. After almost 44 years of independence someone somewhere still thinks Zambians are illiterate and ignorant, huh!

  15. instead of publishing these silly stories without proof..why not spend time finding out what happening to Levy..ela tulefwaya ukwishiba..kwaliba ichalo ichisha kwata kateka…ni mu jungle twikala..even ba kolwe no tunyele twalikwata ama leaders

  16. How can a hole turn into a bazooka!! Is it true? Please the photo above is fake, give us real news not such nonsense!

  17. #26 u are right, u have hit the nail on the head. She was born like that but had to say it at one time. Very common in South America, Asia and Europe, where they call them Shemales. It is women born with a stik and are f…ucked in the a..ss. She knew and the parents knew as well

  18. I was shocked to hear that Mutinta Musokwatwene is runnel’s WIFEY .Dame !!! ist she tooooooooooooooooo old for you Runnel ?D

  19. #30, Please if that is your wish be carefull. You should not wish somebody dead. It is not good, we all get life from God and to begin saying that you think ba LPM nabatusha is being irresponsible. I don’t like such kinds of nonsense. Your view of things is not different from the devil. When others want the president, you are busy writing nonsense. Grow up Kambole, today it is on LPM tomorrow we don’t who it may be on. This is life kolwe iwe!!!!

  20. #33 i agree with you. there are women who are actually born that way. i saw some women on the oprah show recently who were saying they had both the male and female organs. one of them even said she wasnt sure whether to to regard herself as male or female. are they not called shimbilombe in tonga? anyone who knows tonga.

    the male organ is not exactly as you know it but according to the way they explained, its the clit itself cept it is “more advanced” than is usually the case. one lady even said she gets erections. oops!

  21. total BS, this never happened, you can tell from the pic tthat LT just made up the story to stimulate debate, Just like the Womba story.

  22. The bodygurd to LPM is my cousin, I will try to call him and found out. Remember He has been out for sometime they might have switched he needs to see the wife.

  23. I think its the girl on the picture. Judging from her face, it was like she is just from looking at her privates.

  24. Its sad for the poor girl, hope she’s not just dening of dating a married man in Nakonde. If she dated a married man! hehe, its a good lesson for all.
    Anyway its nothing bad of being a man, she can make use of the new state.

  25. 1) Someone should check the water and environment in Nakonde District. With all the enviromental pollution, the medicine that ends up in the drinking water, the chemicals from the mines… This should be a wake-up call to take environmental pollution seriously.

    2) How can this happen overnight? Maybe there is more to the story.

  26. You can take a monkey out of the bush but you can’t the bush out of the monkey! This statement applies to all Zambians that believe this rubbish.

  27. Is it true the girl slept with Dumisa Reverend Dan Pule? The man has powers to change sexual organs now, ha! I hope Ba Mwanza had the same juju planted on Regina to teach Chiluba a lesson never to plunder other people´s wives. Imagine ka FTJ turning into a girl, that would have been agony sure. You bet VJ would have been the first one like MMD Mulalo Ward Councilor Luka Simusamba to check them out and take them on a taste ride, balombwana abajisi kulya mabelo.

  28. #29 you’re very funny mannn! but i like your humour. Honestly we need a leader forget about LPM dead or alive his time is done unless for dreamers like #38.We have done the talking now we need actions.
    Naiwe ka mwice uleke ukulala nabaupwa…..!

  29. we already have good realtions with a certain French health institution………can we not send this girl there for further investigations?? Zambians are patient people so the expected reports of her condition during “investigations” being stable and forever improving will suffice!!!

  30. Another stupid, unverified and improbable story. If it has never been heard of in academic circles, then it is either false or has a more rational explanation. This ‘girl’ is probably a boy who has been hiding a secret all this time. Now that the secret is out, she and her parents have made up a story to hoodwink gullible villagers. Of course LT could have fabricated the whole story!

  31. IMWE naimwe she is not the one in the picture. If you look carefully on the picture, it has some copyright line(check the hands of the girl in the picture, you will see the lines I am talking about), LT just got this pic from some site, i suppose and might have photoshopED it. i think it is a bad and misleading idea to put pictures not related to the story, it just doesn’t make sense.

  32. I have been around the world and tired of it. Just returned from a 5 week vacation in Zambia with my family and returned to the US. No offense….

    Yes we do have beautiful girls in Zambia and it was not intended in that manner but I know the context of my implying that………

  33. it’s nonsense!nothin’ happened.it would’ve been the world news.in this world there are girls with male genitals.and those girls look beautiful.i’ve seen one on tv.if u want more just search google u gonna find yoself answers!
    it’s like parents of that girl were scared to tell the pople hence they kept it secret until yesterday.ofcourse in villages tht’s wichcraft but that’s not the case.they were just looking for a reson to tell the people around them.

  34. Wah de blood! Pum pum turn Ding-a-ling! Is this propaganda or a true story? Strange tings a gwaan inna Zed nowadays.

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  36. pure village CAT RUbbish how the hell can u wake up with male genitles in 24 freaking hrs!!!!pure cat rubbish!!!!

  37. any way some girls are born like that just as males are also born with female organs, remember, the clitoris in a normal female is the penis in the normal male and they have the same type of skin tissue. homornal imbalance sometimes causes the organs to start taking either shape as the child grows but with surgery, the elongated clitoris(pseudo penis can be removed and in most cases at an early age the normal growth continues

  38. The illness if LPM has caused me to study law especially chapter 1
    by the way, those of us who were born in the kaunda era, do you remember the state of emergency? by law its supposed to expire 7 days but i think KK extended it from 1967 up to the time he was ousted out of state house.
    When is the next STABLE update on LPM’s health?

  39. The girl in question should be urgently referred to UTH for assessment of her hormones and chromosomes .There are many causes of virilisation ,none of them have anything to do with withcraft or sexual promiscuity.

  40. ok ba #55 i get yo point 2day but i was surprised at u ystrday. rgrds 2 yo wndrful family. tukamitandalilako 1 day..

  41. I wish I could also change into a woman so that I stop being a breadwinner. Can you imagine guys, just cooking, watching channel 114 & 115 on DSTv as I wait for the evening to ask someone: “How was Work?”!!

  42. How sad,but is the girl in the picture the one??Lets hope she’s not into satanism!!!!!The the tool able to pipe???

  43. #61….whatever you’re smoking….STOP!!! Whatever it is…it’s obviously not good for you!!! Can someone ensure #61 takes his medication at the right time please!!!

  44. Utter rubbish. Irresponsible reporting by LT. Surely, there are better issues to report on. Disgusting LT.

    ….LPM is stable and recovering….from the grapevine.

  45. Who ever calls this story as utter rubbish,stupid and so on is not Zambian. If you have been out of the country for too long, basa when you come back, you will still have tokolosh nading in your garden!

    One man refused to pay a solola in Kapiri after enjoying her recycled bosom. He drove on to Ndola but as he got near Kafulafuta, he stopped over to pee and found his pants ’empty!’

    Both items were missing!!! No balls, no ujeni!

    Bassop!! Kuno balalowa taata!

  46. Hey Bloggers do not forget that we Africans and Zambians in particular.We forget so easily that why we make blunders when it comes to elect our leaders into political office.Remember Mando and the Toetise in Kitwe recently.Everyone thought it was a joke but the guy Mando confessed owning somebody from the same Nakos town and who had sent the dove and tortoise to remind Mando of the money he was oweing to the Nakos Man.No wonder we will put Sata to be president despite knowing very well that he organised thungs to beat up Nawakwi and other 21 expelled MMD MPs in 2001 who were against FTJ’s 3rd term.

  47. #80,
    61 Didn’t like the idea of being asked being used as target practise by the Neo Nazi in Moscow,his subject matter Radio technology.

  48. And some pipo don’t believe this is true. Tamwaishiba ati kwaliba ubuloshi pa chalo? Pipo are bad. Balowa so no size. Too bad mufuna turning into a man. Shame!

  49. Imwe do you need your heads to be dragged to Nakonde to see the genitals for yourself. Zambians pls sometimes give something the benefit of doubt. As #83 spoke that Mando from Kitwe when the dove and tortoise were sent he was told that at 14hrs there will be a lion coming and you can imagine people actually were at his home waiting for the lion to come. Now had the lion come it would have found alot of meat to choose from, and this is what people wanted coz they did not believe even after seeing the dove.

  50. bring those items baby. i want to taste them. i will release the reults if indeed these are real organs.

  51. # 73, be proud to be a bread winner, man. Its a challenge everyone adores. Medical practitioners should sensitize the masses that its medically normal for one to be a shemale due to some hormone imbalances etc, oterwise such stories will forever be linked to whichcraft and the victims always the old folks

  52. Can someone turn me into a woman ( if they can bring back before those monthly stuff) just as a test run.

  53. #92 fuseki! you will just spoil the noble position of girls for us.what with your miefus all over your mouth and and arm pits.shame on you!!!!

  54. #94 lovestone, had the monthly stuff come out i would’ve not being.Go back to your biology and geography site maps.

  55. heard of that story of a man who denied responsibility of a pregnancy in court and made his thing disappear to show that he was not capable? when he went to claim his thing from the witchdoctor who had kept it he found that he had died. so he asked the grieving wife,
    “nanga si banakusiileni kanyama nyama kanga?”
    wife: “kanyama nyama bwanji?’ asked the puzzled widow.
    “kanyama nyama ka uku…ooo” screamed the now genetalically modified man pointing to his private area.

    moral of story: guys dont be smart. it will get to you

  56. #96 chimbwi! wilalandako ngataufishibe.
    #97 goodone
    moral of the story:
    don’t ask the witchdoctor’s wife.

  57. Thank God this happened in the land of monkey eaters. Had it been in Tongaland we would have been showered with all sorts of insults.

  58. stop this tribal stuff its heading nowere ,can people stop buying from the indian shops to promote our our people thank u.

  59. #102, so you know what could have been talked of!!! The likes of russia_moscow and the so called chinsali mp would have been insulting!!!

  60. Tourist resort on the girl’s body!!!

    Where is the actual picture of the parts in question? What are the parents saying about it and where are they? Which Doctor was attending to the chick’s case?

    Anyway, LT thanks for the story …try another one! Rightr now we need ba LPM’s updates!

  61. I’m quite offended by the nonsense from #22.you may have travelled around but you have demonstrated how naive you are.I’m a well travelled man.I have gone to the five continents both on vacation and duty.Never before have i denounced the beauty of our Zabian queens.What makes you think in Nakonde you cant find such beauty?for your information in Nakonde there are gentlemen who are more wealthy than a lot of you living abroad.I’m in the states right now and please spare me the nonsense.Very few may befit the value of living abroad.One zambian i met in Chicago last month at the Taste of Chicago festival is a Taxi driver but he does manage to go to zambia every two years.Challenge my statement

  62. c’tnued fm#106. and tell me where to find you.You need more education on the need to appreciate your own not only for the sake of it but bcos its true.Look at the so many ugly women you find here in the USA who are cant even stad our women in Zambia!

  63. LT, we talked about this before. 1. In such stories confirm with both parents, friends and possibly neighbours. 2. Confirm with doctors. 3. Write footnotes, i.e. name and what the picture you put is all about, and stop “borrowing” pictures from elsewhere for different or unrelated stories. 4. Learn to differentiate “fiction” or “witchcraft” from reality.
    Please do not repeat these stories (similar to the one you carried out about resurrection.)

  64. #14 “That is witchraft at play and witchraft is real.”

    Barbaric simpleton. Who gave you access to a computer without checking your state of mental health?

    God save us from our evil customs.

  65. i wouldnt belive it unless i see the picture of the same male parts 2much ruma mongas these days and liers

  66. I dont believe this story is True….and its dangerous to take someone’s photo and paste it on site like done here.Its a small world,that could be someone’s wife who’s just grown balls…

  67. I have been chasing this beautiful woman for sometime and finally got to nail her! When the anticipated moment arrived my fully engoeged member could not enter her pussy no matter what i tried. She explained it as because she was shy and had not had a man in about 8 years.I kept on the pursuit of happiness for weeks that followed without success. I mean she was dry,closed and emmitted no fire or emotion despite that goegeous face and body that men would kill and die for.Somebody told me later that they knew she was a transsexual.Yaaks my dick is still in shock and easily recoils at mention of these sorry stories!

  68. Go to orgasm.com and find the right category and you will learn how bizzire some people are regarding sexuality. Be forewarned that you will be visiting a sight that is highly adult and doing so at your own discretion and moral risk.

  69. If it were you,and all these saying were on you how are you gona feel ofcourse react.Come on lets be concern,it’s not worth that talk,y not pray 4 her.Who konws.Toooooooooooo bad

  70. witchcraft is real,and you should’nt be amazed by this story remember, witchcraft is also advacing with new technologies like education,lets just pray that the convertion of the younglady’s genitals will not result in her lose of life. the devil is liar

  71. Such a chick can’t come from Nakonde, ni kumushi and that chicks beaut is cosmetical kuti yafuma kwisa amafuta kunakonde?

  72. what kind of reporting is this why didnt they put the girls pic, this pic is not the real girl’s that is evident to see!

  73. Witchcraft exists; both the Bible and vocabulary attests to that. Here is one true one:
    A young man impregnated someone’s daughter. At the “hearing,” the young man stated that he was not serious about marrying the girl, as promised, because he was drunk when he proposed. He was let off; but a few days later he started reeling like a drunk, everywhere, everyday!
    I prayed for him months after…. Beware!

  74. Abaice nabatemwa saana ifimabwamba fyabakulu, so limbi aka balikalya kuli mukamwine, umwaice taishiba ati balashingako umuti abene bamabwamba yalya. Mwebaletalika, mukeshe ukuyacitana nabamukamwine.

  75. Maybe she had male genitals all this time and someone discovered it and then her family blamed it on evil spirits

  76. how does it happen to be born a girl then to find out you have male organs inside you? ive just watched a programme nd it was mentioned in that but it did not go into any more detail

  77. This got to be the dumbest bunch of chicken crap i have ever heard. what a bunch of mindless moroon janalists. Can someone make sense of this mess please. How can one wake up with differnt genitals,are you kidding me? Is this a horror movie? You should either put the proof to this lame story or nobody will be interested in any of your mindless stupidity, i do not get it, what’s the dealio here huh! If this had a percentage of truth we could have heard it in the media world wide. i will not argue with this idiocy because when you argue with an *****, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience, just like when the going gets weird the weird turns pro. I rest my case.

  78. I think this is the work of some malicious evil people in the village trying to play some funny tricks or punishing the girl for the alleged adultery acts with married men.

    I suspect the women of the village have a hand in this.

  79. OHH I forgot… Babydeer72America now this is what we call “The tales of the African Savanna” where evil doesn’t come in the form of werewolves or vampires as the western world would call them but in ladies having male genitals, Pregnancies being transfered from girls to boys if as a man you claim that the pregnancy is not of your doing and etc.
    There have been more stories here of such occurences all you need to do is watch the space.

  80. lets try to respond or contribut to this forum with wisdom.if you have nothing to say kep quit. to bad to the gal …..my advice to her is seek God.

  81. Scientifically, how possible is it, for a ladies genitals to change to that of a man. I dont think its possible, this is bluff pipo. This story should be dismissed with the contempt it deseves. Am suprised that all you guyz, some of you very educated have been fooled. This is crap guys

  82. i just want to know,,,,,then i will come back to the silly topic of yours. This is ridiculous, such a thing cant happen at all.
    But me and Chibangu can make a happy couple amd rise a happy family

  83. Hey Beautiful, i believe he is married or doing somebody else. Now since you sound horny and desperate, why not just post your e-mail add so that we connect and make you over you will never remember joe chibangu again! Deal?

  84. Interesting choice of words from #143 Beautiful and I quote “BUT ME AND CHIBANGU CAN MAKE A HAPPY COUPLE AMD RISE A HAPPY FAMILY”

    #142 was right my dear by advising you to stick to the topic at hand.

  85. Bonse mulimashilu, uyo umawanakashi taishiba nokubelenga,nafulwa nomba, get a life all of you. why waste time on folk tales!!! ifyakucita mulesala.

  86. Why is it that just after the death of Levy people are experiencing such? i think all i can say is that she slept with a married man or she was proposed by a guy who practice witchcraft, then after she refused to take him that is when he did his magic. Any way there ‘s nothing impossible to our living God whom we serve. she will be healed by faith And who ever did that to her will face the consequences on the judgment day. I would love to age my fellow youths that this is what normally happens. Sorry to mention the name of the guy i fall in love with, James Niyrenda known as Bashi Reachel who run way after i discovered he was wicked. he felt to do it coz i asked him wether da friend was te

  87. Guuys Shame. witchcraft is there and its real! its evil… but in this case it is proving to be an alternative to surgury for trans vestited

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