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Dog bites man’s private part


A 37 year old man of Chungu village in Chief Munkanta’s area in Kawambwa district is battling for his life at Kawambwa District hospital after his own dog bit his private parts.

Hospital administrator, Zaccheus Lungu confirmed the admission of the man identified as Maxwell Mwape to ZANIS in Kawambwa yesterday.

He told ZANIS from his hospital bed in Kawambwa that the incident happened at his home on Sunday around 11:00 hours.

The Victim who owns two dogs said he was bitten on the private parts as he tried to discipline one dog that wanted to eat a chick outside his house.

Mr Mwape said as he was hitting the dog for its conduct, that the other one come and bit his scrotum.

He disclosed that some villagers that came to his house after they heard him shouting for help rescued him.

The victims said he was feeling much better after being operated on the affected parts.


  1. Can somebody please find that dog! Once it has tasted a scrotum, things could turn for the worst in that village…

  2. Why keep dogs you cannot feed? Feed the dogs properly and they won’t be chasing chickens or let alone private parts

  3. Well done, the dogs should be fed and this are the last results when you starve your animals or people you keep home.Maybe Maxwell is too selfish that is why the other dog came and thought it was trying to rescue its mate.Do not blame the dog they are starving.

  4. Hmmmmmm………i wud have my scrotum than a chicken.Manje naye sure u can instil discipline in a dog for chasing nkuku,i thot ndiye masobela ya imbwa

  5. Unbelievable! Your own dog???? Bakamba poleni bwangu muledoer ka job pa bondi or else ba madam bakamibutuka.

  6. Discipline a dog! a dogs memory lasts only 1 to 6 seconds, there after can not remember what it did wrong. Obviously the poor dog thought it was being innocently victimized and went on the defensive.

  7. #17

    Surely 1 to 6 sec, that cant be true otherwise we would not be seeing dogs runuing long distances you know.

    Too bad for the guy, some should take the dog somewhere, this guy will try to kill those dogs if he gets back home.

    Protect the the innocent dogs against the incensed man.

    My goodness!

  8. He should be his appeteite for the chickens and his own selfishness.

    Can some at least by him some monkey steak, that will calm him.

    Too bad shhhh!

    I hope he recovers well.

  9. The thing is ,we wouldn’t know whether that biting was genuine or concoctions!these chaps from the other end of country are so dangerous….how the hell does a dog bite your scrotum,pwazi mudala?investigate and you will discover something else…have the dog checked for rabbies and the man has to seek medical attention asap!!


  11. Intresting,one dog rescues another from its owner by biting him(the owner)in the scrotunm.I guess it gives a new meaning to the adage biting the hand that feeds you…or is it scrotunm..

    sounds funny but sad! what will the mans wife think of the dog?

  12. Surely don’t blame the dog, people. Animals act with instinct and humans act with reasoning but this man seems not to have calculated the risk of being attacked by his own dog. Hard lesson to be taught!

  13. Surely don’t blame the dog, people. Animals act with instinct and humans act with reasoning but this man seems not to have calculated the risk of being attacked by his own dog. Hard luck!

  14. Follow up to #18. DON’T reprimand your dog after he has made a mistake. He won’t remember what he has done. A dog’s memory of his actions lasts only from 1 to 6 seconds. That’s why reprimanding your dog for his mess when you arrive from work is absolutely pointless. From your dog’s point of view,your arrival is something negative that he should be afraid of. (Lafleur- Puppy house training the ultimate guide 2nd edition).

  15. It was sweet revenge for the dog. Obvious the man used to chase after the dog’s ‘chicks’. So the dog went for the item which causes him to hunt for chicks.

  16. there are only two parts which dogs like on the human being. the mouth and what is between two legs. if the dog is happy it will try by all means to kiss you.however, if its provoked, it bites scrotum. iam sure that was a male dog trying to fight for supremacy and recognition at that home.

  17. I love dogs, i believe the man will be disciplined enough not to attack innocent dogs, What kind of person beats his own beloved animals.

  18. ine that’s why i hate vi imbwa, you see, they end up eating scrotum, scrotum mwebantu sure. ine i can kill the dog before it detaches OFF some of my other private parts. poor man, get well soon …

  19. I am so sorry for that man. chabipa saana. i think the final solution is to castigate him finally so that he forgets about everything in bed.

  20. Can we say things that are mature and helpful to people please? These are real issues of life and we should handle such issues seriously.

  21. This story does not make sense at all. If the other dog he was allegedly beating is female, and we know these creatures are on heat at this time of the year, then there is no doubt he was having canal knowledge of the female one and the male one saw him and in a fit of jealousy bit his stupid bollocks. The man should be arrested with the offence of bestiality. Zambian men, they now want to spread their AIDS to dogs, awe sure, dogs are in trouble and its about time they started defending themselves. The next time we shall hear of a raging bull gowing a Tonga man in the scrotum after finding him nailing a cow, ha!

  22. AWEMBA CHE ! They have taught dogs how to become jealous ka ?
    Last time, it was a girl miraculously developing male organs. Now a man almost lost his private parts from a dog bite. How do you discipline someones spouce ?
    I dont know where we are heading to !

  23. Imwe this is a fake story?How can a dog bite MAPOLO yali pakati pamendo. you mean he didn’t see the dog when it was charging towards the mapolo? I can tell u this guy wanted to f..k this dog by forcing it thats y it reacted like that.

  24. I think this dude was trying the old rub some peanut butter on ur ding ding and nuts and get a head job from your dog…manje fyalowelela kumbwa..ati i will jus eat everything kanshi..but ba kukatete sure mwe..isnt there any women around to give u head over there even for a ka pamela of mealie meal kanshi…

    anyhow this kama story is fake…!!

  25. BA mubatisha chatile chakwe,limbi alitana imbwa ubwali,imbwa nayena ati ulechimona ndekufumyako amapuli.naliyako ku kawambwa ubuluku bwakusunga imbwa eko bwaaba ,ilipusuuka saana otherwise ngayalimulya no bukala bwine.

  26. aaaaaaacccchhhhhhhhh. atleast his dodo was spared.i hope he will be able to function. i wonder what he will do to his dogs when he is discharged.interesting dogs can defend one another. i will only keep one so that i can discipline him well.

  27. #43

    At first I tot dat it waz the koni from de east but later on I did discovered dat it was infact youOOO de bemba.

  28. Sure guys you can’t read between the lines? This guy could be impotent for all i know. Have you noticed how quick man reacts to protect his privates when you jokingly try to hit him? It’s a simple measure of potency otherwise where was the fellow’s arms? Simple logic. Those were meat balls,tasty for the dog. Haaa! Anya!

  29. Umu guys afwile aleelya imbwa yakwe. that is the only reason why the dog opted to dismember his scrotum. i can imagine the pain man. you went for the wrong hole. Get the police to investigate this matter properly.

  30. Dis is a very bad development if yo uu asked me why because as we say back home in najeria ” weder it is an egg dat falls on a coconut or a coconut does fall on an egg, it is always de egg that suffers”

    Oh very sad indeed OO yeeOOO

  31. I the dog bit the nuts in ‘self-defence’.Beating is not an option to displine a dog or a human being. The dude should take his dogs to obedience school.

  32. what will happen to the dogs when this man comes out of hospital ?
    I think these dogs need protection, do you have the RSPA in zambia, as for the wife we can help as we have people like Timber, . PRINCE ADEOLO RIVER STATE, Ceembe , Khondowe, trompies, Anonymous, who can help you, for they are still single

  33. #54 i can’t imagine since I am a woman but i would like to think that it was gruesome.

    Boys separated from men…imbwa yawina!!!!!

  34. Man’s best friend eh? How did the dog know how to attack where it hurts? I just hope there was no pulling involved and the man still has all his members. Its sad for the guy. I can’t imagine the pain – I would’nt even want to.

  35. Please do not keep dogs if you cannot afford to feed them. Mudala hang the dog to death when you get well. Be careful though it may bite your penis!

  36. This is a tough lesson. I guess all men should make it a point to protect the valuables whenever attacked by dogs. Guys do all you can. Its better to have your hand or thighs bitten than the mid section.

  37. “A 37 year old man of Chungu village in Chief Munkanta’s area in Kawambwa district is battling for his life at Kawambwa District hospital after his own dog bit his private parts.”

    “The victims said he was feeling much better after being operated on the affected parts.”

    That was quick recovery !

  38. damnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!i sympathise,tough luck but was you naked or what?better fight them dogs in jeans you dig big fellow.

  39. Come on LT!! What is this?? Kaunda and Kabwe are locked up for 2 years, PF MP’s walk out of parliament, the Olympics are on, Russia is bashing Georgia and yet you give us some tabloid news story. I thought there were some standards on this site!?!

  40. The way i see it and knowing these bemba chaps, this guy was doing the dog or giving it pipe, and the other dog found him with his pants down and his hardware out in the open

  41. Upon recovery, the man will return home, this time wearing protective armor (armored underware), to further ‘discipline’ the dogs.

  42. Bwali Ima ubwamba, and the dog assumed it was a bone !! Get this dog and the owner on Oprah they would be famous.

    Waht a joke!

  43. I think that incident happened because this is the mating season for the dogs and the other mate might have thought otherwise to attache the scrotrum. May you recover quickly from the illness

  44. # 67 u r funny.

    Truth be told, i found the whole story rather funny 🙂

    that should teach him a lesson, u dont hit animals especially the ones with teeth 🙂

  45. if dogs can have jealous wht abt us ,pipo look out for partners.i think imbwa yalimona something hanging out side so ni target pliz guys kumbwa dont try.

  46. There is more to the story than meets the eye, if only the dog could tell us why it bit its master. Do we know if it was a female dog that did this? What was he doing with the dog for it to get rescued and the rescue is a bite on the scrotum? Bemba’s are now capable on anything. Are you thinking the way I’m thinking fellow bloggers? Is this man married? Was he trying to defile the dog????The dogs need to be interviewed too!

  47. #74 Ooh yaa, the man was just acting the Tonga way, like that Tonga woman in Sinazongwe who gave birth to half muntu half goat?????

  48. I smell a rat. We can’t know what the dog saw. These are two dogs. One is male and the other is female. PK sung “Kwangala mwangala bushe kwapamenso. Wikesha nkakukoma mo a kasembe” We all know how dogs react when they find a female on heat engaged with another dog. A fight is always the answer. Probably, this dog saw what we can’t explain, and it did according to its instinct and dog’s rules. Bite the source and the so called nafikulikana will immediately come to an end. So, think about it. Probably the dog was right by its rules of engagement

  49. You are right # 62 as if there is nothing better or more important to discuss as this issue. If he was beating the dog then he got what he deserved!

  50. Ouch!!! I reckon that hurt…..Hope’ll still be in a position to get up on that thing. I can’t imagine a normal man going without a reasonable dose of sex. I wish his members speedy and full recovery…..Hahahahahaha.

  51. these dogs have no manners. chasing chicks and biting scrotums.they need absolute disciplining. ba mwape mukashi kulike imbwa isho. someone to tell be mwape there. otherwise funny and laughable story though though may be seriuos.

  52. HI man. if you do not feed dog,the dog will feed on you and i hope you feed the dog next time or the dog will eat your private parts always.

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