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Proposed salary increases immoral and unjustified– Bishop Mambo

Headlines Proposed salary increases immoral and unjustified– Bishop Mambo

Outspoken clergyman Bishop John Mambo has urged Zambians to maintain the momentum in denouncing the proposed increase of salaries and allowances for the President, ministers and constitutional office-holders.

Bishop Mambo told ZANIS in an interview today that the proposed increase of salaries and allowances for the President, ministers and constitutional office-holders is immoral and unjustified.

Bishop Mambo, who is Chikondi Foundation founder, said the proposed hike of salaries and allowances should not be entertained as they are many areas of priority that desperately need such resources.

He cited the health and education sectors as some of the sectors that urgently need resources.

Bishop Mambo pointed out that some health centers lack life-saving medicines and are deficient of skilled labour while some schools are dilapidated and the teachers are de-motivated because they are poorly enumerated.

He said doctors at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and lecturers at the University of Zambia (UNZA) are demanding for better perks, but government has been slow to respond.

Bishop Mambo further warned that if the proposed salary hike is implemented, donors and cooperating partners could loose confidence in Zambia.

He said such a hike of salaries and allowances portrays a picture that Zambia has sufficient recourses but that such resources are being misapplied.

Bishop Mambo also pointed out that the crusade against corruption would not yield the desired results because the national cake is not being fairly shared.

He said it would not do for some individuals to award themselves hefty salaries and allowances when other workers such as public service employees are poorly paid.

The three bills whose objectives are to increase salaries and allowances for the President, ministers and constitutional officer-holders have since passed the committee stage.

And MMD officials in Kasama this morning protested over the proposed new emoluments constitutional office holders and senior government officials.

The MMD officials led by District Chairperson, David Chanda, stormed the ZANIS offices in Kasama today in protest against he proposed hefty salaries for the senior government officials and constitutional office holders.

The officials described the move by Government to adjust the emoluments as selfish, saying the party in the district will not support proposal because it comes at a time when the country was facing economic problems.

The officials accused Government leaders of taking advantaged of President Levy Mwanawasa’s absence due to sickness to impose their will on the people.

They charged that there was no justification for the increase because Members of Parliament were already getting hefty allowances for sitting on the National Constitutional Conference, NCC.

The officials warned that they will not support any leaders who exhibit selfishness in the way they handle issues of national interest.

They charged that the recent developments were a testimony that leaders did not have national interest at heart but existed to fulfill selfish desires.

They regretted that project of national importance such as the rehabilitation of the Kasama-Luwingu Road, have stalled due to alleged lack of resources but at the same time leaders were insisting on paying themselves hefty salaries and allowances at the expense of national development.

The bills that sought to increase salaries and allowances for constitutional office holders and senior government officials have since passed through the stages of Parliament and now await presidential ascent.



  1. Somebody give us the quatums of the proposes increses. The hullabalo speaks volumes about it and I must beleive its abnormal. Yes the pipo should increase pressure on these selfish leaders.

    By the way how did the honking go?, if at all ypu did honk.

  2. This coat of arms is outdated.That man in shorts and red shoes doesn’t fit well.Do they have to debate this in Parliament before chaging it?

  3. I have not had a close look at the coat of arm since my primary school. Indeed it looks outdated. It reminds me of Jelita and Mulenga.

  4. just as my friend bishop mambo has said lets continue to pressure them. RB is busy praying for levy en so shud not approve. if he daz den let him aprove our increament at UNZA

  5. Let us get focused on rebuilding the economy of Zambia and having the people at heart rather than paying ourselves on the expense of the Zambian. Honestly, when are our people going to enjoy the fruit of the economy? Someone in the governmet please speak for us?

    May God bless Zambia

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  11. comment: I have no comment on this but it would be interesting to hear from those that are actually in the USA or Europe on what they think about this and the treatment they are getting because of this.



  12. #12, Free-Market-Capitalist, your out-of-topic is desirable. Don’t even be sorry. That piece of info is very important.

  13. #12 Free-Market Capuli: What has whites have to do with Zambian or Africans you piece of RACIST? Who cares what color of your scrotum?..Debate if one of these Bishops can take over the country. The Catholics have started: Ex-bishop takes Paraguay. Search that. Maybe Bishop Mambo who is an opposition leader can be run for the vacant Zambian presidential position.

  14. I am happy that my fellow countrymen are against the increment of the salaries for the politicians. Let us still together and fight the corrupt guys. One Zambia one Nation.

  15. #12 LOL,men that is hillarious,forgot about the dude and the chick on the coat of arms.Red shoes are in though lets change the shorts

  16. Free-market-Capitalist,#12 & above.. we have all read that already, but for now- out of topic.Are you deliberately trying to ditract? Lobby LT to put up your topic for discussion, the editorial will decide. And before you vanish what is your comment on the increaments? My own views would be in line with what someone said on this blog; that going by our small population, just imagine how much we could do with these monies if put to proper use. This is plunder in a legal way, but alas, legality is not always synonymous to morality, for even the courts will not find any anomalies- listen to the voices and heed you people!!

  17. these guys should be opposed. They already get too much money and we need the little money we have to improve hospitals, education system and roads etc. Mambo, increase the heat on these corrupt and selfish politicians

  18. Amidst so much poverty, disease, destitution, lack of direction from those elected to rule, it amounts to gutlessness of the worst order for office bearers calling themselves the government to award themselves such satanic renumeration pecks. At a time when hardly half of the nation’s citizen can hardly afford three square meals in a day, it vexes me terribly that these goons would deem this the right time to award themselves such uncalled for salary increases. It is such kind of greed that has landed Francis Kaunda ad Kabwe in Chimbokaila and many African dictators to the grave. Mark my word, you guy will pay a dear price for this greed, very soon!

  19. My simple analysis on this topic is that zambians are petty and jealous. If any of these *****s who are condemning these increaments was a beneficiary, i doubt they would be commenting like this. These bishops are squeezing poorzambians out of their little amounts and yet no one is condemning them. Basiyeni banzanu guys. Just advocate for a payrise also.

  20. Iwe chi conman? dont be stupid ok. why You behaving silly. Are you show the deserve this money? Dont show your silly ways in this way. If you part of the family tree muyenda. Wait and see. You LPM is not coming to rule again. Kuyabebele!!No matter how much you hold on to power the time will come and i pray to God am alive to see some of these fools out of office. Are you sure we are petty when UNZA is closed, UTH no drugs, The police have no homes. Look at the teachers. Iwe?? get seriuos. dont joke. Kuyabebele!

  21. Your family tree has been stealing the vote all the time. 2001 chiluba did it for you. 2006 your family tree steal the election again. Your LPM has never won an election in zambia. His the only president whos innoguration was done with people throwing stones in the histroy of zed. Your time has come. You need a miracle to rule now. God is now in control for the poor people of zambia. Stiopet!!!!

  22. Anonymous am not stupid ok. Stop insulting people with contrary views. This is an intellectual discussion. If you cant stand the heat then get out of the kitchen swine. I put across my views not for you but for intellectuals here. You are just a bus conductor and i cannot engage you in an intellectual topic. Switch to the topic where a dog bit off someones privates. I think you belong there.


  24. What necessitated these salary increaments for constitution office bearers by the way?? I didn’t follow the start as am not currently in Zed!!! If these salary increaments are effected, then, let all the civil servants ones also be increased by the same margin. If the money, ZRA is raking in from windfall taxes and mineral royalty is so much, please let the think tanks at MOF push for an increase in government expenditure by spending on new infrastructure, education and good health services(by looking at the plight of the young doctors e.g who are crying). This is because the after effects will trickle down to all then…ECONOMIC GROWTH!!!

  25. The Free Market guy is a lunatic whose beliefs are of a guy based in the west where infrastructure is developed and all citizens have an equal footing for life.

  26. Spending too much on salaries is UNPRODUCTIVE EXPENDITURE and doesn’t impact on Economic growth in any way. Are these things happening because LPM is out??? Am not too sure if he was ever going to subscribe to such a selfish manouver…

  27. LMAO @ #28. Zambia first

    I am not a Lunatic. I just wanted to find out what people’s opinions where on the topic.

    On the salary increment thing. Many people have already condemned it. It should ring some bells in GOVT.

  28. zedians this is crystal clear day light robery.let all peace loving zedians show their love for the poorer by rejecting this demand.

  29. Gentlemen and ladies what is the way forward on the same matter.in my view i think lets be patient for our president to come.its immoral to do this when your leader is sick. if they want increment let them justify their move.It would be better if we attend to seriuos heat areas.

  30. No. 2, shorts on bwoy on coat of arms; why stop there, hoe and pick shld be replaced with a tactor and a mothaf’ wit an AK…. They are just symbols.

    Back to the topic, just pay the baggas, that way they won’t steal coz we lose more as a nation from paying them low salaries through corruption and pilferage.

  31. Koshet who told you that when someone is highly paid then they wont be involved in mischief…CORRUPTION???

  32. Selfish Leaders, indeed they are!!
    A civil servant’s salary is their pocket money for one outing and someone in the name of MP Chimbaka has the guts to say what they are asking for in increments is not enafu!! I wonder…these guys seem to loose sight and intellegency when they get into parliament. Something MUST be done by all measn to STOP this nonsense. Even Levy in his sick bed can NOT condone such madness amidst the poverty of indescribable levels in our country. Just a reminder to these selfish leaders, Bible says, “Do unto others as you would like them do unto you.” Civil servants year in year out have been crying that their salaries ni ma change, but you turn a deaf ear to that.

  33. Dread seh leave de Free Market Capitalist alone, him has come up wit fundamental issues fi debate pon. Every man has de right to express himself, you nuh see seh a ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION pon de court of arms?
    And remember Garvey seh ONE GOD, ONE AIM AND ONE DESTINY! Mek we come togedda and biuld we nation, survival of Jah people!

  34. where are the other Bishops, pastors,priest, fathers etc? only ba mambo seems to cry against this selfish LPM minions. when Sata comes up with an idea they are the first to talk against him. where are they…….. a true child of God always stands up for what is right and never fears any 1. ba shi mapepo where are U…..




  36. Let us no allow them increase their salaries. We need the money for LPM medical bills. Other wise it will be HIPC again for Zed!

  37. From Daily mail…

    Patriotic Front (PF) spokesperson Given Lubinda said the PF party was against the general increase in salaries for constitutional office-holders because it was aware that there were statutory and non-statutory emoluments which would also become effective when the bills are enacted.

    Mr Lubinda said the party was against the general increase of salaries for constitutional office-holders because it was aware that there are also non-statutory emoluments involved for ministers.

    According to the proposed Ministerial and Parliamentary Offices Emoluments Act, the Vice-President would get a responsibility allowance of K90 million per annum while the Speaker of the National

  38. According to the proposed Ministerial and Parliamentary Offices Emoluments Act, the Vice-President would get a responsibility allowance of K90 million per annum while the Speaker of the National Assembly and his deputy would get K80 million and K70 million per annum, respectively.

    Cabinet ministers and their deputies would get K70 million and K50 million per annum while private members would get nothing.

  39. Ok firstly I hear people not liking the coat of arms. Thats who are and theres no reason to change it. Other countries have used their coat of arms for hundreds of years. so why cant we. As for #18 FREE-MARKET-CAPITALIST. Why do have to go totally of topic like that. What has all that got to do with Zambia, if you want to discuss it go to an American website or somthing. This is the LUSAKA TIMES NOT THE NEW YORK TIMES!! If your so interested why dont you move to the US or stay there if you already have, where you can discuss it all day long. Just to say I dont know why your so suprised the US isn’t and has never been a WHITE country. Just check its history.

  40. As for this so called proposed salary increments. Why do these ministers need it. They should be happy their getting more than most Zambians are. They are garrented food on their plates while their those without. Correct me if Im wrong but I thought governments were elected to SERVE US. Yet even though no one wants this increase in salary they insist on contiuning it. How are we suppose to advance when our government are filled with corrupt greedy crooks who clearly dont care about what the people want. Its realy sad to see. The could have been used in so many different ways to help those who realy need it. Instead the rich get richer and the poor dont get a thing.

  41. Stiopet!!!!
    #24. Anonymous, you have really pronounced the term very well. This shows how annoyed you are with these increments.

    “This time we should be praying for LPM’s recovery with our eyes open otherwise, by the time we open our eyes and say “Amen”, all the purpotted priest-turned ministers would have vanished from the pulpit.
    Lets be careful

  42. The timing of this proposed increment is just outragous. These guys dont see the poor amongst them, they dont hear the cries of th poor, they dont care regardless of the outcry?

    What can one say, we have zombies for our leaders, heartless wolves, quick to satisfy their lusts and appetites and careless if the poor are broken.

    Who surely came up with such a heartless suggestion at such a time as this?

  43. They have free accomodation, access to loans at at no interest at all for luxury vehicles, allowances and so on and so forth. Yet they dare and have the audacity to propose for increases in their pay at such a time as this.

    Surely what madness is this?

    The moment you vote them into office their promises are erazed and their true selves manifests. Wolves they are and heartless wolves indeed.

  44. If these guy think they will not pay one day, then let them see how the other plunderers are spending more time moving from courts to their homes. Surely someone will one day rise and fix this mess. What we need are men and women who can get preoccupied with seeing water flow in most homes 24/7, roads getting constructed and repaired, schools and universities being manned by full compliments of teaching staff, hospitals giving 1st class healing and care to patients. Not this bunch of thieves after our money day and night like vultures over a dead carcass of an animal. Surely God does not sleep in the face of injustice. God forbid.

  45. Expect nothing from these dogs, force them not to have their way on this one. They have taken the people on behalf they were elected for granted.

    The do not know how to read the times.

    They are quick to shed innocent blood by thier greed.

    They careless if the pensioner is not paid his dues.

    They have brought disrepute.

    Let the widow wail for her own woes are multiplied for those that could offer her help have chosen instead to eat her flesh.

    Wail you who have no shelter, the little you have has been taken away by those who choose to shun your plight.

    They say you are still fit to bear your heavy burdens.

  46. Bane this is nota jungle OK. Let us intellectually challenge one another than resorting to vulger language. So Ba Anonymous and Conman don’t ‘stupitize’ one another. Forgive me if there is no word like ‘stupitize’ in English, its my 13 th Lnaguage.

  47. 1. I am afraid the increment may not be taken lightly by donors. 2. It just shows how hypocritical our leaders are. Salary increment is a big issue and they could have waited for bakateka to come back. Should a miracle for Levy happen, Iam sure the whole cabinet will be sacked! They are disingenuous and reckless iteots!! Now I am preying even harder for a miracle to happen so that Levy can come back and sort out these

  48. #7. Free-Market-Capitalist,

    You’re semi illiterate. Go and study demography somewhere else.

    These bums in Govt are MINIONS. Blood sucking vampires. We want them out. Am tired of this Auto-pilot nonsense.

    Condtitionalyy there’s no one who vowed and was sworn in before GOD the he would serve Zambian interest. The only guy who did that lies sick in Paris. The rest were appointed by him. So they’re not constitutionally liable

  49. Sorry ba #52 that i ’stupitized’ Its very upsetting. Am not complaining about paying high texes. I just get too upset if the tex am paying is used and exposed to stealing of this kind. its unacceptable. uyu conman seems to be eating from the family tree.

  50. Olympics! Rachael Nachula has sailed to the next round in 400m after touching the finishing line in 51.62 seconds. Kaya kuma semis mailo!

  51. Imagine Ka Mulongoti et al, think they can compare themselves to technocrats/experts of institutions like BOZ, RDA, ZRA etc. Let us teach them a bitter lesson by showing that we the electorate cannot be taken for a ride. Let us watch carefully who is in favour of these increaments and mark them when elections come. I am also happy to see unified demonstrations on this serious and grave case of looting of public resources. My only fear and worry is the rural areas when it come to voting. They normally don’t vote with there heads. They normally vote with their stomachs. Thats how the immoral people have been winning especially the MMD. My prayers to Levy for a quick recovery, continued pre

  52. continuation #61: pressure on these immoral politicians to drop the salary increament. Iwe ka Conman # 46, tell your relative politician if he wants to be paid like BOZ governer, he should go to school, do a BSc or BA, then an MSc or MA and then a PhD. Then he should aim to get a job at BOZ and hope to be one day get the top job. OK mwaiche

  53. this shows how corrupt the cabinet is without mwanawasa.Its a pity he is unwell and all hell break loose.Why did they have to wait for LPM to be in hospital for them to award themselves with new salaries?Zambians should know who follows after LPM

  54. Mark Chona said “Zambians won’t allow thieves to rule”. Is he the same person who at one time settled in Australia? If he is what made him run away from investing in Zambia? Is he himself clean?

  55. Whatever the case its right for us not to let thieves rule us.To award themselves a salary that is three times more than their current salaries is scandalous.Only thieves can do so.If they award themselves such money what are they goinmg to award the rest of the civil service?

  56. Do you not think it is time we changed our coat of arms it lokks very silly as though it was drawn by a 3 year old. i do not know eho came up with the concept after independence but to me it looks stupid.

  57. I thoink the salary issue should not be the main cause for concern. What should be is how much do these people cost on theier total work package. For example if the salaries were incresed and we do not buy them cars etc. and other frindge benefits for me it would make more sense. After this reasonable exercise then we can comment on the salaries.

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