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“Naked” demo shelved

General News “Naked” demo shelved

The planned August 29 demonstrations by the Unemployed Association of Zambia (EAZ) over salary and allowance hike for ministers and Constitutional Office holders has been shelved.

Association president Mpundu Mwanamwelwa told ZANIS in Lusaka today that the suspension of the demonstration, where association members had resolved to stage a naked demonstration, is due to the period of national mourning.

Mr. Mwanamwelwa described the death of President Mwanawasa as shocking and saddening.

He told ZANIS that Dr. Mwanawasa was a visionary and selfless leader who championed democracy.

President Mwanawasa died in Percy Military hospital in Paris, France yesterday.



  1. Shelved it but we shall unshelved it after the funeral when we women shall demostrated with the best suit – birth suit!!!

  2. Unemployed Association of Zambia!Hmmm………Never heard of such a grouping. Better cancel that indefinately,where in zambia do people demostrate naked?
    Muzakwapuliwa bamambala

  3. No wonder, they don’t work, how can you join such an association? Work is not just formal. They can sell things in the markets.

  4. You are even proud to say you have suspended the demostration. Walking naked around the streets. I give praises to your husaband for allowing you to do such think. Mine cant accept such stipidity. You mean there are no ways of addressing your grievances apart from undressing up?

  5. # 3 Wanzelu, ever heard of Julia Chikamoneka. Apparently, naked demos have a history in our independece struggle. Naked Demo may have been effecitive in the 60’s because a woman’s body was held in high esteem. I am not sure if the same holds in the present dispensation of ‘tight and see all’ clothing for women (We men).

  6. am patietly waiting to see their naked bodies. we want to see their possessions. i would like to find out where to find those dogs which squeezed the other man’s balls. those dogs could have a blast during this demo. i would encourage them to target the chairman’s balls.

  7. Fwebakote kale twamwenepo utuputula twabaiche. I we Mpundu Mwanamwelya even get the ladies from UNZA, ZIBC,NIPA,HONEY, etc pakweba ati amenso yesu yakaipeshe. Tekwesha ukuchinja amano nautwimya kale imitima. Tulelolela mune mukambefye uluchelo chelo elo don`t allow fimadumbo pantu yalichingika kufininofu tatwakanone bwino.

  8. #4 haa…haaaa…….haaaa…..haaa you made my day for sure no wonder they don’t work.

    1. They have no qualifications at all
    2. Illiterates are the ones who would undress in public
    3. They are not married at all
    4. They are a bunch of nut cases (loonies)

  9. They need deliverance. this is a christian nation and we are mourning our beloved president.
    That non sense should be thrown in fire! God bless Zambia.

  10. Jesus Christ. please Mr. Chairman of this organ yes we all want to protest but for the sake of God lets cover our nakedness. modecai en other israelites cried to God in rags en not naked. am not asking you but begging THAT YOU DONT DO IT.

  11. we shall arrest them and charge them with indicent exposure.
    then we shall sentence them to prison with hard labour so that they can now be working for prisons department.

  12. Pipo like shakafuwa will not be moved by nakedness – they just enjoy. In fact they will propose more increaments so that more naked pipo demonstrate and they will enjoy more

  13. #10 CIWAMINA GULU KULUMA MBUZI EE!!!!You the so called qualified and educated paralled/walk naked in streets of lusaka every day with your tummies/matako outside in the name of fashion! Your n!n!s are longer a secret passage!

  14. #9 PONYAX.but wansenkesha mudala wandi nembafu shakalipa..mukwai kabakende ubwamba tukatambeko ututako,kaili tabakolipilisha.

  15. watch me there, I will be in my bikini. Dont wanna give you a lot of ditails now, I am still morning. I am doing it for the very poor in society so why not..

  16. #16 If you have nothing to say I mean you rown opinion keep quiet. Yesa amatako umona panse? And dont insult me what are longer? Maybe you keep your naiwe ngaulefwaya kabiye na John panse in teh name of fashion. we do not walk naked like these guys will walk. Ichindike.

  17. please do not insult the women folk. we are mourning and wouldnt want to argue anyhow. try and have respect. thats where you passed where your stinky little ass was being popped out.

  18. I am very saddened with the death of president Mwanawasa,He has been a leader with passion and God fearing he ruled the country with discipline and diginity.Zambia has been robbed a pricipaled leader

  19. Kumalila nkokumihigwa bamamama kusamununa zyamba kutondezya kusa nobantu. Zitenge zyalo inga balisamide. Echi achikachitike ku dila ya Munene.

    Nakedness should not be used as a means to adocate for an issue. Atleast not in Zambia.

    Nomwaalayigwa tachisolwi.

  20. #20 miss zambia,iwe these people are not talking about bikini’s..they are talking about being naked so if u want to join these demonstrations,leave your bikini at home and join them with your birthday suite.

  21. all of you, better use your time on the internet wisely, eg., searching for jobs, school, sponsorship, etc. even now you are still blind???

  22. Can our police officers issue a permit 2 these pipo? How does it help 2 be naked, these must be jockers,am yet to see that.clap shiiiit!

  23. These selfish Ministers won’t be moved buy naked demonstrations. Remember the third term it wasn’t the naked demonstrations which helped but couragues students who carried the coffin. This won’t be a right thing to do, Zambia is not another Holyhood. I’m sure these ministers can’t wait to see the naked bodies.

  24. Bushe ulu ulupwa lwansele lwa fuma kwi? I should admit i like your humour guys nooomber… bolla panshi.Aba abantu balisebanya fye.Good news that they have cancelled the demo!! But this stupid bunch of earthly angels who seat warming up there asses in a play house called parliament should be embarrassed by their selfish action and i hope it doesn’t work. you greedy bustards.Rotten hospitals, schools, roads and many more to mention and yet all you ‘re interested in is more money.None of you deserve to be in the next government *****s.

  25. Ba ponyax you arrr really making my day. Ala ninseka nembafu nashikalipa shanaka. nabakacite demonstrate ubwamba kaili balefwya tuka mone imirafu.

  26. Right, Shakafuswa and those ministers will be glad to see those people naked,thinking that it will make them denounce their millions of raise is no sence,shame on the ministers we put them their to work for us not to make themselves rich!

  27. Please don’t take us back to the zinjathropus era. This is new age. Who will get moved with your birthday suits. Try other better ways than this. In fact, just postpone this planned ‘naked’ demo indefinitely. Better till the land on that day and your labours shall be rewarded.

  28. My people bwana chairman has just corrected me. kanshi tetuputula tukamona iyo niyamene yamene. So balumendo put on very thick bombasas so that even when you let go of the holly water they should not make any mark outside pantu ukasebana. Fwebakwata volume iyikulu we shall put on ice block plastics,the bigger ones, nokukakako umulegeni kumulu so that amenso ngayasekelamo fyonse nimukafuko. Am told tukatambila abengi sana so condom ikachepa kumutonshi hence the need to get my plan.

  29. pliz come on so that we slaughter…you know what that means?so exciting ka!!how many nice chicks will be there?why are you undressing?

  30. Ifintu fimo filandabwisha!!! Ukwambilafye kubena Ponyax and the story itself. Ponyax, is a character who i have not taken to be so serious. He is probably a young man along Katondo st. running some internet cafe business. Atemwafye ifyabupuba no wonder he doesn’t contribute to serious and issue based topics like SADC and FTA.

  31. You people are mad though you will be fight for the right cause. I have a strong feeling though that the likes of Shakafuswa will leave the whatever “important” (if ever they do any)things they will doing to join the crowds in watching the naked women before engaging their “Slaughter gear” Ponyax, sell your brilliant idea to Shaka… he will receive it with both his arms and feet.

  32. # 39 Helen mukashana SADC & FTA can`t please my other heart. Even you ngawaumfwa ati ama guys who lift metals (impeta shikafula nasho) you will join me ku tambila side. Palyashi lyabukyende pena you will always find me. No one can refuse iyamahala.

  33. What a bunch of nonesense! Naked demonstrations huh? Thank goodness that such foolishness has been “suspended”. This is the 21st Century and you are not a bunch of uneducated cavewomen (or are you?). Find a more dignified way of expressing your greivances. Atase bane!

  34. He he he,it would be nice to watch that naked demo especially that our women have big behinds with big hips,wish i was home,in Europe we are used to seeing peculiar shaped women(they have more of beer & cider bellies than booty infact flat booty).
    On a serious note,how did these people even think of making such an association,to me it somehow promotes unemployment unless their main aim is to teach the unemployed skills to enable them work on their own or attain new skills to make them employable again.

  35. When is the demo, i want to film it and sele the tape to televion xxxx and make money out of it, to show them that money can be made if only your head is working, you do not need to be in formal employment to make money, let them use their heads and channel their efforts and energies into doing something that will bring them cash.

  36. do you mean this guys were serious to flaunt their tired goods?wanna be porn stars or what? ridiculous, and they want to be taken seriously. if you can be that courageous i dont see why you cant be employed. or is this a marketing strategy?

  37. Ponyax boyi mailo nishi na boma,nesaka lya ENZOY .mwandi Hellen naishiba mubi kwati bushiku so ngaiposa pa Demo kuti chalo chapofula.mwandi tukatamba iya maala no TV licence.So kuno ku Nairobi ndenonafye mukwisa samfya amenso mukutamba bachisasa for free.

  38. Name: Powerman | Country of residence: Zambia | Written: Thursday, 21 August 2008 (09:26) 5791
    Kanganja Kanganja …Why should you advise people not to travel to Lusaka.Shame on you.You stopped people from traveling to Paris which was understandable.Now Lusaka ubepelefye..

  39. ala chi ponyax uli shilu sana wausekesha sana, but i hpoe namwebaume mukafula coz not only women are unemployed but men also… seriously aba bantu kuti bacitako piece work yaku washila nangu uku wamya pama yard yabantu.. mwaliba impiya sana muli piece work ukucila ukufula for pipo like ponyax who dont seem 2 have women abo batambila cila bushiku, fwaya namayo eo wakulatambila nangu taumufolesha kaili ninshi obe fye. osabendelela yamahala guys

  40. Helen #43, take it easy.R you telling me you have no sense of humour.these pipo by being ridiculed by ponyx it just shows how stupid their idea is.come on larf wit us

  41. A normal african,Zambian woman to work naked!!!!!! for which purpose? My dear brothers and sisters,is this a true story? What a shame!is that a solution honestly???? Cant they find something constractv.Naufwilamo nensoni iyeee abantu aba amano ububi.Zambia a christian nation??? Even if it is marketing strategy muleichindikaa.Lekeni ukufulamina our mother land it is not a blessing and it shall never be.Mwe Lesa iseni bwangu mulubule icalo Cesu.

  42. There are other ways to demonstrate rather than belittling and humiliating oneself by demonstrating in “birth suits” Such demos should be abashed!!

  43. It will be good.Naked demo haaaaaaaa! We will watch free porno for free.I hope it will really be naked issues there.I advise all men to put on suites or jackets on that day or else mens’ snakes will be seen to be upset also.So men either put on long shirts or ……………

  44. This is the day, we all have been waiting for, Once they give us the new date of when the demo will be held, I will have to buy a first class Ticket on the first available flight just to come and see.

    For a long time I have dreamed of watching a variet of naked women in one place, that dream has finnaly come true.

  45. Ubwamba is a powerfull voice, all the guys a pretending to be interectuals yet they do understand the logic of a naked demo.

    1) Naked women call a lot of attention, so the aundience is guranteed, when the time for speaches come, they will be a lot of people to Listen to the message.

    2)Naked laddies involk shame, imagine some of these naked women will be the same age as the ministers’ mothers, hence the ministers will be disturbed by such a demo, it will be like looking at their mothers being naked.

    to be continued after you post your comments on this, especially that most of you comment without thinking first.

  46. This is the highest of indecency,why wud anyone want to stoop that low.Anyway, if all the demonstrators will be spotless go for it…but if i were you,i wud maintain my diginity.The world indeed is coming to an end…this is an heard of and to think its happening ryt in our mother land…Wow am scared.Just dont impregnant one another seeing you’l all be in the garden of eden.

  47. Much as I would like the women to demonstrate, I really am not in favour of them being naked. Nakedness is sacred and so it shouldn’t be exposed anyhow. Its true what the ministers have done is a very selfish move but as women we shouldn’t even give them a chance to enjoy seeing our nakedness. Woman Pride guys Not ubwamba!

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