Levys farewell message to the nation


The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, Thursday evening, broadcast the late President Levy Mwanawasa’s farewell message to the nation.

The message broadcast on both radio and television was recorded on March 23rd, 2005. It read as follows:
“It is my wish that this Will is broadcast both on television and radio. I now want to address the nation.

“I am grateful to all of you for giving me the opportunity during part of my life to serve you as President. It was a privilege which I cherished up to my death. I did all my best to improve the standards of living of you my people. I strove to attend to the production of sufficient food for domestic consumption and for export. I worked hard to encourage investments, both local and foreign, so as to create jobs and so as to enhance the growth of our economy.

“I believed that national development could only be sustained if good governance, respect for the rule of law and democracy were encouraged and not taken for granted. To spur these virtues, the fight against corruption had to be waged relentlessly and without treating anybody as a sacred cow.

“I regret that in my zeal to facilitate this fight, I lost friendship with a number of some of my best friends and at many times my own life and that of my family members were threatened. I want to assure the nation that no malice or ill will was intended in these initiatives.

“I was driven purely by love for my country and the urgent need to transform it from poverty to prosperity. I have always been grieved to see so much poverty, hopelessness and anguish in the faces of our children, the leaders of tomorrow. It has always been my belief that nobody has the right to take away what we should be giving to these children and keep them in their selfish pockets.

“I do hope that the party, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, can continue with this vision for our nation pursuing the fight of zero tolerance to corruption.

“I was sad when some of you our members appeared to embrace corruption and actually criticized me for fighting the scourge. This vice will not develop our country.
“It is my desire that all future governments will continue to wage this fight.

“If in my endeavors to provide only the best for my country I offended some of my compatriots, all I can ask is that they should find a place in their hearts to forgive me as no deliberate intentions to harm their feelings without just cause was intended.

“To those who attended my funeral and to those who mourned with my family, I say I am extremely grateful to all of you. I am certain that I speak on behalf of my family that their burden has thereby been lightened.

“In witness whereof, I, the said Levy Patrick Mwanawasa have hereto set my hand this 23rd day of March, 2005 and I have signed this Will as my last Will in the presence of my two chief personal secretaries: Brandina Nyendwa and Josephine Shakabinga.

Both of them present at the same time who, at my request, in my presence and in the presence of each of them have subscribed their names as witnesses to the original Will which is kept by my bank. Thank you.”


  1. Finance Minister claims successor status
    By Times Reporter

    FINANCE and National Planning Minister, Ng’andu Magande has said that he was chosen by the late President Levy Mwanawasa as his successor with the full knowledge of Cabinet.

    Speaking in an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Magande said it was regrettable that even Cabinet ministers who attended the meeting and knew about the late president’s will could not speak about it.

    He challenged members of the Cabinet to reveal what transpired in the meeting when the president talked about the succession.

  2. Ah shame…Nothing is as sure as death itself. Rest in peace Mr LPM.
    And i hope all the haters of the late president are moved by this and pick up from where he left. He wasnt that bad anyway.

  3. sad indeed u did what u could do,,but shocking enougth there was no issue of who was going succed u,,were did maureen get the info


  5. How can I comment on a dead man`s personal wishes? Zambia is bigger than one individual and no one has a right to impose his personal will on the country.

  6. MEE!

  7. Magande you are a liar, levy never mentioned any successor in his last Will to the nation. Even he had done so – that cannot be a Gospel truth coz he was not God!

  8. this guy was a good man, now where are the rest of the few good men of zambia…. i guess we are going back to 30 years of economic decline and recession…what is this succesor BS dang stop this crap and just vote for HH

  9. If HELP’s choice of a successor was as binding as Magande and his chronies want us to believe,why did Levy treat it so trivial that he ommitted it from his last will?!!

  10. After watching Emmanuel TV where LPM’s death was prophesied , i really beleived that he was our Moses. Now it is time to find our Joshua. God you already know who this man is, guide us.
    That man was really an Angel, he loved us so much. Your Good bye last night really touched many. We thank you.

    Rest in peace my President.

  11. #8, this will has no line that speaks of impossing anything. It was simply a farewell message; so there is every reason to make any reasonable comment, if you have any.

  12. Rest in peace ba President.we’ll keep praying for you plz if they is a way whenever you are keep guarding us and if you are in heaven plz ask God to keep us strong.

  13. With RB at the helm!!am so sad for my country!we’ve lost 7 years !!pliz lets’ vote out RB and his minions…LPM…RIP.

  14. I am one of those who did not vote for Levy, however, his performance in the second term convinced me that he was the right man for the Job. Zambians should ignore the talk that he had a prefered candidate other than RB. Why wasn’t that candidate appointed Vice President. Let us be honest people. I can see people like Magande, Masebo being fired or resigning on their own once RB becames president. Al I can ask of RB is for him to broaden the anticorruption campaign to include first second and third Republic.

  15. Pipo are u so dull that you can see that the will was done in 2005. There is no way the late president could have choosen a successor. Get real.

  16. Because we are all fallible in the eyes of God, some good things will only be apparent or clear to us after they are gone!! For some fools, the good things will continue being invisible to them EVEN AFTER they have passed. That is why fools will always remain fools, because they never learn even from the obvious past!!! Mwanawasa RIP.

  17. Guys…this is not even a will..it is a farewell message!A will is A legal document declaring a person’s wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die.We want the Will which indicated how he wanted to dispose his ‘property’,in this case his presidential position.

  18. Pipo are u so dull that you can see that the will was done in 2005. There is no way the late president could have choosen a successor. Get real. Stop talking about Levy not mentioning his preference in a will.

  19. the message is so touching and i believe this man’s re-entry into politics was so divine. groly be to God the one who is all knowing.

  20. i was really hoping the tape would tackle the succession issue but then it was made in 2005 so that would not have happened…we’ll just have to contend with Magande’s lies pamo na Maureen…i wonder were these chaps got their data and if they are in cahoots over this whole issue…

  21. Sep5th,2008 ZM
    Magande you are a liar how come,in the president’s will,you are not mentioned and how are we going to believe cos another farmer-chilala claims to be a chosen successor as well.This is ridiculous how many chosen successors are we going to have!!!Lets respect the wishes of our late president by uniting .You must be realistic and stop deceiving people,Zambia is a democractic country and not a monarchy!!

  22. Zambians – this was recorded in 2005, before the 2006 general elections. This tells us that Levy wanted to leave public life but, and God forbid, for Maureen’s selfishness, he was forced to continue.

  23. you people who are talking about Magande being in the will, pls understand matters. that msg was recorded in march 2005, to be precise before his second term, so the issue of the successor from that angal is wrong, The successor issues started during his second term and coz he knew he would leave presidency.

    Its true the man might have thought/looked on who could take over from him though not through dictorship, but democracy. Anyone who loves their country Im sure before they go should think on who their


  25. The only message I register from this is of a man who knew as far back as 2005 that death is very real and very near. Nothing more, nothing less. We all have to face this prospect and this is a very good example of how NOT to face it.

  26. #20…didnt you hear the damn tape?? it was PART of his final will and testament..he even mentioned the clause from which he was reading the farewell message to us Zedians…

    #21…i see u also didnt listen closely to the tape…

  27. cont.from 28, successor should be, initially so that everything is left in order and even help the incoming by grooming them.

    this is a situation I propose we should adopt. Lets have things in order all the time to avoid panic and an neccessary quables over national matters.

  28. Magande is a conniving **** No one really cares if LPM in a moment of madness gave you the secret nod and wink. We want the best person for the job who can make his own policies that will take us forward. LPM truthfully felt he was not up to the job but at least he gave it his all to the detriment of his health. Now we need someone better and that is not Magande who’s only manifesto is LPM said it would be me!!

  29. “I was driven purely by love for my country and the urgent need to transform it from poverty to prosperity. I have always been grieved to see so much poverty, hopelessness and anguish in the faces of our children, the leaders of tomorrow. It has always been my belief that nobody has the right to take away what we should be giving to these children and keep them in their selfish pockets.”

    What a loss!!!

  30. We have to be careful in life especialy with politics. If Levy picked RB out of all the people of Zambia and he managed to work with him for two years without any problem. Then I think he was the right person to take over from Levy. I do not see any sense in Levy keeping RB while he was keeping someone to take over from him, if he did tell someone that he will take over from him then it was a joke no wounder it was not in the will.

  31. Listening through Levy’s WILL, I strained my ears to get the name Magande mentioned in the will, as the successor to late Mwanawasa’s empire. Alas, I never heard the name Magande being mentioned, nor any name for that matter. It is clear that Magande and his backers wanted to take us for a ride and impose Magande on us. Leadership is from God, not from cheap schemers. Magande and his backers are about to be disgraced and shamed. Shame on you.

  32. I have lost a leader,a President in the name of LPM.MHSRIP.
    What next?
    Let us all honour this great man by chosing out of government the thieves like VJ,Katele,Chitala, and all the MMD cadres who want to rule and re-start plundering again and take us 100 years back.

    Maureen or RB can not take us to where Levy would have wanted.Lets not vote on compassionate grounds.Zambia First !!!!

  33. LPM your message is so touching. I wish your death never came at a time such as now.

    I wish you were here to hear how magande is claiming to be the one you chose to succeed you. He is a power hungry monger whom I now think trully betrayed you. You gave him that position as finance minister but was not satisfied with it. He was stil eyeing your position. What a shame…

  34. 28 and 30 i totally agree with you, the succession issues must be very recent. Its unfortunate that the Post has decampaigned Magande.
    I guess he was just trying to save Zambian Airways which despite everything has been a face saver for the nation in the abscence of a national airline.Surely how can we continue promoting Zambia as a tourist destination if we totally rely on airlines from other countries?????Poor Magande doesnt even have shares in Zambian Airways!!!!( correct me on this). What do you imagne culd have been levy’s stance on this one? somebody tell me objectively plizzzzzz

  35. country men. this is a very good challenge to us still living. let us take a leaf from LPM(MHSRIP) by leaving such inspiring messages. its very rare and i think this speech could even qualify to enter the guiness book of records. i have googled and have found nobody who has thanked mourners for attending their funerals.i hope we shall take a leaf and start recording our own goodbyes which shall be read out when we depart this world. i as Conman have already done just that. my expectations are that characters like anonymous, russia moscow , nchelelebula, mwiinga, ponyax, bum dread and all the foul mouthed chaps here should proceed and record their goodbyes which could be read at your fun

  36. Ba Levy did his part.we have heard the lies these folks are telling us. tulebako serious. magande and maureen bali pamano.we have to look at the way forward. were do we go from here

  37. My Brother LPM SC Rest in Peace. You did whatever was in your powers but alas the cold arm of death touched you. We have grieved and will continue to grieve for you my brother.

    I for one knows you could not sink so low to impose a leader on the Zambian people. You were a democratic man and believed in democratic principles.

    Levy, truly you loved this country and truly you meant well most of the time. This is the legacy we will carry forward.

    Mudala Tusha Nabanaka Bantu. Your message touched me last night. Ba Maureen look after the Children. Ichibumba Chaya ku Embassy Park.

  38. The meaasge is indeed heavy and touching. its like the mon had a feeling he was not going to live through his entire second term. The man was indeed a great man. The only problem he had was he was surrounded by crooks and thieves who he laboured to keep under lock and key. This task was huge on the man. I hope the next president will pick wisely and trust his ministers to carry out the tasks given to them.The confusion of leadership is not in the country but in the MMD. If the MMD come back( God forbid ) we should not have , Mpombo, Shakafuswa, Mulongoti , Teta, Chibombamilimo, Magani, Munkombwe, Musosha, near the corridors of power. These guys are rekless and alarmists.

  39. at your damn funerals. am told Mugabe has finished his and its been typed already. we shall soon have another bye election and this time around seven days will be the minimum period because we have warned all these sick chaps to keep away from state house but without sucess. my warning to these aspirants is that this is the last time am mourning a president. if you die as a result of old age or sickness, be assured that my tears will not flow but i will continue to ballock you even as you lie in repose. this assignment of being a presido requires brains which are not soiled with grey hair. takana sewo.

  40. Well Mwanawasa on this one you really touched me. Great that you accepted the Lord as your personal saviour! See you in Glory land on judgment day! I LOVE YOU MY JESUS! Thank you for the gift of life; the food that you give me; the clothes and all the blessings that you keep showering on me. Thank you for my country Zambia! My fellow bloggers … bless them all with wisdom and give them direction!

  41. LPM’s video message was recorded in 2005. The succession debate took place recently so it’s plain clear why Magande’s name or whoever LPM prefered was never mentioned.

  42. indeed he was i great man many of us didnt realise it but soon we discovered just how deep he sunk in our hearts. may his soul rest in eternal peace

  43. I just wish the mmd guys would just base their arguments by talking about why they should be voted into power and stop bringing Levy into all of this. What we need is a leader and Levy’s opinion is his opinion…and as zambians we are also entitiled to our own opinions and hence we shall make our own decision. Hopefully the right one.

  44. There is nothing wrong in Levy naming a person he hoped to succeed him. (So Maureen you were right. Why would you lie?) It happens even in modern democracies. Choose someone else if you want. It would be legal, but do not deny that it was said by late Levy.

  45. Hey pipo RB has just won with a landslide he got 47 votes,Magande 7, shikapwasha 1,Nevers 0, kopulande 0, and also got kavindele 0, this marks the end of MMD…levy went with it to embassy park

  46. I am touched by this piece. However, we should not despair. There are many more people in our country who can carry on the fight against corruption. They only need to know that we are watching them. Countries like India and Jamaica have gone through many changes of government that they don’t know anything else. No circumventing the constitution!

  47. Death comes for us all, even at birth, but does stand aside. Our late president was prepared. Are we?
    He wrote the will just before the 2006 elections. In my opinion, due to his failing health, he had no intension of contesting the 2006 elections. Selfish people close to him forced him. Very sad,very sad indeed, MHSRIP.

  48. Now let politicking begin as MMD have their UNIP presidential candidate.Its now Sata verses RB hope Sata & HH can team up & cut short RB’s celebrations.And its a sad good to Magande 4 a short lived political career.He made a terrible mistake of wanting to ride on the LPM name & support from the last Post news paper which Sata will come & shut down.

  49. I find it so surprising that people should be talking about being the chosen ones to succeed our late president. If one was preferred by the late president, it does not mean that he get it on a silver plate. Zambia is a democracy and every Zambian who feels he has the capacity to serve the country can go for it. It’s up to the Zambian people to decide. So brother Magande, don’t waste time talking about being the preferred one. Instead work to get the needed support to launch your presidential aspirations.

    Meanwhile, fellow Zambians, be wary of voting minority parties into power because history has it that countries run by a minority president find it hard to forge ahead.

  50. Levy’s farewell touched my heart and made me realise that the reality of death is something that we have to face with fortitude and foresight.

    on the succession issue Insight#57 who was the 19 undisclosed??

  51. Awe ba Levy balilanda mwandi kuti walila. Nomba nadabwa sana ati RB awina mu MMD. Natulandepo guys. MMD has just lost its grip now. I can sense this just now. Fyanunke fintu nomba.

  52. LT give us a topic on RB. I hear he’s been adopted a MMD rep. I know this is a wrong forum but aint gat no choice.

  53. Abana balala balala Abana balala balala Abana balala balala Abana balala balala Abana balala balala Abana balala balala

    Pa Zed yazanda yazanda Pa Zed yazanda yazanda Pa Zed yazanda yazanda Pa Zed yazanda yazanda Pa Zed yazanda yazanda Pa Zed yazanda yazanda

    Fyapena nomba


  55. RB will use the State Machinery to manipulate results, I wish SATA and HH could come together coz thats the only way to defeat MMD!

  56. This is the best that has happened to MMD. Otherwise MMD was spliting.
    This is also very good for the Nation.
    This will give SATA and HH a good run.
    I am happy that SATA and HH will continue to do their good work in opposition where they know best.
    Taking any of these two to state house is mis-appropration of human resource.

  57. Levy I like you will but why didnt you share the containt with mauren. You have embarrased her because she said in you will you mentioned magande as the successor. Did you love Maureen to have not share the will with her. bashi Chipo rest in Peace

    RB is UNIP and Dr Kaunda has stoped his son from contesting the election because UNIP can not have two people standing, they will divide the vote for RB. Brothers and Sisters it is too soon to bring UNIP back. Kaunda is visiting RB every day watch out Zambia……

  58. #54 L – Come on… what great leader?? Imwe, we forget easily uyu mnunthu enze autocratic and a pure nepotist? How do you measure and define greatness? Come on guys, lets not lose sight of the past before we make the same mistakes in the future. Remember the Shakafuswa saga?

  59. #13 shed more light on what was prophesised about LPM’s death, some of us have no Emmanuel TV.

    I was so touched by his farewell, he was a man prepared for death while most of us including me fear it. He is safely sleeping at the Lord’s feet, lets prepare ourselves we are not immortal.

  60. Levy, Forgive me for all the NAMES I called you. Lord pardon all my sins, and accept Levy in your kingdom. Like KK said, that “Levy is in the hands of GOD”, now he shamed us all, he was a honest man. The WILL tell it all. I feel like crying.

  61. Ifya kuleka abena VJ, Christon and Aka coming back to politics. They’ve decided to give RB the top job knowing so much that they can manipulate him. Ilemoneka nokumoneka. Whats the fuss about??? Everyone now claims that he has the first word from LPM. Whatever the case you lost your grip.

  62. That mesage was probably the first for al of us to be thanked by someone hu has passed for atending their funeral.i hope LPM saw hw much zambians mourned hm..and the fact that it was recorded n 2005 comfirms tht he didnt wnt a second term n powa,and he didnt hav any plans to pik a succesor.to him i say REST IN PEACE and js as the sng says We wil always remember you..

  63. #86. Who told u that the dead can forgive. Make peace with your enemies while u are still alive my friend! However, in the time of ignorance God overlooks (forgives).

  64. BA MMD MULIBWA you have brought back UNIP. You had no one god enough to stand as president in your part. …..We shall soon have shortages in the Shopps start stock pilling food UNIP policies are on the loos.

  65. #86 you are a fool you don’t repent on behalf of some if he didn’t you are waiting you time…he shamed you because you don’t think!! chipuba

  66. I forgot that this forum is for paying tribute to the man who worked so tirelessly to stump out corruption in the land.

    I’ve said a number of things that are not pleasant. I’m so sorry fellow bloggers .

    About LPM, he was a good man and he had the ability to do what he said and even the judges knew he was able to handle it. Sata can affirm to this and thats why he humbled himself and apologised to him which led to the reconciliation. Levy improved our economy. He gave us enough food and made a very critical decision of turning down GMO’s which others blindly could have subscribed to. He was a good man.

    RIP LPM!!!

    You were excellent.

  67. i have truly learnt from you. you were a good man but of course not a super human and you hard your shortfalls. we will live to remember you. fare well LPM, fare well.

  68. THATS HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE, there will be continuity in the running of the Government, and more so of the party MMD.

  69. Chachine Mudala Afrocentric #83 the man even knew it that we didn’t appreciate his nepotic approach to issues ba widow has said it that he died a sad man coz we didn’t accept he’s appointing relatives to key positions.LPM’s achievements have been over stated,i mean i might as well praise FTJ 4 having accorded me an opportunity as a Teenage orphan to own a house,buying it 4 a about K250 pin in 1996.

  70. #64 Boyi chitapankwa,The thieves are back just to come and finnish the mission,I hope RB opens his eyes and pull out like the 5 who have done so.Nomba naba ACC will be non operational instead BA VIGILANTE will be handling the cases imagine man nomba FYADIBANA so we need UKUFIDIBULULA pa voting day i hope you have a card.What do you think?

  71. Iam happy that most people here are realising that Levy was just a genuine person. Thanks you for your apologies because in Zambia, we do not appreciate genuine people but hold crooks as champions, a trait I hate most. You called him names when FTJ was stripped off his immunity, FTJ was a star, plunderer and yet, he was more of a hero to most people that LPM.Today, Sata is your hero and yet, Sata tells you lies all the time.

    I have been to Zambia last year in December and what I saw being done in terms of development suprised me a lot and yet you people around did not see anything and kept on criticising LPM, well within your rights, I agree, but lets open our eyes.

    LPM, rest in peace

  72. Iam suprised that Maureen was misleading the Nation that his former husband preferred Magande to succeed him and yet there was no mention of him in the WILL.Shame to the person who used to live with an “Angel.”

  73. #117 i conquer wit you, so pipo startin from now let us appreciate pipo when they are still alive. let’s appreciate Chiluba and KK 4 wat they have done so far when they are alive. we are pipo we can make a mistake or fail but that doesn’t mean we are failures. be bessed

  74. Sep 5, 2008 at 4:52
    Levy was such a thoughtful leader bafulafulafye. He faced death with courage and confidence. The challenge remains for us to work hard for the betterment of our nation.

  75. off topic: i just recieved the letter condemning cynthia kanema’s sexual exploits. too bad for the poor married woman whose husband benefitted from the million cunt. truth is if the girl has figured a quick way to mint gold, who on earth is anyone else to condemn her? Keep you sexually weak husbands locked up. they are all willing and consenting adults who know exactly what they are doing and are generous with their money. cynthia kanema, i know this may not be true, but if it is, keep in mind you dont OWE ANY person anthing for sleeping with their husbands. keep you yourself sweet and tight. sex is divine afterall, who are we to deny you mortal men!

  76. Sata will never rule!!!1 let the man continue being president of that disorganized club, the PF registered under the registrar of societies and clubs.


  78. Lets move fellow Zambians RB surely is a mature man to trust with our mearger resources and the life of 73 tribes(12million) people. AVOID gambling.in the national interest bravo nec.

  79. Thanx to all those who have chosen R B. Wait—wait, pls wait,,,,,What am i seeing? Pls help me….am seeing something comin out of the very very old farm.ehhh what is this? OOOOHH,YA ..It looks like the hand of my old man,but strong.Yeeeesy thats the one.PLS napapata tell me,bicoz this is same UNIP covering the mad movement dragon M M D.
    to all our old member i say come,life has come.Well,let me go to village and tell my old for that Dzithu Zasintha,lusaka is us again.
    Thanx for voting R B.

  80. Here we go. The POST have kissed dust. We will see who they will support between SATA, RB and HH. Interesting development. I pray that RB wins and becomes also very tough against the planderers. They are in for another shock.

  81. To bad we’ll never know who da success levy chose…but then again its up 2 us 2 find sum1 who will fit in his shoes. We have a big task ahead of us.

  82. Iwe ka molly the dog or whatever you call your self ubupulumushi echo mulefwila bwaiche bwaiche!Ba MMD basila ba sata pliz save us. mwaya kwisa kanshi?

  83. ba monku mwawa…….
    RB is a million dollar treasure who is worthy for than any priceless game.Not imwe batambuli..Magande,kavindele,shikapwasha waba ichimona.Chituwo hard lucky mwaiche there is always next time.You Work.VIVA RB.

  84. Its sad that LPM knew his end was near, he must have felt it. Seeing that he prepared for his demise 3 yrs ago, if indeed he had a prefered person he would have made it known to everyone soon after the elections.

    Talking about someone as a possible candidate does not make them suitable candidates, neither does appointing some one as yo vice. He had to show gratitude to people of Eastern Province by appointing RB and the N/Wesrtners by giving that fool Teta a position.

  85. I never had the chance to watch the farewell message from LPM. But this has filled me on the tape. I personally did not vote for the man in the previous elections, but this time I would hve if there was that chance. This man has proved me wrong. I had very bad ideas about him, I now believe that he loved this country and loved us. May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace. At his passing on, I never shed a tear, but today I have after reading this message. Levy, forgive me for the wrong thoughts I had about you.

    Let us vote for some one who will emulate him in his undertakings. Please not a “Mugabe”. It must be somebody who can understand the modern world. Look at Kabila of Congo, so Young !

  86. All that he said in his farewell statement is not new to the Zambian ear. He said it repeatedly at various fora. What makes the difference is this: How many Heads Of State have ever taken a bit of their time to prepare a statement that can be read after their death? Simple – Either because they’re guilty or have nothing to offer. When other Presidents in Africa and beyond watch this video, it’ll send a piercing hit in their minds. This is what makes this man a GREAT MAN! He’s made history which most writers may want to write book about. So touching indeed!

  87. If it was L PM’s wish to put Magande as his successor i thought he should have mentioned it in his last but even if he had done that it does not mean that everyone should be for Magande.We seem to focus so much on who will be like Levy forgetting that no one will be like Levy and therefore we need to find some one who has the qualities of a good leader and not some who will be like some else.These Hand picked leaders never perform.So whether Magande was picked by levy to be the next president it does not mean we shall vote for him.Viva Sata

  88. SUPERSTITIOUS: So how did Levy know he was going to die while in power? Is it true then, to say that he sold some of his years and sacrificed some of his family members of the years? You see you people there's no mention of a prefered successor in the w

    You were all lying to yourselves you greedy politicians.


  89. How can I comment on a dead man`s personal wishes? Zambia is bigger than one individual and no one has a right to impose his personal will on the country.

    My response: this message was written in goodwill towards the nation, so it doesn’t really matter who wrote it. Here is a man who died contributing to the wellbeing of Zambians and if you can’t respect him, at least learn to value the ideals he fought for. May God help us choose a leader who will uphold this vision and make LPM’s dream reality for Zambia, just like Obama is about to fulfil Martin Luther King’s dream for America. Let it be!

  90. Levy was a leader who was just sent by God to serve Zambia so that others will learn a lesson from him. I know that some fools may want to politicise issues but LPM was an organised president who cared for his country. May his soul rest in peace.

    The time has now come in which Zambia will engage into reverse gear against the wishes of our beloved country, until such a time when we will learn that we cannot feed on tribalism but we need economic managers and people who hate corruption in office. Mwanawasa, during his time showed us that tribalism was not what would serve Zambia from her economic problems and he tried his best, but characters like Tete and Chitala are bend towards it.

  91. LPM was the best president for me. He has left a proven record as far as the economy of this country is concerned. As for Kaunda (KK)” am sorry i was not there, For FTJ” i dont know! maybe but i doubt it.

  92. This was not his will, it was written by some one else. If you read it again, the structure of the grammar and the language itself would indicate that if he indeed wrote it, he wrote it after his death.

    Unless it has been doctored, which then raises questions about the motives behind it.

    I think the honourable thing to do is let the man rest in peace and consign his legacy to history.

    Exiled abroad

  93. I’d like to think any president would appoint his most trusted as finance minister in this case Mr. Magande. There could be some substance to the rumour that LPM preferred him to be his successor.If he stated anything of the sort in his will, the truth will eventually come out. I doubt what he preferred should determine who becomes president in the end the constitution holds and the elections have to be held. We can only hope the person appointed will have the kind of conviction LPM had to rule the country.In his own words “I was driven purely by love for my country and the urgent need to transform it from poverty to prosperity” Lets hope for the best. M.LPM.R.I.P

  94. I have been to Zambia 7 times in the last 4 years and in my opinion poverty has increased and we are now a basket case. Look at newspaper job adverts, they are full of garden boys and maids -this is a sign of a country in the “Poorest bracket category”.

    This was not the late’ doing but it has not gotten better. How many people have died in mine and related accidents?

    The country needs new blood, not recycled ideas. Viva Chirwa

    Exiled and exiled

  95. #93 SUGGESTION. I agree with you, People lets petition Sata and HH to Merge and victory will be assured. With RB another family tree is waiting, i 4 see the nephews failed unip Tilyenji begging for jobs and we shall return to the KK era.

  96. #154, it is very clear that you r not Maureen, just find another constructive contribution to the blog. Mulechindika ba mkamfilwa! Naimwe mukafwa or mukafwilwa one day.

  97. thanx mr president for all you did for the country. it ia my prayer also that your successor will carry on with your cause. may you rest in peace. Amen.

  98. I am so far away form home and i am really scared of what will become of my beloved country ZED.Those of you who will have a chance to vote please avoid RECYCLED materials.Lets move forward please.We can’t afford to be going back every time we get a chance to elect a leader.VIVA NEW BLOOD HH FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!

  99. #20 We have read your innuendo and you are right…no mention of who to take over his presidential position but we guess he knew that that was not his personal property so he could not give it out.

    #27. Wa lasa iwe propa!!!!!

  100. That was why he died a sad man!!!!

    All these clowns claiming that he left them the property of pres. position are stupid and dafted, it wasn’t Lpm’s but the nations( for all Zambians) so let them not waste our time claiming it. Let them retire to their farms!!!

    Bwaila, kwafipa, zwaaa…..

  101. #86 What was LPM honest about? Just becos he made a farewell speech does not make him honest…unless U are referring to the fact that he knew that he was going to die. Does the choice of words qualify a person as a genuine person??? Then lawyers are truly genuine pipo becos they know how to use words. Pls cite something else he did rather than judge him on his farewell speech.

  102. This man knew that he was a cabbege and would die any time, well the hell did he cling to power, selfish bastard.

    Lets not leave Sata to do the same, the end result of sickness is death.

    All of us will die at one time, of course, but if you are not sick there is great hope that we will not die soon but once you are sick, especially Heart desease, strock and the rest of the seriuos deseises death is eminent, and we should never take up greatresponsibility like being President. ABASH SATA, HH YOU RULE.

  103. I oly hope RB carries the fight agains corruption the same way LPM handled it. But the million dollar question is has he got the sting? I doubt it totally

  104. I only hope RB carries the fight agains corruption the same way LPM handled it. But the million dollar question is has he got the sting? I doubt it totally

  105. I only hope RB carries the fight againts corruption with the same force LPM handled it. But the million dollar question is has he got the sting? I doubt it totally

  106. How touching, I hope we can learn a thing or two from the man’s legacy. Also a good lesson that leaving a final will & testament will ensure that greedy relatives left behind don’t do a scramble for Africa on the widow & the kids! If only Mazoka had done the same, his kid’s wouldn’t be fighting over assets today?

  107. The speech is very touching. I hope our President here can emulate late LPM. This Coountry is blessed with abandunt resources which ordinary people do not enjoy because of selfishness and rampant corruption by leaders. MHSRIP

  108. did anyone carefully watch that message carefully. at on momment LPM was facing slightly to the left then suddenly to the right without showing properly how he moved. in other words what am saying is that that video was edited by RB clan. just when he was about to say magande shoud succeed him

  109. #184, easy with the conspiracy theories. That was LPM’s video will, the first part of which was meant for family & the last segment for the nation. I’m sure his lawyers & bank (incl the 2 private secretaries who witnessed) wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen!!!

  110. You were a good man and I hope the good lord god almighty will accord your soul a place in his Kingdom of forever lasting peace.

  111. I doubt if LPM had any serious considerations about RB succeding him and his capabilities apart from playing politics of apeasement for eastern province and the mercenary mpezeni in particular, for delivering eastern province to MMD in 2006. there was nothing special about RB and i doubt if theres any. he may just be a lucky fellow in his old age. hope he doesn’t consider standing in 2011. he needs to go back to the farm and continue honeymooning with his young wife who is suppose to be his grand daughter.

  112. What a touching msg ,#86 it taught u a lesson learn to appreciate pipo b4 they re gone
    Talk of SATA NIKALULU TABULWA MUSHIMI,THS MAN will never rule the country but panka nefwa akalaba mulyashi coz he knows how to make his name stick mutunwa twabantu .He will die beng called PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDENT(CHCK SPEL 4 ME) NOT MR PRESIDENT.

  113. lol so he knew hey,,,,,,,,,, “To those who attended my funeral and to those who mourned with my family, I say I am extremely grateful to all of you. I am certain that I speak on behalf of my family that their burden has thereby been lightened.

    “In witness whereof, I, the said Levy Patrick Mwanawasa have hereto set my hand this 23rd day of March, 2005 and I have signed this Will as my last Will in the presence of my two chief personal secretaries: Brandina Nyendwa and Josephine Shakabinga.

  114. Why do we have so many DUNDERHEADS still in our nation? Levy’s last testament is complete in the way that he prepared it. The issues that are excluded in it were not meant to be in the will, full stop. The issue of Magande and succession was clearly absent from the will and that is how Levy intended it to be. I do not see why any one should expend energy on trying to push Magande’s name into the will or push the issue of succession the will. It is possible that Levy talked about Magande as his successor or not… Obviously Levy was a well meaning person and he knew what mattered to him. So do not trivialize the will, look at it for what it’s worth.

  115. ine mwe bantu i don’t understand what is so touching about that message! pantu to start with when a person is writting a will he has to present it as though he is saying it in death an that is why H.E.L.P was saying thank you for the ppl that mourned with my family and so fourth! he however considered thanking us chief mourners and we appreciate but what can we say,,,it was his profession to make such!!
    Olo coming to magande’s issue he might have preferred him in 2005 but after wards he must ve noticed his incompetence and am sure his recent will, if any, wouldn’t even have mentioned the first letter of his name!

  116. APA maybe Sata shud be president and HH vice,,,or vice versa or anything else that wont just allow VJ to rig the elections mwebantu plis pantu ine VJ -druglord- inka mulowa ngachita ifya bushilu futi twanaka!!!

  117. I agree with you Bumble pali VJ ne fyamba fyakwe kuti achita rig nakabili twanaka mwe nomba ba Sata ukusabaila noku supporter Mugabe ma problems yonse ayo. HH nao twaumfwa ati nikabwalala waku Meridien Biao…nomba takachite fye plunder more ichalo?

  118. Bloggers the truth of the matter is, if PF does not agree with UPND to field one Presido candidate, believe me, they will again hit their heads against the wall.

    With RB and MMD in power, VJ in the picture, it will be another sad story for the opposition. RB is already enjoying power…tooooo sweet to let go. Umulopa ukufuma nipa lulembo.

    The only big problem is that PF or UPND are very big headed they think they can manage to unsit the sitting Govt with state machinery at their disposal!!

    Lets wait and see.

  119. Levy was a great man even in his death he has demonstrated his greatness by speaking to us from the grave i hope many more zedians will emulate.

  120. I never thought for once i would shed tears for the man i called cabbage during my unza days.Am really touched by his message.Even though he had his weaknesses with the nepotism issue,this man meant well for us zambians.RIP LPM

  121. L.P.M was selfshless leader with compassionate for the voiceless masses, it is unfortunate to lose a leader of that calibre,
    all greedy leaders are lose the Katele,V.J, Chitala for self gain,
    Your excellency rest in internal peace,

  122. People of Zamibia
    My presidant was realy a great man that i will live to cherish all my life and am proud to say that i voted for this man.But i think that will was somehow edited.people of the wonderfull nation of Zambia,lets keep our ears and eyes open.

  123. yeah touching speech indeed.only those that dint notice certain changes in our nation will never say thank you for the effort you put thru. we will miss till we meet again rest in peace LPM.

    SATA 4 G

  124. Poor Levy. Late LPM would’ve left something in writing had he wanted Hon. Magande as successor. the funny thing is the President can hadn pick someone but NEC still have to vote. Hon. Magande went to NEC and lost…’Nuff said.

  125. Levy was the man for Zambia, and Magande should not take the chance to open his mouth and lie saying he had been Levy’s choice. Surely, has he got to to offer the people of Zambia…. His post suited him and he served us well.

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