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Sata demands polling date

Headlines Sata demands polling date

Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) President Michael Sata has demanded for immediate announcement of presidential elections.

The opposition leader has meanwhile accused the ruling MMD of creating an impression that the elections will not be held.

Mr Sata said this at a Press briefing at the party secretariat in Lusaka Friday.

He alleged that ruling MMD parliamentarians will discuss the possibility to amend some clauses in the national constitution to form a government of national unity when parliamentary sessions resume.

Mr. Sata dismissed assertions that he is sick and can not contest the forth coming presidential elections following a heart attack he suffered early in April, 2008.

He has declared himself fit and healthy for the elections.

And PF spokesperson Given Lubinda said the party is shocked at the conduct of senior party officials in the ruling MMD who he alleged commenced the campaigns before the late President Mwanawasa was put to rest.

He added that the MMD should have emulated his party that contributed to the amiable environment that prevailed in the country until the late Dr Mwanawasa was put to rest.

Mr. Lubinda challenged Dr. Rodger Chongwe to disclose the credibility of his qualifications.

He said Dr. Chongwe is not qualified to comment on people’s health condition as he is not a qualified medical doctor but instead has an honorary doctorate.

Mr. Lubinda accused Dr. Chongwe of job seeking from Mr. Banda who stands a chance of being elected as republican president in the fourth coming presidential by elections.

The PF spokesperson said this in reiterration to Dr Chongwe’s reported allegations Mr Sata is sick and cannot run for presidency

He also said that PF has qualified membership to deal with the affairs of the party and the country once voted into power.

And PF member Dr. Joseph Katema who read Mr. Sata’s medical report also declared the PF leader as fit and health to overcome the stress of campaigns and presidential office if voted into power.

Dr. Katema said Mr. Sata had suffered limited damage to the heart muscle following his quick evacuation to South Africa for medical treatment by the government.

The fourth coming by-election which is expected to take place in November has been necessited following the death of republican president Levy Mwanaweasa who died on the 19th of August in Paris France and was buried at Embassy park in Lusaka on 3rd September.



  1. Now that MMD has adopted their prefered presidential candidate in the person of RB, it is only necessary to sit, plan and announce the date for the elections. Hope it will be soon.

  2. Niba Noah chabe(Sata) at least chapwalala nomba.Despite the age the man is energetic and can deliver.Only lazy people will not appreciate him.

  3. Easy King Co, hold your fire. What does the constitution say? 90 DAYS PERIOD. Count from Aug 19, 2008 weekends and public holidays inclusive. Don’t rush, you may crush!!!!! Peace.

  4. I hope PF & UPND will come to some arrangement and field one Candidate. Sata & HH for the sake of Mother Zanbia sit down and map the way forward for mother Zambia. Together as one you can surely make it.

  5. This man never ceases to amuse me,he doesn’t look normal, his mind is unstable and seems to be dermented. Whether he demands a polling date or not he will never become Zambia’s president. NOT IN THIS LIFE!!!!. Maybe another life. C’mon Ba Sata SLOW DOWN! Don’t forget you are spitting whilst talking.

  6. Limted damage to the heart muscle is damage enough not to be as fit as when one has not have one major heart attack, zambins warning signs for you dont try and experiment this man will die under pressure from presidential pressures.

  7. Sick Lion Sata! Well payback time now. Ba Sata used to make a meal out of Levy’s health now it has come back to haunt him. Indeed you’re not 100% fit that is well known but of course no one is immortal. Ba Dr Rodger Chongwe must be ashamed really for being so immature. You made ifyabukaya* (drama) with Dr Kaunda that Bullets were flying in Kabwe in an attempted assassination which was purely naive and a “fools day” of its kind. Yes UNIP is back with a bang. RB former UNIP, SATA allrounder(UNIP,MMD,PF), HH unknown territory he has found himself.One Zambia, One Nation.

  8. Fellow Zambians,let us learn from the past.Choose healthy leaders and not those with medical complications.We dont want another funeral.Vote wisely.

  9. If Sata wins the Elections, he will need the UPND to make numbers in parliament..and thats goes the same with HH. With this fact in play, it will be interesting to see if their leaders can smell the victory in the air.

  10. Tell them. I was not going to support you but with what MMD is doing they leave me with no option.

    Politics is indeed dirty.

  11. I’d hv never voted for Sata all things being equal but if RB,VJ & that motley crew of political failures persist as they are now,I might not have a choice in the matter. HH & Sata,please come to some arrangement for ours & for posterity’s sake! We beseech thee!

  12. muchibwato please Ba Sata we needd you to wake these sleepy zedians ba [email protected] uku pwalala too much!!!muchi bwato elyo plus no vj this time around!!!!!
    His excellency President Dr Micheal Chilufya Sata S.C

  13. #15, because of your insults and hooliganism, you (PF) will ALWAYS be in opposition. It is clear that thats where you belong unless such a time that you exhibit maturity and respect other people.

  14. SATA’s Dr. Katema has produced a fake medical report, we need an independent medical report from South Africa. SATA is sick, old, tired and he looks confused. We need new blood of the Obama or Kikwete type. I wonder if he knows anything about the ‘ICT generation’ that we are in. Zambians VOTE WISELY!

  15. Democracy teaches us that you can not discriminate. As such the ball is in hands of the electorate. In my opinion, MMD has messed up to field RB, they should have elected Dr. Chituwo. He is young, energetic, and very disciplined.

  16. Dear LT management,
    Those thumbs up and down can be used to make an Online Poll. Just make about 5 of them for: (in no particular order!) PF, UPND, MMD FDD and UNIP. The other parties are unserious small timers.
    On average your hottest articles receive about 500 comments, which is about 10% of the voting population (please correct me if i’m wrong). At the end of the day, we shall see which party is headed for State House.
    Take into account different colours for the 5 parties. You can call your article “LT’s Online Voting Sample”. Let it run for 2 days, you’ll be amazed at the result.
    Fellow bloggers, any other suggestions?

  17. #21, the opinion poll is a good idea. BUT and but indeed, most of the people who decided the overall outcome of the last elections DO NOT have internet – they are in rural areas. Good idea though like I have indicated already.

  18. viva!! RB. At least the chap is is still health. he has not been air lifted for heart treatment unlike ba sata . The oldman is finished and only worth the salt in the opposition.

  19. Mr sata u are too old and sick for the job u are fighting for,anyless u want to end up in a casket before right dying time

  20. Its suprising 2 len zat evn Given Lubinda knowz zat RB iz nxt president,and ze agre face man iz now askin 4 d de will it make him luku gudu,plse somebody answer me

  21. Pipo, let HH and Sata form a pact and field one candidate. We need to remove MMD from power. RB has nothing to offer. He is from the old school of thought. When are we ever going to learn to elect quality leadership. The likes of Teta, VJ etc should not be allowed to chat a way for Zambia. They are tired.

  22. RB is perfect compromise for now. Sata does not look too well. No expriments countrymen/women. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step & Lpm clearly made that step. We cannot have someone take us backward & donor community lose faith in Zed. The stakes are too high.

  23. As a matter of correction 500 bloggers represents 0.01% of the voting population. But at least it’s a start. Let’s try something new for a change. It’s a good thing the karma (thumbs icon) turns grey after one vote.
    More ideas?

  24. Ala bonse muli balwele. Umweo wa nkoko waba kuli cibinda. Only God decides who dies at whatever time. Ba Sata this country needs a clean up. You have my VOTE!!!

  25. #3 switch on and try to thnk. Sata is demanding for an election date, the constitution does not say on the 90th day.

  26. Kwena! Ba post insoni now that RB has bin elected by NEC as a candidate for the by election 2b held in November. Nangu mulanda ni VIVA SATA,VIVA PF.

  27. On behalf of the many Zambian Voters who are interested in positive change for our country, I am appealing to those that have communication linkages to Sata & HH to advise them that we need then to come together as one for the sake of mother Zambia. It doesnt matter who between the two they field, we will rally behind them. Please take this appeal to them.

  28. Very ironic that Sata wants to speed this process up!

    DO NOT VOTE FOR SATA. Sata and the opposition wanted MMD to vote for the most undiserable person so people will think they have no coice but to vote for him (Sata). Even RB himself has been fooled to think these people calling his name are on his side.

    Zambians please, you all have a choice not to vote!

  29. Anybody can die anytime, you do not need to get sick, anything can hapen to anybody. Some of you who thnk you are healthier than ba Sata wil even die earlier than him. Every one gets sick, do we have to write off people like that. thinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  30. SATA is a wichcraft and a sickler and he has a child whoz like castrol.no way he can never rule me mayby he can be president of mama ode.

  31. How about having all presidential candidates undergo a health stress test evaluation on a treadmill? The EKG readout you get from this test would really help determine if one’s heart is in good condition. These results must be made public so that the electorate can cast the votes wisely should they elect on the basis of heart health. Since one’s appearance is not conclusive, we have to resort to scientific methods that are objective and deterministic. What do you say country men and women?

  32. Yes its true that any one can die any time whether he looks fit or not. You cant tell by looking. But I think the issue here is getting the best deal for Mother Zambia and I believe the combined efforts of PF & UPND can be the best deal for Zambia. PF & UPND together should field Sata for President and then Sata there after should appoint HH as his Vice so that he prepares him for 2011.

  33. Congrates RB. We only hope God will help us as we choose in Novermber. We pray for a mind among all Zambians that is above selfish ambition and tribal lines for the sake of our nation and future of our children as we come to November eletions. The devil must be shamed. We love you RB but not sure if your crop of supporters are there for anyone apart from themselves. As such we cannot see anything good from your group for mother Zambia. We have come all this far with Mwanawasa. His love for Our country will surely not be wasted.

  34. no no noway y sata,we av healthy men like chituo,miyanda,nevas,maurrien etc we dont want witchcraft men like sata ,katele sondashi etc maybe kalu

  35. People lets petition Sata and HH to Merge and victory will be assured. With RB another family tree is waiting. I 4 see the nephews failed unip Tilyenji begging for jobs and we shall return to the KK era.

  36. #43 Eye of an Eagle.
    Your suggestion would work if these two guys are not jelousy of each other. To start with they must first see each other as equal in terms of wealth, political experience, education, and electorate support. Let’s hear what they say hoping they pay attention to our suggestions.

  37. Sata just kills me. I wish LT covers more of this nonsense to make us laugh. His undisputed king of comedy on the political circuit. pretending to respect the mourning period and demanding that election date is announced immediately. And using a PF doctor to announce his fitness, lol!!!

  38. Surely the best for our country is to combine PF and UPND, Sata can prepare HH for 2011, but you know very well that its sweet to be at plot 1. Well that wil depend on the MOU they wil sign.

  39. sata mudala forget. u still losing. your parties position has weakened since 2006 because of your dictatorial tendancies. your time has passed. most of this same PF supporters jumped on the ‘Levy is sick’ bandwagon. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

  40. LT ou have caught us out by adding flags to the blog/website. Adds colur too and you are coming up. Weldone, KEEP IT UP

  41. Imwe naimwe don’t weary yourselves, neither Sata nor HH will win. RB will win. Remember my opinion. the pipo of zed aren’t ready to risk, not this time.

  42. Some one should help me to give me guidance on how we can petition Sata & HH to work together. I totally agree with you 46. How do we go about it? Patrotic Zambians, those of you that have the heart for this country, lets rise up to the occassion, burry our differences and put the interest of Zambia first. In one way or another lets put sense into PF & UPND so that they work togethr. I tell you if this was to be done VJ will have no chance to rig and Zambians will have their wish granted.

  43. LT, you have caught us out by adding flags to the blog/website, we will catch out those who pose to be abroad when they are not!

  44. its true ba sata looks disorganized,even if rb is from old school he can do a better job,rember do not judge a book by its cover.zambians think wely dont be mislead.

  45. Well, I have only seen three (03) Zambian ‘flags’ on this blog set. What this tells me is that most of you bloggers may not vote at all – well unless you come down home and providing you are registered voters.

  46. Imwe bantu, vote for Sata and investors will run away, not because of his draconian policies but the face of the man. LT bloggers set up an account for Sata’s plastic surgery in case he becomes our next president

  47. those talking of rb;s face what about ba sata? doent he look scarly god forbid for him to be my presizo.even when you wake up at nit and find him siting u can run for your life!!!!!!!zambians watch out the devil you know is better than the angles you dont knw.rb is beta.

  48. i agree with 59 its very true ba sata ‘s face is very scaring even when you dream you can die in your slip awe sure plz bane lets vote wezly.rb is tha best infact sata and hh shud just prepare for 2011this one thy shud just give a chance to rb.

  49. 61, imagine even in a hospital (maternity ward) babies and mothers would traumatized or in class rooms, people would fail because of the distraction

  50. The flags do not represent the country where one is. I am in Zambia but the flag I am being given is of a foreign country. Ni va fake. I am sure the flag is German. Sha nyantako mundeke nebo. Let alone to touch it.

  51. Well done PF for your orderly conduct during the mourning period,now start please telling us how you’ll build on the progress if elected into office.

    We are thankful that you have exposed these premature overtures by the ruling party to ensure their continuity through parliament. Ku vota bebele!!!

    However an independent doctors statement on the state of your leaders health will be more credible than one from your own cadre.

    UPND where are you?? wake up the game has begun!!

  52. can someone honestly tell me what mr sata has done in the past 40 years he has been in politicts that would qualify him as a president of our nation? all the other aspirant have some form of college or university experience, sata has none. i know this for a fact because ive know the man since he lived in kabwata many years ago. im not insulting him, he obviously is a patriotic zambian, but a leader, he is not!!!

  53. Does it mean that we dont have young and health leaders. Hope we will not have another state funeral in few months to come. As usual recycled politicians.

  54. This Sata man used to be in UNIP MMD and now PF! what new things has this man got to offer? Why do we encourage recycled politicians to feed us with the same old nonsense? The Zambian people have spoken with one voice during the funeral of late LPM. We all want to see Zambia carry on with the developmental projects. Sata is bad for business and above all he is bad for the peace (Zambia’s oil) of this nation.

  55. I beg to differ with my learned colleague Dr. katema. Any slight damage to the heart muscle, no matter how small or slight, is recurrent and can precipitate more problems later especially in older people over 65 years. I would not recommend any of my patients with such a condition to engage in rigourous mental and physical work. The presidential office is very demanding, you can even ask Dr. Lumbwe, late LPM’s physician. Mr. Sata can sit back and help a younger candidate like the Democrats have done in the US with Obama.

  56. i chalo chili muminwe shisuma,mwila sakamana bana bandi.

    banda has shown us he can handle during trying times,when he was holding the seat for someone but what type of a leader can he be if all the power is his?

    we have quite a choice if you ask me who can you vote for,sickness aside these guys are old but the young blood is abit too strong in his province.

    choices are quite limited.but vote and excersise your right

  57. Pipo have received RB’s election as MMD’s Presidential candidate wit discontent.HH has a high chance to win these election.Most Pipo wil vote for him as he is the old 1 out on merit btn Sata & RB.Zambians,its now or neva.

  58. am not in zambia can someone tell us how ba PF have performed in the councils they have been running on th CBelt and in LSK.

  59. Bloggers on this site watch out. Have you seen the tuma flags next to your names after you post your write-ups? This identifies the country where you are. You will be caught this time if you are fond of insulting on this blog. For example mine is an American Flag, meaning I am in the U.S. So mwanya mwagwiliwa, balemikata.

  60. Sata should just chill-out and enjoy his life while it still lasts. How power hungry can someone be even when he has health problems. Recently, he had a heart condition and was hospitalized in SA.

  61. #21 waland ifyamano let lusaka times run the poll so that we see who is headed for plot one. The other thing is that fred and the post should be impartial with the way they do their reporting,everyone can see that they where rooting for magande.

  62. Ok.bt is Rb’s face beta than Sata’s?thy hav th same unpolishd leatha faces,so beta gt usd noku tulumuka wen u enter a shop afta nvember.pantu
    Their faces..awe..fi bookooloo..

  63. #78, the answer to your good question is nothing much – just the ussual routine and rhetoric. PF cadres may wish to challenge me.

  64. MMD has emerged more divided than before their selection of the party’s candidate 2 face HH and Sata in these Presidential elections.This makes it difficulty for them to campaign and win.HH this is your time.

  65. Iwe # 76. “For example mine is an American Flag, meaning I am in the U.S. So mwanya mwagwiliwa, balemikata.”

    We all know that. Or you want to tell those who don’t know that you are in stango? LT can have my IP address but they can’t do anything to me regardless of how big my insult is, so you should know. The best they can is block me from sending blogs which has its own complications

  66. Selfishness, it’s in our parents generation! they would rather take all to the grave and let the kids fend for themselves. If these chaps where serious about feature generations, they would have invested heavily in institutions of higher learning and given way to fresh blood. Sata is PF and PF is Sata therefore he will take his party to his grave instead of allowing fresh blood to build on what he started.

  67. Ba Chikonda, nothing has happened (apart from the ussual business – am being very generous here). I kindly invite PF to challenge me.

  68. Lets have the date, we all should vote for HH, Cycle Mata is the new muwelewele the great cabbage. Already this Presidential by Election is gonna cost the tax payers a lot of cash which would have gone to building Schools, Old and sick people don’t belong in State house, Lets be wise , lets vote young, rich and successful lets vote HH.

  69. #94, I agree with you, just like its been with UPND. Mazoka was UPND and UPND was mazoka. Shame! And if MMD remains intact, they will continue calling-the-shorts.

  70. # 84,Sata is really ugly.RB resembles a hippo.HH is handsome,not only that,he is a 21st century leader.HH am your # 1 campaigner.

  71. Anyway i’ve never been a fan of Sata. I remember those people who where butchered in Chawama. The witch hunting that forced LPM to resign as VP. Not forgetting his behaviour during the 3rd term issue and convention. Sad man.

  72. #79 this is #83 and i have an american flag and iam no where near the states. Puleease dont talk about things you know nothing about . The only way you could catch #15 is if you know the ip address of the pc he is using. Waumfwa!

  73. ZAMBIA 1st, n o u bunch of crooked politician n political pundit last.
    we hv no choice…but 2 work hard n improve our (yo) own household economy…fulu sitopu..

  74. Zambians are we going to vote for “Mr Zambia Pretty Face”? or are we looking for someone who will deliver.
    Question is can Sata deliver with his face?
    Can RB deliver with his face.
    Lets stop this petty ugly insults.

  75. It is nice to note that most of you are not even in Zambia because someof you comments are pathetic and do not represent the typical Zambia. Most of you behave like PF Kaponia Cadres when you leave in polished countries shame.
    Sata is a Sick man and they are almost the same age as RB but between the 2 of them RB would better of to lead Zambia on the news today for you info the man said and i quote “tell all of those who are saying that i am sick that i am not very sick” and you are saying pabwato maybe you should have been there during the funeral processions to appreciate not having a known ticking time bomb as head of state most of you wont even vote at least i went for the funeral

  76. #100
    easy ka when your computer is connected to the internet the IP address can easily register especially with site that you post comments or exchange communication with its the www but the pc you are using has a unique ip

  77. CIA, really good of you to attend the burial. Most commendable. Am sure most of us would have really loved to attend but we have different priorities (and resources). If the late was a close relative, or i had the money or the time, i certainly we would have gone to zed. It could also be coincidental that one had intended to travel to zed the time of the funeral

  78. Iam cyber security specialist this is what i do day and night. News flash number 79 is within zambia and number 15 i will copy your my pictures folder and send it to all the blogers on LT.

  79. Am in Zed but i’ve an American flag.LT,this system of yours aint ticking! I personally do nt wnt another Percy Millitary hsp,21 days of national mourning & the ‘stable’ media updates by govt by voting for a sicklin Sata.HH gets my vote.

  80. Yes MMD stands a chance to win .this is according to Lubinda. He further calls Dr chongwe as a job seeker. Häsnt he abandoned his mate Sakwiba Because of a job under pf? Are zambians ready to risk for another by election of 400 billion because of selfish people who are in a hurry to in to state house?

  81. #88 Likishi, its not my problem that you are stuck their in a violence prone country, where all the time you have to watch your back. And how did you even survive the xenophobia? Is it your problem that I am in what you call Stango, whatever that means in your kaponya language. Wiwekeshapo, otherwise yalakubipila, you don’t even know who is behind LT.

  82. XTC
    I had actually made plans to travel November just brought my plans forward and get some time off work. You are closer to home whats the mood like?

  83. #79 Posting insults is not a criminal offense. Why are you Zambians so fond of intimidating and trying to shut up others. Besides, trying to track down people is very expensive and may fall foul of the data protection act. Now coming back to the topic at hand, I must say Sata looks sick. The stress of presidential office will push him over the edge. The constitution is so week that it allowed a sick Mwanawasa to stand and now it is going to allow a sick Sata to do the same.

  84. Sata’s profile, Google results: No academic qualifications are found nor indicated in any of his profiles but his work experience includes; police officer (as constable), railway man, and trade unionist before entering politics in 1963.
    In 1985 he became a Member of Parliament for Kabwata Constituency in Lusaka before becoming Governor under United National Independence Party (UNIP). Under the Movement for Multiple party Democracy (MMD) he served as Minister for Local government, Labor and briefly Health Minister before being appointed Minister without portfolio in 1995.

  85. So now that we can narrow down on all of your where about it will be easy for us to asses anyone that may pose a security risk so please be mindful of what you post you have no idea how it affects other people inciting or should i say advocating for violence or any such thing that is deemed a breach of the law in everyday life will be treated the same here on the blog you take full responsibility for what you post.
    And i ask you again lets be mindful because this is a very difficult time which should not be taken lightly

  86. Someone correct me, but I saw somewhere that RB has a degree in Economics from Norway. He has an impressive CV in public service. The only question is has he got any integrity as a person?

  87. #120 African mentality. Just do your blogging and stop being a UNIP cadre. We had enough of your rubbish under Kaunda. Stop intimidating people.

  88. its really good what lt did. now u can c how many zedians are abroad/overseas. #120, just keep on sending what u think is right and we will also continue commenting how we think is the best. stop scaring people. we are in a new generation bro/sis.

  89. Lucky you guys, I am not ready to join the race. But for the sake of SADC Zambia should provide a presentable president. Imagine a hall with: Mugabe, Pohamba, Kibuza, and give them Ruphiah?? For that sake give them HH is abit smart, he can meet with Obama or Sarkozy. Moreover Zambians don’t need a president, people managed to survive without Levy for 3 months. They even managed to send him to heaven in an admirable manor. Mugabe was even jealous.

  90. Let the Lord`s favour prevail over Zambia. God is in control over His people in our Country. His got someone already to take over from the Late.

  91. People can you look at the photo above of sata, the man looks like a kaponya, he is not fit to be a president of any country. Zambia twasebana

  92. It seems like we have a choice between two fossils (Sata and Banda) and a self obsessed political juvenile. Things do not bode well for our country. May be Banda is the best candidate, especially if he can persuade Magande and Mutati to stay on, and reject VJ.

  93. The post report that some NEC presidetial aspirants claim that the normination process was undemocratic I wonder who here comes another party

  94. # 107 C.I.A are on you tonight. Stop playing with the law. Can’t you find a better screen name??? Ukukulila ku mushi lisambi sana.


  96. This is going to be very interesting because we are afraid of pushing ourselves.I have nothing against RB but he is just not revolutionary like levy was.He is likely going to govern in the old style manner because he doese not understand the needs of the new dynamic yothful zambia

  97. U guys hav no idea of how popular sata is. He wil definitely carry the day, esp in CB & lsk. Miners like the man. RB wont hav votes in these areas.

  98. Some of you with negative comments about Sata are just abroad or overseas and do not know how pipo are looking for change. Where on earth have you find politicians salary increament over 300%. They get K 5.6 Billion per year and a common has no access to proper health care, water, shelter and education, who is actually suppose to benefit for electing these greed and crude politicians.I will like to see my fellow Zambians treated with respect by these selfish and heartless politicians.We need pipo who will serve and put the interests a common man first.If these pipo in politics dont understand that selfishness and uncaring attitudes breed tensions and increases the ill feelings between the

  99. u guys the man is scarery bushe kanshi if he turns out 2 b the nxt RP and acted just the way he looks wud our bululu’s back home survive?oh by the way i have the funeral pictures & am willing 2 share them wth whoever wants to take a pick.

  100. cont.poor and thre rich.We dont want to see Zambia like other countries where crime is no longer a talk of the day but a living thing. Zambia needs men and women who can serve and put Zambians at the centre of their service. If MMD wins 300% increament is possible so what may. I believe zambians deserve better than what is happening.

  101. #140 sleep bwaila.Its good now we can see where the comments are coming from by just looking at your flags.so # 140 you are in zambia.

  102. #3, i think its you who should read the constitution. it says within 90 days. here is article 38.

    38. (1) If the office of the President becomes vacant by reason of his
    death or resignation or by reason of his ceasing to hold office by virtue
    of Article 36, 37 or 88, an election to the office of the President shall be
    held in accordance with Article 34 within ninety days from the date of
    the office becoming vacant.

  103. these flags? am in the Americas but not in the USA and yet my name has a yankee flag on it in my other comments. LT que pasa?

  104. It is up to PF and HH to sit down and make a winning plan. The only two problems are that Sata is very changeable the way he behaves and does his things while HH does not accept criticisms or other people’s ideas. Since both have already declared their candidacy then MMD will win again

  105. Zambians lets wake up and stop supporting politicians with failed policies,the likes of the satas will just take us backward in terms of our economy. Look at his policy on china, when the whole world is doing business the man says hes going to chase them, it doesn’t make sense to me. The Americans recently opened there biggest embassy in the world here in beijing and it was officially opened by bush.Even taiwan has started doing business with mainland china andthey are countless flights now btn china and taiwan,so zambians lets wake up and reject sata and his fake policies which are just meant to appease unsuspecting zambians.Abash PF, Abash Sata, Abash failed policies.

  106. Lets get started manje and see where Zed heads to. We demand fair play field with equitable access to campaign resources like TV and newsprint.

  107. #35 Kachema, spot on. Sata may live longer than you so called younger chaps who have been slaughtering anything in a skirt. He may be old but he is currently the only hard working and practical leader we have. Shemuna shame yalupwa kale. Zambia needs him the way fish needs water to come and restore order in the country, show investors what they are supposed to be doing for both themselves and zambia. VIVA PF VIVA SATA VIVA ZAMBIA. I have asked my all my relatives and friends to vote for Sata. They are more than agreeable. They are saying that where theres bread and butter. ALUTE.

  108. The economy will just go under the moment Sata becomes president. Already from just the rumours that Mwanawasa had died, the kwacha depreciated. It gain abit after it was established he was still alive. But since his real death, it has not yet appreciated. Investors are worried to invested where they’ll one day be told to PACK and GO. SAVE ZAMBIA AND VOTE WISELY. Making too much RHETORICS is not what makes one a good leader. Sata has already mismanaged his own party. Remember Nakazwe and the 27 MPs. Do you then entrust him with the NATION? Please twakomba, VOTE WISELY.

  109. Sata!! Men, people will just be wondering when he goes abroad to attend e.g G 8 summit- Zambia is this all you got!!!!

    Zambians, lets move into the 21st centuary.

  110. #58 DONT risk being set ablaze by talking too much. How did you survive the burning? Please, the face of a person has got nothing to do with good or bad govrnance. Are you suggesting that Mugabe should continue to be in power rather than elephant-head sivangirai? I agree with those bloggers suggesting PF and UNDP come together. HH can learn a lot of stuff from Sata in preparation for 2011. I hope they read the blog.




  114. King Cobra´s tym is way back gone,do appriciate his deeds and misdeeds in his tym in power.
    MMD ´s old crooks got their way,donno what the opposition has in their game plan but hope them elections will be free and fair so that the peoples choice will prevail.


  116. These will be intresting elections as i earlier thought.By the way if you have noticed in Sata’s statement he hasnt said he will stand he has just said he is fit to stand.Anyhow all the same he is a man with a vision for the country if we look at his history in the country he did lots of work for the country in terms of development i dont see why not to vote for him.he can make a good president.In my view there only two candidate we can trust and who are likely to win its either Rupiah or Sata forget about the others.The others can only join in or play their role as opposition to make things work for the country.Sata is the best in these elections candidate.

  117. In MMD UNIP is back in power through RB. Retired Eastern politicians mobilized and came from the woodworks to announce their support for RB-Mwale, Tembo, Choongwe and many others. Rupia has no record to speak off. Mwaanga keeps talking about his having been a diplomat. He was a Zambian level diplomat and did not make it internationally. Those who make it international are all over the world serving as Specia envoys or special representaives for the UN secretary General. Mwaanga tried to stand for OAU Secretary General in the Kaunda days. Countries were schocked when they found out from his cv that he has no more that standard six education. His candidancy collapsed. In Zambia he is star

  118. Sata and his supporters should just swallow their pride and support HH. HH president and Sata Vice- President. I am certain Sata cant win. This is a fact!! If he does not heed this advise this is the end of his political carreer!! e stands no chance in 2011. Its gona be tough!!

  119. #167 i agree with you its not by looks but the truck record of performance like it or not Sata has a truck record of success in any ministry he held #68 you are not God people can even die in accidents. Do you know who is next in the grave if you can tell me?Be sensible.

  120. LT are these flags mean anything if so then we have a problem because most people who are airing their views are abroad and not voters.

  121. #3, Concerned Citizen overseas, what constitution do you know? If someone demands the announcement of the Election Day does not mean that he wants elections there and then. It is important to know the date so that plans can be made. If you dont know the day how do you plan? There is no point to shoot PF about he is just being a good planner.

  122. Che Guevara thank you for putting the provisions of Art 38 up for all to see. The elections are supposed to be held WITHIN 90 days. We only have 71 more, and counting. There is nothing wrong with demanding an election date now. If the ECZ is going to begin voter registration we need to start YESTERDAY. If there’ll be no registration this time around, which we should not allow cos you’re doomed if you’ve misplaced your card, people need to be able to plan ahead so that they’re in the vicinity of the polling stations at which they had registered.Rigging is easier when there’s a low voter turnout and you clever lot are about to be disenfranchised. Take heed!

  123. #163, Anonymous, don’t judge the book by its cover. You know also that the content in this book you are trying to despise is rich.

    Just go for him man!!!

  124. please i urge those with direct access to sata and HH to ask then team up so that MMD is kicked out ,we’ve had enough nosence.

  125. Iwe LT what is this business of flags, I am based in Zambia and you are giving me this funny flag atase. get real man/woman

  126. If HH and Sata merge, whose gonna be on top of the ticket,if it is Sata on top I say NO..NO….NOO!!!

    Sata is a sick man, the mathamaticalla sick = death over a short period of time.

    If you say HH on top them yes. Let it be noted that we all are going to die, but if we are not sick then we have assurance of a little longer life, once we get sick, the next thing is death.

    Sata is a sick man the next cabbage not Presidential material bu can be good minister without portfolio wit Given Lubinda as vice President and the Honarable HH as president.Clever Ha!!!

  127. Banda as president means one thing, “It really takes a long time to get rid of old politicians.” Just when you think they have retired…there they appear again.

  128. 1)Rupia Banda is crueless.
    2)Sata is a very sick man ticking time bomb

    HH is the only hope for Zambians, lets work up and bring development, lets vote for someone who is fit, rich,succesiful and young, go HH.

    Let it be noted that we all are going to die, but if we are not sick then we have assurance of a little longer life, once we get sick, the next thing is death.HH rules, Zambians vote wisely.

  129. Hey Zambians stop fighting and unite. Sata and HH make a great deal of a political deal and economical boom. RB is just another UNIP, 48 years member of the same and only 2 years in MMD.MMD friends think about it, Tilyenji as your Veep.

  130. HH you are full of energy and life pliz go around zed convince abena
    ng’umbo ku luapula,abena mwanga kumwitu,even aba lozi,utubena chipata
    just talk to ZAMBIA as a whole YOU CAN A GRADE.Try me you will see elo ukanjeba.Are we going to be ruled by old roockies forever pa zed.
    If indeed politics is in your blood please HH change your attitude
    and keep the country in your heart and your regional approach.It wont
    help you man!!!!!!

  131. Sata wants the election as soon as possible, why???? Bcoz he is running out of time, the man can die any time, he wants to go in style, say, Mwanawasa style(die as President)

    C’mon old man, just retire and spend some quality time with your family, with that sick heart of yours, how long will you last.

    HH is our only hope. ZAMBIANS PLEASE WISE UP.

  132. No # 187, respect yourself we Mbwawe, stop talking bullcrap . If you r as ugly as Sata and got same mentality, you are doomed from the start. Sakalanyongo iwe, bulumankhwe. Your insult back to you a hundred million times. U started this. Forsaaaaaaaaaaaake!

  133. #205, Good point, Sata is both mentally unstable as well as having a Sick heart. I see no Presidential material in this person.

    HH rules.

  134. RB has only got a two year mandate to prove himself. Why didn’t people resist when the late president picked him as VP? People come on! there is no time to experiment with our economy now. RB is an economist and now the world is facing a recession, the man could be be a blessing in disguise. Sata does not believe or follow any laws apart from the ones he makes as he goes along. Imagine this man as your president? he will close parliament and chase all the investors in the same way Idi Amin of uganda did. Any level headed educated Zambian will see through this and vote for prosperity and peace. The more we entertain clowns the more they surface!

  135. Something is wrong with th big man SATA. Iam scared, he looks sick! He used to look much better sometime back!! Can someone confirm, Is this the way he actualluy looks like these days!!

  136. I love the media of today. Post 9 is saying “nasty” things about me. Feel free In fact what you see there about the Kabwe shooting is rather what my friend Michael said at the time – something to the effect that a stone grazed me and KK was struck by a falling twig. Michael and I have let bygones be bygones and I supported him in the last elections. However since then he has had a very serious heart attack followed by some unusual political behaviour. We speak and he knows my position on his health. I am not the only one with these concerns. Let those who can influence him do what someone close and caring should have done for Levy in 2006 for his own good and for Zambia.

  137. Now its just difficult. Ba Sata is sick, RB is very old and tired. Lets just vote for HH and have an energetic president in the like of Joseph Kabila of DRC. The man is really worth calling HE …..

  138. Guys lets stop insulting ourselves as opposition paries but lets unite,this is what makes us fail all the time and we end being ruled by people like VJ,RB who are useless.Even thanking people RB had to read a recycled speak oh my good lord LESA TWAFWENI.Guys wheather sick or not,HH or no HH these 2 guys need to come up with a strategy and ABASH (UNIP-MMMD)If we read between the lines where did the so called VJ,MBITA,CHRISTON,KATE,were when LPM was alive and what kept them quiety?

  139. I don’t see why we should be looking at pipos faces instead of developments and experiences, RB is a serious urgly face and a failure of all times. Read about sata.

  140. WHOOPS! My sincere apologies to Toko, No# 187, I meant kolokombwa in #183. Can we be friends TOKO? My true apologies to you again.

  141. MMD has demontrated some democratic principles by holiding in-door elections.

    I expected all parties to field their presiditial candidates to the same..BUT NO. HH and SATA and mirror of one another. Noone is allowed to challenge them.

    It is for this reason that I commend MMD. Those who lost to RB validated the MMD democratic intentions.

  142. No #183, Respect yourself, we Mbwawe do you know me? stop talking bullcrap. If you are ugly like Sata and has the same mentality, you ar doomed from the start. Sakalanyongo iwe, bulumankhwe, your insult back to you a hundredfold million times. You started this. Forsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

  143. People do you know that the zambian students who are in russia can go sometime six months without pay.at one time the ladies couldn’t take it. its was a sad situation

  144. I can never vote for a man who smokes weed on national tv…..ati sata……we only need him as a comedian….he aint gat no leadership qualities at all…..people of zambia plese dont make the mistake of even giving him half a vote….he is a plunderer……only that he got his monies from FTJ in a brief case and not on check…..SATA is a THIEF!!!!!!CHIKAWALALA

  145. i understood one thing in zambia,we vote coz its our tribe,we vote coz its the person we like.we cant read what the party has to offer and trust that party.lets vote wisely pilizi imwe banthu.


  146. Mwachilamo Guys ne nsele. Mulefwaya nangu tamulefwaya no one can match Sata’s popularity. Even the late President knew this fact. Mukamunyunyefye futi otherwise a transparent vote will dissapoint u, bcoz Chilufya mwaume, Homework yena ala joba. Pantu chena kuti chakwishiba neshina apapene, elo nokulaba.

  147. #124 Good point Dido,This is why it calls for us to vote for a person with a vision who is able to improve on were LPM S.C ended.Coz then our people will be getting there education here in our motherland.Now if you vote for a person who is being supported by drug lords /riggers/plunderers then you are calling for calamity.

  148. How can the old crocodiles take centre stage in MMD and UNIP overrun MMD. RB is UNIP not MMD. We need the true update version of Sir Levy‘s will, please Maul Bee (Madam Maureen), we know that you hid for it for safe storage. We also know that RB was to be history by 7th Anniversary of Sir Levy’s Presidency. Now if he was to be fired why he in charge of MMD? He was to be replaced at that press conference by a Woman (1st candidate on Sir Levy’s list) and the other man (2nd Candidate) was to be incorporated into cabinet because the third is a already a minister.
    Shame upon MMD to pick a UNIPist with very very humble education to lead them and possibly Zambia.

  149. #23 please, Sata & RB are in the same age group. they all have a few years to go. in any case you may go to the grave earlier than these two guys regardless of your age. stop thinkin with your batocks, think with your brain. Our power lies in the ballot, you might as well vote for your prefered candidate. dont discredit my candidate. viva Sata viva King cobra. we badly need a man like him.

  150. LT Pliz slot me with a Zambian flag as well am in Kitwe. Quick coz am desperate of my Zed thing. Can you explain the flag language.

  151. Come Zambians,we no longer need jackals to lead Zambia. Lets be fair to our country. Sata is a cartoon,RB doesnt know anything he just sleeps wen u expect him to work. That leaves us with one reasonable man to vote, we all know him.Stop these shameless persons from hijacking Zambia. Vote HH,vote for prosperity.

  152. I think , that we ought to vote for a man who has this country at heart. The man who has the prescience and foresight to lead our beutiful country The man who plans to end the squables with the opposition and is sound and sincere. Whose record demonstrates his willingness and desire to bring Our university UNZA in order. He will follow through by making sure that UNZA is respected. A man who is armed with the moral authority to once again engage our allies in the world community and heal the wounds that were inflicted upon those relationships by the MMD government. He will promote peace and sting away tribalism.
    That man is HH folks

  153. Sata geeera out,we dont need you, you are wasting our time.
    RB remain as MMD president coz thats were we have pipo who can vote
    for Nonsense. Zambia lets take our country forward by voting for HH.
    We need pipo to drive our economy and not pipo to be driven by foolishness.

  154. Easy does it Cycle- Mata. Piece of advice, it should have been better to get approval from the doctors in South Africa who saved the your life. That picture does not portray an image of someone who is medically fit. State funerals and By-elections are very expensive. So we shall go for young ones.

  155. Vote RB Nov 2008, Good for business,good for continiuty and good for Zambia.Vote RB for President if you love Zambia.I do.Do you?

  156. 236. I have and will always say that HH will never never in his life time rule zambia. The sitiaution as it is favours RB to carry the day if all MMD members, those that got defeated and their supporters campaign for RB. Should the losing candidates and their supporters go for a protest vote, then Ba Sata may get it. BY and HH are just their so we can have more than 2 faces on the ballots that ECZ will print. So Ba Andrew i feel sorry for you and this your HH belief. But keep on hoping as there is nothing wrong in hoping for rain in june or july when in zambia as miracles do happen. Death can take a 1 day old baby or a 40 years old and leave someone above 90 years like GREAT MANDELA

  157. Ba Redeemer tumenipo ichi picture chenu tumoneko efyo mumoneka. Sata might not be President in his entire lifetime but he’s done something for Zambia. Lets be serious with such issues. The battle for Presidence I’m sad to say is between Sata and RB. HH is way out of the league. He’s a good guy but in Zambia we do not experiment with strangers especially corporate young lads.Political parties should learn to groom leaders. Experience in any system is of great importance.

  158. You guys in Zambia, why didn’t you tell us ati ba Sata bana sila so? I kept on reading bloggs about how unfit this man is and am also aware of his hospitalisation in SA but I didn’t realise that bana sililatu until yesterday when i spotted a full picture of him on the internet in a suit which looks like ka mutengo in a fat man’s suit. Awe imwe bantu that man is on his last days – bakufa any day! HE IS A WALKING SKELETON. If ka lukungu came right now he would be blown away so fast. Mu kazitu uzako va chendi ise tili ku tali please. Ba lwele ba Sata iye mayoooo!!!!!!

  159. #241 never say never, you are not God to say that HH will never rule zambia. You do not know what tomorrow holds for Zambia. Come on be sensible man.


  161. most of you bloglers are speak from out side,you must know that LPM
    laid a strong foundation for mmd.In rural areas of Zambia LPM used to
    give farmers fertilizer support.Parties like UPND,PF are mostly known
    in towns like Lusaka,C’belt and Choma.
    The people who voted for LPM in rureal areas still have the support of voting pa Nkoloko.Hence RB is Carrying the the DAY for ZAMBIA’s presido .

  162. zambians lets try 2 b logical y did ba fred chiluba pickd on mwanawasa instead of ba sata.ba sata has got no leadership qualities and he will neva b the president of zambia

  163. One thing i like about Easterners, is the respect they have for the other people.How many of us, would give former first lady,insulting you in the press and does not want you as a succession the red carpet?

  164. Personally i have eliminated Sata out of this debate. I agree with all those who’ve said ‘we don’t want another funeral’. Ba kufaaaa!!!!

  165. #242 and #244 PONYAX and UCHIPO bantu bandi, when are you travelling to Zed for voting? Am going next month and will be there up to the polls.

    I very much want to contribute to the ending of the MMD nonsense!!!

    Thank you for your on the ground info it is nice to get information from people in Zed let us in on more information that is relevant and not assumptions by us far from home. I for one always thought RB will go through that is why a lot of people put there applications through they know MMD is strong in rural areas and at this stage they will get something from urban if you take Sata health into consideration and HH childish and selfish goal to be president.

  167. Am so disappointed with some of you guys,were has RB come from? he dosent even represent a constituence and then you want him to win the hearts of many Zambia people.a Man who can’t even PROPOSE love ot a woman of his age marries some stranded teacher who was posted to chipata. what will this guy talk about in his campains, mwanawasa’s little success, i think any level headed Zambia will not vote for RB a UNIP by politician and then VJ will come back

  168. The odds favour RB being elected due to 1. sympathy vote; 2. Govt resources as acting President ie he will travel to all parts of the country on Govt budget just as Lupando did as VP. However, in terms of experience as a politician, Sata will be far ahead of the pack as he will say what the masses wants to hear. HH says the right things but Zambia is not yet ready for his type. The real battle will be between RB and Sata, and then all depends what happens when RB opens his mouth to campaign – will determine if he wins or not

  169. All thoz out of Zambia shut up!especially Princess,london. u guys are not part of the electorates. for u it doesnt matter who wins.how can we vote for a man coming from a tribal party?we cant vote for someone we dont know.lets for the angel/devil we know.

  170. #259 Kangalaitoito…Very mature analysis. Thats what is likely to happen. If RB happens to win, it will be purely a sympathetic vote from the rural areas and the due advantage of state resources otherwise in the urban areas,RB wont get it believe me you!!!

  171. No need to pick ba sata. You just need to keep in mind that the election will have to be held anytimebut of course not beyond 17th Nov. Period!

  172. #185, Small Counsel, you are welcome dear. We need to move fast or else ECZ will start lying again to us and in the end RB with his state machinery will dribble us the young generation

  173. Not another Funeral. For once let us be serious.When KK advised that LPM was not fit to hold the office of president the supporters of LPM said that KK said so because he wanted his son to be president.A president ought to be examined and declared fit by a medical doctor from “Morningside Clinic in S Africa”. With due respect to all the well meaning qualified doctors in Zambia, I suspect those responsible to critically look after the president are compromised. Sata has suffered a life threatening illness.Therefore not fit for President.King Sata you are no doubt a hard worker. But……

  174. It’s democracy people here we go again.I only hope RB wont be a pa-pet and succumb to his cronies and stick by there game to increase there pay.God bless our beloved Zambia and Wish Mr Sata and HH the very best.i will rally behind any chosen son of Zambia.

  175. it doesnt matter, am voting for hh because he is young, energetic and he has good business skill which can be useful in the economic development of mother zambia. and als because am tonga

  176. This will make interesting observation, with government enjoying fullest public sympathy and availability of resources coupled with the opposition seemingly not too ready with very few points to ague on!

    One thing though is for sure, Zambians are less enthusiastic about going to the polls and favor the continuation of the current government. Since Michael Sata reconciled with the late President, it will be difficult for him to attack the MMD, especially attacking a candidate (RB) whose age and resume is almost the same as his. Noteworthy though is that over the years I have learned never to under-estimate the King Cobra’s abilities to sway public opinion.

  177. A vote is a private matter so indicate who you think you can vote for and not having a go at those that have a different opinion because when the day comes its only you in that box. I have many close friends who exactly knew my position when voting in 2006 but when the time came i know they voted against but they come out like yeah yeah but thats there vote but i can also consider them valtures in the waiting

  178. The Post are still at it peddling the old stories of how xyz are corrupt or not principled and thus RB is the wrong candidate for MMD. Let me digress a bit – in the US the democrats across the nation chose Obama, it is only expected that the democratic convention would confirm his adoption as their candidate for President as they did. Now back to MMD, 8 provinces had adopted RB so it is only to be expected the NEC would pick the popular candidate. However, the POST wants to peddle undemocratic principles and they think they know best for all Zambians – nonsensical. All the Post have to do is be objective in their reporting and stop name droppping such as Chiluba this, VJ that, Kaunda y

  179. Cont’d

    Perhaps MC can also dwell on RB’s latest associates: Mbita Chitala, Criston Tembo and Vernon Mwanga. So what is he going to say about them? That they are old and should retire to pave way for new ideas? Look who is talking!

    As to how the PF intend to psych public opinion in their favor, I don’t know. It will be interesting politics indeed!

  180. #184 you are spot on. But thats the cancer in Zambia-lack of planning. The shortage of power (electricity) and many more exemplifies lack of planning. How the hell wouldnt you expect high demand with the mashrooming of mining industries which come with other numerous industries such as construction, housing tomention a few? Asking for a date is a sure sign of a skill to plan. Not forgetting the need to plan considering the resources you have at hand. If u chaps are wondering why Sata and PF needs to know the date-its not suprising. Thats one of the traits exemplifying a Zambians mind set-Taking things (and pipo) for granted. GO SATA BAUZE. The is in your court.

  181. Yeh..Yeh.. THE Drama continues in our beloved country Zambia.I urge all our peace loving people to pray to GOD for a peacefull transition of power during this period.

  182. Kangalaitoito

    Well put because i honestly think if everyone from all party organs say we want this i dont see why NEC would vote otherwise. because straight away you know those people will feel there opinion doesn’t matter this is basically what the post are trying to tell us we are nobodies and dont know what we are doing and we should look to them to make the right choices. I think this is actually a bigger insult to us as Zambians than the personal insults directed at RB, Chiluba,VJ and the likes. They have lost the plot on Objectivity because they think they know it all and have forgotten to keep learning from others to improve there paper.

  183. They say a picture says a thousand words! Just look at the picture above & you’ll agree with me that Cycle Mata is finished goods. Mrs Sata you’re a Doc, are you sure your hubby is fit to run for office? or is vanity pushing you beyond the realms of reality? Maureen made the same mistake in 2006, insisting her hubby was fit to continue with the strains of office…as they say, the rest is history!!!

  184. Someone please advise the post that RB is now acting President and not VP as they put it. It looks like the post news paper are the ones who encourage politics of insults to sell their papers!! These chaps are taking freedom of speech for granted.

  185. Go Sata go.

    Last post by me.

    Not happy no tuma flag utu I am afraid. You can not pretend you are in Zed any more.

    Well done though ba LT.

  186. Hey peeps lets b reasonable….Sata cnt b a president…
    1:His to old en sick in d head
    2:rlly cme to think bout it his health,lts not lt wat hs hppn,hppn agan…
    If we rlly care bout our country wil neva vote 4 Sata as president….lets sit dwn en think wat z nxt!peace


  187. #231 uli wanzelu. Zambia needs to be SPRING-CLEANED AND unfortunately for few of you chaps, its KING COBRA with the ability. Has RB ever stood up for the pipo of Zambia? Whether old or young Zambia needs someone with the interest in Zambians and has shown it by standing up for them. Go Sata. Three years is enough for you to spring-clean Zambia.

  188. I wonder were the said ethical post gets it reports, the MMD presidential candidates where all interviewed after the NEC elections and they all said they were fair so one wonders what and why the post keeps trying to cheat the reading public.

  189. I find nothing wrong in Satas quest to become President of Zambia. The theory of Old and ugly looking or ill looking does not come to play. The late was sick when he was getting into the 2006 election hence his not campaigning for himself during that time.Age is not an issue as I wish to refere you to Abdulai Wade of Senegal who is of an advance age and contested election on more than three occasions. So ladies and Gentlemen let the Zambians decide.Even in homes,we may not like our fathers compaired to the neigbours father but those are what God gave to US. HH + PF factor brings an interesting dimension.Dont tell this to RB, he might w.. his p..
    I like RB but I dont like those around him.

  190. #261 you are the one who should shut up. What good is an angel/devil you know if he will be dead sooner than later? Ba poppy, nja ya mutu, we mbwa we. Sorry ba LT i’ve never used foul language before but you see what this fool has made me do?

  191. What is this thing about faces? FTJ was handsome but had long fingers. LPM was so despised in the beginning-to a point of calling him cabbage. What the man did is there for us all to see. What is the lesson? that we should never judge a book by its cover. Now that RB is the official MMD candidate, i expect a lot of insults from the POST. I was one ardent fan of the POST but after the unwarranted attack of RB i vowed to switch to GRZ papers and the new baby on the block in the form of EXECUTIVE ISSUES. You only subscribe for K25000 per month. For now they seem to be a sober outfit. You can get Dickson Jere on 0977767887
    maybe i should boycott Zambian Airways all together

  192. Sata is campaigning for a state funeral like Levy, that’s why he was following Levy’s corpse all over to check out the route his body will take also. Apparently he has told his lawyers he wants to do it Bemba style i.e. barried kwa Mwalule after laying in state for a week in all of Zambia’s 52 districts.

  193. Sata is the only genuine candidate for Republican presidency. Lusaka is Lusaka today because of Sata. As for the MMD, Sorry to say that this is the begining of the end of the party. RB hs never been MMD and has no policy whatsover to govern this country with. Seemingly NEC members are afraid of their own shadow and cannot even choose a credible candidate. If LPM(MHSRIP) Had not chosen RB as his veep, where could RB have been today? Could he even have been considered for party presidency?

  194. The November Presidential by-election results will be photo-copy of 2006 polls. RB (MMD) will win, followed by PF and HH last.

    If any one want to change this result format, pump sense into HH and Sata to form some alliance with Sata being Presido and HH vice…and on condition that Sata be Presido upto 2011… then HH can take over.

    Unfortenately our Policians (HH & Saata) are blinded by state house aroma.

  195. Zedans, we are not going back to yesterday. RB had his time. I will not be surprised to see Patrick Mvunga, Sebastian Zulu, Grey Zulus And all come back to the political scenario of Zambia. Lwenu!!!!

  196. What is wrong with Sata’s face? Was it because of following and watching Levy’s remains too much now he looks like a corpse in the face also? That’s whay here we cremate dead bodies to stop living ones developing semblance to dead ones.

  197. 297 MK, you are right. i saw a copy and its pretty tight analysis. dropped Dickson a line but i got no response. Trying to subscribe because i see guys are just distributing and forwarding it for free thereby denying Dickson and team kan’gono for operations and future growth. How do you pay if you are not in zed

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    “big city” on one mission which is to seduce and

    screw all the big names of Lusaka and collect as much money

    as she can from them all and make a good name for herself to

    help cover up her CBU rotten reputation of h

  199. Fellow zambians outside zambia. Look at Sata’s photo on the UK Zambians website (mwanawasa’s funeral pictures), then come back and talk to me…

  200. #310 are you referring to the miss zambia 2003? do you have a personal vendetta against her? please don’t bring personal issues to this forum. Read the LT headline ‘Sata demands polling date’ thats the topic.

  201. Who is 100% fit? not even RB is…the poor fellow even if i’ll vote for him, is not as energetic as he was in his 40s and 50s….he is sata’s agemate and they all look finished….but they can deliver…all we need is a strong hand and the political will

  202. No one is 100%. But as already said, its whether we are prepared to have by-elections before 2011 again… Malilo a dula ka

  203. 293. your flag Sexy Mwaka#
    The interviews they are showing as if they where after the elections where actually a day befor NEC voted they just misleading people.

    And just for laughs BONSE PAMO


    Those where the days

  204. #310 If you are prostutite yourself stay out of this forum,Ubupulushi uko ukutali.We are here to talk of more senseble stuff ok.You seem to be hooked to porn.Log on to porn sites or erotic stories sites if that is what makes your day.

  205. #316 $ #312 Wel if u guyz think m a PROSTUTITE thn lts leave it dat way…But lts jus wait en see wats’s nxt cuz i knw wat am sayin z true..Or wen yo hubby z tekn..aite!

  206. #310 I personally think emailing all this rubbish about Cynthia will not help anything. This woman should deal with her husband and not Cynthia. Today its Cynthia tomorrow it will be Mary, the next day will be Angela…..will she manage writing emails everytime her husband cheats on her? Or will she go round beating the girls? She will end up finding one who will sort her out badly! So, I would advise her to sort out her hubby and not make a full of herself and not also put other womens husbands in her silly emails! Silly woman!

  207. Sata is right to call for an election date. I don’t have particular preference for any of the likely candidates or the parties that they lead for that matter. None of the parties have come forward to explain their policies to the electorate and all rely on personalities to campaign. However, I note that the once impartial Post newspaper seems to loathe the idea of Rupiah Banda or, God forbid, Michael Sata assuming presidency in November. The only conclusion that I can come up with is that they have a lot to lose under a new administration. They probably fear that government departments will no longer buy their paper and they will lose out on revenue (remember the Kafupi era?).

  208. Gees! Now we know that most bloggers on this site are infact not in Zed & so therefore do not represent the actual situ on the ground. Armchair critics. Thanks LT!!!!

  209. Sata or HH… some leaders are consistently inconsistent. As for the general populace…my view is that tribalism and ethnicity are the major contributors to the choices we make…otherwise the world would have very few religions based on sober analysis. The truth is most people stick to what they first learnt or on the basis of the proximity of the thing being chosen. Our level of education has little to do with the bigotry we always exhibit. All that said I personally believe HH is good for us. He is sober minded…has a clear vision for the country. Sata forces things to happen…that is not very good..

  210. i hope it will be free and fair elections coz
    i can see that elections riggers are coming together like vj and his group

  211. Sata you have a point, we so not want all those elements of unfair elections. Things should be straight from the begining. People should be told the date for the elections, some Party’s have meager resources, so they need to plan well, unlike the ruling party. Don’t misconstrue me people, Iam not a PF. I am just a Zambian. I will hold a press conference soon… I promised…..

  212. Membe ALALA… ALALA… … Membe … ALALA … …. ALALA … EH EH EH … …ALALA!!!

    Membe ALALA… ALALA… … Membe … ALALA … …. ALALA … EH EH EH … …ALALA … … EH EH EH … … ALALA!!!


    Kwatu Kumozi Kumawa

  213. #323. You are right about most bloggers not being in Zambia. That will help you to evaluate their level of knowledge of the Zambian situation but only to a certain extent. Have you considered that some people visit the motherland quite often and take such a keen interest that they may be as informed as anyone else? Many global investors have not been to the countries tehy invest in but are able to gather enough information to take risky but profitable positions. The world is smaller than you think.

  214. Number 37 you are a big fool, the post is telling you the truth and you are teasing. Magande is better than RB by 150times.

  215. SATA is sick and all the talk is just for him to get into power,remember even levy used to say he wasnt sick!!!Dont make a mistake by voting for him!!!!!!

  216. And so what if we are blogging from outside Z? Chami baba? Besides don’t be fooled by the flags. I have some danish flag or something when am actually blogging from Buckingham Palace. Mukwae wa mwa muleneng’i proper. In fact i can hear the maoma, Mulena Elizabeta is calling us makwae to go and showelela so by the time you respond to this blog I’ll be at the muleneng’i. lol!!!

  217. LT, what’s up with these tuma flags? Some of us are don’t want our hideouts to be traced (joke). Anyhows, it’s amazing to see how many Zambians are based where. UK is by far destination #1, bushe finshi fyabako bane?

  218. Life has a very funny sense of humour.I never thought that I would see UNIP bounce back to power in my life time.Has anybody else picked this up from RB`s acceptance speech,the use of the word COMRADE.If one connects these dots,KK and Mugabe`s influence won`t take long to be visible through RB`s leadership.

  219. Ba Sata can do well than all the candidates who are contesting. We need people with a vision and experience. What has HH and Banda got to offer? Pa bwatofye…

  220. We don’t need beutiful faces, we need good policies and some one who can say no to the behavoiur of some investors. I don’t it in RB.

    For this reason I will support the boat –

  221. Zambia is not in. a crisis for u people to be deciding on pacts. Careful of the people u perceive as intelligent. Being taught to pass an exam does not make u intelligent whether u acquire u masters or Phds. Intelligent is solving real life problems for the benefit of mankind.so don’t judge u did the same to LPM, let who ever feels can have ago. Viva RB), Viva sata, viva HH

  222. plz #310 we are here to talk realstuff and yet u r bringing all this stupids coments about cynthia u must be a talented,social,physical,envrinmenal foolish gifted fool.plz pz look for another website u fool.

  223. Rule of law is very important and let there be elctions please. RB stop talking through your foolish ministers and jackos and hynas in the name of VJ etc because by the time you will realse , you will be beaten by bees after their provokation. You are an old man and you fear to differ with the people at your age so think twice. LPM held elections under scaring situation and if you are strong then face the zambian people through the same.There will be no rigging as was the case with your mad party`s convention. I wish you lack,

  224. RP, Sata & HH, it will be helpful if the three of you can have live debates on the way forward for mother Zambia. Every Zambian would be intereste (i think) to know how you intend to reduce unemployment, crime, disease, attract even more investment in other sectors of the economy & build investor confidence. And also address some form of reduction in the goverment over expenditure (eg, Ministers entitlement to more than 1 official vehicle, misuse of government motor vehicles/fuel, unnecessary travels in the form of serminars/workshops). These are some of the issues which need to be addressed by all presidential candidates. Please tell us ‘WHY WE SHOULD VOTE FOR YOU’.

  225. I don’t think it’s wise to make fun of people’s health…Mailo it will be you.Judge people on their abilities and failures not health and looks

    It is wrong to make fun of things people don’t have control over…we are all time booms waiting to blow up…be sensible

  226. Death can come at anytime. some of you will just Drop Dead. can you pipo see that the plunderers are Back. thru RB. the next thing you will see is Chunga in zambia

  227. I think when his Execellency Micheal Chilufya Sata wins these elections will have Dr.Guy Scott as the Vice,Given Lubinda the information and broadcasting minister and if HH can merge with PF he can be minister without portfolio.Which is not bad at all.
    We are waiting for the 71 days to see his Execellency at plot 1, making a press briefing after the swearing in at the High court, picture it people, i know you are seing it too.

  228. #310 Cynthia is extremely gorgeous with a body to die for so keep her out of this.Or like someone advised you earlier discuss it privately with your husband.
    Now on the main news.I can see super Ken coming back as well.

  229. Patriotic Front President Michael Sata who was hospitalised in South Africa following a heart attack has returned home.

    Mr. Sata said on arrival at Lusaka International Airport, that he had a close shave with death.

    “I would have been dead if President Mwanawasa did not personally intervene to ensure my evacuation to South Africa for specialist treatment”, he said.

    From LT 12th May 2008

    How quickly we forget…

  230. #352 ICHALO LIFUPA
    “Comrade” RB has not relinguished his UNIP membership.It`s surprising that MMD never properly vetted him.RB is staunch UNIPIST masquerading as an MMD zealot.

  231. Supa ken, chiluba and maureen (if maureen accepts presido widow benefits) are all history in ZM politics unless thay want to 4go their benefits. So let’s archieve them for now.

  232. Hey you young Zambians like me, we need to start fusing ourselves in the top Zambia development issues. Technology is moving the world and if we dont appreciate it or without investing in it, will be writting on this blog while these old gurus reap off and go.
    I dont think either Ba Banda or Ba Sata knows even how to find this blog?
    I personally approched the PF board to do some ICT Biz and most of them did not even know what Dial-Up Internet connection is.

    Young Zambians with capabilities do something, we are tired of these gurus…

  233. Indeed Rodger chongwe is a job seeker. The fact that RB has not been diagnosed with any disease doe not make him fit. He’s above 70 and his breathing…..Let’s not trivialise matters by debating poeple’s health. let’s go to the polls after all Chongwe is not God to say we will have another bye election. In fact we shall bury him before we bury Sata or RB. Annouce election date ECZ. We need a president and a new cabinet.

  234. #364 no wonder you did not get any business because you are also behind in ICT. How could you talk dial-up in this age? The language is now ‘wireless’, ‘broadband’ etc. But i do agree with you that its time young zambians took keen interest in politics. Please do not feel offended.

  235. No 21 I agree with you….good idea.
    As much as we are desperate for a leader, let us not REPEAT not elect someone who might die at any time. Sata is not fit and he knows that but power & cash is too sweet hence pipo would rather lose their lives than prevent themselves from death. This is what Maureen did, she encouraged her husband to go for the second term when they both knew the exact situation of LPM’s health. Sata should just be honest and choose someone who is much younger healthier than him.Its a pit there are just a few selfish leaders like Nelson Mandala in this world. Sata can be an advised to the person that he will appoint to stand. By doing this, everyone will respect him

  236. The last time Rupia Banda was a Member of Parliament,it was in my constituency,Munali and I was 11..These are the memories;
    No clean water
    bursting sewage overflowing everywhere
    No proper roads and poor drainage,now imagine life mu rain season..
    Put this man out of his miseries and do us all a favour
    In zambia I trust,
    Stamping out MMD and RB is my Call
    Come on Zambians
    its time 4 change!!!!!!!!!!

  237. We know that we are not God to judge or say that this person will die today or tomorrow. But they saying goes Utenga Wamatenda niyefa. Therefore, we cannot just sit and watch without saying anything when signs are there for us to make good judgement about Sata. Honestly Bamudala is not fit for Plot 1. I’m not
    sure with RB but whoever we choose, let us be careful and or else we will be holding another state funeral not more than TWO YEARS FROM NOW.

  238. If the opposition wins (big IF) the elections I see this happening:

    1) We will loose the remaining months in 2008 because they will be trying to form government;
    2) Half of 2009 will be spent on drafting the new strategic programmes looking at the past no one will want to continue with the previous Govnt programmes;
    3) Most of 2011 will be spent on campanying for the General elections.

    In short the opposition will not make much impact economically and they will risk losing the 2011 general elections.

    On the other hand if RB wins the government will implement the contoversial salaries and Institutions like UNZA will not get what they have been asking for. I am in a dilema!

  239. SATA is a hopeless frustrated individual who is full of negativity.He never sees anything positive in anyone except himself.All of you who think Sata is what he was 10 years ago should think again.i can not remember hearing any positive word from Sata.He only sees specs in other people’s eyes leaving huge logs in his.those of us with brains please we must know what politics is and we should not be duped by Sata.He is a gooner, a has been whose usefulness has long expired.We can certainly do with a younger vibrant leader with a vision for the future and not going backwards to Satanism sata


  241. PF,UPND and HP must form an electoral pact and float General Miyanda as the presidential candidate.General Miyanda has an impeccable character and moral fibre to fight corruption and move the country forward.His level of integrity in both personal and public life is there for everyone to see.He is the only political leader to ever retire imprest while he was in govt.The plunderers would never have any negative influence on Miyanda the way they`re all over RB.
    SATA has health problems and questionable character while HH has alot to answer about his frivolous involvement in the privatisation exercice.

  242. LT, good for these tuma flag. may be insele shalapwako knowing that bloggers can be traced from where they are. Ba mundala ba Sata, just hold your peace. RB was voted in yesterday and he needs another day or two to consult his advisers.

  243. Regardless of where one is located, ZED or abroad, we are all Zambians at heart and have the best of interest for our mother lan, so please stop these misplaced attacks on your fellow zambians – be progressive. 371 good analysis but bear in mind that all Parties are agreed that LPM’s policies were by and large good ones with some requiring various adjustments and possibly total purge of family members that have not been performing. As for formation of Cabinet, it will have to include all parties for continuity of Govt business otherwise new general elections will have to be held in 2009.

  244. Sata please save us the money. your time is up, give chance to others. Your health matters! if this man is give power, it will be another Mugabe. please zambians lets vote for people with integrity for continueed economic prosperity and investment potential! sata does not match the qualitie any longer! He dis his part but now just hungry for power!

  245. Kwena abena Zed mwalibutuka ee!

    Imembela ndemona pano shimbi I do not even know which continent they are from!

  246. I’ve read some ignorant posts about the ugliness of Sata as you call it. When one becomes president one’s face even becomes handsome. There are many budgeted for allocations for cosmetics in state house. Sata will obviously lay the ground work for a successor if some of you think he’s about to kick the bucket. My only advice to him is to join with HH or he risks losing plot 1 to MMD. Who should be president of the PF-UPND alliance? Sata or HH? We’re waiting for the day the headline will come out on LT “”PF and UPND join forces ahead of presidential bye-election””

  247. Go Sata go. We need a man who can turn that country round.

    Go batata ba Mikaeli. We love you. Just as well people who do not like you are in German. Thank God they won`t be voting. Wish Hitler could come back. lol!

  248. #310 your story makes me sick pliz don’t bring put it on this site we are simply not intrested in ubuchende & the bachendes we want politics.

  249. The minimum presidential age is 35.Maning one has to live for 35 years befor they can stand for presidential elections.35+35=70.I therefore take it that after living for another 35years one would be too old to be president.Ladies and gentlemen with or without a heart attack SATA is too old and so is RB.Lets vote for HH anyone young who would contset.

  250. It’s VERY SAD that people are wasting LT’s memory space with hate blogs. No one has control on their appearance. If you are handsome or beautiful PRAISE GOD! Don’t think those who are not are stupid or have any contribution to that! Do not judge people by their appearance but what they are able to do! I suppose if you were white you would be dangerous racists!