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Government has not paid us, Omnia

Economy Government has not paid us, Omnia

Omnia Small scale Limited has closed its storage sheds in Kalomo holding several agro inputs intended for farmers under the fertiliser support programme (FSP) with company sources saying government has not paid the company.

Both District Commissioner and area agriculture coordinator Oliver pelete and Dr. Max Chombe respectively confirmed the development to ZANIS in Kalomo, saying frantic efforts were being made to address the situation.

Scores of farmers from primary cooperative societies who had already settled the 75 per cent down under the programme were yesterday stunned when they were informed of the development by Omnia officials..

The district agriculture coordinator, Dr. Chombe said 9,848 agro packs had been received and Omnia was handling their distribution to small scale vulnerable but viable farmers. About half of the packs have been collected by the farmers.

A check by ZANIS at the sheds yesterday afternoon found Omnia staff offloading the last consignment of the inputs but declined to comment over the closure saying government owed the company millions of kwachas which they did not disclose and reffred all querries to their general manager, Vincent Mukuyamba who could not be reached for clarification by press time.

Farmers talked to by ZANIS urged government to quickly clear the company so that they could access the seed and fertilisers for their agriculture activities.


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  1. So, are you guys going to borrow some money from the dogs, the real scammers(Nigeria) to pay Omnia Small scale Limited in Kalomo??

  2. ebuteko mwalefwaya you villager, we pleaded for you join the satamania but you thought you are clever. for the 3 RB years ninzala biyo tate

  3. My advise to Omnia is if you want to be in Business stop dealing with the Govt,You will become one of their victims just like Zamtel has been, They owe Zamtel millions of dollars and chances are they will never pay the debt.Kindly sell your products to the farmer direct.

  4. Yah, the govt will never pay as long as what they wanted has happened. MMD is rapidly going the Mugabe way, thinking they are ordained by God to rule forever thanks to the villagers who thot fertilizer will continue pouring like rain from above.
    How can they fall for this cheap lie, 1996,2001,2006 and now 2008. Wheew, kwaliba ukushipula pa zed, this is not being humble, bupuba fye nomba ubu, how can some one cheat you more than three times. Wake up and do something imwe. Omnia, dont give them fertilzer otherwise your check will be ready after 3 years.

  5. I knew it,that is why I didnt want to comment on yesterday’s topic about Omnia.I knew that our goverment had done something wrong to these guys.Omnia is one of the company that has servrd the pipo of Zed with passion,but our govt is taking advantage of that.if it was a chinise company they could have paid them.

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  8. What a shame that the govt wanted to throw the ball at Omnia. This is how serious our govt is about food security. Come next year, the same govt through either Shikapwasha, Teta, Mulongoti or RB himself will tells us that the low maize production was due to the financial crisis the world experienced in 2008. I will not be surprised some die hard supporters of MMD will jump to support that when, they are fully aware of how the fertiliser and inputs issue is being mishandled. Right now RB is busy appointing praise singers other than directing his energies at ensuring fertilizer and input reach all corners of the country.

  9. The hospital’s consulting dietician was giving a lecture to several community nurses from the Southampton area of Hampshire.

    ‘The rubbish we put into our stomachs and consume should have killed most of us sitting here, years ago. Red meat is terrible. Fizzy drinks attack your stomach lining. Chinese food is loaded with msg. Vegetables can be disastrous because of fertilisers and pesticides and none of us realises the long-term damage being done by the rotten bacteria in our drinking water. However, there is one food that is incredibly dangerous and we all have, or will, eat it at some time in our lives.

    Now, is anyone here able to tell me what food it is that causes the most grief an

  10. Ya, can we please have something new. Todays paper says they have agreed with govt over payments. so why are we reading this? LT, be serious. Anything on RB?

  11. Teta is a very dull minister, how can he be warning Zambians that they risk catching cholera if they hold demos. He was saying this in Ndola that people should avoid being in a huge gathering because they would risk catchind cholera. This is a very useless and unfounded threat from Teta. what cholera is he talking about when people are dying of hunger? Teta, please watch your mouth

  12. Mheeee! am kind of busy right now, tell me when Bwezani pays those omnia chaps green maize is good for me, and what in kraals’ name is a joker doing on this blog? be serious


  14. This RB government want to Ground down OMNIA like they did to NCZ. Watch out omnia, don’t fall in the trap that NCZ fell into. This is MMD boma limited, they achieved by winning the campaign and the strategy worked well for them and they can use you and dump you while you watch…………let the masses see their lies for once

  15. This government is a joke. The plit of the poor is ignored.lets pray that the good Lord will open their eyes to see what they are not seeing.

  16. Omina…be warned…give pipo fertilizer…olo else!!!
    UNIP ni Chalo!! Wayi katapo Mwapya!!!! Now country men…Omina comes to supply fertiliza..Handi wed..goal tu ze depoti handi zera wozi Noa fetiliza…Nhowu HI Hum come to molo handi Hefi Hi DONTI FINDI fetaliza…huh!!! WEango haza lila Haka…!!!x([-x:@)

  17. People always get what they deserve. This is the govenment they voted for. A bunch of plunderers. These villagers should not complain.

  18. yes, now you villagers and your chiefs welcome to mmd’s continuety agricuture policies .As for omina next year sale fertiliser straight to farmers otherwise this gorverment will turn you to firms like zamtel,ncz etc.farmers this is only 20089 farming season with rb as your president never complain to omina staff its not them that voted for you ,your minister now is one chituwo who has a legacy of leaving alot of rats in public hospitals with no food hence eating baby’s noises.happy christmas!

    one PF forever-Kitwe (~~)(~~)

  19. You reap what you sow what do you expect you villagers? free fertilizer nizee.We told you vote pabwato and you did your own things more things are yet to come this is only the beginning of Rbs’reign watch this space.

  20. Omnia, payment is the last thing you would expect from a failed government like that of Zambia.Not until they have paid themselves huge amounts for Christmass and New-Year, then Easter, then Independence, it goes on vicious cycles of institutional failure, government failure

  21. Go on Strike. No need writing pages and pages in the paper. Strike and sue. If you get fired for doing that then you shafted right from the start and need to look at your original contracts.


  22. Time for New Leaders we have tried the old Politicians and they have led us nowhere.The Road to No Where RB,Sata,HH. It is time For Change 2011, elect New leaders from President to Parliament

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