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Chief Kapijimpanga, a man of vision

Rural News Chief Kapijimpanga, a man of vision

The late Chief Kapijimpanga of the Kaonde people in Solwezi district of Northwestern province, who died on Sunday, has been buried at Kabungo traditional cemetery.

Speaking at the burial site in Solwezi today, Minister of Local Government and Housing Benny Tetamashimba, described the late chief as a leader who had developmental programs as his personal agenda.

Mr. Tetamashimba said the late Australia Katuka Kapijimpanga, who had a foresight and focused desire to see development in Solwezi, released 50 square kilometers of his traditional land for development of Solwezi.

He said the late chief’s decision to releases tracts of land for development was in accordance with the vision of late President Mwanawasa of re-planning Solwezi district.

Mr. Tetamashimba noted that without the late chief’s vision, the replanning of Solwezi would not been on the district’s agenda for next year.

He added that Solwezi would soon be turned into a city status because of late traditional leader’s vision.

Mr. Tetamashimba said the late chief Kapijimpanga desired that his people should embrace development projects.

The minister said this would make government greatly miss the late chief.

He said the late traditional ruler deserved a credit because he was one person, who was among many people that worked with government to bring the new development of Kansanshi mine in the area.

Mr. Tetamashimba explained that government greatly appreciated the late chief’s work such that President Rupiah Banda would have loved to attend his burial but failed because of other pressing national duties.

He informed the mourners that President Banda has however sent his deepest condolences to the Kapijimpanga royal family.

Mr. Tetamashimba however appealed to Kansanshi mine to exhibit the similar good relationships to the new chief as they did to the late traditional leader.

And former Inspector General of Police, Ephraim Mateyo, chief Mumena’s representative, Jackson Kakoma, and former Works and Supply Minister Ludwig Sondashi, all appealed for calm and peace during the mourning time until a successor to the throne was chosen.

The late chief, Australia Katuka, was born on the 13th June 1932 and ascended to the Kapijimpanga throne on 4th July 1978.

He is survived by a wife, 14 children and several grand children.

The burial ceremony was also attended by Northwestern Province Minister Joseph Mulyata, Ministry of Community Development Permanent Secretary, Teddy Kasonso, Northwestern Province Permanent Secretary Jeston Mulando, clerk of the House of Chiefs and several other dignitaries.

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  1. Mheeeee! My condolences to the royal family and to Zambia as a nation. sad loss.Wisdom sure is lost with the death of his His highness. Mheeee!


  3. Dont just prsise people because they are dead. why didnt you say that when he was alive(mhsrip)? Teta watch your steps [-x

  4. So its becoming a common trend nowdays in Zambia that every so called public figure who dies was a visionary. what a bunch of bull…….

  5. Ma legacy nshi mulanda? Vision, Wisdom..Fyonse yeka? Nobody said these things when he lived. That, my friends, is called HYPOCRISY.

  6. May you rest peacefully, your loyal highnes. Chabipa sana. Now, my question is, are the government going to build the spouse a house like Maureen? If not, why? pantu chimochine.

  7. #27 Houses belt by government are for fomer presidents of Zambia, Mwanawasa was entitled to one and i guess that the one they are building for maureen. chiefs are not entitled.

  8. #27 Chick Colour

    My the chief (now an ancestor) send the bloggers more blessings. Is a chief eqaul to a President for his wife to be treated like a first former first lady? The answer to your question is simply no. Where in the zambian constution does it say chiefs must be respected as much as we do Presidents?

    And why do most of you say MHSRIP when you know traditionally he’s now an ancestor? Are ancestors resting peacefully. Whats wrong with you bloggers?

  9. Ba Moze, Rashid Jones amauka bwino lyonse. Ignore that chap(#21). Tikakomboka sitingayende Kuvisheking’ako mudala? its friday man. I think we are now tired of these problems in Zambia who seem not to end. 😕

  10. Rashid, ndiwe wakamba mudala. thats why they say the only person without problems is a dead one. sichingaipe ku shakin’gako lelo ayi?

  11. #29 Daisy. Ok, if President is senoir to chief, why do the president bow down on his kness? Kwaliba? It means chief mukalamba. and spouse therefore is entitled to a house also. Tell me, where is it written that Maureen is entitled to live in a lodge?

  12. # 32 the late President LPM’s mother or father was born in Chief Chamuka’s area in Chibombo District. Both the President LPM and his mother were therefore subjects of Chief Chamuka. Although LPM migrated to the cities as an economic refugee, he remained a subject of chief Chamuka and indeed the other chiefs in Zambia. That’s why the President must kneel b4 the chief as a show of respect. But only a show of respect not that the chief is equal or higher.
    Maureen is entitled to a house built by the Govt. In the event that Govt fails to provide such accommodation, the Govt must find alternative accommodation. Only in the Bible is your death equal to that of the President.

  13. its a big loss to my kaonde people and zed.mhsrip.mulale mumutende mwane tata.ke tukemilabe ne.lesa emutambwile mumutende.good people go wen we need them more :(((((

  14. As usual speeches of praise upon someone’s death, listen to a tune by Glorius Band “Tamu tasha umuntu ilyo ali umumi”

  15. Anweba ba Kaonde, muji kwepi nanchi?…
    Ke mumvwika ne. Kyatame biingi byoba fwa ba mfuma mwe. Kyankola saana. Bonse ba Kaonde kuji konse komuji…Lesa e milame.

  16. its really sad that the chief has died,looks like he was a good man coz the kaonde people have really mourned him,hope the next one will also take after him,he shouldnt adopt the VJ n TETA trickS.MHSRIP…. [-(

  17. My condolences to the family and relatives of the diseased. Is there anyone out there who knows the whereabouts of Judith Patricia “Mite” Kapijimpanga?

  18. If Judith Patricia (Mite) Kapijimpanga is the Mite K. who worked at the United Nations, Political and Security Council Affairs, I am also looking for her. The last time I spoke to her by phone was many years ago when seh was in London. If you hear from her, please let her know I am also looking for her. Thank you.

  19. I am also hoping to find Judith Mite Kapijimpanga with whom I worked at the United Nations in the Assistant Secretary General for Personnel’s office back in the 80s.  I would appreciate hearing what has happened to her.  For a while she worked for Indeco Limited ….I believe in London as a Trade Promotions Officer….

  20. R.I.P It’s been a long day without you, Granfather And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
    We’ve come a long way from where we began
    Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you
    again When I see you again
    R.I.P my lovely Granfather he was a hero I’ll do anything just to keep my Granfather’s vision alive and I’ll work on my Granfather’s vision it’s not to late for me And our people in our land

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