Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Disabled may not access CEEF


Requirements attached to Citizen Economic Empowerment Fund (CEEF) have posed great challenges for the disabled to access the fund.

Chairperson for People Living with Disabilities in Western Province, John Siyubo, complained that the collateral requirement was hindering the disabled people in the province from accessing the fund.

Mr Siyubo told ZANIS in Mongu that disabled persons were among the poorest of the poor and that asking them to produce collateral was disqualifying them from accessing the money.

He said that the disabled, especially those unemployed who form the largest majority, felt sidelined as they cannot meet the collateral requirement.

Mr Siyubo suggested that collateral be eased, if not scrapped, for the disabled so that they also benefit from the initiative.

He said that much as it was a loan, government should find a way of enabling the disabled to access the money.

Mr Siyubo has since called on government to include disabled persons in top policy making bodies so as to tailor government initiatives like CEEF to also suit people living with disabilities.



  1. We are all equal whether ulimutuntulu or umulema we are wonderfully made by God.Please dont deny your friends access ku ma half.


    Phd holder in :-j:-j:-j

  2. This is a sad development,segregation shud nt be condoned in this peaceful and christian nation.No man is greater than the other we are but one pipo in christ. Chankalipa :-h:-h

  3. A society’s integrity is measured on the way it treats it’s weakest members. Please find a way of enabling the disabled to access the money.

  4. These guys government just make decisions without analysing the issues. Do you RB cares about the disabled? all he is interested in is being in state house and having the status of a president.
    Its good because the majorite of us saw this coming.

  5. #7
    Yes we are all equal and the problem arises from this same fact. If we are all equal, why give preferential treatment to the disabled?

    The truth is that we are not equal and there is need to treat the disabled with this unequalness in mind in order to achieve equality.

    The other thing is, how is the govt going to lend to the disabled amounts in excess of K400 million without collateral?

  6. govt has always sidelined the disabled, am sure they think its a sheer waste of money. laws need to be put in place to protect the disabled, Zed has no such laws

  7. Hi people. Hope you been fine.

    I dislike segregation especially if it is against people with disabilities. People do not choose to be disabled so why must society penalise them? Is is surprising that our laws and not friendly to people with disabilities?

  8. this is unacceptable,we are all **==s and so we are to be treated in the same way,being disabled doesnt change our nationality,RB pliz put alot of things into consideration as you plan some of these things,its unbiblical and that just shows that we are not chritians as we claim to be.think twice about this pliz.lets love one another in all that we do.:o):o):o)

  9. Robby

    Please napapata nshakabwekeshepo ama setting forgive me.Iam a bad guy,but naiwe naumpenya kaili. :-j:-j:-j

  10. Jam@co

    Robby is a very good friend of mine na family yalimudiga sana.Its just that ndinolubuli lelo,ali shauta mailo kwati temunandi ayi.

  11. The only disabled person in the Govt is ba tata ba Ben Kapita who was able bodied a few months ago. Too bad for those that have been disabled for decades

  12. matworld

    i was down mwandi i almost died,was seriously ill.but am lots better now.was in hospital and in a bad state for over a week,am still home will only start work next week.
    missed you though ^:)^

  13. #31 jam@co

    my bro yashani iyo,you are also liked nowonder you and matworld are friends as in you are both gentlemen. =d>=d>
    you guys are great fun..

  14. #26 Ba Dr. Maureen

    Good observation. Ben Kapita is the only guy in Govt. But he doesn’t see himself as a disabled person. For now, he suffers from denial and still believes that come 2moro, he will walk again. Actually, even other disabled people don’t recognise Kapiata as a disabled person. They are still arguing that there are no disabled people in Govt and RB should appoint them.

  15. G Baby
    Sorry that you have been ill. Don’t hide yourself behind blog names. How do we come to see you at the hospital or at home. Quickest recovery

  16. Jam@co
    You are also liked my dear.Matwold has this secret that he wants you share with you.This is matworld’s motto inspired by her mum.Never say bad things about ladies for they are so lovely than ifyaume.

    G Baby
    Too bad my dear,it was going to be a great loss.


    Mulibwanji madam?

  17. matworld

    you are right dear.thats why you are gentle.
    keep it up man!!! ^:)^^:)^
    its good for a son to get a mothers advice concerning women.

  18. G Baby thats a sad story to hear hope u r good,i wud have visited u sister. Lusaka where were u and how r u? Thank God u r back coz sum pipo were accusing me of being behind that name (Lusaka) becoz of our flags. G BABY u can gimme yo email,mine is [email protected]. Mpelefye abakashana address iyi

  19. Matworld kanshi tell me that long story on Email. Im getting worried pantu ulelanda ati nabakukana bushe ni ba mulamu?

  20. #35 You are right Daisy. He is not accepted and in my view he should not even be countedas a quota of disabled in Govt.

  21. Equal God created man in their image. Man has denied this fact and has turned against it. We are not equal because we are not the same in all facets of life. Some are rich and others are poor. some are abled and others are disabled in one way or the other. Can disability have a negative impact on ones achievements? Yes and no depending on the socioeconomic circumstances prevailing. If they are desirable a disabled person succeed in life. In zambia the socioeconomic factors are so biased against the disabled so its difficult for the to push up. So the solution is to find the means to help them succeed in life. RB do something there in Western Provine. [-([-([-([-([-(

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