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American Embassy donates 65Million Kwacha to a Katete Project

Rural News Feature Rural News American Embassy donates 65Million Kwacha to a Katete Project

The American Embassy has donated over sixty five million kwacha to Chimasuko Development Project in Katete district.

The money is meant for educational and material support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children ( OVCs ) under the care of the project.

Chimasuko Project chairperson, Betrum Mataka, said this during a Psycho-Social workshop held in Katete yesterday. Mr. Mataka said the funds would be used to support 100 Orphans and Vulnerable Children that are in school, ranging from grade one to grade seven.

He said the donation will go a long way in helping the orphans and vulnerable children attain basic education.

Speaking when he officiated at the workshop, Katete District Commissioner, Eleman Mwanza, commended the American Embassy for supporting the project, saying, the effort would improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children.

Mr. Mwanza said the peace prevailing in the nation has led to Zambia’s doors to be opened to donor support and investors.

The donation is an indication that Zambia has good relations with many nations.

Mr. Mwanza advised the workshop participants to play a pivotal role in assisting government in its efforts to improve the lives of vulnerable people in society.

He further commended Chimasuko Development Project for embarking on productive and self sustaining undertakings such poultry keeping, gardening and milling.



  1. USA helping us again. How i wish we could do more of such using our own resources. God deliver us from this depandancy syndrome

  2. These Donors are sick we were jus recently increasing our wages and buying the new Landrovers better and more expensive than what they them selves drive, ofcourse we don’t care about our own vulnerables. What the heck is the use for there $8,000 dollors.

    • o.k so these guys decide to publicise $8,000? whilst the millions of $s the country makes is embezzled… anyway better than nothing as a begger cannot be a chooser, I bet Americans are loughing there tammies out…. There is better news to publicise like follow ups on promised developments which the press never do, hence creating a conducive environment for embezzlers

  3. Please use these donations carefully and to the purpose they are intend. Otherwise mwakulakakwa One by One.

  4. Please use these donations carefully and to the purpose they are intended. Otherwise mwakulakakwa One by One.

  5. A strict system of cash management is needed to avoid embezzlement of donated funds. Otherwise the number of vulnerable children will continue to rise.

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