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Corrupt driving instructor jailed


lplateA Lusaka Magistrate yesterday jailed a diving school instructor for 18 months with hard labour for corruption.

Honorable Mrs. Walusiku yesterday convicted and sentenced Joseph Sinfukwe, 45, a Driving Instructor with Galaxy Driving School Limited to 18 months with hard with effect from 10th March 2008.

Sinfukwe was arrested on 28th January 2008 by the Anti Corruption Commission and charged for one count of corrupt practices by private person contrary to section 31(1) and 41 of the Anti Corruption Commission Act No. 42 of 1996.

Details of the offence were that, Sinfukwe, a Driving Instructor at Galaxy Driving School Limited corruptly solicited for K 300,000 from Mbomena Shabiyemba, between 1st February 2008 and 10th March 2008 in Lusaka.

The money was an inducement or reward for himself in order to facilitate the acquisition of a driving license for Shabiyemba, a matter or transaction which concerned the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA).

This is according to a release from the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC)signed by its Public Relations Officer Timothy Moono.



  1. Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala but nokufwa afwila mwibala. Sorry Mdala you have harvested whar you sowed. Accept your mistake and save your time. God Bless you.
    But my question is what is the law doing with the big offenders in our country?

  2. Uyu siamvela although 18 months is a bit too harsh please! Yaba, I suppose thats what they mean when they say crime does not pay!

  3. Good job ACC, though the main culprits are RTSA themselves, these chaps are badly corrupt that they can’t make people pass the tests minus corrupting them!! its no cash no license that’s how they operate.

  4. What can i say!!!! Naine i acquired my license in tht same manner.And my relative organised frm RTSA nomba i cant report him,twas jus a favor rather than vakupita muma drum ku Mimosa.Mr Shabiyemba jus be strong.But u Hourable Magistrate,300pin 1year6mths wen bena Regina stole 300,000 X 300,000 yet u gave her 2.5yrs which she wnt serve.Stop jailing them if u bail,mulankalifya umutima mwendoshi

  5. If there is anyone here- including LT staff- got his Zambian Drivers licence properly please raise their hand, because i have a present for you.

  6. It all bows down to corruption, i dont know this country called will get rid of this cancer. I have both Zambian and British drivers licenses, sorry to say but there’s hardly any pride or satisfaction in having the former. So with that in mind dont ask me why there are many accidents in Zambia.

  7. # 7mala msana wandalama says:

    I got my driver license properly i went for driving tests both Theory and practicle even passing through the drum.
    It started with the theory, then the drums then driving in town-and parking as well and residencial areas driving and parking.With an instructor from the RTC as it used to be called some years ago. So its not everyone who involves themselves in corrupt practices. So those who practice such should be taken to book. So by the way are you trying to say that you………………………

  8. I hope Mr Simfukwe revealed the truth that the Road Traffic Officers do get inducement to make the instructors’ customers pass even when they have failed their tests.

    Instead of giving him hard labour, perhaps he should have been turned into a state witness against Road Traffic, so that the decay there can be removed from the root up.

  9. I remember I got my first driving licence in Luanshya many years ago.. It was easy and I mean as easy as that. You drive along talking ilyashi until you reach the station again and voila!!!!! the licence is yours!

  10. The best way to tackle this problem is (in my opinion) to introduce the subject in secondary school.I think theory is important as they will understand the danders.And I don’t mean the basic theory but the detailed one which includes harzard perception.Next is to create a team of credible practical examiners.Driving schools should also be regulated properly and if one particular school is found wanting then the instructor should be banned.I guess in a society like Zambia it can take time but it is possible.

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  12. #17BA Honey , Gday, Iam an experienced defencive driver nomba.. it was in those days, all they wanted was hard cash….. Here you have to pass theory on the computer first then go on the road test. You + the instuctor who is teaching you. My driving is more than polished Ba Honey.
    I drive 18 Kilometers to work everyday and that is oneway ka! Sorry didnt phrase my experience well. I laugh a lot when I see lousy drivers on the high way… kwati bale enshya

  13. I remember when i got my licence in 1995. I had finished my lessons with Galazy….near the old UBZ Coach Station on Freedo m way and I just gave some agent my photos and he brouht me the licence. At that time it was a yellow booklet issued by LCC on behalf of Road fimo fimo…..There was nothing starnge……sorry simfukwe.

  14. Guys awe many hav them thru the bak door. I went 2 change mine last year n it took the rta 2 days 2 gve me a tempro sayin their system is down. Mine was ya chibaka in 1980 bt am a perfect driver who observes the trafic rules like a learner. Beta do the lessons in mufulira were there no trafic lights. Lol

  15. #25, I knew that… so no hard feelings. enjoy the rest of the day… ******** Iam jobbing, whilst having a chance or two to blogg……

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