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Catholic Priest fined for marriage interference

Headlines Catholic Priest fined for marriage interference

A CATHOLIC priest in Ndola was yesterday fined K10 million by a local court for having an affair with a married woman whom he was offering marriage counselling.

Pamodzi Parish priest Father Davies Nsama of 42 Fitente Road in Northrise appeared before Chifubu local court magistrates Amos Banda, Aaron Sugar Banda and Rosemary Muke for bringing disputes in a marriage.

Charles Moto, 32, of 3597 Kansenshi Extension, an employee of PG Bisonite sued Father Nsama for causing disputes in his marriage of five years to 27-year-old Virginia Mpanza Moto, an employee of Mission Press at the Franciscan centre in Ndola.

Father Nsama admitted to the offence and applied that the matter be heard in chambers but the court refused.

Father Nsama told the court that he knew Virginia in 2002 and went for rides in his car with her to discuss church matters.

He admitted that one day he and Virginia drove to Luanshya where he kissed her.
But Father Nsama denied ever sleeping with Virginia and said he deeply regretted the affair.

Virginia said she too regretted the affair but pointed out that affairs were not always sexual. She said she had suffered a lot from the ordeal.

Justice Banda said from the priest’s own confession, the court found him guilty and fined him K10 million, noting that it was unfortunate that a Catholic priest could get into an affair with a married woman.

In his testimony, Mr Moto said in a fully-packed court that he got married to Virginia
in July, 2004 and the two have two children.

He said at the end of 2007, he was transferred to Ndola but was transferred back to Lusaka in November last year. It was agreed that he would be travelling to Ndola every Friday and go back to Lusaka on Mondays.

Mr Moto said he decided late last year to have a wedding at Pamodzi Catholic Parish that was set for May 9 this year. It was at this point that the couple went to Father Nsama for counselling.

Mr Moto said he, however, received an anonymous call from a private number on Tuesday March, 31 after 20:30 hours and the caller wanted to find out where his wife was.

He said he called his wife but she told him that she was at the bus stop and later switched off her phone.

He called his wife the next day, but she gave conflicting versions of where she was prompting him to get a court order from the Lusaka local court to get the activity phone record from MTN.

The phone record of the previous one month showed that his wife and Father Nsama exchanged a lot of calls and text messages between 19:00 hours and 23:30 hours.

Mr Moto said he travelled from Lusaka and asked Father Nsama to meet him somewhere so they could have a ‘gentleman’s’ talk.

During the meeting, Father Nsama said he and Mrs Moto were merely going for car rides and that on that evening they went as far as Luanshya.

He said he grabbed Nsama’ phone where he found a text message from his wife telling the priest to say that the two merely went for car rides.

Mr Moto said that day he had never slept, got traumatised and even contemplated suicide.

He then arranged a meeting with Ndola Diocese Bishop, Noel Oregan, who he said was cooperative and asked him to forgive his wife and sue Father Nsama.

Mr Moto said Bishop Oregan even offered Father Nsama a house in Lusaka so that he could relocate, an offer he turned down and the bishop further asked the priest to go for an HIV test.

Mr Moto simultaneously sued his wife for divorce which the court granted without compensation and urged the two parties to take good care of the children.

[Times of Zambia]

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  1. banamiuza ba milingo, ati imwe fellow fathers vinkani vausiku vimawama,mwaona manje mwayamba kusebana.yayi not bamukabene plz napalapata.kaya mulungu ndiye azaweluza,otherwise ka nkani kakosa aka for it’s written that we shall not touch God’s anointed ones…..to be continued.

  2. Shamemuneni bane shame!!! I think that the catholic church should revist it’s laws of not allowing fathers to access women. They are just people and belive me no mater how they play with ifi doli, hormones bother them and they want the real think. I feel sorry for them. My friend an ex- seminarian has made me understand why he quit.

  3. This is very embrassing and i think this priest should be disciplined by the church otherwise people will continue to loose faith in the church.
    I can assure you this relationship was more than a kiss and i can imagine how painfull it is to the hunsband.

  4. oh oh banshimapepo futi abalingile ukukontolola inkani,shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,where are we going in this world,jesus come and save us.

  5. This is nor surprising at all.

    Catholic fathers all over the Earth have been implicated in a lot of cases with regard to sexual issues. Thus “Justice Banda said from the priest’s own confession, the court found him guilty and fined him K10 million, noting that it was unfortunate that a Catholic priest could get into an affair with a married woman” is almost normal as a news item as it seems to be a practice done regularly among Catholic Priests.

    The sad thing about this story is that most Catholic priests claim to be followers of Jesus Christ (Christians) while theirbehaviour shows a totally contrary picture to real Christians’ approach to the message of God.

    Have a good day you all and sorry to the former husband to that woman although I am shocked he haf children b4 they…

  6. Imwe bane, Celibacy niyoshupa maningi. Mukulu wanchito Milingo anatayamo taulo. Manje muganiza ati mafela na libido yoshupa bazachita bwanji.
    The Catholic Church should let those priest who cannot bare to marry and continue at the pulpit. Shebi all cthlics like any other being is a product of Kupanga Nyumba

  7. forgive ya wife man, may be you too are to blame. distant marriages for fridays thru to mondays dnt work. you gat kids bro. castrate the priest.

  8. hhhhhmmmm after creation, God said “it was good” no pretence please “Fathers” just get real and marry.

  9. What happened to our Zambian Milingo when he proposed that catholic fathers or priests whatever they are called should be allowed to marry? Careful Zambians!!

  10. I knew both viginia and Charles. Virginia and I went to kamba basic school, and lived near each other. in 1996, i moved near moto’s house in chifubu Ndola.

    Virginia was good looking, and charles was a star like at chifubu secondary school. i think they made a nice couple. I am dissapointed with the priest and franciscan centre priest who asked nsama to move to lusaka, he should ve been punished….very sad

  11. once i went to mansa where, at the golf club, where young bambos were drinking and grabbing maziba like kaya.

  12. I think heaven will be full of Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus ……….too much hypocrisy and pretense among the christians no sin is greater than the other.

  13. This is just a tip of the iceberg.Ever wandard y catholics run many orphanages?Happy Easter bloggers,remember without a persono relationship with Jesus we are doomed.

  14. Ba Moto understably there is high probability of adultery ihaving taken place that is why you investigated sued the suspects. Whether a quick divorce and 10 MZK in your pocket, after losing a wife, a mother of your children is the answer, remains the question. Fr Nsama, Virginia and Moto none of you emerged victorious in this story pick yourselves up and move on to better things that the Lord has in store for you. Easter is here, new beginnings.

  15. This is a very sad story. I feel sad for Mr Charles Moto. Peope should marry for good reasons. Honest is an intergral part of marriage and women should desist such vices at all costs. Ba Father Chakuti-chakuti(or fimo fimo) naimwe muletekenya. Ku sebanya Parish na lesa wenu ifi mulechita. Now the 2 poor kids have to be brought up in a ‘broken home’. Iam blaming the woman in here because if she said ‘no’ to whatever this ‘father Nsama’ tempted her, nothing of the sort could have happened…


  17. God loves everyone even the worst of sinners. It is only in the context of adultery that the bible allows divorce so God has a better woman for you Mr Moto. Ensure that you get the kids otherwise they are bound to learn bad things from their mother. This is only the beggining of their relationship (yo fmr wife and the fak Priest) now they will feel they have the freedom to screw each other at will. Be happy you found out other wise up to now,it would have been happening behind your back,thank the anonymous caller.

  18. these catholic dudes seem to be a bunch of horny blokes, i recall the scandal of the archbisop of bulawayo (ncube), chap was a se_x champion

  19. I really do not see the logic of joining a bunch of celibates when you know that you cannot hold the temptation. The act of going for another man’s wife is just so sickening and characteristic of sick brains

  20. The church has been hijacked by opportunists who have nothing better to in life but to masquerade as holy men of God why illegally and sinfully sampling his creation.More stringent measures in scrutinizing the characteristics of these so called priests must be deiced, in order to save the church and the faith from total collapse. I really don’t believe Moto will ever continue in the catholic church.What a sad development.

  21. Whoever did the story misplaced the facts. The the truth is that Charles and Virginia were offered a house in Lusaka by the bishop as part of compensation to Charles so that they could resolve the matter without going to court. Charles REFUSED…. the offer was not made to the randy priest to relocate… we see these things everyday, its not the first case there are several others… those of us who live in Ndola can bear testimony to this…

  22. Easter tidings to all of you LT bloggers! There is need to be distributing “Sexual Depressant Drugs” to ALL Catholic Parishes.

  23. Just got a call from a colleague in kafue.he tells me people there at kafue estates parish are ditressed about these revelations regarding father Nsama.he says he grew up there and they regard him as there own.they are just wondering since when did church matters become subjects to be discusssed in a vehicle and as a pair leaving other parishoners.didn’t the parish provide an office for their priest?the excuse he gave was lame and has vexed them.

  24. when pipo tell u sex is nice,u refuse.let ur priests marry iswe pope!they are very much human and most of them just get into it coz you take them to scku and let abandon the work for greener pastures and even marry.we see this happening each day at UNZA.most of the nuns and priests,ala chimalila..and they do each so much than their flock.hypocrisy out and VIVA hoenstness…

  25. if you went to most of the so called parishes,alot of blockages to the sewer system due to throwing of condoms anyhow and alot of womanising in the convent.a number of my buddies have been doing these nuns but hey!so disgusting when soemone calls themself holy mother or whatever!if thi nonsese continues,we shall close the parishes and fire all the priests or maybe we should satrt testing them for virginity!both males and females.

  26. Most priests are there becoz of lack of employment not that they are called to serve the LORD. Ans as such the truth comes out about the fake ones in this manner. My caution to women especially married ones is a pastor, rev., priest or bishop has got sexual feelings and can be tempted to taste ichisabo. So guard yourselves and do not go for counselling or prayers alone and lock yourselves in a room to ‘pray’. Anything can happen. Some priests are handsome and charming too. Some women also have intentions of tasting iyaba father. Watch out nuns and priests have HIV too.

  27. No human is perfect. We are not robots or puppets. All human has heart and feeling given by the Creator. We are all equal in the eyes of God priest or businessman or local people. Jesus loves us all as sinners. We all try our best to close and holy, let no one condemn the priest coz he is just like us…. human. Pray that God’s Will will intervine on this one. Not punish or persecute the priest. What the different of that to someone who steal, watch porno, kills or cheat? All of us are guilty of such thing. Just keep on praying God is all merciful slow to anger and rich in love for us sinners… Through our brokeness, the more we will be used by him to see His mercy and that He is God alone is the just judge. WE all have heart to feel love. Only Satan has no heart to hate us. Just PRAY

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