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PF Roan MP lied about the K9 million claims, MUZ Roan Branch

Headlines PF Roan MP lied about the K9 million claims, MUZ Roan...

Mineworkers of Zambia (MUZ) Roan Branch Chairman Stansilous Mwiimbe has refuted claims by Patriotic Front Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili that mines minister Maxwell Mwale gave the union officials K9 million during his visit to Luanshya mine last week.

Mwiimbe said the union official took great exception to Kambwili’s utterances adding that they are going to take serious steps to stop him from peddling lies about them, the mine and the people of Luanshya.

He said that the MP was aware that the some union officials were re-engaged on care and maintenance by LCM, while others were working for ZCCM-IH and were entitled to salaries and allowances and wondered why he chose to lie.

Mwiimbe said the alleged K9 million purported to have been given to them by the mines Miniister was actually their monthly subsistence allowances of K1 million each from ZCCM-IH.

He accused Kambwili of trying to champion the issue concerning the opening of the mine when not adding that the former miners know that government was seriously addressing the matter.

He said the union officials have been pushed to far and had no choice but to spill the beans about Kambwili’s unbecoming behavior.

Kambwili accused mines minister Maxwell Mwale of corrupting the union officials with K9 million so as to dissuade the former miners from demonstrating over the new investor for the Luanshya mine.



  1. Typical Kambwili.After stripping off scrap metal out of luanshya mine,he is now mounting unfounded allegations.By the way,Kambwili we know that you havent delivered hence facing an uphill battle.Hard luck.

  2. Stop Condemning Kambwili, he is speaking for the luanshya people and the miners on the copperbelt as a whole which MUZ is not doing. Gvt wants to bring chinese investors to Luanshya so that they can be underpaying them and offering them slave condtitions. Lets get credible investors for luanshya.

  3. Ba MP Kabwili must cool down a lot. He needs to digest things before speaking. Most times i switch off the radio because things he says and his actions are below the levels of an MP. The Luanshya problem requires solutions beyond being a cadre and earning unnecessary mileage.

  4. # Sceptic.Dont you know that China is the only country with the highest reserves in the world.Chinese are everywhere and countries are scrambling for their investment US inclusive.There is no need of pouring contempt on the Chinese Investment but remind our govt including kamwili to look at the plight of zambian workers when signing the contracts.

  5. So like FR bwalya this man is also talking on behalf of the poor people of the copperbelt and luanshya in particular.i now understand the qualification of becoming an MP in the copperbelt.just have a loud mouth.comment on anything even without facts so long it touches on the lives of the ex-miners.shame no wonder Roan constituency has had the most useless MPs in life.this man hasn’t got a gentle character to qualify as a leader more so an MP.it’s saddening to see that even the day when he was chased from parliament for going drank his constituents could not even summon him and chide him for such behaviour.to them it was one of those things.

  6. #6, Sharp Shooter,Thank you Sir for your comment. The problem of the Chinese is not the Chinese but Michael Sata who spent years on a campaigin of misinformation against the Chinese when the Taiwanese were paying him. Many uninformed Zambians actually believed him and thought he had other investors he could bring at the right time. Let the chinese buy the Mine if they are willing. Our responsibility is to improve the Mine Inspection Services to ensure high standars of mine safety.

  7. This is a very serious allegation involving the minister and the union officials.even if it was just the subsistence allowance,is it supposed to be paid by the minister?what is the connection with the meeting in question? therefore the minister and the involved union officials shud take chishimba to court so that he can prove to the nation that he is not a liar and the whole country will know that he is politicking regarding the whole LCM matrix if found wanting.the whole full cabinet minister cannot be accused of such a sensitive issue and all yu offer is press reports refuting the accusation.take action,then we will know the truth.

  8. On “He said that the MP was aware that the some union officials were re-engaged on care and maintenance by LCM, while others were working for ZCCM-IH and were entitled to salaries and allowances and wondered why he chose to lie. Mwiimbe said the alleged K9 million purported to have been given to them by the mines Miniister was actually their monthly subsistence allowances of K1 million each from ZCCM-IH.”, what else can you expect from PF and its members at this time in the 21st Century apart from lies like this and spreading useless information to the extent of xenophobia against the Chinese people.

    1,The Mwine, on your “Wat is this now, may be thats y mestro hehehehe says PF shud join UPND”, I will reiterate that PF/Sata MUST join the UPND as a cadre and later National Chairman.

  9. 9 continued.

    This is because currently the only largest political party in our Zambian Parliament is the UPND with its 22 loyal MPs to the party while PF/Sata has only about 16 loyal MPs while the rest are called Rebel-PF-MPs.

    Also, the democratic UPND was formed in 1998 or so and has been having CONVENTIONS while PF/Sata only can on the scene in 2001 or so and has never had a CONVENTION. Thus, it is only fair that PF/Sata disbands his undemocratci tendencies and be subjected to elections in the might UPND so that we can have ONE strong opposition to dislodge the MMD from ruling Zambia as GRZ.

    I hope this will reach people who can advise the Undereducate as soon as possible for he needs to stop impeding political progress in Zambia with his undemocratic tendencies in PF/Sata.

  10. Since when did we hear the cabinet minister paying salaries to miners or even govt workers?? All those union officials at LCM fall under general workers catergory. Has the procedure changed now? Instead of the pay accounts clerks of ZCCM IH paying the miners, now it is the whole cabinet minister doing it? Quite smelly, is’nt it…………………????

  11. Zambians please wake up!! How can a cabinet minister act as a pay master or clerk??
    There are proedures in ZCCM IH. Qite strange………………………….?????
    I think Kambili might be right.

  12. #9, you must know that PF and Sata are now even stronger than they were during 2009 elections. Please just accept the realities that the so called undereducated Sata is more popular than the so called educated HH. HH does not know how to manage a political party and that is the more reason UPND has gone down. It is a fact that come 2011, PF is forming the next government. People don’t care whether Sata is undereducated. They will come and vote for him. Hopefully the elections won’t be rigged this time. HH would benefit greatly to join PF and becomes it’s member of centra committe for finance and subsquently Minister of Finance when PF forms the next government in 2011.

  13. Maestro,and your cadres you are very selective, or may be you read what you want to hear. You dont see anything wrong with the whole minister turning into a pay clerk. Nowander tribunals are finding them guilty.

  14. I have worked for the Mines for over 25 years and at no time have we paid by or through the Minister. Those trying to justify the issue of the Minister paying salaries are being unfair to themselves because they no the truth and the truth is that those so called MUZ officials received bribes. Subsistence allowance is never paid in isolation.

  15. Maestro and his UPND are very baised. PF came 2nd and UPND came 3rd during the 2008 bye-elections. Therefore, it is UPND that should join PF in order to become stronger and not the other way.We need a very strong opposition party such as Sata and PF. Not the way this so called educated chaps called Saki and Nawakwi who have been turned into absolute cardes for RB. UPND is now nowhere in Lusaka and along the line of rail. In 2011 UPND will even lose grip of some parts of southern province and northwestern provinces where the majority vote on tribal grounds. Wabe iboolo and wanza wanye…………Maestro!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I’ve been to roan constituency, milyashi mine 5 times since august last year. Can any one tell me that kambwili has done nothing.

  17. 17 Insulter, relax and see who PF/Sata will be taught another lesson that real democratic loving Zambians will not allow him to rule if he does not join the UPND. Otherwise, I will only respond to you when you write things showing that you are normal and not using Bemba Language insults the way you have done.

    Like “father like son” is what someone said and no wonder our President RB Banda referred to Sata as someone who insults when he addressed people at the Kuomboka Ceremony. I am trying to imagebuild your undereducate Sata and you instead insult me. What a waste of a human.

    Anyhow, whatever you current position and Sata’s, you can change and join the UPND and us who are normal non-insulting Zambians. Have a good day.

  18. Sceptic
    #6 thank you for pointing out the facts for Sceptic ‘TANK’ most economies are actually looking to the chinese for investment. Get your facts right and not just following stories from people who are best at talking to please the crowed

  19. Ok, it is time we put this to rest. Let us analyze the election results from 2001 to the just ended by-elections.


    MMD – 506,694
    UPND – 472,697
    PF – 59,172


    MMD – 1,177,846
    PF – 804,748
    UPND (UDA) – 693,772


    MMD – 718,359
    PF – 683,150
    UPND – 353,018

    It should not be rocket science to see that PF is more popular than the UPND. In 2001, PF was way below UPND, In 2006, they where catching up to the MMD in terms of popularity, In 2008, they almost closed the gap.

    Where has UPND gone since 2001? It has just been sinking lower and lower. Just look at the voting patterns from 2001 to 2008. UPND has been sinking to the point where its role is to split votes. The fight is between MMD and PF. UPND is…

  20. People never get their allowances after a meeting!!!! No! Then it must be sitting allowances, The problem is everyone in the government of RB lies. From the president to to his cadres. I smell a eat here, why should the minister bee paying on behalf of ZCCM-IH? Why didn’t they tell us that union officials have been employed as security guards at Luanshya mine? The bottom line here is that there was some paying, however justification they will come up with in trying to tell what the money was for, it is only you and me to judge them right or wrong. Because the Court will never convict them as it will have to wait for the tribunal to be set, the president to study the report, ………………………………………….. and they lived happily thereafter.
    It is a bribe period

  21. Those underating UPND dont know what they are saying! Next elections will be decided by a new breed of educated voters, by the way. Am sorry but Sata will never be President of Zambia.

  22. I was a staunch supporter of Andy however this young man HH is taking his party nowhere.UPND is going down,down since he took over leadership of this once mighty party.
    2001 UPND – over 420,000 votes and PF partly 50,000; 2006 UPND – 600,000 votes and PF – 800,000 votes and latest PF got more than twice UPND got. Now, iwe chi Maestro if you are enlightened, which political party is progressing between UPND and PF?? Come 2011, PF will win by a wider magine. It is not rocket science. The figures are there to proof a point that Sata and his PF are doing very fine. Next elections Miyanda’s Heritage party will do better than HH for this young man is full of pride for nothing. The better he starts as a ward council first!!

  23. Ba Moze, assuming you are a student and preparing for you Grade 9 final exams and your progress results are as follows:

    Term 1 score – 520; Term 2 score 405 and Term 3 mid-term test score 340. I were your father i would be very worried that you would fail the exam because your performance is going down and not improving. This applies to PF and UPND political progression. You are so confident that UPND will perform better in 2011……..?? For your info. UPND went with it’s late brilliant leader, Andy MHSRI. Therere, If i were HH, i would swallow my pride and join forces with PF so as to learn politics from Mikaili(Michael Sata).

  24. Kasempa, while I understand your confusion about PF I am asking to you to consider whether you want the Undereducate and his PF to continue being useless by being in the opposition or to make progress by joining with the party of the moment the mighty UPND.

    What is at stake is undemocratic tendencies in PF/Sata and this will never help PF.

    In this light, I ask the Undereducate to continue being a UPND cadre and later join fully as its member following his own words that only president HH is there to groom at a rally he held at the Kafue roundabout last year. The Undereducate Sata also went on Sky radio in Monze, the mighty Southern Province, to tell the whole Nation that it did not matter whether president HH or him stood for Zambian President but what was great was to remove MMD.

  25. 29 continued.
    In view of the above, I am here giving you a simple way of removing the MMD from governing Zambia and you are busy relying on votes from Northern, Luapula and Copperbelt provinces where president HH is heavily campaigning now for his possible 2011 Zambian presidential candidature if the UPND will vote for him as its president.
    The plain facts are that the Undereducate will not convince any young voters who are coming on the scene in 2011 and need jobs for their future as his CV in the PAST and at PRESENT is very bad.
    On the Copperbelt, his campaigner father Bwalya has been dealt with severely and will be confined by the VATICAN for two years according to reports by the Zambianwatchdog. In Parliament, the PF has lost MPs as it calls them REBELS and so where is it going?

  26. As for your 2001, 2006 and 2008 election results, just provide us with provincial ones since constituencies ones will be too many. With them, you will realise that the Undereducate Sata can not win the Zambian President with his Luapula, Northern and Copperbelt Province votes. Just a caution, watch the space and see how Lusaka Province will return in the hands of the might UPND in the next few weeks.

    2011 tripartite elections, the countdown begins now!

  27. Maestro, which planet are you on? You surprise me. I also used to dream that PF would perform worse than upndown in 2008 because of rebel MPs but I saw results then Judith Kapijimpanga made me believe why. She said ‘people love him simple’ May be you should go and consult her

  28. Ladies and gentle men, i think u ar taking Zambia like the countries u ar living in. Am not PF but i can assure u and tell u this, wat Free-market-capitalist is saying is real. wer u ar living pipo who vote as majority ar the learned ones, in zambia majority of those who vote ar the undereducated as u call them or us. Zambia is not (britain, usa or russia) this is zambia the real africa wer pipo want to hear want the want not wat u think. am not tribal but even others will agree, much as PF hav to change their president UPND is not likely to win the 2011 polls am living in zambia that just a useless flag am having.

  29. 33 Camp meeting greetings, but your question “Maestro, which planet are you on?” leaves much to be desired. Where do you think I came from? Why ask useless a question like the quoted one?

    On “I also used to dream that PF would perform worse than upndown in 2008 because of rebel MPs but I saw results then Judith Kapijimpanga made me believe why. She said ‘people love him simple’ May be you should go and consult her”, which people love him in increasing his votes?

    Look at the 2006 and 2001 election results, clearly the Undereducate had an improvement of 745576 votes from 59172 to 8044748. Then in 2008 he lost votes of 121598 from 804748 to 683150. So what results did you see improve or whatever following Judith Kapijimpanga’s words? Do you know arithmetics? Do you know…

  30. On democratically elected UPND president he came in for the first time with UPND (UDA) – 693,772 in 2006 and then lost some 340 754 votes by getting UPND – 353,018 in 2008.

    In view of the 2008 and 2006 results which had almost same number of registered voters above numbers;
    1) the Undereducate lost 15.11%
    2) president HH lost 49.12%

    Now, the questions to ask yourself about the 2008 elections are
    – how did the media behave across the country?
    – why did few people vote compared to the 2006 elections turn out?
    – how old is the Undereducate/President RB Banda?
    – how fit is the Undereducate/President RB Banda?
    – how educated is the Undereducate compared to President RB Banda and president HH?
    – why did voters say they will experiment on the Undereducate but vote for HH in 2011?

  31. MMD and its problems will again penatrate into state house with our eyes open. if a man of God like nevers mumba can mislead his pipo, wat more these to chaps HH and SATA. non of these guys will go tru in 2011 get it from us. u will be busy yapping outside the country (bla bla this bla bla that) the two paties will not win 2011. this same useless MMD win take the day.


  32. 38 The Mwine, check my flags carefully. Next month around this time I will be blogging from Germany. In about October 2009, I will be blogging from Zambia.

    So, while I appreciate your comment about characters yapping from outside Zambia, I assure you that I was in Zambia last year around August and I will be in Zambia this year around October, by God’s grace.

    Have a great day and keep well.

  33. Maestro, I thot this was simple maths. I was wondering why you didnt upnd figures. Look at this firstly there was a low turn out in 2008.
    From 2006 to 2008 the votes
    upnd droped= 340,754
    PF droped=122,000
    mmd droped= 459,457.
    In your analysis which party performed better? I’l ask my grade 4 niece the same question then 2moro a kaponya.

  34. KK, let me give you a very good example, imagine you have 4 very productive farms in mandevu, kabwata, matero and munali, and then someone with 1 farm in Kanyama whose production has been going down since 2006 harvest tells you to abandon your farms and join him to defeat hunger. Would it not be very unwise of you to follow this unwise advice? Honestly i’m asking

  35. Camp meeting, on your “Maestro, I thot this was simple maths. I was wondering why you didnt upnd figures.” you seem to have a deficiency of eye sight! Can you re-read my posting to you on #35 and #37 on note that I touched on the UPND’s figures pertaining to president HH’s performance. Then respond to my question to you on 35. When you do that I may then respond to yours on 40. I work in order and sequence instead of jumping around like a headless chicken. Later.

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