New Zambia Public Procurement Authority to promote transparency


Government says Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) which has replaced the Zambia National Tender Board will be transformed into a fully fledged regulatory body in two years.

Financial Management and Administration Acting Permanent Secretary, in the Ministry of Finance, Daniel Bowasi said currently the Ministry of Justice was drafting the procurement regulations to be followed by the Authority.

Mr. Bowasi pointed out a framework to guide the procurement processes was receiving appropriate attention following wide consultation with other partners.

He was speaking in Lusaka today at the public procurement meeting held under the Public Expenditure Management and Financial Accountability (PEMFA) programme.

Mr. Bowasi further said that the Ministry of Finance and National Planning had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PEMFA to commence the implementation of comprehensive public financial management reforms.

He said the transformation of the public procurement guidelines and procedures would promote transparency, accountability and efficiency in the public procurement system which would improve financial expenditure management.

Mr. Bowasi said the procurement reforms would also ensure prudent use of national resources thereby supporting poverty reduction and economic growth among other things.

He added that progress in the reform process had been recorded through the implementation of expenditure and budgeting policy based on the Fifth National Development Plan (FNDP).

Mr. Bowasi said a computerized control system has also been implemented resulting in reduced expenditure arrears.

Mr. Bowasi also disclosed that government has instituted legal reforms to support on-going public financial management reforms.



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    These are all lies especialy with the new board answerable to RB. Already there is single sourcing for mobile hospitals worth 53m dollars, God help us, do we need that in Zambia?

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    Hold off with those stones people, lets see what happens. I firmly believe Zambia can be redeemed if we all put in something. Lets be supportive some times. Cheers!

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    The clock ticks every second ,every minute,every hour and at the hour was change MMD,every second , every minute,every hour , every day, every month, every year til 2011 change shall be The young shall rule not old bones.

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    woman of substance, what is your endearment comment on this , there was great analysis you made on Sata, RB and HH… a vacuum was left.

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    I keep on asking my self ,time and again who shall be the Zambia leader ? I sat at arcades, went to Manda hill ,hotel intercontinental,UTH club, Magistrate chambers Chrisma hotel looking at govt house ,listened to kapoyans ,took interest in the life of women marketeers , sat down with the street kids ,conversed with UNZA and other tertiary students, went to Zambian compounds, mingled with many self made car mechanics … One question was eminent and still is ,who will be the leader of all these people and many Zambians in 2011when RB goes to the farm as an old bone with king snake/cobra?..

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    Transparency with a doubtiful appointing authority? That is a big joke. Already the boss of ZPPA is a suspect ‘Muzungu wanga anikonda’ with below par qualifications we are told. where are we going next? RB son has demanded a contract from ZPPA boss as reward for appointment by his father. It smells Dora.

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    People don’t learn. Ask Chiluba what life can be after someone takes over the presidency.
    RB needs advice and that advice must be quick. Let him dare touch the AG and SG and we shall get UNZA to spark a demo that may force us into elections before October becauuse that is what we need at the arte we are going. Please let us not fall into Zim mess, we have had better leaders in KK and LPM than our neighbours.

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    # 16 UNZA students can not be used as hooligans … let us use nakawala ,king snake ,lifwekelo ,cosmo and Yourself The people …

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    It is very understandable thought in many underdeveloped countries , that the eye of the nation lies in the University students , who are able to decipher , read and interpret the disguise of western exploitation…perhaps that may hold

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    Come 2011 when we vote for a new leader, ZNTB now ZPPA will be Zambia Procurement Service (ZPS), 2015 will be Zambia Public Procurement Force (ZPPF), 2020 to Ministry of Public Procurement (MPP). Change of names, same misdeeds. Instead of implementing new measures to fight fraud by using modern technologies, its board after board and same people from the rulling clan benefiting.

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    When did you last hear UNZA students speak on national issues? They are busy safeguarding their bursaries and meal allowance. I think the last time I saw them on Tv, they were marching to state house to show solidarity for RB. I stand to be corrected but students of these days are behaving like party cadres. We never did that.

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    # 20 man / woman,boy/girl ,priest/nun ,pastor/dorcas.. That is great thinking , when shall we have that which is people driven and people targeted…. I really love your writing and thinking hence my imitation…

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    #21 Monalisasyndrome, the politics of yester years of UNZA and today are very different period.. The UNZA students of yester years were gorilla fighters and the UNZA students of today are technological conquerors ..extrapolation and inference at liberty…

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    Monolisasyndrome , Who are the UNZA student of old years ,you our seniors , gave us the demarcations …is it a particular intake ? is it in terms of a decade? …perhaps who the chancellor is .. remember simplicity is the sister of clarity..

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    When I see a snake in disguise like the American and Australian grade 12s posing as professors I crush and step on the head…We have but one Zambia

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    Militant behavior of UNZA of the seventies ,glorified!!!…Danci code analysis tell me

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    Never talk about Zambia if you have never lived there and have no relatives there , Zambian is for Zambians……. You can only talk if your investment is helping Zambians , not as manipulators nor fake philanthropists…

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    Its amazing the extent to which Banda will go to fool the country. If he was wise, he would ask Chiluba about the consequences of playing such pathetic monkey tricks on Zambians.

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    As long as the people RB appointed are attached to him there wont be any transparency, as we all know that he is a corrupt leader

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    Latest… Rupiah takes 5 of his children, a maid and 43 others to Zimbabwe…(The post) Have you ever head such a thing!

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    LT, thank you for advertising for free my phone browser T9space. I recently converted from Opera Mini because I was experiencing a bit of a problem with it.

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    Wiseman- reborn; If you are looking for my personal identifiable information you can find it on face book.It is not a requirement on LT. LT does not even wish to publish our email addresses to protect us from spam. If LT had done that, can you imagine how many love letters Chewe the Virgin would have written to Miss Daisy, Stripper, Honey or to my daughter-in-law Abigail? This would seriously jeopardise their relationships.
    2ndly, I do not find anything close to being a ‘technological conqueror’ when I see university students parading themselves on the streets celebrating the meal allowance which was promised to them during the last presidential elections. The polarization of our higher learning institutions is simply pathetic. The new UNZASU administration ought to address this…

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    Give it a chance, the Govt id just implementing a programe that had been drawn by the previous administrattion. Lets wait and see

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    #20 Thanks for hiting the nail on the head. Change of name does not mean change of acts. In yesterday’s blog we questioned the calibre of people appointed to that Board whether its by law or by HE’s wish such as Mike and Tenta plus a whole lot of Carbonated ministers. The question is not whether we like the name of ZPPA fron ZNTB but its whether we have confidence in the people appointed to work either as executive directors or board members. Remember, that for as long as RB and his compatriots shall not tell us that they have the right intetions we will continue calling for change and a new begining which I think its the only way out. Mike a person appointed to that same board told us earlier that Tribunals are not taking us anywhere. What is this man’s intetions?

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    Teta and Mike are only there so they can identify succesful bidders who will in turn reserve a cut for MMd and RB for 2011, I am beginning to like RB, he has foresight indeed……

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    #38 Mrs Ntwenuntwenu, whats so rude about my analysis if I may ask? Maybe what is being Rude? @ #37 you said you salute RB. While maybe we dont stand on the same political philosophies mum. You are happy with RB and his cabinet, and I am not that does not make me rude. Actually jumping in conclusion and saying I am rude is being itself. Why dont you convince me to support RB, instead of saying Iam rude? Thats the same arrogance thats happening in your govt where people who criticise are chuked out but those “muzungu anikonde” are elevated despite being corrupt. I would not be shocked to learn that you are where you are coz of RB, you seem to be enjoying life while many Zambians are suffering and any critics of RB are a threat to your luxurious life.

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    A chameleon can change colors but still remains a chameleon. Its new wine in old bottles. Its the officers attitude that must change not the name of this parastatal

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    Yess Deja Vu but as we develop there is need to continue evolving, so I believe the function of the body have changed ( and mind you this was done under the previous head of state) so as to make it more responsive to its core activities. So it is not only the name. I propose before we all start praising or attacking it . We look at the new institition and compare the previous from the perspective of what the two acts read and make a comparison to other similar institutions in other countries. Before screaming blue murder or being praise worshipers

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    #42, Deja vu -I agree with you totally. #43 I also agree with you but with a reserve. I should believe the function of ZPPA has changed from ZNTB somehow and with good intentions. As much as we would want to compare the functions between TB and PA, we wouldn’t dare if the individuals appointed are questionable. We will rant from there. Like I have said earlier, Mike Mulongoti condemned the tribunal that found Dora guilty, why? He said tribunals are not taking us anywhere, Ministers cant work. What is scaring him? And the same fella is on the board of Directors for ZPPA. Remember we are not attcking more ZPPA, but more the individuals, Mike and Tenta especially.

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    Ok Need change I agree with the individuals aspect esp Teta, less so Mulongoti. However without our knowledge of the act we do not know what options were available as Works and Supply where Mulongoti sits is a very cardinal in procurement especially when you consider that a lot of money in ZED goes to Infrastructure. As for his statement on the tribunals try and read his reasonong , it was not so badly put out. He felt that as policy drivers they were being restricted to carry out duties because of the tribunals, . In that a Minister or perm sec could have good intentions but would be scared of acting because of the risk of facing a tribunal.

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    #45 POSTIVISIT PA ZED. Yes the law allows the minister to be on board. Our concern is that will these ministers be fair to all would be bidders for GRZ tenders. Looking at the composition – Teta, Pipes etc I can not see a person like Sata ever standing a chance of winning any GRZ tender. This institution will be an MMD weapon against all percieved enemies. But if they are to serve all of us then I have no problem.

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    yebo thats were we should be advocating for systems that can be enforced so that they are accountable for decisions> kinda like the parliamentary tribunal. I tend to be against attacking thinge in totality without taking a good look and seeking solutions.

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    # 47Positivist but we cant wait for systems which will never see anytime soon as we watch our country going to the dogs. If we took an example of the US where every Cabinet member has to be scrutinised and approved by the senate committe responsible for that area, lets say Works and Supply, Mike would not pass. But such structures wont be in Zambia for a long time to come, so we cant keep quiet for now. Thats why a Zambian President has more responsibility, which includes selecting the right cabinet. So if RB is chosing people because they supported him for President or they will support him in 2011 thats wrong. Tenta and Mike are party cadres, even just giving them Deputy Minister is a lot for them, Cabinet posts is abuse. Thats why in LPM’s govt Tenta was just Deputy coz he is a cadre.

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    Need change that is great analysis and thinking , are you a priest yes or no …no malice

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    Morning Need change # 48 Yeah change is needed bit believe me you. You have similar people to Teta and Molongoti in America. I am not a fan of either but even the American Senate commiteee would have to give a reason for not endorsing such an appoinement, and simple saying they are cadres is not enough, I believe one can be rejected on grounds of proven misconduct, conflict of interest etc. Then even in the UK and most Asian democracies the cabinet is an exclusive perogative of the president. So get your facts more together and then you will be able to see more clearly the areas that need surgery

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