Auditor General Anna Chifungula said auditing Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) is expected to take 30 days. Mrs Chifungula said this at the commencement of the auditing of national broadcaster following alleged financial mismanagement at the institution.

“I can assure all the interested parties that the auditing will be thoroughly done,” she said.

She said a detailed report will be compiled and submitted to the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Ronnie Shikapwasha after the work is completed.

A team of six officers from the Office of Auditor General yesterday started auditing ZNBC.

Last week, Lieutenant General Shikapwasha directed the Office of the Auditor General to carry out a financial and performance audit at ZNBC.

And the Zambia Union of Journalists (ZUJ) has welcomed the move by Government to have all the public media institutions audited.

ZUJ president Morgan Chonya said auditing at the Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail will enable transparency in the running of the institutions.

“We are happy with the minister’s move to audit all the public media organisations and his insistence that unionised employees should have improved conditions of service,” Mr Chonya said.

He said there is need for managements of public media organisations to pay their employees living wages.
Mr Chonya also called on managements of public media to uphold safety standards for workers.

Government said it will extend the financial and performance audit to all public media organisations after completing with the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).

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  1. #1 Ka’doyo. It would interest you to knowthat ZNBC has been collecting 3pins as televison license. So it would be worth knowing how the so much much is used and why workers at ZNBC should resort to strikes when they are making a lot of money. Similarly, your point of “broken and outdated equipment is worth investigating. Why should ZNBC be using such equipment when they are receiving funding from government on top of the 3pins they charge as license fee? Try to get statistics from CSO and check how many households have TVs then multiply that number by K3,000. Just an average of 200, 000households gives you a cool K600million per month, outside adverts and government grants. So where does all that mugiboni go?


  2. Its time Zambians woke up and stopped entertaining the kind of theft that goes in Zambia. ZNBC is a joke. They are stealing and must be stopped. If they cant manage the 3pins they collect then they shouldnt collect, I was in Zambia and ZNBC is as good as not switching on your TV. Its a mockery, but Zambians dont do anything about it, they just sit in their homes and hope for miracles to happen.


  3. I recall that when Multichoice Zambia opened for business in 1995 it was announced that ZNBC had a significant shareholding in the company. Would the auditors kindly investigate what benefits have accrued from that shareholding?


  4. All public office holding to be audited.Only in zambia workers are abused by management.Find out the allegation levelled against ZNBC.The waste broadcasting station in the world.



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