Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Leslie Mbula has urged the Turkish business community to take advantage of the peace prevailing in Zambia and invest in various sectors of the economy.

Mr. Mbula made the call when a five man Turkish delegation from the Horizon Education Trust paid a courtesy call on him in Pretoria on Monday.

Mr. Mbula said Zambia is currently enjoying a stable political environment since her independence in 1964.

He said the Turkish business community should therefore invest in Zambia as much as they have invested in South Africa.

He said in Zambia there was plenty of land and abundant natural resources which they could utilize.

Mr. Mbula said the Trust will open a school in Lusaka and will specialize in mathematics, science and IT.

He added that the Turkish teachers will work together with Zambian teachers improve education standards in the country.

Mr. Mbula said other investors should emulate the Turkish for their efforts in ploughing back to the community where they conduct their business and not only for the purpose of enjoying tax rebates.

This is contained in a press statement made available to ZANIS today by Second Secretary for Press at the Zambian Embassy in South Africa, Philip Chirwa.

Mr. Chirwa said the Mr. Mbula has been playing a major role in bringing the Turkish investors to Zambia.


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  1. What? Turks in Zed, goodness me, are they coming to teach zedians how to grill Kebab’s or teach the Koran????????????


  2. If we are not careful Zambia will be given to the dongs. Everyday we hear chinese, Indians, Nigerians, Arabs. How come we cant attract investors from other areas? Why beg the so called investors to come to zed?


  3. Definitely a good idea, but I think Hon Mbula shoud have used better words rather than just talking about trees, rivers and animals in the forest. He could have talked about business partnerships and some incentives that are attractive. He tried on the peace dividends.
    Anyway, in my own estimation, Turkish investors may prove much better than race growers from Indian running the private commercial sector of (Kashmir to be specific), or Chinese (prisoners working for their freedom) or Arab and Iranian (the poor relatives of Ahmeednejad stealing national oil and selling it all over the world, of course as they wait for the messiah to come and deliver them from this bad American influenced world).
    A few things to point out to all Zambian. First, access to Istanbul can be a good source…



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