Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Dual Citizenship


By Chrispin Ntungo

The editorial on Dual Citizenship by The Post makes a lot of sense and it is right on. One thing that worries this contributor about Zambia is that when it comes to important decisions history does not show that Zambians make decisions that are for the good of the country. Look at the following examples:

1. Late 1960s Zambia chose to support Palestinians over Israel and the University of Zambia was left uncompleted. The Chiluba government tried to correct this later, but it came too late.

2. Early 1970s Zambia adopted the Eastern model of government vi-sa-vi one party rule and socialism, the result over the years was disastrous.

3. Most recently, when revising the constitution Zambia chose to say that someone born to Zambian parents, regardless of where they are born in the world, can be president of Zambia . If you are born in Zambia to non-Zambian parents you are not regarded as Zambian enough and therefore you cannot become president. But if you are born to Zambian parents anywhere in the world you are a Zambian and you can be president. Most countries have it that you are a primary citizen of the country in which you are born.

This contributor hopes that the NCC will be level-headed and objective enough, and appreciative of every Zambian out there and support dual citizenship. Zambia cannot afford to be a loser all the time. It’s time that Zambians made quality decisions that make Zambia a winning country. Dual citizenship is a win-win situation. When you have the opportunity to allow it, don’t even blink, go for it. When you have the opportunity to have it, don’t even blink, go for it. It will bring Zambia benefits that Zambians can’t even envision in the process of making the decision.

To those on the NCC don’t let jealousy or witch-hunting get the best of you. Think of your large extended family of 12, 15, or 21 siblings. What if five of those had dual citizenship; some American, others Canadian, or British, or Australian or South African? Have you thought of what they would do for you and your country? They would give you support that you might not ever imagine. For example, they can give you seed money to begin a business in Zambia . They can accommodate your niece or nephew to attend school in USA , Canada , UK or Australia , etc. It would be good for your family; it would be good for your country too. They can even represent you in business or government negotiations, all to your success and prosperity.

Lastly, God loves our country, but somehow we mess it up ourselves when we fail to make decisions in its favor. Nevertheless, this contributor has to remind you that it is wonderful to be in the company of Zambians whether they have dual citizenship or not. Be of good cheer, everyone.


  1. Positive thinking, please do this for us and we dont have to worry about loosing our citizenship at home .. I agree that it will bring a very positive influence on the economy

  2. To dual citizenship is a backward debate. We already have citizenship of the foreign countries we are living in, out of our own efforts. The point is does Zambia still think we are still useful after this? Do have a role to play in Zed? Citizenship of another country makes things convenient. We already visit Zed with other passports that are not changed every time & everyday. Zambians need to look at Europeans. They came to Africa and managed to acquire things that their mother countries could never give them & took back home & developed their countries. We Zambians abroad have managed to live a life Zambia could never give us. This we are trying to extend to our families back there. Look at the EU, a passport is just a formality, you can go anywhere in Europe. We are told a similar…

  3. Nachisungu!! Am fine dear, and yourself? Wow, you look stunning deary! Honestly, i got a toungue lashing from some blogger who was either mentally deranged or plain psycho. Tachaweme mama.

  4. while on the same topic of dual nationality can we also explore the issue of those of us who are away from home to vote in the next elections?

  5. While I agree with you on most points but , Zambians in diaspora just don’t accommodate relatives or friends that easy. They can be nasty and full of excuses. However if Zambia doesn’t want me as its citizen that’s its lose. I don’t think it can afford me anyway!

  6. Those commissioners on NCC should not forget that the World has become a global village and should ensure that dual citizenship is a MUST in our constitution. We have many Zambian and foreigners who have intermarried and the offsprings are part of our family set up. How would u treat Prof. Chirwa’s, Dr. Chongwe’s etc kinds and the rest of pipo who married abroad whilst studying. The same applies to our daughters and sisters who married to foreigners. This issue may be taken simple but its a matter of time when we are going to see the reality. Lets us draw a positive example from USA, who thought a son of an African would one day step into White House and become a President of powerful nation. This country can move forward if we attract the best of our children. Viva Dual citizenship.

  7. This is one of the best contributions I have seen on this blog in a while. Level headed thinking! However, after having had an opportunity to watch the NCC in progress on tele last January, the calibre of the people making up the commission does not give one hope that they will do the right thing on an important issue such as this one. For some reason people in Zambia seem to be afraid of making decisions that might seem to be of no imediate direct benefit to them (selfishness). Iam reminded of one guy on this blog who said that he hates Given Lubinda because he doesn’t look Zambian. Very sad. But anyway, thanks a lot Chrispin for your contribution, I wish we had visionary people like you on the NCC.

  8. We will all soon be citizens of the world……I know you already are, but you will be getting passports for that soon.

  9. Dual citizenship please. I want in… can not afford applying for a visa when visiting my own country.

  10. Hi Jamaco, i missed you… its long overdue ayiiii, there is no way we can be given days in our own country its crazy

  11. # 17 Nachisungu … I am doing great and I hope you are fine too. You know how difficult it is to travel with a Zambian Passport? Visa here and there, sometimes no or please bring your bank account statements. Easier when you are a citizen of a European Union country believe me.

  12. “This contributor hopes that the NCC will be level-headed and objective enough”
    Meaning anybody who does not agree with your view is not objective and level headed. Strange

  13. Chripin Ntungo,you are right. Infact what you are talking about is already happening even without dual citizenship. Professor Chirwa revealed that Zambians in the diaspora send as much as US $ 750million per year in support of their kindred or buying property for their future use. Bank of Zambia governor can confirm this fact. Ghana and other progressive African countries have already acknowledged this fact and rewarded their citizens dual citizenship for easy movement. 2, RB as a primary citizen of Zimbabwe was proud to say so when he recently visited his place of birth.

  14. The caliber of some men and women sitting on the NCC is below par. I have got more than 5 out there who happened to have been my classmates at Primary and Secondary School and at College. Looking at their track records I doubt how they will make positive contributions. Its only a lawyers and few guys who have dominated the whole process otherwise the rest are there to cheer, doze off, eat, sleep and end of day get hefty allowances. The Mwanakatwe & Mungomba commissions needed serious review if there was need and what we are seing today. How some of these chaps get picked to sit on this and that body it remains a guess. In Zambia its a tradition for wrong chaps to be found in good positions at the expense of right chaps. The history and list is there for everyone to see. Its amazing bad.

  15. #23 Chips Khu
    I trust that the NCC will do what is right by Zambia. Have faith in your people. Remember that we are a democracy and not a merit-ocracy. You do not have to have had distinctions at school to participate in the decision making processes.

  16. In Zed development will continue to elude us for us long as we don’t have right constitution inplace. Can someone explain why more than 40years of independence we still don’t have a constitution that can take us ahead. We don’t have the resolve to come up with a great constitution. I bet you there will be another review when a new president takes office. SA came up with a constition which has earned much admiration globally under the most difficult of circumstances but South Africans rose above individual aspirations and they are moving ahead. We having nothing to show in the more than 4 decades just political bickering, corruption and grand larceny is what has become of Zed. Shame.

  17. #22 Mbo Sam
    Sierra Leone has a ministry of the diaspora! These countries have realised the value of their country men living abroad. You can take a national out of his country but you cannot take the country out of his nationality.

  18. This place called Zambia is just a name to borders designed by the colonialist. We could be anything depending where borders could have passed. Sometimes I wonder why these borders were not made on language basis- say Congolese speaking bemba joined by Zambians of the same language. Same for the rest of the 4 borders, viz Angola/Congo, Malawi/Tanzania? To the topic at hand, why is it so difficult for Zambia to apply dual citizenship. One reason other countries find it easier is that the colonizers allowed the system of ASSiMILADOES.- where some Africans were allowed to participate in running affairs of their countries and sometimes in the countries of the colonizers. In short our friends had already tested this system and they find no problems atall.

  19. Dual citizenship is long overdue, the debate for dual citizenship far outweighs the petty dispositions of those against it. Last debate they had on dual citizenship on this blog showed the same petty individuals obsessed with the first ladies make up agianst it because they are afraid people will do better than them. I think it’s high time some sensible educated people in Zambia made some good decisions rather than combonic lsktimes maniacs raffling on when their nobodies.

  20. Iam nearly finishing a book on ” How to immigrate” It will be advertied on LT soon costing $15.00. It will have.
    1. How to get invitation letters
    2. What not to say to immigartion officials 3. what immigartion are looking for .4. How to get acceptance letters from universities abroad without money. 5. The process of How to fight for stay when you reach you destination. 6. How to claim local athourity assistance abroad.. And many more tips. This book has been well reaserched with the collaboration of many an African and Asian who came to the west with nothing and are now resposible citizens. It details their travel from some times slums to eventual glory. Names have been replaced to protect the explorers from authorites.

  21. As much as the issue at hand is fundamentally weighty and necessary to debate, the reasoning and context of argument by this author substantially shallow and pathetic.I hope this is not what has gone before the commissioners as a petition.You tell them that if they act otherwise, they are being jealous and myopic and think you can be coercive with finance material dual citizenship would bring is not what a rationalist would write.One thing we ought to know that we are not the first ones to be in the Diaspora.Most of those people seating there were in the Diaspora, got their education while some have children here yet opted to return home.To mention but a few, our own speaker Mwanamwambwa is married to a foreign born woman, Akashambatwa and Hon.Mwaanga have children in Zambia from foreigner

  22. When making petitions, lets learn to use mature rationalist who can argue intelligently.This article is too shallow and emotional to say the list.

  23. While i agree with some of the things the writer has highlighted i dont agree on issues such as “For example, they can give you seed money to begin a business in Zambia . They can accommodate your niece or nephew to attend school in USA , Canada , UK or Australia , etc. It would be good for your family; it would be good for your country too. They can even represent you in business or government negotiations, all to your success and prosperity. ”
    In order to send money or to help a relative one does not need to be a citizen.Many people have a wrong motive of this dual citizenship.Many zambians i have met oversea’s even dont think of doing a business back home or even thinking of going yet they talk about dual citizenship. what needed is just an amendment, who to be president.

  24. I do agree with part of what the writer mentioned on the part of who should be president. I think people born in Zambia should not be denied to stand for the zambian presidency.AS ther more Zambian than wherever there parents came from.If they have grown up in zambia as well.

  25. Please NCC; hear the cries of Zambians abroad. Don’t let this be a missed opportunity again! Enshrining this important provision into the constitution could turn out to be one of the smartest things your National Constitution Conference ever accomplishes. Take a leaf from countries that already allow dual-citizenship and see how and what benefits these countries have been able to accrue from such an arrangement. The prime example of this is Israel—if you are a Jew living anywhere in the world you are, more than likely, regarded as an Israeli by design. Look, for example, how easily Jewish Americans move and travel between the USA and Israel. And the passion with which Israelis/Jews in the Diaspora support Israel, both financially and, as individual spokes men/women on behalf of Israel…

  26. continued from #35

    And the passion with which Israelis/Jews in the Diaspora support Israel, both financially and, as individual spokes men/women on behalf of Israel abroad. Look, for example, how easily Jewish Americans move and travel between the USA and Israel. And the passion with which Israelis/Jews in the Diaspora support Israel, both financially and, as individual spokes men/women on behalf of Israel abroad. Why is this? Because Jews everywhere feel a sense of belonging and responsibility to Israel, a country that made a decision earlier in its inception never to abandon or forsake them—no questions aske

  27. continued from #36

    In the case of Zambia, we may base dual-citizenship on something other than race and/or ethnicity—say parentage, or place of birth. I urge people to take politics out of this issue and simply put a human face on it. We should guard against political expedience in dealing with matters of national significance. Nobody should be under any illusion that applying for a visa to visit your parents or just come home and start a small business does nothing to a person’s psych. Especially the fact that most people requesting such a provision in the constitution were Zambians first and xxxxxxs/ns second. To lockout Zambians just because they went and acquired…

  28. continued from #37

    To lockout Zambians just because they went and acquired another country’s citizenship is simply counterproductive and misguided. Try it for a decade or so and see how it works out. If it turns out not to be such a good idea after all, simply amend the constitution at that point. These are some of the progressive ideas that ought to be tried out in Zambia if we going to progress as a nation in the 21st century. Good luck folks!

  29. If it is Congolese they are worried about then they can do a selective dual-citizenship e.g between developed countries and Zed. Then see how it works before extending it to the whole world.

    I am just thinking aloud.

    By the way, does anyone know the real objections to dual citizenship?

  30. The real objection is actually coming from less informed MMD cadres who base their argument based on what they read in Zambia Daily Mail, The Post & Times of Zambia. The objection is that if you have dual citizenship you are less patriotic. I am for patriotism yes but I don’t eat patriotism neither does it put food on my table. The issue of dual citizenship is fundamental to all citizens of the world really. I should feel free to leave in any country I deem fit for myself period.

  31. I have kids who were born in South Africa and they have both South African & Zambian passports. I have told them that they need to appreciate both countries & do what’s best for the two countries. What I won’t do is force them to assume citizenship of one country over the other. I would even encourage them to get citizenship of another country if they so wished. Zambians working on the NCC can go on and not pass this into the Constitution, but the truth is that wont stop Zambians from getting dual citizenship.

  32. Dual citizenship is a no brainer. Show me someone against it, and I’ll show you someone who’s off their medication. The truth of the matter is the old guard in charge of govt doesn’t want the extra competition.
    Look at countries like Ghana, and you will see a country improved after allowing dual citizenship. When you have over a 100,000 people of Zambian descent living abroad, that can easily translate to 100’s of millions of dollars a year. We are one of the poorest countries in the world, yet we have some of the smartest people, and we are still debating this? Zambia needs to allow dual citizenship, if you’re born in Zambia, you are Zambian, and you can be President. This is 2009, for goodness sake, there’s a black president in the United States. We should adapt to the global…

  33. The problems being cited by NCC on Dual Citizenship is that the political cadres both from the ruling MMD & the oppostion is that they are interested in serving the interests of their own and parties. For those who boycotted we miss their input. We need pipo who are credible and not just who say ya ya. The constitution making process is very complicated and needs pipo who understand basic law. Perhaps it would have amde sense if the committes considered using some local languages to explain things in simpler terms like is done on ZNBC Radio news cast. My fear is we will end up having a document being revised by another President in less than twenty years or so.

  34. Its a lie to insinuate that it takes due citizenship to contribute to your country and support your family at home. Any responsible person with resources doesn’t need that clause to invest at home or build a new home for tired widowed poor mother.America a successful story has no dual citizenship yet its the world’s primacy.If you love Zambia yet want to be a Diasporan, you can still frequent Zambia like any businessman and establish your entreprise their. You don’t need dual citizenship to open up Joint Ventures, establish a business or indeed sponsor some orphans to Kasisi mission school.The NCC must trash this petition with contempt it deserves.Here i’m in the Diaspora, because i still have ambitions to serve the country, i maintain my legal status here but retain Zambian…

  35. ati “ise tilimu diaspora” bla bla bla, imwe tubantu ndimwe muli selfish maningi chabe. you want to have 2 citizenships? i think the only reason why pipo get dual citizenship is either selfishness or insecurity. I am not for the idea of dual, unless you break it down to a reasonable value, serious.

  36. During your legal duration maintain your Green Card, H1 B, F-1, J-1 or B-5 immigration status but keep the Zambian citizenship if you treasure it and an ambitious person who know what is on your plate.If you don’t believe in Zambia, let it go.Its not a panacea to economic miracle.NCC should trash this myopic unsubstantive theory.Today we have serious Zambians in the diaspora still investing in the homeland in real estates, education, health sectors and humanitarian areas.They have not waited on Dual citizenship.

  37. Its being cowardly to seeking dual citizenship.Your allegiance is divided.This is why smart and self actualized nations like the US do not condon such cowardly clauses in their supreme constitution.Like America, i believe its national security impediment that should never be compromised.This week my friends and i are petitioning NCC never to compromise our national security with calls from cowards keen to have it both ways.

  38. I am sure RB would support dual citizenship as he has already shown so much affection for his country of birth – Zimbabwe.

  39. People should live where they were born. Zambia for Zambians china for Chinese, Tibet for Tibetans etc

  40. We all treasure our Zambian citizenship but it would be much better if we were allowed to have dual citezenship. I would want to be an American but i dont want to denounce my country.

  41. This topic was once debated on to the point of exhaustion. I feel lazy to start repeating myself again. Nevertheless, I would just advise Chrispin Ntungo and all other sympathisers of Dual Citizenship to keep their enthusiasm to themselves and not to try and entice everyone into thinking it is the non-plus-ultra status. We have our own reasons for not supporting it.

    In short: Dual Citizenship? Sorry, but NO, thank you!

  42. #54 you look like a baby and you think like one. Wait until the NAZIS wake up in Germany and tells you to get lost.

  43. #39 Spot on! Exactly what I had in mind.Dual citizenship should apply only to certain countries.The western countries are very selective and so there is no reason why Zambia should be free for all.Picking the countries which will not drain our limited resources like the US,Western Europe,SA,Botswana etc. will benefit us.Caution should be exerciced with problem nations like Zimbabwe,DRC,Nigeria,Somali etc.

  44. It’s like a battle of fact versus opinion. The people against it are only against it because it will not benefit them personally and have no claim in the issue, while the people for it will benefit because of the claim in their issue. The funny thing is it it goes ahead the dual nationality will not affect the group thats against it financially , patriotism or in any sort of way tangibly but only emotionally via petty grudges. If you are have a deluded sense of patriotism keep that to yourself don’t try to hinder people with family born outside and people with business plans, just because your simple mind cannot fathom such a great idea don’t think it applies to all. I have noticed the people against it are trying to sabotage something because they want to impose their own views on…

  45. I have noted “If you are born in Zambia to non-Zambian parents you are not regarded as Zambian enough and therefore you cannot become president. But if you are born to Zambian parents anywhere in the world you are a Zambian and you can be president. Most countries have it that you are a primary citizen of the country in which you are born.3 and this touches seriously on President RB Banda and his presidency of Zambia after having been born in Zimbabwe. In light of this, I hope he will also put input to this debate positively since he is a beneficiary of the clause in our Constitution.

    Anyhow, I think the qualifications of one to be our President needs to be revised for the better by the NCC.

    Have a blessed sabbath you all.

  46. If you are against it ask yourself what disadvantage will that even do to your life if it goes ahead???? Name one poor nation on this planet that hasn’t benefitted from dual nationality? You are the same people kissing investors behinds begging for foreign exchange and yet a zambian citizen that can lend the same kind of money to bring home with another passport is unpatriotic? It just goes to show the reason why the nation is backwards is because some of you are as petty and backward as your politicians. You can never see the big picture all you see is ‘ nazidyamo vichani’ . Whether dual citizenship goes ahead or not the diaspora willstill exploit the two passport system. When success stories reach your ears that when you will want to hold on to people , maybe then they won’t be…

  47. # 39 wrote, does anyone know the real objections to dual citizenship?

    There have none but cowardly minds.Some of us have every window of opportunity to change our citizenship and all our Children carry foreign citizenship by birth not naturalization. But personal interest as parents should not take precedence over national interest and security.These Children will still help the country of their parents’s birth if they so wish but maintan the right to vay for any constitutional office in their countries of birth.The USA does not condone that scrupulous clause to their citizenship because they know what divided allegiance does to national state.

  48. If your condition to build a house in Zambia, develop some family estate, support your aged mother, educate your orphaned nephews and nieces is based on Dual citizenship, get lost Zambia does not need you. Many Zambians who have finished their Diaspora missions are treking to the homeland enmas.Keep your foreign citizenship the country will still move forward.Your contribution can never be conditional.I have reached three commissioners on the NCC citizenship panel this morning arguing my case.Do not condone this cowardly clause by those with split loyalty to the country.I have no doubt its a dead issue merely floating as an exercise in futility.

  49. For better for worse, in peaks and troughs patriots are proud of their country. You can legally stay in the Diaspora as much as you want but citizenship if patriotic is not for denounciation.

  50. I think it’s old colonially traumatised people like Patriot that need coaching. If you so against dual nationality don’t apply for it it’s a choice which should be down to you alone. You frankly have no carte blanche to impose your archaic colonial cowardly mentality on us all who are for dual nationality. I think such emotional and fragile excuses should be canned I sure hope the commissioners of the NCC saw the unstableness in you. From insider information I already know the NCC commissioners are more than impressed with the diaspora’s endevours and proposals. They unlike you see the ambitious endevours at hand rather than colonial paranoia worrying about security.

  51. Patriot says: “…Some of us have every window of opportunity to change our citizenship and all our Children carry foreign citizenship by birth not naturalization. But personal interest as parents should not take precedence over national interest and security…”

    Here we go again, another “Some of us” with his archaic mind set. Wait until your children visit Zambia and are treated like second-class-citizen just because they were born abroad or carrying foreign passports; then you will see why visionaries are fighting on your behalf, sir. Your “one-size-fits-all” kind of solution is very retrogressive, to say the least.

  52. # 67 & 68,

    Great and successful democracies like the US does not condone Dual citizenship on their Citizens. But you cowards and economic migrant with your identity crisis mentality not prepared to identify with your country in hard times find it the only progressive. That is baseline cowardice and unpatriotism with impunity our country does not need to survive.I can assure you its a none starter issue in case you have been flattered that it will be inacted.Vindicate me if such a blunder will come to pass.

  53. #69 Patriot: people who resort to insults to argue their point of view only reviews one thing about themselves—“pea-sized souls with limited vocabulary to express themselves.” For one, I don’t know you and your life circumstances. My judgment of you is based entirely on your postings on this blog; nothing more, and nothing less. I would hope you show some reciprocity in your attitude towards other bloggers. Your rotten attitude that seems to think that you are “more Zambian” than anybody else who sees things differently from the way you do is only a sad commentary on your narrow-mindedness.

  54. continued from #70

    That said, I think also you are assuming too much about other people’s immigration issues. What makes you think I am an economic migrant? You don’t even know if I am a naturalized citizen or not. And yet you assume every person advocating for dual citizenship is simply unpatriotic and only wants it both ways. This is far from the truth, Mr. ‘I-Know-it-all’. And who in your narrow mind is talking about flattery here?

  55. continued from #71

    By the way, your assertion that the US does not condone dual citizenship is not entirely true. It may not be in the American constitution, but there are plenty of Americans who hold dual citizenships. In my earlier postings on this topic, I gave an example of millions of Jewish Americans. In fact, there are also plenty of other people from different countries living in America today who hold dual citizenship. Check your facts sir.

  56. continued from #72

    Besides, who cares whether the US has or don’t have this clause in their constitution. Are you suggesting that we simply Xerox their constitution for Zambia? If that’s the case, we should just as well include in the Zambian constitution the “second amendment” of the United State’s constitution (A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.) That wouldn’t make a lot of sense in the Zambian context, would it?

  57. continued from #73

    Try to be sober minded sir, and try to avoid a sort of “tunnel vision” syndrome on issues of national importance and enormous consequences to your fellow Zambians. Have a nice life!!!

  58. By the way, I meant to say in posting #70 is: “souls with pea-sized brains and limited vocabulary to express themselves.”

  59. .
    Yambayamba ,

    You are lying throw your tooth. The US Bureau of Citizenship and Naturalisation has no clause in the Constitution giving Americans Dual citizenship. Americans that have renounced their citizenship and opted to settle somewhere else are at liberty but never on Dual citizenship.In Zambia we have many Americans who have changed their citizenship whle some just maintain it but living overseas on permanent residence.Bishop Duff of Mongu is one such among many.So don’t lie on that.

  60. Yambayamba, Secondly here you are arguing unintelligently in convulsions of emotions and insults.I don’t insult but through my straight talk challenge all cowards like you unintelligently struggling to justify Why we should allow Dual Citizenship in the constitution?You have lamentably failed other than saying we will take some child out of Zambia for education here and give them money if we become Dual citizens.That is a myopic argument synonymous with retards.Is that the case you sell before the Citizenship panel of the NCC? Do think the citizenship Board of zambia is that Cheap to be coercied? Did it take Dual citizenship for Mazoka, Chigaga, Mung’omba, Penza, Wezi Kaunda, Akashambatwa, Mwansa at ZRA any many more tsons and daughters of the soil to impacted their mother land?

  61. Did it take all the intelligensias and entrepreneurs now back home and keeping the country going like Harvard educated Professor Patrick Mvunga, Dr. Nkandu Luo, Dr.Franscis Manda, Dr. Munkonge, Lishomwa lishowa and many more dual citizenship to be where they are? They were in the Diaspora some attending Ivy League schools and working in Multinational corporations yet they we honorably returned home but you a coward want the contitution to curve to your split loyalty.The Country does not need cowards but through sons of the soil for better for worse. Zambians will not die because you have renounced their country no. No dual citizenship. You can insult NCC, anti Dual citizenship patriots here calling them people with pea-sized, it will not bring fluidity to this matter.

  62. #Patriot!! you are telling lies about the USA not allowing dual citizenship,I have American friends here who have 2 passports American and British.What about the Iranian American woman recently jailed in Iran over espionage she is a dual citizen remember we follow the news,you are talking bull perhaps because the Americans have refused you citizenship.Its Zambia’s loss if they don’t allow me dual citizenship I’ll continue to be British and still have more freedom of movement around the world than you holding your Zed passport.

  63. Mulenga in Newcastle,

    Don’t read statutes in abstract. While the US gives citizenship to citizens of other countries who choose to become also US citizens-dual citizenship, the US does not give it to Americans wanting to hold citizenship with another country. Its not one thing the Bureau of Citizenship and Naturalization has the legal mandate to do so.

  64. Dual citizenship is not necessary you guys in the diaspora, Zambia needs your services not just the money you send for us here.Japan developed by sending its citizen in the diaspora to acquire knowledge in different areas and they were required to return to there motherland and contribute their knowledge.
    If you love Zambia you stay with Zambia.

  65. We can debate from the angle of International Economics, Migration, trade and competitive edge aspect against this fallacy of economic value proponents of dual citizenship are struggling to qualify here.It is too weak to sale to legislatures.Strangely, we have none thinkers in the Diaspora arguing the matter. Here is Yambayamba and his troops lamentably failing to justify their proposition.If you cannot articulate intelligently on such things, where can you get the brains to develop the homeland when you take Dual Citizenship. Does it really have to take that to build your mother a descent retirement home, or giving her farming machinery?

  66. Patriot!! As a British I can borrow money travel to Zambia,arrive as a Zambian and invest the money as a Zambian without having to follow the nonsensical procedures in place a foreigner has to adhere to invest in Zambia.As a Zambian I can’t borrow the money and as a British I’ll struggle to invest in Zambia because of all the rules I have to adhere to.A foreigner is supposed to have in excess of $500,000 to invest in Zed and is restricted to certain areas e.g. manufacturing.So,with my $499,000 I do not qualify,but as a Zambian I can after borrowing this money as a British.Now that is what I call PATRIOTISM not just holding a Zed passport!!

  67. i am worried about the comment of not supporting palestenian as it cost us the building of the university. Are you trying the say that decision should be based on the material value to one self rather than the rigth and wrong of the issue at stake., i.e. against apartheid in zimbabwe and south africa because it will hurt the economy or zambia being bombed..

  68. choose one where you belong and be happy with your choice. Land is importantthatis the reason we all want dual citizens.Be honest.

  69. How is choosing to support the palestinians over the israelis a bad decision?! If you don’t recall the state of israel decided to support the apartheid regime in SA and went as far as to call Nelson Mandela a black nazi! Israel is the modern form of colonialisation and I all need to realise this!

  70. Quite frankly, dual citizenship should no longer be a debate but a given. With globalisation and the added advantages of this, it is quite strange that this proposal was not ratified years ago. Unofficially, so many Zambians have dual citizenship anyway, so we might as allow them to come out of the closet.

  71. The idea behind supporting dual-citizenship is simple. It will be easier to do business and participate in
    politics as a Zambian (unless you are Chinese of course) You won’t need to apply for a visa, or meet certain ‘requirements’ before you can engage in all sorts. No harm done to anyone. So whats all the opposition about?

  72. What is it about Africa that it makes her citizens a prisoner to her countries? What are they so afraid of? The UK has dual citizenship and the citizens are allowed to come and go as they please. 

    Zambia needs Dual Citizenship..It encourages investment and give confidence to those who are prepared to invest in her..

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