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Northern Province Chief issues customary land for school project

Rural News Northern Province Chief issues customary land for school project

A traditional leader in Luwingu district in Northern Province has released over 40 hectares of customary land to spearhead the construction of a new high school in Lupososhi constituency.

The land is earmarked for the construction of school infrastructure to include classroom blocks, staff houses, science laboratories, office block among others at an estimated cost of over K30 billion.

Chief Chabula of the Abena Mukulu clan in Lupososhi constituency released part of the land to spearhead the construction of a school in his area.

This came to light when Government officials among them, Luwingu District Commissioner, George Mwamba were in the area to monitor and inspect government projects being implemented in Lupososhi constituency.

He expressed happiness with the manner in which the traditional ruler has acted to see to it that a portion of land for the construction of the school in the area has been released.

“I am a proud man to see that this land has been released for the construction of second high school in my district and that the contractor has also started mobilizing materials and work force. This is encouraging,” he said.

And the District Commissioner said the school infrastructure which will be built adjacent to Nsombo (A) Basic School will cost the government over K30 billion for the construction of class room blocks, staff houses, science laboratories , office block and other buildings such as ablution blocks.

Mr. Mwamba said that the facility will be also connected to a thermal electric power supply which will be constructed on the same site.

He however appealed to the Government to consider linking the area to the national grid because it would be much cheaper as compared to thermal power which uses fuel to operate.

Others who were in Lupososhi constituency included, District Administrative Officer, Mwape Mumbi, District Education Standards Officer (DESO), Oscar Emmanuel Ntenga and the District Livestock Officer a Mr. Musenga.

Meanwhile the project has cheered many Lupososhi constituency residents saying the construction of the school will go a long way in alleviating transport costs when schools open, incurred by pupils to and from Luwingu and other districts where the high schools are situated.

And on the site where the project is earmarked for construction, senior chieftainess Chungu, Chief Katuta and Sub-chief Mutondo expressed disappointment for the area which has been chosen for the project.

The three chiefs suggested that the school should have been constructed in chieftainess Chungu area which is more central in Lupososhi constituency as this would have catered for pupils from chief Katuta, Tungati Mwenda and Chabula respectively.

Meanwhile, the people in Nsombo area said they are happy with the Government for embarking on developmental projects in the area especially in the education sector and the rehabilitation of Luwingu – Nsombo and chaba road

And the DESO, Mr. Ntenga said Government has funded a total of 14 community school projects with a committment of over K2.1 billion in both Lubanseshi and Lupososhi constituencies of Luwingu district.

He said the three (3) schools namely Chifumo, Sokontwe, Kabala, have received K180 million each for the construction of one by three class room block while Masonde, Muchishe, Matafwali, Chisense and Sakeni have been allocated with K120 million other are Witwishika and Chambo respectively.

Mr. Ntenga said what the community needs to do is to contribute upfront materials such as moulding of bricks, ferrying of both building and river sand, crushed stones, gravel and water delivery to site.

He said the construction of good and habitable schools in remote areas will greatly improve the learning environmental by the pupils and improve standards of education in the projects catchments areas.

He said the team visited the projects as part of their normal duties of backstopping development programmes in the district.

Meanwhile, the team retrieved the keys from the casual workers who locked up a one by three class room block (1×3 CRB) following non-payments of their dues after completion of construction works.

The casual workers locked the class rooms and demanded to be paid K4, 250, 000 for the works done at Nsombo (B) middle basic school which the office of the district board secretary has failed.

It took the senior government officials a tough time to convince the casual workers who strongly opposed surrendering the keys until their demands were met. The DC cautioned the casual workers that their action was tantamount to espionage and carried a stiffer penalty.

The casual workers had to hand over the keys despite not been paid their money but threatened to use witchcraft to eliminated who ever is still holding on to their dues.



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