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NCC commended for Adopting dual citizenship Article

General News NCC commended for Adopting dual citizenship Article

Former Commissioner in the Mung’omba Constitution Review Commission Bishop John Mambo has commended the National Constitution Conference (NCC) for adopting the dual citizenship Article in the draft constitution.

Bishop Mambo says the adoption of the Dual Citizenship Article was timely for Zambia as the Article will play a paramount role of helping Zambia to reap the maximum benefits from its citizens in the Diaspora.

The Clergyman said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the approval of the dual citizenship will also be beneficial to the country as it will no longer be looking at its citizens living abroad with suspicion.

Bishop Mambo, who is also Chikondi Foundation President, said the adoption of the Dual Citizenship Article will also help the country to achieve significant economic strides as many of the citizens living abroad will be contributing meaningfully to Zambia’s economic agenda.

He said he is overwhelmed to see that the Article was unanimously adopted saying that the country will make vast developments in various fields because of the skills of people it has harnessed from different parts of the world.

Bishop Mambo, who is also a former Church of God Regional Overseer, urged government to utilize its citizens in the Diaspora as they had the capacity to contribute effectively to the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) coming into the country.

He said it was urgent for government to recognize and make efforts to ensure that the Diaspora becomes a prominent force in the country’s economic recovery.

The clergyman further advised government to consider opening Diaspora desks in all foreign missions to help Zambians access investment information without having to travel back home.

He said being part of the global village, Zambia could not afford to remain behind adding that Zambia should consider dual nationality as a priority.

The former Commissioner in the Mung’omba Constitution Review Commission has since called on the Government to come up with incentives that could attract investment from Zambians abroad.

Some of the countries that are benefiting from the Dual Citizenship are Kenya, Ghana and India.



  1. The people of Zambia need to think like Mambo on this issue, I mean the Man of God is right we people living abroad we contribute effectively to the Foreign Direct Investment in Zambia.

  2. #3 Why does it unsettle you my brother. Are you one of those villagers who came to Lusaka to mourn the national team during the Gabon disaster and over stayed in Lusaka? Don’t worry my brother, this article is not meant to take you back to your village. Just relax. That wont happen. The MMD is in charge. There is an advantage in Zambians acquiring citizenship of other countries as it gives them access to the credit market in developed nation and they can use that to develop Zambia.

  3. This has been long over due. But then again better late. Well done guys in diaspora. Get those maroon passports out people. Sing God bless the queen openly. lol!

  4. Can you also cancel the extradition treaties with the west so that we can feel safe to apply for all the known credit cards and ££££££ bank loans. Can you also shackel the financial section of interpol in Zambia pleas napapata ncc.

  5. Long over due.There is a Zambian an MP in the SA parliament and now there is a deputy minister in the Canadian government.And they still call themselves as Zambians.After 45 years of independence, these are some of the issues we are not supposed to be discussing now.We are supposed to be discussing going to the moon or giving America a headache because we are selling missiles to countries like Zimbabwe.

  6. Bootlicker #5, for your age, you are an embarasment. I dont expect such lun.acy from you. I have always held you in high esteem coz of your misguided loyalty. You have just exposed yourself!

  7. This is good news. At the moment on ehas had to denounc being Zambia in order to become a citizen of another country. Yet in reality you cannot cease to be Zambian. Dual citizenship is a more realistic representation of real life.

    You qualify to become a citizen of britain once you have lived in the country for a certain number of countries. There are so many benefits you enjoy. At the same time, you want to use some of these benefits and your earnings to help develop Zambia via investments. Many are already investing but will certainly do more with Dual Citizenship. Learn from Kenya, Ghana and India indeed. Let us grow up as a nation and take advantage of global migration.

  8. #16 OK man. Remember this is the man who was in SA for God knows how long yet he didn`t know online banking was there in Zed. I am just wondering who the villager is between you! lol!

  9. Ok, and good commentary Bishop Mambo.
    Prevention is better than cure.


  11. Common sense always prevails over petty dispositions and grudges. The only harm dual citizenship will bring is hurt feelings and chikonkho but on the adverse side of things the benefits are overwhelming.It’s high time the petty nay sayers found something else to keep them occupied. I hope the commercially aware zambians can spark up idea’s like oversea’s mortgages,double tax burdens, commercial property ownership, legal protection etc. Plus The idea of your children born abroad being able to become zambian citizens is probably the best icing on the cake.

  12. Peter, you still believe in nkongole (borrowing money) anyways……………
    Yes We Can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I already have a european citizenship, can one retain the Zedian citizenship after renouncing it donkey years ago? Abasungu taba tukosesha life, naimwe kaili kuposako amano,PA BANTU BENU, nendalama shena ishya shaku western union mulapokelela lyonse.

  14. #12 Yaba: YOU HAVE A POINT THERE if the Zambians in diaspora have not contributed now what will make them contribute after obatining the dual citizenship. The thing is many of the Zambians in diaspora dont want to contribute home in Zambia saying they have settled where they are and so they see no need. Investment has never been denied by the Zambian governement wether to a citizen or Zambian citizen. the only advantage i think this will be is that people who used to be given days to remain in Zambia will be able to go there as home and stay as long as they want. The other thing they may be to an advantage to get loans that would benefit Zambian in the sense that when they look at there pay lip there able to pay back the loan. And able to get credit also where they are.

  15. #26, Trigo: You really are unfamiliar with the constraints of doing business in Zambia as a foreigner, aren’t you? And that is how you are considered by Zambian law if you go out and obtain another country’s citizenship—a foreigner. Unlike the Chinese multinationals and, may be, a few filthy-rich individuals you are familiar with, people we are talking about here are not billionaires with cash to burn. They are simple Zambians who are mostly self-made and with limited resources to afford all the high fees (under the table sort of fees too) and upfront investment collateral that is asked of a foreigner for them to get a business/investment permit. These are Zambians who simply want to come back home and open up small business that are within their means without the hassle of being…

  16. continue from #29

    …..looked upon or considered as a foreign investor by Zambian law. What I have given you here is just one aspect of the many disincentives that are there. By the way, do you realize how many fellow Zambians would eventually be employed by these small private businesses if they were to be encouraged by the government through deliberate policy instruments? I can assure you, PLENTY!!! And hopefully that’s what this dual citizenship clause in the constitution is going to eventually achieve. Good luck buddy!

  17. After hearing this news I dusted off my 1973 issued Zambian passport. It is the only identification I have!

  18. This is one issue that had become politicized but now common sense seems to have prevailed. There will be no excuse for anyone in the diaspora not to contribute to national development. For the doubting Thomas, the reason people acquire other passports is to be able to access certain benefits in those countries without a lot of trouble. It is not for political reasons just normal life, like getting a house loan or to be able to study.
    Unfortunately dual citizenship is elitist and a guy from Shangombo can never appreciate the importance and perhaps that is why it has been slow to implement. But better late than never.

  19. This is terrific! I am a Zambian-South African who has been looking forward to this,now i can invest in my beloved country.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA

  20. We have been waiting for someone to do this for us. Please remove any rude immigration officers from the zambian entry points, they are giving Zambians in the diaspora a big headache by treating us like traitors.God bless the motherland ZAMBIA PAMBILI !!

  21. I feel like the prodical son whose father as opend is arms and welcomed his son back home. Now i must think what i can do for my country and no longer what my country can do for me. It wont be eazy but it is not impossible either. With dignity and pride. VIVA ZAMBIA.

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